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This, beloved read­ers is a great sta­ple add-in for deep con­di­tions, if you want to stick your pinky-toe into the world of Ayurve­da for hair care (Ayurve­da is a sys­tem of tra­di­tion­al med­i­cine native to the Indi­an Sub­con­ti­nent and prac­ticed in oth­er parts of the world as a form of alter­na­tive med­i­cine.)

I must wax some seri­ous poet­ry about this amaz­ing prod­uct. In fact, I’m inspired to do so in the form of a haiku:

Oh, Vati­ka Oil,
How bright­ly my hair now shines,
Yes, I feel pret­ty

^_^ I like this. Can you tell? Fab­u­lous!

This tru­ly nour­ish­es, con­di­tions, reju­ve­nates, and improves cir­cu­la­tion of the scalp (mine tin­gled pleas­ant­ly) when used as a leave-in or added to your usu­al deep con­di­tion. My hair and scalp were left sup­ple, smooth, soft, fleecy and slight­ly stronger with every use.

How? The won­der­ful herbs already steeped in the coconut oil! Behold!

Coconut oil (Cocos nucifere oil)
Neem (Azadirach­ta indi­ca Leaf extract)
Brah­mi (Cen­tel­la asi­at­i­ca Plant extract)
Fruit extracts of Amla
Bahera and Harar (extracts of embli­ca offic­i­nalis Ter­mi­na­lia belir­i­ca and Ter­mi­na­lia chebu­la),
Kapur kachri (Hedy­chi­um spi­ca­tum rhi­zome extract)
Hen­na (Law­so­nia iner­mis leaf extrac)
Milk (lac)
Rose­mary oil (Ros­mar­i­nus offic­i­nalis oil)
Lemon oil (Cit­rus limon­um oil)
TBHQ (t-butyl hydro­quinone)

It also leaves the hair with a great healthy shine/sheen, if used as a leave-in. This is also a great ready made oil treat­ment as the herbs are already mixed right in! Sim­ply smear some on, pop on a show­er cap and treat your hair to bliss. Add hon­ey and your hair will nev­er be the same. In a good way! ^_~

This is one of the few things I can oil my scalp with that I know it will be pleased with (nor­mal­ly, it cares for noth­ing but water).

This won’t “seal” your hair, but instead slow­ly sinks in and pen­e­trates your hair and scalp get­ting all of its ben­e­fits right where you want them (this is due to the coconut oil base).

This rins­es clean, as well, beloved read­ers. More impor­tant­ly, when used as a leave-in, you won’t have bits of “this and that” falling out of your hair to star­tle unsus­pect­ing passers­by.

Unfortunately…it smells some­what like…well, how can I say this? MRS. DASH SEASONING…! It is also ter­ri­bly dif­fi­cult to get out of the con­tain­er, unless you heat it up in the microwave first (20 sec­onds on medi­um pow­er always works for me ^_^).

How­ev­er, this product’s ben­e­fits are well worth the odor (it’s not a strong odor, I might add and fades in a few hours, if notice­able at all) and trou­ble­some pack­ag­ing, it’s WONDROUS stuff.

It’s also cheap! Less than $4 at my local Indi­an Gro­cery.

I must say again: This adds shine, soothes dry scalps, can aid in treat­ing dan­druff, leaves your scalp feel­ing fresh, mois­tur­izes hair and scalp alike, just may leave a pleas­ant tin­gle in its wake and sinks in deep to nour­ish your kinks, napps, clouds, coils, curls, waves, corkscrews and all around nat­ur­al-awe­some-ness.

Add to that, the bot­tle has gor­geous curves, a great green col­or scheme, cute graph­ics and sim­ple font…more to love! ^0^

I’d also like to add, just between this lit­tle, gold­en lamb and you, beloved readers…if you buy coconut oil,the herbs and essen­tial oils list­ed on the ingre­di­ent list in bulk and mix them up yourself…you can Vati­ka Oil your­self into Hair-Shangri-La for pen­nies a day! You’ll also avoid the preser­v­a­tives used in this as well, this way, for those con­cerned. ^_~

Rachel, our guest review­er, wax­es poet­ic on prod­ucts every Fri­day.
Can’t wait till next week? Check out her blog http://littlegoldenlamb. wordpress.com/

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LOL your reviews always make me laugh! ^_^ I hon­est­ly thought this was a health smooth­ie at first glance, hmmm looks tasty lol.

More like hair food tasty lol. Sounds good, i’m not near any indi­an gro­cery store so i’ll have to try online. Thanks for the review!!

P.S. BAA lol


Hen­na! NO, hen­na is one of the worst ingre­di­ents to put in hair. NO, no, no.

Dabur Vati­ka Oil = Fail.


I love hen­na! It has done good things for my hair. I have seen it bring col­or, strength and more full­ness!

I agree with you but it has a bad rep because some peo­ple who sell hen­na add com­mer­cial dyes to it, which wreaks hav­oc on the hair. Many peo­ple don’t know that, but hen­na is real­ly good for the hair. ( gen­uine hen­na) you have to buy it from a rep­utable place though. It is used through­out Asia and I think in parts of Africa and the Mediter­ranean It adds body to the hair and also leaves a beau­ti­ful shine and if your hair is thin it appears a lot thick­er. Peo­ple need to real­ly do their home­work, before decid­ing… Read more »

I agree with ranuka…research research research


I agree with Ranu­ka, a good friend of mine is actu­al­ly being taught at beau­ty school that hen­na is bad for you, and i had to explain to her that NATURAL hen­na is not bad at all for your hair, it is actu­al­ly quite ben­e­fi­cial to use on hair.
it’s just as Ranu­ka said the hair dyes, and oth­er com­pound “hen­nas” are the ones that dye your hair and can con­tain chem­i­cals such as metal­lic salts and phenylened­mine. The only col­or nat­ur­al hen­na can “dye” is a red­dish orange col­or, exact­ly the same as the body art qual­i­ty hen­na as she stat­ed.


Gosh! I think I’m one of the few who LOVE this smell. I’m Trinida­di­an. Reminds me of home.


I won­der if Gin­ger would get rid of the smell. I know Cather­ine over at hen­naforhair advis­es adding some if you don’t like the smell of hen­na.…

target queen

im gonna try this thanks.…my name is Rachel too!