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People always ask me if I’ve noticed significant changes within my hair since switching my regimen to all natural products, and I would always answer with a resounding ‘yes’. But I really didn’t see the full potential of these changes until they coincided with my change of diet. Two of the biggest improvements that I can directly correlate to the change of my diet are reduced dryness and shedding. Since consuming more living foods, I’ve noticed my bouts of extreme dryness have drastically decreased and shedding has been reduced by more than 50% as well. I am not here to prosecute your diet choices, just keep in mind everything in moderation. After all, as the old saying goes “you are what you eat” and this does not exclude your hair.

Of course genetics play a role in all human bodies but providing your system with more living foods only increases the health of your hair whether you have a full head of healthy hair or need a major boost in your lifeless strands. Below is a very informative article by Guide to Living Naturally which explains the nutrients you should be consuming and the effects they will have in changing the condition of your hair.

1. Protein

Protein is the building block of hair. Hair is 88 percent protein. Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, and will reduce the probability of damage. Excellent sources of protein include tuna, shrimp, and cod, snapper, venison, halibut, salmon, scallops, turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, calf’s liver, spinach, tofu, mustard greens, crimini mushrooms, soybeans, and mozzarella cheese, eggs, milk, collard greens, cauliflower and many legumes including lentils, split peas, kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans and garbanzo beans.

2. B Vitamins

The B vitamins are necessary for healthy hair. Lack of B vitamins can lead to oily hair conditions. Good sources include: animal products (meat, poultry), yeast extracts (brewers’ yeast, Marmite), asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, bell peppers, turnip greens, bananas, potatoes, dried apricots, dates and figs, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, nuts and pulses, fish, brown rice, wheat germ, garlic, tuna, wholegrain cereals, avocado, herring, salmon, celery, crimini mushrooms, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

3. Vitamin C

It strengthens the immune system, and assists in metabolizing B vitamins and amino acids into the body. Lack of vitamin C can cause dry hair. Excellent food sources of vitamin C include: broccoli, bell peppers, kale, cauliflower, strawberries, lemons, mustard and turnip greens, brussels sprouts, papaya, chard, cabbage, spinach, kiwifruit, snow peas, cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit, limes, tomatoes, zucchini, raspberries, asparagus, celery, pineapples, lettuce, watermelon, fennel, peppermint and parsley.

4. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for the health of your scalp. A lack of it can lead to dry hair. Good sources include: Calf liver, Cow’s milk , eggs, carrots, apricots, mangoes, squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, collard greens, tomatoes, guava, and pink grapefruit, salmon, shellfish, Cayenne pepper and chili pepper.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E provides lots of benefits for growing vibrant hair. Good sources of vitamin E include: mustard greens, turnip greens, chard, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, collard greens, parsley, kale, papaya, olives, bell pepper, brussel sprouts, kiwifruit, tomato, blueberries, and broccoli.

6. Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps to maintain healthy hair. Good sources of vitamin K include: spinach, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, green peas and carrots, fig, brewer yeast, lettuce, cabbage, egg yolk, oatmeal, rye, soybean, liver, wheat, yogurt, tomato paste, Swiss Emmental cheese and Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese.

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In short, eat more spinach!

As soon as I discovered this site I went on to reddit to share it to other people.

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NO chocolate…:( thats gonna be a hard one for me to keep at a minimum. lol

Arron Pallotta

All forms of vitamin A have a beta-ionone ring to which an isoprenoid chain is attached, called a retinyl group. Both structural features are essential for vitamin activity.”-,.

Have a nice day <

shani munna

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Am rincy frm chennai….fo last 2 years m loosing plenty of hair….my Hb s 9.0%…everyday m lossing hand ful of hair…m worrried..hw to get bak my hair??wt medicine shud i take??


Have the doctor to check your thyroid levels.

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Rashi Menon

Hey. I used the product named ‘Capigro’ which helped me my hair grow back and also helped me reduce hair loss.

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[…] reading the article ,BGLH: 13 Nutrients that Promote Hair Growth, it made me realize how important a healthy diet can be to your overall lifestyle. A lot of the […]


I’m having a lot of trouble with the green smoothies promoting hair growth. I absolutely love the ones I make, and they taste awesome. But I see my skin glowing and my hair getting shiny and healthier looking, but my hair is same old same old. Any helpful comments?


Thanks to you all. Green smoothie is now one of my regulars, but how long will it take for me to see the effect.


[…] 10 Foods for Healthy Hair 13 Nutrients That Promote Hair Growth […]


[…] Growth. Also, take a look at your diet. There was another really good article on BGLH entitled, 13 Nutrients that Promote Hair Growth and is about getting these vitamins and minerals via whole food sources, rather than supplements. […]

shanakawa pereira

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i’m a vegetarian and i’m just about to start fasting for christmas so this green smoothies drink would come in very handy i’m hopeing to loose a little weight as well and i soooo wish my hair could reach my butt by april that’s like 7″ inches to grow all i have to get is that blender wish me luck ppl


Thanks for the information i think i might buy a juicer on black friday


I’m allergic to bananas, so the Boathouse green drinks w/bananas make me itch. BUT! I looove the taste, and now I’m shopping for the mixer, b/c I like the idea of getting in a good breakfast even if it’s in a shake. Thanks a million times over for this necessary and more timely than you know article.

The foundation of my diet is based on fruit and vegetables, fish occasionally, nuts and water. However my downfall has been an addiction to chocolate. I believe this caused me to break out in ezcema last year. It appeared all over my scalp and neck. I decided to cut out the chocolate and after about 4 weeks it cleared up dramatically. I still eat chocolate but not as much as i use to, as i believe that all that sugar they use in chocolate had a dehydrating effect on my hair and skin. Green smoothies are really not as vile… Read more »

I know this post is a couple days old, but i was wondering if anyone made their green smoothies with a protein mix (you know, the low-cal powders and things of the like) and if that seems like an ok thing to do?


I noticed that chocolate was included in the list of “dead” foods. It should not be there. It’s not the chocolate itself, but the processed sugar added to it that is problematic. Many nutritionists now agree that chocolate contains substances that are good for a person’s blood pressure; the key is to eat it dark and one ounce at a time per day.


Hey Cygnet. Yes, the good chocolate you speak of is called raw cacao. Regular chocolate even dark chocolate that does not contain cacao does nothing nutrition wise but anything labeled 50% raw cacao to 100% can be extremely beneficial for your body. The higher the percentage the more beneficial 🙂


Great article!! Thanks for the post…


Thank you Gorgeous Smile.

Mrs. Ebonee
My goal was from last Oct to this Nov (my wedding date) to loose as much weight as health-ly possible. Which meant a change in my diet a serious cut back on grains/breads (1-3 servinga a say) a major increase in veggies and lean meats…I am happy to say I lost 2 dress sizes in that yr. Yea me! Now how did it do for my hair? It didnt necessarily make it longer but it definitely increased my shine and thickness. I already have SUPER thick hair and the better diet made it even thicker. My hair was on the… Read more »
a pretty easy smoothie that I make for friends is called the ABC Green Smoothie – A is for apple B is for banana C is for any citrus you want to add (berries,orange, pineapple, mango, etc) and then add a handful of any greens you like. If you make this and you like it, over time you can add 2 handfuls of greens. SPinach or lettuce are the easiest greens to blend up – kale and collards are higher in calcium and have less oxalic acid than raw spinach. Rotate your green ingredient for maximal vitamins and minerals. You… Read more »
Mrs. Ebonee

I am so going to have to get a blender to try this 🙂 They sound great and sound like a good way to make sure my dauhgter gets all her fruits and veggies


Ladies how do the green smoothies actually taste because quite honestly they don’t sound too appetising? Can someone take the time to list the ingredients and describe the taste. Whilst I would like healthy hair, I do not wish to do so at the expense of torturing my taste buds. Thanks.


If you don’t want to blend your own Green Smoothie, as i most certainly don’t/can’t, Bolthouse farm has a DELICIOUS Green smoothie (it’s called “Green Goodness”) and it has fruits n veggies, is blended smooth and tastes like apple juice mainly. Find it at Target!

African Violet

I second the brand Bolthouse. Their green smoothies are so good!


They don’t sound good but the spinach is mild so you really don’t taste it- especially with flavorful fruits like mango or strawberries. It simply tastes like a fruit smoothie.


You should probably add fruits in addition to the green (spinach, kale) ingredients.


This is how I make mine: a cup of frozen mango, 1 banana, spinach, and mango nectar. Blend it together until smooth.

It tastes sweet, you can hardly taste the bitterness of the spinach because it’s balanced out with the sweetness of the fruit and the nectar juice. You have to try it before you knock it and find out for yourself if you will like it or not. You’ll find that it is not only tasty but it’s quite addictive, so nutritious and delicious!


Meow, do you blanche/steam the green veggies at all or just use them 100% raw?


Plants “living” until they start to decay


Dead food? I wouldn’t want to eat anything that’s still alive…


LOL….well played

notice that spinach was mentioned under every single nutrient!!!…except like water and protein. I eat spinach like no one’s business(cups and cups a week), eat protein bars and shakes, take multi-vitamins and omega capsules. I have noticed a serious increase in the amount of growth i get a month, despite loosing 40lbs…many people say dieting can lessen hair growth, but i am feeding my body (hair, skin, bones, etc) not the fat. These nutrients are going to supporting me and not all those fat cells. I am thankful to the inner strength the universe/spirit/god endowed me with to be on… Read more »

Yeah i noticed that too! I love spinach, it’s nice to eat one food that can cover so many nutrients on this list lol. Green smoothies with spinach is the best!


Ladies, what is a green smoothie?


@ Carlad- a green smoothie is where you blend fruit (typically bananas, mango, etc.) with green vegetables (spinach, kale, etc.) and make it into a nice yummy super food beverage. It might sound gross or look gross, but it’s very sweet and delicious. There are many websites on green smoothies and how to make them, check them out :).


GREEN SMOOTHIES ROCK!!! I have one every morning for breakfast. I include kale in addition with spinach.


I LOVE IT! Thanks the green smoothie is very delicious, I have had at least 1 every day since I started.

My hair grew a lot stronger, and it didn’t break as easily and there was also less hair shedding. It cleaned my system out totally even to the point that I really felt energized, and in fact I felt the cold a lot less, and i wasn’t always prone to sickness. What I’m working on though, is drinking more water, I did the green smoothies daily, drank lots of it and ate from the different food groups (living foods) and notice that I glowed and my skin became a lot smoother, supple and healthier looking and I looked younger too.… Read more »

@ ranuka you said you cleaned your system out totally i would like to know how i’v always felt like i need a total total clean out need some info can you help …………

I do green smoothies, in fact the blender that I have can blend anything under the sun, so I don’t only blend the leaves, I blend the stems – I clean everything properly. They provide the fiber you need to really do a cleaning job. Don’t underestimate it. I use Kale, spinach, mangoes, bananas,grapes & water, . (that’s an example of one of the green smoothies that I make.) After a few days you notice a whole lot and it seems as if the mental fog you have is clearing, you have more energy, in fact after a while you… Read more »

What brand of blender do you have?


vita-mix! It can make anything into a smoothie.


will do, but does it act as a laxative,how offten should i do this and do i have to change my diet while i’m drinking this green smoothies? I dont get kale where i’m from what can i use in it’s place oh yeh lol AND thanks for the response.

No It doesn’t act as a laxative, but it makes you more “regular”, and it does a very thorough job of cleaning over a period of time, and the more often you do it the better, some people do it daily, some don’t. Just make sure you drink lots of water.It’s a personal choice you have to decide on. have you heard of the book “death begins in the colon”. I had to change my diet – it hasn’t been to the point where the doctors told me I had to do so, but i came to that conclusion based… Read more »

OMG it tried it saturday at 6pm and broke out in a rash on and around my tummy by sunday at 4pm WHAT TO DO is it that is working and i should continue or that it does not agree with i used spinach apple grapes and a bannana HELP HELP HELP


I have been on cleanses of this kind before. It sounds like you are having a cleansing reaction. You body is detoxing.


thank god ok i’ll keep it up and hope that it pass soon


I don’t think all these nutrients promote hair growth, they really promote overall hair and body health, which is far more important. I dunno why but the “dead food” comment sounds really funny lol.


I do agree