Saleemah of HydraTherma Naturals is currently rocking synthetic locs. Check out her explanation of how to apply, style and care for them.

Why did you get synthetic locs?
Honestly, I love the look of locs. I think that they are gorgeous. I’ve always wondered what I would look like with them. I love the look of my loose hair so I never took the plunge and made the commitment to lock. In August, we started the Hydratherma Naturals 20 week protective style challenge. I needed a great protective style that I could wear for a few weeks and this was the perfect opportunity to try the temporary protective locs. I absolutely love them and I think that locs may be in my future one day 🙂

Where did you buy the hair?
I bought the hair from my local black owned beauty supply store. I used regular kanekalon braiding hair. (3 bags for $10) to braid and synthetic Marley braid (about 5 bucks per pack) for the wrapping of the braid. Both of these hair types can be purchased from your local beauty supply store or online. The braid can also be wrapped with human kinky hair. It is much more expensive ($30-50 a bag). If someone is planning to leave the locs in permanently, I would suggest using human hair because it will lock with your hair better and will give you more of a natural loc’d look.

How do you put them in?
It is very simple but time consuming 🙂 It is basically a two step process that consists of braiding and wrapping the braid. First, you have to determine the thickness of each loc. You can make the loc as thick or thin as you want it. Your base braid will determine the thickness and length of the loc. After braiding the hair in box braids, it is time to wrap each braid with the Marley braid hair. The Marley braid hair comes separated in strips. You can use the strip ‘as is’ or separate the strip further for a slightly thinner loc. Begin wrapping the Marley hair around each braid from the base of the braid to the end. Be sure to wrap the hair tightly around the braid to prevent unraveling later. If the hair strip that you are using runs out while wrapping just add another strip of hair and continue to wrap until you get to bottom of the braid. Once you get to the bottom, begin to wrap upward (to the base) until the hair runs out. You can burn the tips for more security but it is not necessary. You can experiment with different colors to give the appearance of highlights. I used #2 and #4 colors. I mixed the colors for every other loc and it gave me a very natural look of highlights. For those who like visuals, here’s a video tutorial

It took 8 hrs to braid and 10 hrs to wrap! I probably could have finished sooner but I took many breaks.

Are they heavy? Do they weigh on the follicle?
I must say that the only con to this style is that fact that they are a bit heavy. You can always add less hair to each section to lighten them up a bit.

How long do you plan to keep them in?
I plan to keep them in for 6-8 weeks. I don’t suggest keeping them in longer unless you want the loc extension hair to mesh with your hair permanently. I must say that the longer you wear them, the better they look. It has been a little over a month since my install and they are looking more frizzy and realistic 🙂

How do you style them?
Because the hair is wrapped and protected, I don’t have to sleep with a head scarf at night. Needless to say, this style gets points from the hubs simply because of that. When I get up, I finger comb the locs, moisturize and seal with the Hydratherma Naturals products. I pat the moisturizer and oil through the locs and they soak up the moisture. The moisturizer penetrated without a problem. Typically, I wear my locs hanging straight down. I have been experimenting with updos and braid-outs.

If anyone is thinking of trying this style, give it a go! It is so much fun!!!!

Great explanation Saleemah! What do you think ladies? Would you give synthetic locs a go?

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These are really nice! They would take me forever to do, my arms would completely fall off! lol