5 of the Most Underrated and Overlooked Natural Hair Practices

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Pages and pages of online information have been dedicated to natural hair but, when you break it down, it only takes a few disciplined practices to achieve healthy, strong hair that retains length and moisture. And while it might be tempting to look to new products or ‘the hot new regimen on the natural hair streets’, there are many tried and true approaches that often go overlooked. Here are five natural hair practices that are often overlooked but have amazing results.

Protective Styling

Now this one might surprise you since, everywhere you turn, a natural is talking about protective styling. But, anecdotally, very few take a consistent, disciplined approach to protective styling, despite the fact that it’s a proven booster of length and volume.

Yes, it can be hard to not have access to your hair for extended periods of time, but protective styling is a proven and effective way to retain length on all hair textures and types. If you’re every looking to beef up the length and volume of your natural hair, set aside a few months and try consistent protective styling.

And keep in mind that the intensity of protective styling you need is directly related to how strong your hair is. Stronger/more resilient hair will require shorter protective styling stints and less binding styles. Whereas more fragile hair will require longer periods of protective styling, and styles (like twisted buns and cornrowed updos) that tuck the ends completely. Check out our protective styling do’s and dont’s.


The dry, squeaky feeling hair can have after washing is a common concern among naturals. But the solution is simple — pre-pooing with a penetrating oil (like coconut oil). Plus, it can help with pre-wash detangling. Try a quick 20 minute pre-poo before your next detangle and wash. Not only will your hair feel softer after washing, you’ll also see a reduction in breakage and shedding that occurs during detangling and washing.

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44 thoughts on “5 of the Most Underrated and Overlooked Natural Hair Practices

  1. Hi Ladies, Do yourself a favor and get some Sta Sof Fro comb out spray. It will condition, provide sustained moisturizing, add sheen and conditioning to natural hair. I’m from the “I’m Black and I’m Proud” Afro wearing ’70’s…and we were. We went natural as a Nation and the Afro crossed all economic groups and generations. Momma, Daddy, Children, Politicians, Celebrities, and the whino on the corner, all wore afros. Our hair was beautiful and healthy. We didn’t need polarizing “hair typing” to care for it. Anyone that has curly hair knows it’s dry and the curlier it is the dryer it is.

    Do yourself a favor and get some Sta Sof Fro. That was our mainstay, along with Afo Sheen. Afro Sheen is no longer available, but Sta Sof Fro is still the best detangler on the market. It will eliminate breakage from dryness, minimize shedding and shrinkage. It was created by a Black owned company for us. George Johnson sold his company, but the formula is unchanged.

  2. My fabulous shampoo and conditioner regimen….Wet~N~Wavy shampoo and conditioner…. this is the BEST conditioner I have used to detangle by far… *licensed stylist*

  3. I think the most overlooked aspects of my journey so far was 1st ACV then maybe the trimming. Im in my 11th month of transitioning so I have been doing lil chops as I go about every other month and my hair is doing fine. However, I had tried white vingar in my final rinse and previously soda to clarify but what a revelation the Apple Cider Vingar rinse has been!! My hair was sooo soft and actually felt moisturised. Im never going back! :)
    I will need to remember to ‘dust’ my hair or do ‘search & destroys’ when I am done with the transition too.
    Thanks BGLH

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