By Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care

Essential oils are lightweight, volatile oils with high capabilities for scalp and skin penetration These special oils stand apart from their heavier oil counterparts because of their small molecular sizes and structures. Many essential oils have wonderful scalp stimulating properties that together with your own manual scalp stimulation, enhance the results of your regular scalp massages. Examples of common essential oils include: peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and thyme.

Essential oils have been used for centuries to cure illnesses and heal common ailments. They are not only good for massage, but work well added to regular products in your healthy hair care regimen. A few drops of an essential oil can spice up a drab shampoo or a boring moisturizer. Essential oils work by stimulating your sense of smell as well as your sense of touch and feeling. Essential oils produce a gentle warming sensation on the scalp that increases circulation to that area. This increased circulation nourishes the hair follicles in the region by encouraging the flow of nutrients from the blood. Because essential oils evaporate easily and penetrate the scalp skin unlike other oils that are made of larger, non-penetrating molecules, essential oils do not work very well for sealing in moisturizers.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should take special care to note which essential oils are not recommended for use during these times. Please consult with your physician before you start using any stimulating essential oils.

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Do you have to add water or no to your oil base? I have purchased glycerin, tea tree oil, lavender and Grapeseed oil. I already have Jojoboa oil. I wanted to make a spray to moisturize my hair morning and evening. If I add the water; how much? THanks.


I was looking eveewyhrre and this popped up like nothing!

Rosie Murano

Some evidence suggests that peppermint oil may help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion. But despite promising research, there is no clear-cut evidence to support its use for other health conditions. -*’,

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i have scalp folliculitis for years , and now im on a drug caelld AKAMIN which is helping alot , sometimes i use a another thing on it caelld sigmacort ointment which kills the swelling and redness and lasts for over 2 weeks with one apllication well it does contain cortisone which is why its works best , but i have not tried dandruff shampoo yet , but i have been using goat soap on my? scalp and its going really goood


Loved this article but I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer to anywhere; after you massage with the oils do you have to wash your hair or no? I only wash my hair once a week and I was thinking about applying the mixture every night but I don’t want to wash my hair every night.

If anyone could answer my question I would be extremely thankful!


No you dont have to wash them out


You don’t have to wash your hair after using the oil. I massage my scalp with rosemary oil and then style as normal.


Thanks Nicole!!

Napoleon Rabil

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Stacy Drinkall

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways, and include aromatherapy massage – where the oil is absorbed through the skin and vaporization where the essential oil molecules enter the bloodstream via the lungs.Essential oils are also used medicinally and taken internally, but this must NOT be undertaken by the layperson, but should only be done under the treatment and direction of a qualified medical practitioner. ‘..:

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Hi donyou think I could mix the following with castor oil
Winter green oil
Sweet almond oil
Jojoba oil?

Vanessa Carter
I’m not sure if you have heard of a woman named Talisha Berry, but I had a pleasure of meeting her while at a conference for work in Portland. Talisha shared her book tips with me and also allowed me to sample her new hair growth product which includes a blend of organic essential oils. I lie to to you not, my hair has grown 4 inches and is so healthy and that was just 3 months ago! My hair is coarse and very thick and I was suffering from breakage. I would definitely recommend you ladies to check her… Read more »
I use essential oils for my hair, my skin and internally. If you want to use them internally, make sure that the brand you get specifically states that it can be used for internal use. I only use Young Living because most or their oils can be used internally. Young Living has an essential oil blend called “Deep Relief” which is very good for pain relief. One night, I slept on my arm the wrong way and I woke up with a bad pain in my arm and neck. I applied the Deep Relief and the pain went away fast.… Read more »

Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love them all,and I get all my oils and beauty products on iherb.Com You can also use reward code ZQL811 and checkout and get $10 discount on your first purchase.Check it out girls 😉


I just use argan oil. It’s a miracle worker for hair. Works on my own afro hair and it works on my white friends hair, it’s like the best you can get. I made sure it was silicone free, I had to order it online from a canadian website but they shipped it out to me for free so it was ok. The bottle is called Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil. Really good.

Nyah Bell
So I have just recently (Dec-Jan) transitioned into natural hair. I believe I have Type 4 hair (almost totally sure). I have been using Tea tree oil and olive oil but separately. I want to start using both coconut oil (warm it, apply it, wash it out) and safflower oil. I didn’t think of mixing any of this stuff nor being weary of amounts to use. I’m glad I’m doing my research. I really like this site btw. Okay, question! I’m in TX (it’s 100+ weather), my hair likes to suck up every ounce of olive oil (hence me wanting… Read more »

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I have an essential oil mix that consists of lavender, jojoba oil, castor oil, and avocado oil. I massage it into my hair almost every night prior to bedtime. The scent of the lavender smells wonderful and the oils keep my hair very moisturize.


My girlfriend tried out this hair oil once –
Now it’s her favourite, she has a strong, thick and silky hair.


I have been using Rosemary and Lavender with Olive Oil just in the scalp once a week after washing. I have it in a dropper and apply that way. I have noticed that I was able to retain the growth that was coming in, and my hair seems stronger and more conditioned. Worked almost instantly! Almost 😉


I might have to try that out in the near future, because using rosemary and tea tree oil by themselves is killer.


Yeah try it out, I’m loving it!


Coconut oil does harden, so it is not a carrier oil. Carrier oils are apricot, sweet almond, jojoba, castor, olive,etc. I mix castor, olive, and jojoba with lavender,ylang-ylang, basil, tea tree, vitamin E, and rosemary essential oils> I use it as a daily scalp oil along with plain water as a nightly and morning spray.


Maybe it’s due to is the fact it “hardens” (sorry french I don’t know if it’s the right word) when it’s cold and isn’t usefull in this state perhaps if u mix it with an other it can be too or if u don’t mind to have an “hard” oil


Why isn’t coconut oil on the list???


I mix peppermint and rosemary oils into olive oil for sealant use.


This is great information! Can’t wait to buy these products.

Questions: isn’t Coconut Oil a carrier oil too? I’m surprised its not listed.

foxy noir

i used rosemary, jojoba and lavendar mix to grow in traction alopecia spots in my crown and the left side of my scalp, in addition to nightly massages and of course gentle handling and moisture my spots have grown in beautifully 🙂 my crown is still thinner than the rest of my scalp BUT it is no longer bald.been about 6 months now and i really only use it once in awhile, bout to buy peppermint oil to add next
great article!


Can you please tell me what you’re mix recipe is? I bought these 3 ingredients but I don’t know what the ratio of each oil should be. Please help! 🙂


I mix peppermint oil with castor oil and massage my scalp at night. I also have a mixture that I spray my hair with daily and it consist of my favorite shampoo, castor oil, almond oil, water and 10 drops of lavender oil. I love, love, love this mixture for my daily spritz.


i used to have scalp folliculitis on my haliirne and it itched so bad. it took me a while to stop scratching it and ventually it went away, buy now i sill have this spot on my? haliirne that will probably take a while to go away


CORRECTION*****My favorite conditioner not shampoo.


How much conditioner do you use in your spritz? I’m looking to start using a spritz every night but I’m not sure how much conditioner to use.


I’ve been meaning to get into essential oils.

Question: How do you pronounce “ylang ylang?”


You can double-check this, but I read somewhere that the correct English pronunciation is “lahn-lahn”.


its spelled “Ylang-ylang”


sorry, i didt finish…. its spelled “Ylang-ylang” but pronounced “ee-lang – ee-lang”


In french we say E-lang E-lang I guess in english it’ll be more I-lang I-lang.

Btw I will soon get into essential oils since I planned to do more handmade product.


I never know the importance of using carrier oils with essential oils or the proper ratios. Thank you for sharing. I will govern myself accordingly.