Kimora Lee Simmons’ Son Kenzo Rocks an Adorable Fro

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Check out these adorable pictures of Kimora Le Simmons taking her son Kenzo (and daughters Ming and Aoki) to a pumpkin patch. Baby Kenzo’s hair is absolutely ADORABLE. What do you think ladies? Would you let your son rock a fro?

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22 thoughts on “Kimora Lee Simmons’ Son Kenzo Rocks an Adorable Fro

  1. Totally fine, as long as someone knows how to take care of it when it comes time to detangle n whatnot. Mmhmmm.

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  2. yep! my son had a shrunken fro when he was 1. His dad cut it off, but now that he is 6 he asked if he can grow out his curls again!

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  4. i’m usually not a fan of little boys or men with long hair. but kenzo and his hair are soo cute, i’m exoanding my mind to the idea. beautiful family!!

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  5. That little Kenzo is such a cutie pie, a good mixture of both parents. His hair looks great, and hopefully they will keep it on him a bit longer :).

    Also I love this ladies afro with the blondish brown color gorgeous. I saw this on blkgirlsrock site.

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  6. I like long hair on boys/men only with certain exeptions. I dont’t like braids or cornrows or twists or puffs or ponytails or buns on men…I just like the classic ‘FRO!!!(and sometimes locs)
    I think Kenzo is just adorable and so is his hair;I can’t belive he has gotten so big!!!

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  7. I’m trying to look at the child’s hair, but I can’t stop looking at Djimon Hounsou. He’s way out of my age range, but I can still appreciate his gorgeousness. Hahaha! Am I the only one?!

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