The lovely Laila teaches us how to flat twist!

Ladies, can you flat twist? And do you incorporate flat twisting into your styles?

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Rachel B

i can do flat twist but im to lazy to make detailed designs lol plus my arms and back would start to hurt.


I guess I lucked out because I can flat twist in both directions! Yay, me. Yes, I’m bragging :P.

Nice. I have to share: we are in the midst of a cold spell here in Scotland and out of desperation I went to the hair dressers on Sat. Man was I in for a shock. There was I donning my twists and cornrows while the three other ladies next to me were having their braids removed then permed! One ended up with a lace weave that made her look like a drag queen and another ended up losing so much hair from the perms, blowdry and hot comb. I nearly got up and started preaching. Amusing part was when… Read more »

I <3 the updo style. Question: The part that 'swoops' to the left: How was that done?


I know how to two strand twist and braid…but when it comes to having it attached to my head, lol, it never works out in my favor. My locs are getting longer and I want to learn different ways to spruce up an updo or a basic retwist. I saved this video to watch a few dozen times until I get it.


Have you tried putting in Pipe Cleaners in your hair, that is a cute hairstyle to try on your locs? Here’s a video link of a fellow youtuber doing it on her hair.


it’s funny because I can flat twist already twisted hair, but I can’t flat twist my loose hair. go figure, lol.

Tyrone RodriguezUno

hey does she have a youtube? fellow english vlogger yay!!


Yes she does, you can either click on the upabove tutorial video with the title mentioned and it takes you there directly. But her name is fusionofcultures on youtube


I love Laila’s YT channel. And her accent.
I learned how to flat twist shortly after becoming natural, but one of my New Years Hair Resolutions is to learn how to french braid/ cornrow. I like braids better for longer lasting styles and braid outs. I just cant seem to get the hang out of it.
Gotta start working on it.


I quickly learned how to flat twist. I have done a flat twist-twisted mohawk, flat twists on one side, flat twists in the front, ect. I really want to learn how to cornroll, but it’s taking me a lot longer to learn it.


This hairstyle is gorgeous, and she is so pretty love the accent. I always check her site as a favorite of mine she recently did one called the Johnny Bravo. I might try this on my hair it’s thick and long enough for me to try :). Here’s the link for it


I can do messy flat twists…like the kind I won’t wear out of the house and do for a flat twist-out. But like Sieta (above) said, practice makes perfect.

Sieta Majok

Laila’s flat twists are fierce! I can’t flat twist at all, but I suppose practice makes perfect!


I create all my updos with flat twists because for some reason braiding and I do not get along. I also think that my hair prefers twists to braid (maybe I’m just being lazy).

Auset Abena

Well, I just learned how to cornrow, and that off to a very rocky start. Flat twisting will be the next. I just love braids, twists, and braid/twist updo’s. That first picture. Her hair is fierce, and I can see my sister recreating that look very well. She love’s twist updos.


The funny thing is I never had a problem with flat twisting but braiding is something I still strugle with, maybe one day I will learn.

Lacoya S.

OOOOOO…it’s a struggle. I’ve learned how to flat twist on the sides of my hair, but whenever I try to flat twist straight back or straight back at and angle….smh. A mess….

But I know that it will take practice. This video concentrated on the sides, which I have, so it wasn’t very helpful for me 🙁 (I LOVE Laila, though). I know it should be the same and not different, but for some reason, my mind just won’t act right when I switch the directions.

Practice, Practice, Practice!


wow I found her instructions to be very easy. I look at video for first time and I have shorter hair but my first try was a success and it was a lot tighter than what I do when I just braid my hair at night. Thx for the video luv this style can’t wait for the next one to do back. 🙂 Practice do make perfect you will get it Ms. La. 🙂