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Thanks to the infor­ma­tion on your site, I’m real­iz­ing that I need to do some kind of strength­en­ing treat­ment on my fine strands. I know that pro­tein treat­ments work by deposit­ing pro­tein on the cuti­cle, while hen­na works by bind­ing to the cuti­cle and thus strength­en­ing it. My ques­tion is, which is bet­ter for strength­en­ing? I can’t decide which to choose. I’d love to hear your read­ers thoughts and expe­ri­ences.

Great ques­tion Janelle! Ladies, which do you like bet­ter as a strength­en­ing treat­ment: hen­na or pro­tein? Share your tips, pho­tos and advice below!

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Le Le

I don’t know. I have nev­er done a hen­na treat­ment. I just haven’t felt like it. Hen­na looks so messy. I want to try it one day, but for now, it’ll just be a ques­tion in my mind.

I’ve used Aphogee and my hair felt like straw when I was done. I thought I had done some­thing wrong until I read the pack­ag­ing again and did a bit more research. I had to con­di­tion pret­ty heav­i­ly after­ward to get my hair to feel like nor­mal again. I’ve also tried hen­na. It was a cheap hen­na (I had twigs in my hair after­ward that I had to rinse out). My hair was not hard after I was done it actu­al­ly felt well con­di­tioned. I didn’t expe­ri­ence any loos­en­ing of my curl pat­tern but I must say I have very tight curls.… Read more »

I’m not a fan of either. Pro­tein treat­ments tend to make my hair very hard, and the hen­na loosens the curl pat­tern too much. It makes me look like I have poo­dle hair. I’d rather con­sume my pro­tein to strength­en my hair.


Good ques­tion, I’d like to know the same thing? Please pro­vide links, respon­ders (if you have them).