Keisha says;

So, late­ly I’ve noticed that the front of my hair is super short (about 6 inch­es) in com­par­ison to the back (about 9 inch­es) and also retains length at a slight­ly lesser rate. After being pet­ri­fied, I did some obser­va­tion and noticed that the front of my hair is both more fine AND more high­ly tex­tured, mak­ing reten­tion more of a chal­lenge in that area.

It isn’t too weird-look­ing or notice­able (thank God for all the vol­ume that tex­tured hair brings!) but I’d like to try to do my best to close the grow­ing length gap. So my ques­tions for your read­ers are a.) have any of them dealt with hav­ing a sec­tion of hair that’s sig­nif­i­cant­ly short­er than the rest, b.) how do you cam­ou­flage the dis­crep­an­cy and c.) how do you encour­age the short­er sec­tion of hair to grow and retain length?

Ladies, what insight and advice can you give??

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Kate Brinfour

My mom says I have 4B hair. The hair in the mid­dle of my head is short­er than the oth­er parts of my hair. It is nat­u­ral, so some­times it’s obvi­ous. I have to wear a hat because of it being embar­rass­ing­ly short­er than the oth­ers. what should i do???


I’m a kind of a new nat­u­ral and a teen. I’ve been nat­u­ral since July 1, 2013, and my hair is short­er in the back than it is in the front. I’ve always want­ed to wear my hair in the styles that I see oth­er peo­ple with short, 4c nat­u­ral hair. But I can’t.
Any advice?

Takira harris

Why is my hair longer in the sides and short in the back


Hel­lo, my hair prob­lem is the cen­ter of my hair is a lot short­er then the rest of my hair along with my low­er right side as well, leav­ing my hair is uneven! I plan to have cut and start over I have been tran­si­tion­ing to nat­u­ral for 9 months now, and noticed I have short­er hair in those areas I’ve men­tioned, please if any­one could help me grow my hair even espe­cial­ly the cen­ter and right side!

I have been deal­ing with this issue since I did my big chop in 2007. Since I refused to wear my hair short I would wear wigs over my 2″ hair for the first 2 years. About 2009 my hair real­ly start­ed to show some length but it still was­nt sat­is­fy­ing to me so I would make and wear my own u part wigs. Wear­ing those caused me to tex­tur­ize and con­stant­ly put heat on my leave out, which def­i­nite­ly lead to lots of dam­age. Now in 2013 the mid and back sec­tions of hair are about 12″ long, the… Read more »

I am hav­ing a prob­lem with the cen­ter of my hair grow­ing and I want to try Doo Growth growth treat­ment to help it out but I’m not sure on how well it will work. So I was won­der­ing if any­one could give me some insight on what to do so I won’t have to cut off the rest of my hair! I just real­ly don’t wont to cut off all of my hair!????


Im hav­ing the same issue as you, just in the front of my hair. I’ve been tak­ing biot­in pills for the past two weeks so I hope those work but I would­nt sug­gest cut­ting your hair off and start­ing all over again, do your research on the Doo Growth treat­ment and let me know how it goes.


I have the same prob­lem with my hair. For some insignif­i­cant rea­son the back of my hair is short­er than the rest of my hair. I always have peo­ple say­ing that my lit­tle sis hair is longer than mine, which is not true because I have a good head of hair but my sis’s hair is way taller in the back. 

Is there some­thing I can do to make it grow? Please share.
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Ce Ce
It’s good to know that I’m not the only “imper­fect” nat­u­ral. My hair is a mix of a lit­tle this and a lit­tle that. The front of my hair has looser curls and it grows fast. The mid­dle of my hair in the crown is coarser, so I have to give it a mois­ture “bomb” every­day. I spray a leave-in mois­tur­iz­er in more heav­i­ly in the crown. Then, I put a lit­tle hair milk in to give my desert and oasis. Also, I pop two gnc hair, skin, nails, vit­a­mins every oth­er mon­th and that seems to help with growth… Read more »

My prob­lem is my my sides are longer then the back. It dri­ves me nuts. I trim my hair so it could be even, but it just stays the same length. I real­ly want some­thing I can do to make my hair health­ier and help it grow. If any­one has any ideas please help.

NIa/Chic Working Moms

Yes my front and crown area are short­er because that was the last sec­tion I had to cut to end my tran­si­tion. So now I’m 100% nat­u­ral that’s the good part but hav­ing col­lar length hair in the back and short hair in the front/crown sucks. I try to pass them off as bangs or what I do most often is do flat twists going back to cam­ou­flage it. It should grow to a decent length in the next cou­ple of months so I’m try­ing not to sweat it. Key­word: “try­ing”. lol

I have this sim­i­lar prob­lem, main­ly due to the fact I had a head full of hair and did not want to be both­ered with it. So instead of tak­ing care of my hair and deal­ing with it. I hid it behind lace fronts, full wigs, and quick weaves. So when I final­ly start­ed deal­ing with it on a reg­u­lar, I install a quick weave on one ocas­sion and when I tried to remove it the glue was stuck.….so I polite­ly grabbed a pair of scis­sors and went “wait­ing to exhale” (lol) on my hair only in the spots that… Read more »

my “bangs” are short­er than the rest of the hair and I usu­al­ly do styles that allow me to have a boufant or some sort of cut bang or twist back. It allows me to look styl­ish while con­ceal­ing the short length. I also be care­ful to detan­gle this sec­tion from tip to root b/c often i’m so used to going root to tip with this sec­tion (blame it on my creamy crack days). Final­ly I pro­mote growth by mois­tur­iz­ing and seal­ing the ends of this sec­tion.


Has any­one tried doing yarn braids for hair that is hav­ing trou­ble grow­ing and just leav­ing them in for awhile? I see that beau­ti­ful­br­wn­baby­dol did a tuto­ri­al for them yes­ter­day and they came out look­ing real­ly great. I don’t know if I could have the patience to do my whole head w/o given up lol… Titled video: Yarn Braids/Genie Locs Tuto­ri­al (& EASY Care Tips)



I didn’t mean to give you a thumbs down lol. I was try­ing to click on your YouTube link but it wasn’t work­ing, so then I tried to click reply. Smh. I’m on my phone. 

But my hair grows weird as well though I haven’t mea­sured it. My hair in the front is longer than the back, so i’m start­ing to wear my twists as bangs.

i have this prob­lem too but my sto­ry is kin­da dif­fer­ent i cut my hair real­ly short because i want­ed a new look kept it for a sum­mer then put weave in my hair i was­nt tak­ing my hair seri­ous­ly so i did every­thing you not sup­pose to do like use­ing alot of heat on the top area to my hair while for­get­ting about my hair under­neath. then i per­med alit­tle in the front where my hair was left out leave­ing the rest nat­u­ra­land that hap­pened in 2009…it broke off real­ly bad and would not come past my eye­brows even… Read more »
Ms. Sassy

I have this prob­lem! My crown grows faster than the rest of my hair and its tex­ture is not as tight­ly curled so this is a HUGE prob­lem for me when I wear a fro! I can mask it with twists. I norm­ly cut it a bit short­er than the rest to make it blend, but it defeats the pur­pose of me try­ing to retain length.

I have three hair length issues. First, the Mid-back sec­tion of my hair is the most porous and the most frag­ile. If any­thing adverse is going to hap­pen to my hair, that sec­tion is going to be the first to suf­fer and is going to suf­fer the most dam­age. The hair there is short­er than the hair above it in the crown area. I most notice the dis­crep­an­cy in length in that sec­tion when I wear my hair pulled back in a puff. I dis­guise it by fluff­ing up that part and mak­ing the hair around it lie down to… Read more »

All hair strands do not grow to the same length at the same rate all at the same time.

- chicoro


I have the same prob­lem, there are sec­tions in the mid­dle of my hair that are sig­nif­i­cant­ly short­er than the rest of my hair. I’ve just learned to live with it and be patient.. it’s grow­ing.


I used to be very frus­trate by my hair as they grew back after my BC for the back would be way short­er than the front. I would usu­al­ly flat twist/braid the back and leave my hair in twist out in the front. Late­ly my hair has grown a lot espe­cial­ly in the back so I guess I just had to be patient, one thing at a time…lol


The mid­dle of my hair is much short­er than every­where else on my head. Since I nor­mal­ly just wear a puff, it’s not notice­able because i do a lot of fluff­ing. I do trim that area less often as to hope­ful­ly get an even length of hair every­where on my head but that will prob­a­bly nev­er hap­pen.


Yep. There is an area in the top/crown area that is always stunt­ed. At one point it broke com­plete­ly off . I have no idea what I did to it, but I worse kinky twists for about 5 months to help pro­tect it.

The front and back/perimeter of my hair grows much faster than the rest. So it looks kin­da fun­ny at times because I get a halo affect from the front and from the side or back it looks much short­er… Ahhh well.

Well, what can I say. lol my prob­lems are a left and right issue with length tex­ture and reten­tion. My right side seems to be a 4b or may­be a lit­tle 3c and is much longer, while the left side is most­ly a 4b and comes up short and inch or two. I can see the dif­fer­ence every time I do a length check and it dri­ves me up the wall!!!! I’ve been using she mois­ture and doing a biweek­ly deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment I’ve seen pro­gress and my hair is soooooo soft now only thing is now when i blow… Read more »

Hair on the right side of my hair grows slow­er than the hair on the left side of my hair.….as crazy as that sounds, it was reversed when I relaxed my hair. Oh and I’ve checked my ends and they are fine.…

I don’t under­stand it and I wish that it would catch up already!!!! 

The back of my hair grows the fastest though!


I have this issue and what I’ve found is when you do twists and styles you have to adjust instruc­tions for the­se dif­fer­ent sec­tions of your hair. This is one of the rea­sons not to com­plete­ly fol­low some­one else’s instruc­tions to the let­ter. For exam­ple, I do small­er twists where I need more help with def­i­n­i­tion. And larg­er twists in oth­er areas.

Dana G.

Me, too. I do big two strand twists in the back and on the sides. The crown requires a lot of mois­ture and small­er twists. I dis­cov­ered this a cou­ple of weeks ago and it seems to be work­ing for me.


I had MAJOR break­age in the middle/crown area. Like 1 inch of hair with 6+ inch­es every­where else. It’s also the coars­est part of my hair and tan­gles the most/easiest It’s the rea­son I can’t wear wash and go’s.

I have a sim­i­lar prob­lem. Even when I was relaxed, like Kar­lyne post­ed. But I like to think of it as the back being longer, instead of the front being short­er. See how I “cup half full”-ed it? Lol! :) But seri­ous­ly though, I think it’s because I han­dle the front of my hair more than I han­dle the back. So, to com­bat the prob­lem, I try to be more even in han­dling. Also, my curls are looser in the back, espe­cial­ly the back right. It’s not nece­sar­i­ly of a looser tex­ture, but the curls just gen­er­al­ly tend to be more stretched… Read more »
my prob­lems has always been the front of my hair. Even relaxed and it irks me! I am now doing most fin­ger comb­ing on wash day and try­ing my best to keep at least the front of my hair in some sort of PS style.. even if the rest isn’t. Be it twist or tucks. It looks like it has gain a lit­tle length over the last few weeks. After read­ing the “does black hair grow” one of the sub­scribers had some great math­e­mat­ics to cal­cu­late at least my growth… she fig­ured her hair grew 1/3″ per mon­th in oppose… Read more »

the front of my head grows slower…it’s actu­al­ly a looser tex­ture but the hair is a bit more finer…my hair grows much, much thick­er in the whole mid­dle back of my head and it’s more curly and coarse. THe coars­est hair grows just as fast as the rest. I knew about that even when relaxed though because it was very appar­ent but didn’t know about the front of my hair. I just think my head of hair is so inter­est­ing and unique. 

The dif­fer­ent tex­tures, the dif­fer­ent growth rates, dark it is, it’s just so dynam­ic.


I have the same issue … And have Mul­ti­ple Tex­tures

My crown has the rought­est tex­ture 4c, its always shrunk­en the most, breaks eas­i­ly, and hard to detan­gle and abt 8″ long. My sides are like a 4a tex­ture and abt 11″. The back of my next is abt a 3c tex­ture… and abt 8″ long. 

I have pics here of a dry twist out of my tex­tures at my blog…

The plus side is that like the poster said, curly hair is more for­giv­ing of dif­fer­ent lengths. My sis­ter relaxed her shoul­der length hair, and only then did we notice that one side was quite notice­ably longer than the oth­er. She had to trim it to make it even. I myself notice that the curli­est sec­tion of my hair is also the short­est. Right on the crown, toward the back. I am actu­al­ly get­ting a trim or cut next week, not because I am so annoyed by the dif­fer­ent lengths but because my ends are jacked up. I am look­ing… Read more »

The front of my hair is about 7 inch­es, while the back is about 10–11 inch­es. The front is also fin­er, less dense and thin­ner than the back, so a lot of pro­tec­tive styles don’t work for me. The front also grows at a slow­er rate. I real­ly haven’t done any­thing to camaflouge the length dif­fer­ence since it doesn’t look weird. It just looks like my hair was cut into lay­ers.

Nelda Scott
OMG! My hair is the same way. I hate it though. I do not like the look of lay­ers at all! I always do pro­tec­tive style and won­dered why I nev­er real­ly liked the look.. it’s b/c of the lay­ered look. I recent­ly stopped doing the mini twists I have been doing con­sis­tent­ly for about one year. I have noticed that they cause more sin­gle strand knots than before. Do you have the same prob­lem? What do you do instead of pro­tec­tive styles? I would be more than hap­py to just let my hair go free but I am afraid… Read more »
Elaine D.

I have this very issue with the back of my head…and I don’t even sleep on my back. It’s a mys­tery to me…I don’t dis­crim­i­nate with my hair care and yet it still acts like I do noth­ing. Just plain rebe­lious. While my front thrives a whole lot, I have to always baby the back.


Hi Elaine!
It is exact­ly the same with me!!! We have to dis­cov­er what that mis­tery is all about!! It dri­ves me crazy!!


Sigh. I’m in a sim­i­lar boat, except it’s a right/left length issue. The right side of my head is much curlier than my left side — insane, right? They grow at about the same rate, but of course, the left APPEARS longer than the right because of the less tight curl pat­tern. I mit­i­gate the prob­lem by doing fro­hawks and hav­ing an amaze­ball styl­ist who can cut my hair curly. Get­ting a cut when my hair is blow dried straight makes the dis­crep­an­cy worse.

Sto­ry of my life!  My nape is about 5 to 8 inch­es while the rest of my hair is about 10 to 12. What a big dif­fer­ence! I found that my hair at the nape is actu­al­ly a whole lot fin­er, thin­ner and much more frag­ile so it snaps very eas­i­ly. Also I have very bad pso­ri­a­sis in this area as well (which is most­ly under con­trol now).  I plan to imple­ment the­se things into my reg­i­men to help me retain length in this area; - Scalp mas­sage with cas­tor or hemp oil — Fin­ger comb the hair — Gen­tle han­dling of the hair I real­ly… Read more »

OMG, this is my hair­sto­ry!!
My crown is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent tex­ture and is the slow­est in growth from most of my hair. It’s also the the least part of my scalp the gets the most blood cir­cu­la­tion. Sounds weird but night­ly I hang my head over my bed so the blood rush­es to the top of my head and mas­sage my scalp with rose­mary oil.
I’ve been doing this con­sis­tent­ly for 3mos and has noticed a vast dif­fer­ence in the tex­ture and growth of my crown.

Dana G.

Oooh… I have the same prob­lem area and start­ed feel­ing dis­cour­aged. I’m going to try your rec­om­men­da­tion, too.


I must try this. I have the same prob­lem. Can I use anoth­er oil oth­er than rose­mary oil?


I’m sure you can, Lan­toinet­te. I’ve only used Rose­mary but I’m sure any stim­u­lat­ing oil would work. Per­haps, pep­per­mint mixed with a lit­tle olive oil.


I have pep­per­mint oil so I will try that. I can’t wait to see the end results. Very inter­est­ing.

Dee (durelene)

My hair grows even­ly for the most part. But my sis hair grows like u describe its a nice shape


I have two patch­es at my crown that’s short­er than the rest. But, it is also the dri­est. So, I just up my mois­ture and seal­ing in that area.


I meant to add that since I’m tran­si­tion­ing and deal­ing with shrink­age, it’s not real­ly notice­able.