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Thanks to the infor­ma­tion on your site, I’m real­iz­ing that I need to do some kind of strength­en­ing treat­ment on my fine strands. I know that pro­tein treat­ments work by deposit­ing pro­tein on the cuti­cle, while hen­na works by bind­ing to the cuti­cle and thus strength­en­ing it. My ques­tion is, which is bet­ter for strength­en­ing? I can’t decide which to choose. I’d love to hear your read­ers thoughts and expe­ri­ences.

Great ques­tion Janelle! Ladies, which do you like bet­ter as a strength­en­ing treat­ment: hen­na or pro­tein? Share your tips, pho­tos and advice below!

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I say exper­i­ment around with pro­tein con­di­tion­ers first before you start using hen­na on a reg­u­lar basis. If your hair thrives off of pro­tein con­di­tion­ers like Apphogee, then lis­ten to what your hair needs and wants. And give it what it needs. How­ev­er, if your hair is pro­tein sen­si­tive and does not care for much pro­tein AT ALL, THEN USE PURE BODY ART QUALITY ON YOUR HAIR, IN PLACE OF PROTEIN CONDITIONERS, AND THE HENNA WILL WORK IN PLACE OF A PROTEIN CONDITIONER, STRENGTHENING YOUR HAIR, KEEPING IT HEALTHY AND STRONG, BUT STILL LETTING MOISTURE INTO YOUR INDIVIDUAL STRANDS. EVERYBODY’S… Read more »

Uhhh.… why sud­den­ly go into all CAPS after three sen­tences


My hair is very pro­tein sen­si­tive and feels like straw when I use it. I just applied my first hen­na treat­men­t2 days ago and I LOVE it! My hair feels soft­er and it seems to have loos­ened my curl pat­tern a lit­tle. The loos­ened pat­tern is fine with me because the back of my hair always had looser curls than the front. Now the front and the back are look closer in tex­ture.

I real­ize you post­ed this 3 years ago but I want­ed to tell you what I have learned through tri­al and error. Your hair is not like­ly pro­tein-sen­si­tive so much as mois­ture defi­cient. You HAVE TO apply a bal­anc­ing mois­tur­iz­er like Aphogee’s Bal­anc­ing Mois­tur­iz­er after an intense pro­tein treat­ment like Aphogee’s Two-Step Pro­tein Treat­ment. Your hair is made of ker­at­in pro­tein and I can’t imag­ine it being aller­gic to itself. It’s also dif­fi­cult to find a con­di­tion­er or mois­tur­iz­er on the mar­ket that has lit­tle or no pro­tein in it. If your hair is fine after using those, it is… Read more »
Respectfully,I dis­agree with your assess­ment Lika564.One can­not and should not make blan­ket state­ments regard­ing some­one else’s hair.I have fine 4C hair which hap­pens to despise the use of keratin/protein treat­ments of any kind.How do I know? Over the course of being nat­u­ral for 6 years,i have used MULTIPLE prod­ucts to con­di­tion and strength­en my hair. Alot of those prod­ucts over­time had pro­tein in it or I tried a pro­tein treat­ment, and my hair react­ed the same each and every time I use any type of pro­tein. It made absolute­ly no dif­fer­ence that I tried to deep con­di­tion after the fact… Read more »

Hen­na made my 3b/3c curls extreme­ly dry. I mixed it with coconut oil and water. I’m not too sure why this is so, I have anoth­er pack­et of 100g hen­na and I will mix it with coconut milk and con­di­tion­er next time and hope for bet­ter results.


Hen­na and coconut cream are amaz­ing. I fol­low the recipe from Min­i­mal­ist Beau­ty, but use coconut cream (instead of milk) and use more coconut cream that pre­scribed in the recipe. My pro­tein sen­si­tive hair LOVES it!