5 Tips On Coloring Natural Hair

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If you’re having your color done by a professional stylist, he or she should give you good direction on how to prepare your hair. But if you’re doing it yourself at home, or having a friend do it for you, here are some tips that should ensure a better coloring process.

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts For Coloring Your Hair

1. Ban bleaching

Avoid chemical processes like bleaching and highlighting in the weeks prior to getting your hair colored. These treatments can damage your hair, making it more porous and potentially preventing it from retaining some of the dye molecules.

2. Skip the stylers

Try not to go up your hair with a lot of heavy styling agents in the day or two before styling. If you haven’t done a good job of cleaning them off your hair they may inhibit penetration of the hair dye. If you typically use heavy conditioners, like those containing dimethicone, you might want to forego that for a few days as well.

3. Do a deep cleansing

Just in case you do have residue on your hair it doesn’t hurt to do a good deep cleaning right before coloring. (Freshly washed hair helps ensure there’s nothing that will interfere with the hair dye deposition.)

4. Stay away from straighteners

Here’s a tip that even your stylist may not know: don’t use temporary straighteners before coloring because the chemistry involved in these products damages the protein bonds in hair. Just like bleaching and highlighting, these chemical straighteners can damage are hair to the point where the coloring treatment may not be as effective.

5. Watch the water

Lastly, you want to be careful what you do after you color your hair. Research has shown that washing is the main cause of hair dye loss. Therefore you want to be careful about how frequently you shampoo your hair after coloring. There are products on the market that contain technology that really helps protect wash out; for example, we have seen data showing Tresemme Color Revitalize shampoo and conditioner are effective, particularly on reddish-brown shades. (Tip: Don’t waste money on hair products that charge more because they contain expensive UV absorbers. Sunscreens do very little to preserve color.

Ladies, have you tried color? Are you considering it?

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35 thoughts on “5 Tips On Coloring Natural Hair

  1. Conditioners contain chemicals, so does water. Please stop with the naturalista sanctimony. You want to be real natural and chemmie free?? Put NOTHING on your head (including water) dont comb or brush it, then git ta preachin’ and see how many followers you garner.

    • Sounds like troll talk to me. Why don’t you stop being so defensive. If you hate “naturalistas” so much you should probably stay off a natural hair site. Yes, everything is made up of chemicals. But it is indisputable that some chemicals are good for you and some chemicals are bad for you.

      Stop spreading your poison around here. Black women have been told that their beauty wasn’t enough for hundreds of years. Now there’s finally a movement for positive expressions of black beauty and people like you have to come here and ruin it.

  2. Pretty good tips. Soon as I can I plan on coloring my virgin hair for the first time. I really want it done next month because my class reunion is in May and I want to be able to wear my hair straight. Thought since I’m going from black to blond my hair will need weeks of TLC before being flat iron. Due to the high color lift going above four levels avoiding bleach is not an option for me, in this case ironically it may be a benefit in more ways than one. Since my hair is mostly low poristy bleach will lift my low porosity hair thus allowing easier penetration of color. Everybody situation is different. Also helps that I will have a cosmetologist during my hair.

  3. I was going to get my hair dyed professionally but my mom, a hairstylist, said I would need to get it bleached AND colored. I wonder if that’ll damage my hair? Also, what if you straighten it after coloring? sooo many questions, so little time.

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