The love­ly Laila teach­es us how to flat twist!

Ladies, can you flat twist? And do you incor­po­rate flat twist­ing into your styles?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Rachel B

i can do flat twist but im to lazy to make detailed designs lol plus my arms and back would start to hurt.


I guess I lucked out because I can flat twist in both direc­tions! Yay, me. Yes, I’m brag­ging :P.

Nice. I have to share: we are in the midst of a cold spell here in Scot­land and out of des­per­a­tion I went to the hair dressers on Sat. Man was I in for a shock. There was I don­ning my twists and corn­rows while the three oth­er ladies next to me were hav­ing their braids removed then permed! One end­ed up with a lace weave that made her look like a drag queen and anoth­er end­ed up los­ing so much hair from the perms, blowdry and hot comb. I near­ly got up and start­ed preach­ing. Amus­ing part was when… Read more »

I <3 the updo style. Ques­tion: The part that ‘swoops’ to the left: How was that done?


I know how to two strand twist and braid…but when it comes to hav­ing it attached to my head, lol, it nev­er works out in my favor. My locs are get­ting longer and I want to learn dif­fer­ent ways to spruce up an updo or a basic retwist. I saved this video to watch a few dozen times until I get it.


Have you tried putting in Pipe Clean­ers in your hair, that is a cute hair­style to try on your locs? Here’s a video link of a fel­low youtu­ber doing it on her hair.


it’s fun­ny because I can flat twist already twist­ed hair, but I can’t flat twist my loose hair. go fig­ure, lol.

Tyrone RodriguezUno

hey does she have a youtube? fel­low eng­lish vlog­ger yay!!


Yes she does, you can either click on the upabove tuto­r­i­al video with the title men­tioned and it takes you there direct­ly. But her name is fusionof­cul­tures on youtube


I love Laila’s YT chan­nel. And her accent.
I learned how to flat twist short­ly after becom­ing nat­ur­al, but one of my New Years Hair Res­o­lu­tions is to learn how to french braid/ corn­row. I like braids bet­ter for longer last­ing styles and braid outs. I just cant seem to get the hang out of it.
Got­ta start work­ing on it.


I quick­ly learned how to flat twist. I have done a flat twist-twist­ed mohawk, flat twists on one side, flat twists in the front, ect. I real­ly want to learn how to corn­roll, but it’s tak­ing me a lot longer to learn it.


This hair­style is gor­geous, and she is so pret­ty love the accent. I always check her site as a favorite of mine she recent­ly did one called the John­ny Bra­vo. I might try this on my hair it’s thick and long enough for me to try :). Here’s the link for it


I can do messy flat twists…like the kind I won’t wear out of the house and do for a flat twist-out. But like Sieta (above) said, prac­tice makes per­fect.

Sieta Majok

Laila’s flat twists are fierce! I can’t flat twist at all, but I sup­pose prac­tice makes per­fect!


I cre­ate all my updos with flat twists because for some rea­son braid­ing and I do not get along. I also think that my hair prefers twists to braid (maybe I’m just being lazy).

Auset Abena

Well, I just learned how to corn­row, and that off to a very rocky start. Flat twist­ing will be the next. I just love braids, twists, and braid/twist updo’s. That first pic­ture. Her hair is fierce, and I can see my sis­ter recre­at­ing that look very well. She love’s twist updos.


The fun­ny thing is I nev­er had a prob­lem with flat twist­ing but braid­ing is some­thing I still strugle with, maybe one day I will learn.

Lacoya S.

OOOOOO…it’s a strug­gle. I’ve learned how to flat twist on the sides of my hair, but when­ev­er I try to flat twist straight back or straight back at and angle.…smh. A mess.…

But I know that it will take prac­tice. This video con­cen­trat­ed on the sides, which I have, so it wasn’t very help­ful for me :( (I LOVE Laila, though). I know it should be the same and not dif­fer­ent, but for some rea­son, my mind just won’t act right when I switch the direc­tions.

Prac­tice, Prac­tice, Prac­tice!


wow I found her instruc­tions to be very easy. I look at video for first time and I have short­er hair but my first try was a suc­cess and it was a lot tighter than what I do when I just braid my hair at night. Thx for the video luv this style can’t wait for the next one to do back. :) Prac­tice do make per­fect you will get it Ms. La. :)