7 Ways to Rock Cornrows & Flat Twists

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One of the beauties of natural hair is it versatility, but it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Cornrows and flat twists are a great way to snazz up natural hair styles. Check out our 7 suggestions:

1. Side Detail

(pictured above)
Do a design in the side of an updo or bun to add a little fun and edge.

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2. Buns/Pulled Back

Cornrow your hair away from your face and/or into a bun for a sleek pulled back look. This is also great as a protective style.

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3. Straight back as a protective style

A straightforward way to rock cornrows and flat twists is as a protective style. Try it out while vacationing, or during the cold winter months.

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4. Updo

The variations for cornrowed and flat twisted updos are endless! If you don’t have the skill to do it yourself, take a picture to a salon.

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5. Snazz up a set of twists

Incorporate flat twists into your two strand twists to make the look sleeker and more interesting.

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6. Bangs

A single, double or triple row of flat twists across the front of your head is a chick interpretation of the bang.

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7. Frohawks

Frohawks are a fun party or holiday style.

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Ladies, have you tried any of these looks? How did you like them? Vote for your favorite below!

Which cornrow/flat twist look do you like best?

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