Hair issues, such as hair loss or thin­ning, exces­sive frizz, dry­ness, or oili­ness, as well as scalp con­di­tions, includ­ing dan­druff, scaly, or itchy skin plague, mil­lions of Amer­i­cans each day. Aloe vera sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers have been around for years and serves as an ide­al alter­na­tive to com­mer­cial hair prod­ucts. For gor­geous, healthy look­ing hair, try nat­ur­al aloe vera.

Promoting Hair Growth

Aloe vera can be used as a safe and nat­ur­al treat­ment to pre­vent hair loss. It is great for both men and women to pro­mote new hair growth in places that have expe­ri­enced hair loss or sig­nif­i­cant thin­ning. Aloe vera stim­u­lates the pro­duc­tion of new hair and may even lessen the effects of Alope­cia.

Nourishing Shampoo

The aloe vera plant is packed with essen­tial vit­a­mins and min­er­als that aid in restor­ing hair’s strength and beau­ty. When com­bined with coconut milk and oils, such as wheat germ oil or jojo­ba, aloe vera gel can make a revi­tal­iz­ing sham­poo that not only works to pre­vent hair loss but also pro­motes new hair growth. Aloe vera gel can be added to favorite sham­poos to deliv­er nour­ish­ing ben­e­fits. When com­bined with herbs, essen­tial oils, and plant extracts, the nutri­tive ben­e­fits of aloe vera are mul­ti­plied expo­nen­tial­ly.

Reducing Dandruff

The nat­ur­al enzymes found in aloe vera can soothe and mois­tur­ize the scalp, help­ing to elim­i­nate the scaly dry­ness that caus­es dan­druff. It also helps to increase blood cir­cu­la­tion in the scalp, which works to stim­u­late the pro­duc­tion of mois­tur­iz­ing oils. Aloe vera reduces the dry, itchy feel­ing that accom­pa­nies dry­ness or oili­ness. It keeps the hair’s nat­ur­al oils in bal­ance to pre­vent exces­sive­ly oily or dry scalp. Aloe vera also brings a refresh­ing and cool­ing sen­sa­tion to the scalp.

Natural Conditioner

Aloe vera acts as a nat­ur­al con­di­tion­ing agent that restores the hair’s sheen, lus­ter, and shine. It not only makes the hair soft, but it also enhances strength and sup­ple­ness. It nat­u­ral­ly com­bats frizz but does not have the greasy buildup that many hair care prod­ucts leave behind.

Regard­less of the scalp or hair’s con­di­tion, whether too oily or too dry, aloe vera can restore the prop­er bal­ance. It has amaz­ing results for pro­mot­ing hair growth as well as staving off hair loss. Say good­bye to expen­sive and often inef­fec­tive hair treat­ments. Try aloe vera, nature’s own rem­e­dy for restor­ing health and beau­ty to hair.

Ladies, do you use aloe vera in your reg­i­men? How does it work for you?

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Fast Grow Hair Oil

Has any­one heard of Fast Grow Hair Oil?
It also has Aloe Vera in it, along with Jojo­ba Oil, Coconut Oil and vit­a­mins, like Biotin and MSM for hair growth. The ingre­di­ents look good, just curi­ous if any­one has used it or heard of it?

I use the exact brand of AVJ (whole leaf) and I love, love, love it. I wish I would have known about it soon­er when I had my locs, but at least I know now. Thanks to Kim­may­tube, I am more knowl­edge­able about the care, pH bal­ance and main­te­nance of grow­ing healthy and longer hair. I use the AJV as a leave-in (Kinky Kurly: Knot Today, coconut oil, olive oil or jojo­ba oil and of course AVJ) when I twist my hair. I reap­ply (spritz) mid-week. I’ve been using this reg­i­men for three weeks now, along with deep con­di­tion and… Read more »

I had for­got­ten all about aloe vera gel/juice as a hair treat­ment ;I think I’ll p/u some this week­end.


Hi Ladies, I suf­fer from scalp pso­ri­a­sis and read that aloe vera hel­sp with the scales on the scalp. Has any­one used aloe vera gel or juice applied straight on the scalp?


I use fresh aloe vera plants and make my own pre-treat­ment with coconut oil and net­tles. Amaz­ing results! I began back in Novem­ber 2016 and now my hair has grown so long. Not only that, but it make my hair extreme­ly soft. My moth­er told me my grand­moth­er used this on her hair con­stant­ly when she was a child. Wish I had lis­tened to my moth­er 15 years ago :)


Hi Ladies, I real­ly enjoy your post and I am learn­ing a lot about my hair. I have the AVJ but not sure what kind of Alovera Gel to buy. What are some brand names and where can you get the gel. Does the gel have a bet­ter shelf life than the juice.


hey Lisa, drop me an email on and i will rec­om­mend for you one of the best Aloe vera prod­ucts in the mar­ket

shelly knox

Hi Stel­la,
I have a ques­tion.…
I brought the 100% nat­ur­al aloe vera oil is that just as good as the oth­er ?

Just a few ques­tions ladies. Doesn’t the aloe vera juice, after using it for a few weeks, leave your hair sooooo soft and so fluffy (I def­i­nite­ly love that prop­er­ty) that you might come to think that it killed your coarse­ness? I used to use AVJ as leavein (Kim­may­tube leavein) after wash­ing ses­sions (on sun­days, every 2 weeks) and remois­tur­ize with the rest of my AVJ IF nec­es­sary once a week. It just kept on amaz­ing me how fluffy my hair got with it. I got scared for a while and stopped using it (it’s been 3 weeks now) because… Read more »

Keep using it. Aloe vera brings your hair to it’s opti­mal mois­ture bal­ance. It there­fore behaves the way it is sup­posed to under the best con­di­tions. When you hair is dry, it gets brittle/coarse so there is not tex­ture change as much as it is your hair get­ting exact­ly what it needs in order to behave as it was intend­ed to.

Ok, thanks exotikink!!! I came to real­ize that I need­ed a trim, which is why I was notic­ing the thin­ness in my ends, which I think the use of AVJ accen­tu­at­ed. Now that I had my ends trimmed and got back to using AVJ as my leavein, every­thing is work­ing just fine. Thank you so much for your help exotikink!!! Also, I want­ed to add for the ladies using AV straight from the plant, after blend­ing it in order to get the juice, it must be strained through a fine-meshed sieve. If not, you will end up hav­ing white residues all… Read more »

YW, Nap­pilily.… I’m glad your hair woes were resolved. Wish I had ‘met’ you last week, because it was very annoy­ing try­ing to get that aloe residue out of my hair last week, lol. Using aloe straight from the leaf was a huge NO for me due to my reac­tion to it and pick­ing it out was pun­nish­ment. Ah well, exper­i­men­ta­tion is half the fun!


Sor­ry to hear that exotikink…
Have you tried using the gel from the leaf as hair gel. I want to but I’m scared the same thing will hap­pen if I do…


[…] Orig­i­nal Arti­cle Here […]


I have been nat­ur­al about 2 years, my hair is dry, brit­tle and thin, how­ev­er when wet it gets curly, not sure what prod­ucts to use or buy, I will be buy­ing the AV, but not sure which one, Ladies please help.


Both the gel and juice are good. I use the juice as a day/night moister­iz­er. I some­times alter­nate between the two to mix in my leave in con­di­tion­er, deep con­di­tion­er, etc. Read my response to The­Un­com­mon­Beau­ty. Good luck!


Hi Alexan­dra

Thanks for the response, I am learn­ing how to care for my hair. I tried the Kim­may­tube Leave in (first time). Not sure how I feel about yet. I will try the Alovera dai­ly. thanks.


I love this stuff, I also mix it with my mois­tur­iz­er for my skin


I have the­ac­tu­al aloe vera plant… What can I do with the leavess when they fall out or are real­ly big??

Should I blend it with ols and coconut milie and spritz it? Should I leave the skin on? :) 

I am very inter­rest­ed because I am start­nig to have alope­cia on the top part of my hair since my epidur­al

Hi Sylkie, Please see my response to Ruby fur­ther up for how to get the gel out. In terms of use you can mix it with what­ev­er you want. On hol­i­day I found aloe vera for free and every oth­er day I washed my hair and tried some­thing new with fresh aloe vera. For me it was crap as a sham­poo and as a gel it didn’t work out too well — crispy hair, but when I added it to my leave in con­di­tion­er or my DC my hair loved it. You can also cut up the plant and eat/drink the gel fresh… Read more »
k murray

I have been using it as a using it as a night­ly hair spritz before my shea but­ter and olive oil rou­tine. I slept in a bag­gy with the spritz and woke up to some extra soft moist hair. But also my ear was hurt­ing! And since I go through acne spells, I have been wip­ing my face with it as an astrin­gent. My face seems to be lik­ing it so I’ll con­tin­ue until it tells me oth­er­wise.


Hey ladies can I get your opin­ion on an idea?!?
Ok, Ive been want­i­ng to make some flaxsed gel for a while ( just havent got­ten around to it). As some of you know, its baisi­cal­ly boil­ing water and adding flax seeds. Diff ppl use diff ratios and diff addi­tives (accord­ing to youtube). Would it be ok to boil some flaxseeds in av juice? I love av juice, and have heard great things about flaxseed gel, just won­der­ing if i could com­bine the two…


I use 50% water 50% AVJ when mak­ing my flaxseed gel. It’s awe­some


I think I will try the AVG in my flaxseed gel. That’s sounds like it would work won­der­ful­ly!


Don’t see why not. Exper­i­ment, you nev­er know what you’ll come up with. It’s fun being a mix­tress! I use tea instead of water to make my flax seed gel. I steep a chamomile tea bag in my hot water that has already been mea­sured and make my gel. It smells great and my hair loves it.


I think boil­ing the aloe vera juice will kill all it’s prop­er­ties. How about about adding some to the flax seed gel once you have made it. Flax seed gel is so thick that some­times I have to water mine down.


[…] of Aloe Vera. I always won­dered how much aloe vera was actu­al­ly in those sham­poos. When I saw this arti­cle on aloe vera, which shows how to use the actu­al plant (no chem­i­cals added) to get mag­ni­fi­cient hair, I was […]


I went to the shop to buy some aloe vera today, but I’m not sure which one I should get…the gel or the juice?


Both will be ben­e­fi­cial to your hair, how­ev­er, I use the juice as a spritz and the gel for twist­ing.


Thanks for the advice! :)


I agree with Ang­ie both are good. You may also find where it says “Inner” or “Whole” leaf. When research­ing and try­ing out myself, I find that both give equal results.


Thanks :)


I use it every­day for mois­ture. I use the gel from Fruit of the Earth. I mix it with water.…I like more gel to water, but not too much, you don’t want sticky hair. I usu­al­ly spray my hair with it every morn­ing and I ‘m good for the rest of the day. I also use it to detan­gle and twists.…it makes nice, soft, fluffy twists with a nice hold, and doesn’t cause a lot of buildup.


I have a ques­tion, are you all say­ing that you put the juice in your hair and if so do you need to mix with any­thing else or can you put prod­uct as a stand alone prod­uct to get results?


You can do all those things.


Hey ladies, do you have any clever ways of keep­ing your AVJ so that it doesn’t go off? I love aloe juice, but In the fridge mine still goes off before I use it all. Or does any­one know any brands with preser­v­a­tives that I can get in the UK?


I know that Vit­a­min E is a preser­v­a­tive. Hope you can find some in the UK.


@Etty and Gra­cie: Vit­main E is NOT a preser­v­a­tive, it’s an antiox­i­dant, it won’t hin­der the growth of bac­te­ria at all espe­cial­ly if the prod­uct is water based! Check out this link for info:–

Gra­cie, I live in the UK too, I buy my preser­v­a­tive for my water-based spritzes from here. The preser­v­a­tive isn’t sol­u­ble in water so I mix it with Polysor­bate 80 which is an emul­si­fi­er :

The polysor­bate 80 is out of stock on the web­site, so some­times I buy it from here:


Thanks! I have some Vit. E at home!


Can I use nat­ur­al Aloe–meaning break my plant and use the gel?

Hi Ruby You can 100% use the fresh plant. Cut off the leaf clos­est to the bot­tom and cut off a chunk. Then slice off the spiky sides and one side of the plant, I then grate the gel off. I’ll either swal­low it as a ton­ice, mmm, slimy. Or mix it with my hair prod­uct of choice and apply it to my hair. You don’t need to put the rest of the leaf in the fridge. I have tried it fresh from the plant with wheat­germ oil as a nat­ur­al sham­poo but wasn’t too pleased with the results, I… Read more »

I use organ­ic aloe vera juice from the health food store with absolute­ly no issues. Beau­ti­ful results. When I used it straight from the leaf,..burning, itchy scalp and headaches with­in 10 min­utes. I have sen­si­tive skin and crazy aller­gies and am sure the pro­duc­tion process refined the aloe some­what. If you haven’t tried Natalie’s sug­ges­tion by now, I’d sug­gest a test patch just in case. Just because a prod­uct is nat­ur­al doesn’t mean you may not be sen­si­tive to it. Duh, hayfever any­one?


The aloe pic­tured in this arti­cle is 100% all nat­ur­al, how­ev­er you can use the aloe plant (leaf) as well, but it is a lit­tle messy.


I just called aloe vera juice/gel my “new BF”. I use it as the ‘water’ in my spray bot­tle, and it’s real­ly improved the mois­ture reten­tion in my hair so far this win­ter. I start­ed using it with water, but switched to all aloe(along with rose­mary and cas­tor oil) this past sum­mer, and the results are stel­lar.


I used to use the aloe vera gel with hon­ey, con­di­tion­er and argan oil for my daugh­ter and me.
It works well on our hair ^_^


How much aloe vera gel,honey,conditioner,and argan oil do you put in your mix­ture? Do you do this once a week? Is your hair a 4c? Please respond at


What type of con­di­tion­er? Is this a DT or a dai­ly mix?


can i rec­om­mend some aloe vera prod­ucts for you


Is this safe to use on my 1 1/2 yr old daugh­ter? she suf­fers from dry skin and she is always scratch­ing her dry scalp say­ing ” itch”

Miss Shoney

It’s an all-nat­ur­al prod­uct, so I don’t see it being a prob­lem. You could prob­a­bly dilute it with some water, if you’re con­cerned.


3/4 aloe juice, 1/4 olive oil and my favorite essen­tial oil, voila, an awe­some dai­ly spritz for my locs. Keeps ‘em shiny and well mois­tur­ized. Nothing’s worse than dry, crunchy, dull look­ing locs.


is that cups or tea­spoons?


That sounds so good for my Locs. How much essen­tial oil do you use drop wise?


Ya know, I don’t mea­sure (sor­ry). I just do a few drops at a time until I am sat­is­fied with the scent. But, give this recipe a shot. It’s great


Def­i­nite­ly use no more than 5 drops of essen­tial oil to every 3–4 ozs of base oil. Unless the essen­tial oil is already blend­ed in a base oil. The ingre­di­ents list will give you the details. Exam­ples of base oils are grape­seed, jojo­ba, coconut, cas­tor and olive oils. Essen­tial oils would be pep­per­mint, laven­der, rose, you get the drift. You may want to test the essen­tial oils for sen­si­tiv­i­ties, espe­cial­ly if you are preg­nant or have cer­tain ill­ness­es. There are web­sites that can edu­cate you if you Google pros and cons of par­tic­u­lar ones. Hope this helps!


AVJ makes my fin­ger detan­gling ses­sion a breeze, I use it after I’ve worn a twist out for a few days and before I wash my hair.

Don’t sleep on this as a detan­gler, it’s also rea­son­ably priced.


You are so right about the detan­gling prop­er­ties!


Love AVJ. I use it in my re-mois­tur­iz­ing spritz and leave-in con­di­tion­er. It’s a holy grail prod­uct


I love both Aloe Vera Juice and Gel. I use it everyday…after I cow­ash, in my week­ly deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ments, mixed with my leave in con­di­tion­er, in my spritz. It leaves my hair soooo soft and fluffy. I some­times even drink some dai­ly mixed with my favorite juice. It’s awe­some!


I LOVE aloe vera. I use the gel more often than the juice since it has a thick­er con­sis­ten­cy. I use it once a week for my pre-poo (aloe vera and cas­tor oil) and in my leave-in con­di­tion­er (Kimmaytube’s leave-in recipe). It’s also very use­ful for burns. Takes the pain, red­ness, and sore­ness away in a snap!

Rachel B

thanks for the advice on the burns, i had no idea that would be a solu­tion.


I love pre-poo­ing with aloe vera gel and cas­tor oil–that mix­ture has great mois­ture and slip. That reminds me, I need to buy some more AVG… *plans trip to Whole Foods*