By Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care

Ovation Cell Therapy is a popular hair care system that has a strong advertising presence all over the airwaves. Each ad features a handful of women raving about Ovation Cell Therapy’s ability to grow their hair thicker, stronger, faster, and longer. But are these claims true? Does Ovation Cell Therapy work? For two months, I’ve used and reviewed the following Ovation Cell Therapy products: Ovation Cell Therapy, Ovation Color Therapy Shampoo & Ovation Creme Rinse.

The Products

The Ovation Color Therapy Shampoo is a fragrant, cool blue colored shampo formulated for color-treated hair, which means superior conditioning for any hair type. These types of formulas work really well for chemically relaxed hair which often suffers from the same types of porosity and protein loss issues that colored hair faces.

The Ovation Cell Therapy is the heart of the system and is often where the system draws occasional criticism for its claims to “accelerate hair growth and reduce breakage and hair loss.”

The Ovation Creme Rinse is a creamy, light weight conditioner formula that does an excellent job of smoothing and detangling the hair.

Before I started using the Ovation Cell Therapy (OCT) System, I clarified my hair with Pantene Purity Clarifying shampoo to remove any old and lingering product residue. I used the system in the recommended order: the Ovation Shampoo, the Cell Therapy, and the Creme Rinse. For the first 3 weeks I used the system exclusively, save for a daily moisturizer and oil.

Though the system offers great moisturizing support, it is primarily a strengthening system. This means that with each use, the system’s hair ruggedizing qualities eventually began to outweigh the hair’s natural elasticity. The result? Protein overload. My hair began to feel tougher than I liked and begin to show some early signs of protein overload breakage. I quickly rotated in some heavy duty moisturizing products (Kenra) to balance the OCT’s high protein profile. This moisture infusion immediately got my hair under control. My suggestion is to use the Ovation in conjunction with a more moisturizing system to balance its superior hair strengthening and thickening attributes to avoid hair breakage.

It’s important to always take note of the strengthening vs. elasticizing nature of your products to avoid unnecessary breakage, and once I worked the OCT into a basic balanced regimen my results were very, very good. The products detangled my hair very well, and my hair felt soft and strong long after it dried which can be the deal breaker for conditioners. They’ll leave your hair feeling nice and slippery (while wet) and then crunchy and hard when dried! Not Ovation!

Stronger hair?

Yes. If stronger hair is your goal, then you’ll definitely find it with Ovation Cell Therapy. Used together, the shampoo, conditioner, and creme rinse will infuse your hair with strength you never imagined.

Thicker Hair

Ovation Cell Therapy thickened my strands on the first use. I could feel the texture of my hair improving with the product as I used it over the weeks. It is very similar to most protein rich conditioning systems that deposit large proteins on the cuticle and give the feeling of thicker shafts.

Longer Hair?

The jury is still out on this one. The exact mechanism by which Ovation “lengthens” the hair is still unknown. I have not noticed any accelerated hair growth during my 2 months of use.


The major obstacle for widespread use of this system is its prohibitive price. Though the samples I received were free, I could not help noticing the invoice for the products listing the price I would have paid on the general consumer market. The price for the 12oz shampoo and creme rinse each cost about as much liter sizes of my favorite salon shampoo and conditioners. The treatment, the Cell Therapy, provided the most sticker shock. For current pricing of the Ovation Cell Therapy system please visit: http://www.ovationhair.com, and check out the Ovation Store.

Ladies, have you tried Ovation Cell Therapy? How did it work out?

Audrey Sivasothy is a Houston-based freelance writer, health scientist and author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care (available on Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble.com).

For more insight from The Science of Black Hair— relaxed, natural or in between, visit us on the web atwww.blackhairscience.com and on facebook & twitter.

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Ovation helped a bit after the big chop (gained 1 1/2 in)but you really need extra moisture or new and old growth will break off easily. I do a deep conditioner every weekend

Neema Liggins

Ovation has definitely strengthen my hair and has help it to grow. I’ve used it for about 9 months and my hair has grown about 5-6 inches. When I stopped using it for just a little bit, my hair texture started to change and my hair did not grow as much. I absolutely love it and will continue to use it.

Misanena Scott

Can I get a coupon please


It’s been 2 years since you try Ovation. Are you still using it? What’s your assessment?

I’ve been using Ovation for 3 months now and have been measuring my hair weekly to see if my hair is growing any faster. for the first 2 months my hair was growing an inch a month. (sometimes a little more) which is pretty fast because on average it takes 2 months for hair to grow an inch. In this last month my hair has been growing about 1/2 an inch a week. (give or take a little) therefore my hair had grown about 2 inches last month. Since I’ve started using Ovation, my hair has grown a total 5… Read more »

BGWLH Can you repost this blog? I would love to hear recent results from ladies who used this product (ovation cell therapy) Thank you


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I been using Ovation for a few weeks. I love the product so far. My hair at first felt stiff due to the protein infusion but I reduced my other use of other protein keratin products. My hair is thicker, bouncy, and new growth is appearing. My goal is to reduce breakage. Right now my hair looks healthier than it ever has. I recommend


O.C.T. was a complete waste of my money. It didn’t do jack for me!!! $100 bucks down the friggin drain!

What’s with the Henna? Where can I purchase it?


I use Nutress Hair products and they are a much more affordable replacement for the same effects as ovation therapy. The Nutress protein pack and stop break products has made my hair so strong and? healthy, without the risk and cost of ovation cell therapy. Check them out!


I have used ovation for over a year and I LOVE it!!! I have actually gotten the opposite result then the reviewer received. My hair is softer with little to no breakage. Yea it costs $100 for the system but it lasts for 3 months and I wash my hair almost every other day. A long with washing it everyday I also curl it EVERY day and when people see my hair they tell me how healthy it look.

I think anyone that is thinking about getting the product should try it out for themselves because for me it works!!

I also have been using Ovation for a while and I absolutely LOVE IT. I only use Ovation products because I wanted to see the results based on just their product. My hair is so much stronger, thicker, softer and healthier and no more breakage(I no longer have to clean my brush once a month). When black women lose their hair from leaving perms in too long, hot combing and coloring, it’s a devastating thing when you realize you can’t get it back. Ovation changes that. I buy two sets a year and I know for a fact that I’ve… Read more »

omg!!! the price is ridiculous…lol…oh well guess i’ll have to stick with the cholesterol and protein treatments…


What Kenra products did you use to help with elasticity? I just ordered the Ovation system to test it out, waiting for it to arrive, but I don’t want the overload protein problem you had with it.


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Thank you so much! The advertisements for this are ALL OVER the airwaves in Houston. I have been so curious but my budget won’t allow me to try it. It sounds like a good product for those who can afford the investment and work out the protein/moisture balance. But unfortunately, I can not afford and I’m having trouble balancing with the regimen I have now!

I started using this product due to hair loss. I didn’t use it because I wanted longer hair. That’s what people need to realize, its for people with hair issues, such as mine. I had hair down to my back and it started thinning. I also had a quarter sized bald spot. I had no clue why and still don’t know why. I think it may be called alopecia areata. I tried EVERYTHING. I heard about Ovation, got it, been using it for almost a month now, and it has WORKED for me. Some say its expensive, but my self-esteem… Read more »
I am having bald spots on the front of my head and its really embarassing 🙁 . I have lost hair after my son was born . I can see how my hair has thinned and spots where there is no growth anymore . I am using the Aveda invati system but not seing much results in the last 4 months . I would like to hear a frank opinion from someone about this product . Also I spoke to someone and she said I could have some hormonal issue die to which i have this condition. Please help .… Read more »

Interesting. I’ve never heard of it until now. I looked it up and because of the price…I guess I’ll never try it lol.

Hmmm. So of course the marketing is misleading… stronger hair leads to more length retention not neccessarily accelerate growth. I’m glad to hear it does work & strengthen for some. I’ll stick to my Jherri Redding and Nexxus protein treatments for now because the price is a bit high. But not as bad as I thought (about $35 a bottle if you get the 3 piece set). As a super fine coil club member, I may try this one day – the 365 day guarantee is pretty appealing, the ingredients are great (no sulpahtes or parabens, wow), and the testimonials… Read more »

If it truly worked, wouldn’t everyone with “thinner” hair jump on the bandwagon in order to achieve the thicker, longer, stronger hair that everyone wants? It was my understanding that the thickness of your hair is completely hereditary and you dont have control over regardless of how many products, vitamins, etc you use.

I agree with most comments… “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Well they include vitamins that will likely make my hair grow in longer,healther, etc. When I was 17, I had a long-lasting fever of 106 degrees and, after it subsided, I noticed my hair was falling out! The fever had stunned my hair roots. My Dr. told me to take TWO Centrum vitamins daily and that my hair would grow out beautifully!! And IT DID!!! Doc knew everything!! This Ovation is pretty good so far. Ya neeed to run cold water on your hair… Read more »

I have tried Ovation, and I loved it. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t continue with the products due to price. It is very effective product for Black/African-American hair


I would love to try this out on locs. How can i get samples of it??

Chicago Chica

I have some under my counter. I purchased in several years ago when I was relaxed, and jumped on that bandwagon. I haven’t used it in over three years. I think that it’s time to get rid of it.


can I have it? I loove the stuff.


I will never know how ovation works……. because I will never pay that ridiculous price.


I think if you stick to basic hair care common sense you will be OK. Like many others I have jumped on many miracle cure band wagons, none of them helped me. Since following the advice of YouTube gurus like Kimmay, brOnzeqt, Chary-Jay my hair has grown healthier and retained length so I’ll give this one a miss.


EXACTLY!! I will give this product a standing ovation as I walk right past it. The prices that companies sell the products based on unrealistic claims are mind boggling. The thickness of your strands are based on genetics.


I agree wholeheartedly. If you avoid doing things to break and weaken your hair to begin with, then there is no need for expensive hair products that probably don’t work. Protective styling, heat avoidance, gentle handling, and low manipulation go a long way – and they are free! Henna doesn’t work for everyone, and for some it is more trouble than it’s worth.


I have used it and I love it. Unfortunately Ovation does not ship internationally anymore, but when I come to the US, I will get some more. Very pleased product.


I’m guessing that it “works” by helping you retain more length. Am I right? How long did it take for you to see results?


I think henna strengthens the hair strands just fine. Or could I be wrong?


ITA. Henna definitely strengthens the hair strands.


where would one go to purchase Henna?


I’ve been buying my henna lately from http://www.hennasooq.com/. They have great shampoo bars too.


henna does strengthen your hair! I would rather spend $7-9 on a pound of henna.