We have all heard it, 60% of the body is com­posed of water. But isn’t it hard to drink the rec­om­mend­ed 64 ounces of water a day? I can’t lie, I strug­gle with it but I’m work­ing on it. So here are a few tips on how to drink more water.

Carry it with you!

It seems soda, cof­fee and ener­gy drinks are all around. If you always keep a bot­tle water on you then you can sip it through­out the day. Try putting water in one of these bot­tles.


This is a quick way to drink water with­out the added calo­ries. Try hav­ing hot tea in the morn­ing and cold tea dur­ing lunch. With a vari­ety of fla­vors such as gin­ger and lemon, you’ll nev­er get tired of drink­ing tea!

Ran­dom Note: Did you know there is Ayurvedic tea?! WHITE AYURVEDIC CHAI TEA! Ayurvedic items are every­where!

Sparkling Water

Get all the ben­e­fits of being calo­rie free but sat­is­fies your fizz crav­ing. Here are a few brands of sparkling waters I like: San Pel­le­gri­no and Per­ri­er. I love adding zest to sparkling water with a lit­tle lemon and lime juice.

Frozen Fruit

Instead of fla­vor­ing your water with lemon, try new adding fruits and veg­gies such as: limes, rasp­ber­ries, orange, cucum­ber or coconut. Take it a fur­ther step by adding few frozen pieces of fruit into your water, tea or spark­ing water. It will make your plain jane glass of water look pret­ty and it’s real­ly refresh­ing.

Eat It!

Fruits and veg­eta­bles con­tain large quan­ti­ties of water in pro­por­tion to their weight. When these foods are eat­en, the water can be absorbed by the body. Here are a few sug­ges­tions: water­mel­on, broc­coli, cab­bage, grape­fruit, toma­toes and cucum­bers. All of these fruits are at least 90% water.

Ladies, have you tried any of these tips to incor­po­rate water into your diet? How do you stay hydrat­ed?

Whit­ney Pat­ter­son and Alexan­dria Williams are two triath­letes who start­ed after con­stant­ly being asked how they main­tained their curly/coily hair while stick­ing to a con­sis­tent work­out rou­tine. Sporty Afros is the first site to con­nect the dots between black hair­care, exer­cise and nutri­tion. 

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Greet­ings! Thanks for all great! info.…. very help and informative,educational val­ue­able suggestions..Also, I add so ideals of the use of Hon­ey.…

Thanks again…


Great arti­cle! Love water, I don’t even drink juice any­more. The only time I do not drink water with my meal is at IHOP when i get a hot choco­late lol


I used to strug­gle with water intake as well as I did­nt like the ‘taste’ lol, but since I down­loaded the free water­logged app for my phone and it tracks how much water I drink each day. 

Now that I have an in my face reminder and track­er of how much water I drink each day I have gone from 64 oz on Jan 5th to 100 oz now and it has made a huge dif­fer­ence through­out my entire body and is the best dry scalp rem­e­dy ever!


im sip­ping on tea right now (only because I have a cold). I love grape­fruit, broc­coli, and cab­bage. Im not a fan of rasp­ber­ries but I do love straw­ber­ries and will exper­i­ment by putting them in my water, in the near future.


I like the ‘eat it’ part. Peo­ple should realise that there are so many dif­fer­ent ways of get­ting water into your sys­tem, even by eat­ing foods with high water con­tent.

I like car­ry­ing a bot­tle of water around with me, prefer­ably 1 liter and try and drink it on the go. I also love hav­ing a flask and putting hot tea in it and sip­ping it dur­ing my lec­tures. Achiev­ing a good water intake isn’t as dif­fi­cult as it seems!

Steph...In Motion

I don’t car­ry water around with me, but I drink a glass before and after each meal. It helps me hydrate and keeps me from overeat­ing.

J Kenn (SpeakingTALL)

I stay hydrat­ed by drink­ing loads of water and eat­ing lots of fruits and veg­eta­bles. I drink TONS of water, and that’s why I car­ry Bub­ba around with me. He doesn’t trav­el well, but he pro­vides me 52 + ounces of water per day. Those days I don’t have my water, I can total­ly feel it! He keeps me in check!
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