The Natural’s Guide to Fine Hair

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Can I Make It Thicker?

I know this wasn’t asked but this is a question I get asked quite often. As far as ways to thicken your hair, there are options that have been helpful to thin or fine haired individuals. Try using black castor oil in your deep conditioning treatments as well as incorporating nightly massages on the scalp and hair. Consider adding a few drops of hydrolyzed silk protein to your moisturizer. As the protein binds to the cuticle, the hair appears and feels thicker. In my experience, adding silk protein to styling products imparts a smooth finish to the hair. If a vitamin deficiency is suspected, consider taking a biotin supplement to promote thicker hair growth. (Although taking biotin is generally safe, I am not at liberty to recommend dosages on BGLH due to individual health considerations). Furthermore, you may be tempted to try a thickening shampoo/conditioner, especially the ones with biotin. I haven’t heard of much success with those, but I always say it doesn’t hurt to try them out! If any of you have had success with them, please share! Another supplement associated with full, healthy hair is MSM.


I definitely would be sure to treat this type of hair more delicately than silk. This type of hair is especially prone to breakage. No rough detangling! And keep styling to a minimum to avoid losing unnecessary amounts of hair. In addition, if hair has thinned out significantly, please be sure to visit a physician/health practitioner to be sure that hair loss is not linked to a nutritional deficiency or previous hair trauma.

Thanks to Monisola and Tiffany for your questions and for visiting the blog! We appreciate your kind words of support! You are not alone in your styling dilemmas and your questions can serve to help other naturals. Now I’ll open up the floor to the BGLH readers, especially those of you with fine/thin hair: What are your styling tips for naturals with fine or thin hair?

*This article was originally published on August 5, 2009*

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founding editor of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008), social media and black beauty enthusiast. When I'm not here, I'm moderating a Facebook group for black mothers called Black Moms Connect.


181 thoughts on “The Natural’s Guide to Fine Hair

  1. I have fine, but lots of, hair & its been natural for over 10yrs but has never grown past my shouilders. I always thought that “black people can’t have long hair” but in the last few years now natural is more popular I know its is possible has strong long hair. Thank you for your information on how to care for it as most websites just focus on thick hair. :-)

    • Hey Nadine. I have fine, but lots of hair too. I have been natural for 7 years, but my hair never grew past my shoulders either. I think its because of the lack of hair knowledge i had. My goal is full APL by mid next year. I experience A LOT of breakage and split ends!! Especially split ends. I think its coz my hair is weak. Do u have split ends? If not, how do u keep them at bay?

  2. I was born with super thin hair. I decided to go natural four years ago. I love the natural curl pattern of my hair. However, I have longed to have a full style, while maintaining my natural curl pattern. It has been a challenge, because my hair looks really nice when I wet it, put leave-in conditioner in it along with other natural curl products, but I am always left with “see thru hair at the top and middle of my hair. What method or hair product would you suggest to attain a full look. My hair is combination of 3C and 3B on a good day…..looking forward to reading your expert counsel.

  3. Thanks a million for this post. I thought that there was something wrong with my hair because it’s so fine and thin.I’ve been natural for 2 years and I can’t seem to thicken my hair out.likewise I joke with my Natural coworkers and say don’t blow my hair or it’ll fall out because it breaks so easily. I will definitely be trying some of your tips that you presented here and I’ll check back to let you know if they worked on my hair.

  4. I have read your post and also a lot of others. I too have fine, thin hair. I have dreads but mostly wear it up because of the thin hair especially in my crown area. They are long but still thin. I have found this is the best for me because perms irritate my scalp and i like to exercise a lot. However, I am constantly cold so I wear a lot of hats. I have gone to the dermatologist and they say I just have “thin” hair. It has really taken a toll on my self esteem. I worry about it constantly and find myself indulged in other people’s beautiful hair. I hope there is a solution out there for us soon.

  5. Great advice! I think I have fine hair but it grows thickly on my head. the strands are really thin and I’ve always had a problem with breakage. That might be because I haven’t ever really taken care of it properly. This is my second year natural and I just started to really care for my hair properly this year so hoping I can grow it past shoulder length! I never saw much growth change in the last year because it broke off so much. Need to work on my ends though- they always look dry and trashy.

  6. I feel your pain Nikki. I have the same problem. I have very thin fine hair that breaks easily. Does not respond well to chemicals and any sort of styling just wrecks havoc on my hairline. It been a constant cycle of styling then cutting it all off for about 6 years now. Currently I just got fed up and left it as is, so it just short hair that is all in knots. Cant even wear wigs coz those destroy myhairline as well. As a result I’ve become the turban lady just to make myself look representable in public. I’m thinking of maybe growing dreadlocks bt I know they will be few and far between on my head. I envy other people’s hair. I know I should love and appreciate myself the way I am, but not have the ability to do anything with my hair really hurts.

  7. I have fine hair with i would say medium density and i used to rock twist outs with the best of them. One way i was able to acheive volume, especially in the crown is creating a flat twist right in the crown, usually horizontal, set with light butter like the article says, and BAM volume. What also helps me is making an extreme slanted front part, maybe a 45degree angle in comparison to the front. So much of this natural hair thing is trial and error, hope this helps

  8. Some of these tips, I agree and disagree with. I’m a fine haired natural who’s hair dries out very quickly and easily. My hair does better with butters and gels as opposed to some of the lighter formulas moisturizers and styling aids. My fine hair gets really dry so I need heavier products than some fine haired people. When I was relaxed, I could get away with some of the lighter weight products formulated for finer strands. My fine strands need a heavier creamier deep conditioner or else my hair stays dry and frizzy. I’m especially prone to frizziness in the back if my head.

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