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Cas­tor oil con­tains vit­a­min E, min­er­als, pro­teins, antibac­te­r­i­al and anti-fungi­ci­dal prop­er­ties. Sci­en­tists attribute its heal­ing ben­e­fits to its unusu­al chem­i­cal com­po­si­tion, which con­sists of a triglyc­eride of fat­ty acids with rici­nole­ic acid of up to 90 per­cent. In addi­tion to heal­ing ben­e­fits, cas­tor oil also con­tains anti-inflam­ma­to­ry prop­er­ties, all of which are relat­ed to healthy hair growth. Here are 7 ways to incor­po­rate cas­tor oil into a healthy hair reg­i­men.

1. Added Shine

Accord­ing to researchers study­ing the light reflect­ed from hair sam­ples, cas­tor oil hair treat­ments were found to increase the lus­ter of hair. This effect is caused by cas­tor oil’s abil­i­ty to coat the hair shaft, seal­ing in mois­ture and cre­at­ing a silki­er sur­face. Dull hair may ben­e­fit from the use of cas­tor oil hair treat­ments, either in con­di­tion­ers or in the form of a hot oil treat­ment. For opti­mum shine, use a hot oil treat­ment once per month or mois­tur­iz­ing treat­ments week­ly. How­ev­er, more fre­quent use than this can result in an oily scalp.

2. Improve Scalp Circulation

Cas­tor oil on your scalp can help to increase cir­cu­la­tion. The strength­en­ing effect it has on hair fol­li­cles can stim­u­late hair growth in cas­es of alope­cia, or hair loss.

3. Prevent Hair Loss

The anti­fun­gal and antibac­te­r­i­al prop­er­ties in cas­tor oil are use­ful in com­bat­ing scalp infec­tions, such as fol­l­li­culi­tus, ring­worm and pei­dra. Infec­tions and scalp dis­or­ders are major caus­es of hair loss. Pathogens and micro-organ­isms such as virus­es, bac­te­ria, fun­gus and par­a­sites can attack your skin and scalp, lead­ing to bald patch­es and imped­ing hair growth.

4. Control Split Ends

Cas­tor oil as a con­di­tion­ing treat­ment can help reduce split ends, which in turn pre­vents hair loss and break­age. Omega 6 essen­tial fat­ty acids, vit­a­min E, pro­teins and oth­er nutri­ents in cas­tor oil can pen­e­trate dry and dam­aged hair, smooth­ing rough cuti­cles and help­ing the hair shaft retain mois­ture. Cas­tor oil has a vis­cous con­sis­ten­cy, so mix­ing it with lighter oils — such as olive and jojo­ba — makes it eas­i­er to even­ly and suf­fi­cient­ly dis­trib­ute it through­out your hair.

5. Sealing

Cas­tor oil is a pop­u­lar ingre­di­ent in hair prod­ucts for­mu­lat­ed for high­ly tex­tured hair because it is known for its abil­i­ty to seal mois­ture in the hair, com­bat­ting the nat­ur­al dry­ness of these hair types. Apply it after mois­tur­iz­ing with a water-based prod­uct for a long-last­ing seal.

6. Treatment of Dry Scalp or Dandruff

Cas­tor oil con­tains fungi­ci­dal, ger­mi­ci­dal and insec­ti­ci­dal prop­er­ties, mak­ing it an effec­tive treat­ment for many caus­es of dan­druff. In addi­tion, cas­tor oil hair treat­ments seal in mois­ture when applied to either the hair or the scalp, mak­ing it an excel­lent scalp mois­tur­iz­er. If you have dry scalp or dan­druff, apply cas­tor oil direct­ly to dry areas pri­or to wash­ing or sham­poo­ing the hair.

7. Moisturizing Scalp & Thickening Hair

Omega 6 fat­ty acids in cas­tor oil help keep your scalp from dry­ing out, while reg­u­lar use of cas­tor oil may encour­age thick­er hair growth. Unre­fined cas­tor oil is pre­ferred over refined types, because it con­tains more nutri­ents and heal­ing prop­er­ties. Use cas­tor oil for hot oil treat­ments and scalp mas­sages to stim­u­late hair growth and keep your hair soft and man­age­able. Leave the oil in your hair overnight, cov­ered with a plas­tic cap to trap heat and enhance pen­e­tra­tion. In the morn­ing, wash your hair thor­ough­ly with sham­poo to remove all traces of cas­tor oil, then style as usu­al.

Ladies, is cas­tor oil a part of your hair reg­i­men? How do you use it?

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I don’t use that ver­sion of Cas­tor Oil mine is the JBCO in the unre­fined. I use it on my edges to thick­en up more, and when I don’t have any of that left then I will use Wild Growth Oil in the white bot­tle. It smells just like the cas­tor oil, and has alot of oth­er good oils in it as well. Plus it soft­ens up the hair quite nice­ly I might add :). ********************************************** The actress Vio­la Davis from the movie “The Help” is actu­al­ly Nat­ur­al and looks gor­geous with her hair. I’ll post the link with all of the… Read more »
Joan B. in S.C.

Zyaran, I use Wild Growth Hair Oil, but once read­ing the arti­cle won­dered about try­ing JBCO. Where do you pur­chase yours? Do you mix any­thing with the JBCO? Thanks in advance.


I use cas­tor oil a lot woth great results, I mix it with oth­er lighter oils for my hair and I mix it with my lotion for my skin.

Tiff G.

Cas­tor oil has become a sta­ple in my reg­i­men. One thing I learned was to use just a lit­tle and mix­ing with oth­er oils can def­i­nite­ly help.


I use it for my very porous 4ab hair for:

1. Cow­ash­ing-apply it to wet sec­tioned hair (melts my hair into deca­dent tufts of soft­ness) rinse w/warm water, then condish wash.
2. Seal­ing (over moist­ened hair lay­ered with Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie).
3. Oil­ing scalp

I LOVE cas­tor oil!


I for­got to add, when I was preg­go w/my son, I drank some to get labour start­ed, it sent me straight to the bath­room, & then to the labour room! Get a docs advise on it 1st of course, but it worked!

CJ Belle

Dit­to here—well not me, but my cousin in Eng­land did the same thing! She took two (!) tea­spoons, and two-four hours lat­er they were on the way to the labor room too! :-)


i used it to grow in my thin eye­brows recent­ly and use it to mas­sage my scalp and edges for growth.…

I can’t use it as a sealant by itself but I do use and love burnt sug­ar which is most­ly cas­tor oil


I don’t use it on my eye­brows but i do remem­ber when I was younger and had trou­ble sleep­ing my moth­er would rub cas­tor oil or vase­line across our eye­lids. Her log­ic was that the weight of it was too heavy for our eyes to remain open. Worked every­time. I do use it to help with my ezce­ma and its works fine.


I use cas­tor oil as a sealant. A curly fro is my go-to style now and every night I water my ends, add my leave-in condish, and seal with cas­tor oil and twist my hair. Still deal­ing with post-par­tum shed­ding and this has helped me with that a lot.


I love cas­tor oil for my hair. It is too thick for any oth­er use but per­fect for my hair. Use it on my scalp and edges and it does such a great job for soft­en­ing my hair. Also use it on my eye­brows and eye lash­es almost every night and it is great for that too.


On eye­brows huh…(copying this)


Like shea but­ter, cas­tor oil is too heavy for my fine strands. I pre­fer it in a spritz (usu­al­ly 1/8 oil to 7/8 water and oth­er oils) or in an oil blend (Urban Bush Babes’ Cipriana’s Love Potion #9 is work­ing well right now).

I have used all kinds of cas­tor oil, from the stuff in the lax­a­tive aisle at the super­mar­ket to JBCO, and have nev­er noticed any sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ences between them.


That’s because youre using the refined one, go to a health food store and pur­chase organ­ic where all the nutri­ents are still intact.

As I said, I have used ALL kinds, and in fact most of them HAVE been nat­ur­al and organ­ic. In fact my cur­rent bot­tle is this one: I restate my claim: I have nev­er noticed any sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence between ANY of them. They have all kept my hair very soft when used in the appro­pri­ate amount (again, for MY hair, very lit­tle). That said, I’m not using it to try to grow hair. When I lost my edges some years back, I used plain olive oil and (more impor­tant­ly IMO) left them alone and they grew back just fine.… Read more »

Well, actu­al­ly cas­tor oil (cold pressed, cold processed) IS very spe­cial. I’ve researched the uses of Cas­tor oil, and it is known to stim­u­late blood flow to the areas of the body in which it is applied.…hence enhanc­ing hair growth. I sug­gest you Google “Cas­tor oil Ther­a­py” for more info. on the amaz­ing prop­er­ties of cold pressed, cold processed Cas­tor oil.


ok i guess i goofed because i brought the lax­a­tive kind where do i find the unre­fined nat­ur­al cas­tor oil????


My hair love cas­tor oil..I use it as a sealent and for my dc. I use the black cas­tor oil for a thin spot on my scalp.


grow­ing up my mom would mix cas­tor oil, olive oil with vase­line and after a wash she would grease us up and braid our hair. i am con­vinced that treat­ment as a child is why my hair is fair­ly un-destruc­table and thick and healthy. Now with my new bc, i will start using it again.


After I have washed, con­di­tioned, mois­tur­ized and sealed hair, I add cas­tor oil to the ENDS only. I do this because they are the most frag­ile and the cas­tor oil is way too heavy to apply to my whole head. So I put on ends only at the pre­cise time that i am doing what­ev­er pro­tec­tive style for the week.
How­ev­er what is the dif­fer­ence (in terms of effects on the hair) between the black cas­tor oil and plain cas­tor oil?

Glenda M.

I use cas­tor oil in my dai­ly spritz, deep con­di­tion­er, my edges, and for seal­ing. I love it!


i use it to press my hair.
[imgcomment image[/img]


regard­less of if you pressed it or flatironed it you pressed it into a straight­ened state O_O lol. Any­way you hair looks amaz­ing. So how did you do it? I haven’t attempt­ed to press my hair since being nat­ur­al it’s too com­pli­cat­ed.


Do you mean u use it for flat iron­ing ? If so how ? I real­ly don’t get it…
(I think to press hair mean to flat iron am I wrong ? :s)


Hi, I don’t flat iron, I press my hair every cou­ple of months for a change in style. When I press my hair, I mean I use the hot comb. I use the cas­tor oil to pro­tect my hair from being dam­aged from the heat of the hot comb. A lot of peo­ple have their per­son­al issues w/ hot combs, but my hair is very healthy.


Ok I’ve learnt some­thing new thank you all for the answer. I guess if you still use it, it means it works great for you but I’m a lit­tle sur­prised and curi­ous no “fried” effects ? How do you use it ?(i.e on wet/dry hair, the amount ? whole hair or sec­tions by sec­tions?)


Also, it is impor­tant to use a hot comb with heat con­trol set­tings or if it’s the stove type, make sure it’s not too hot. The same is true for a flat iron. Some would agree that hot combs get to the roots eas­i­er than flat irons.


blowdry first then hot comb sec­tion by sec­tion. Nope! no fried hair! lol.


I’m 41 yrs old and grew up in the era of ‘press­ing’ or straight­en­ing the hair — I did not get a perm until the age of 16. ‘Press­ing’ means to hot comb the hair. I have nev­er known this term to apply to the flat iron…?


lol Hot comb­ing also means to press so yes she is cor­rect. She most like­ly is not talk­ing about flat iron­ing.


No, you’re not (decide­ment ^_^)
To flat iron means to press.

Danielle F.

I have been using cas­tor oil for a month now and I start­ed using it because I was expe­ri­enc­ing thin­ning from flat iron­ing. I am doing pro­tec­tive styles and no heat for the next three months along with using the jama­cian black cas­tor oil on my scalp 3x’s a week and in my deep con­di­tion­er every week! I hope that I se some results! Wish me luck!

I didn’t get results in three months but every hair type is dif­fer­ent. Mine came in about 6 and i have been using cas­tor oil for a lit­tle over a year now. I don’t dilute it as i am use to the thick­ness now. I wash my hair, con­di­tion, sec­tion and use a appli­ca­tor bot­tle to apply direct­ly to my scalp. I do this once a week and wash every 2–3 weeks. On my ends and the rest of my hair, I use a shea but­ter, coconut & cas­tor oil mix. I use the mix almost every­day as I make… Read more »

gOOd luck!!


gOOd luck!!

I love it !! When I was a child my mum used to do “bain d’huile” what u called pre-poo (I guess) with cas­tor oil. I still use it to do so. I mix it with my oil infu­sion and avo­ca­do oil to pre-poo and apply it on my scalp at the same time before wash­ing, oth­er­wise I put some in my home­made but­ter which I use for my hair and body. Great for my scalp and hair much more when I mix it with thin­ner oils. My mix­ture leave my hair so soft, “nour­rished”, “strengtened” and I think thick­er like “sheathed = gainé”.… Read more »

Don’t wor­ry, your french fel­la got you ;-)
And you are absolute­ly right, “bain d’huile” is pre-poo.


Ouf ^^ ! mer­ci <3


I like cas­tor oil. I find that the thick­ness of it seals in the mois­ture of my hair very well and assists in keep­ing my hair man­age­able and shiny. It is most def­i­nite­ly a cru­cial part of my regime.


Yea, it’s sticky but very use­ful. Use it as a pre-poo and then sham­poo it out. You will be amazed at the results. It makes dry hair so soft and man­age­able! I often add it on top of my deep con­di­tion­er, sit under a dry­er (nod out for 20–30 mins) then rinse. Again, smooth and well mois­tur­ized tress­es. For a leave in, I mix an ounce of condish, 1 tsp of aloe Vera juice, cas­tor oil and coconut oil, apply and style. Your hair will feel sooooo silky and stay mois­tur­ized for days! I love cas­tor oil for my hair!


I’ve start­ed using cas­tor oil from 2 days…i’ve straight&silky hair but not so thick.…will it help?


I use it when I retwist my hair at night. I love it. It’s thick but so is my hair so it is just what I need. I’ve poured some of it into my con­di­tion­er for extra mois­ture. I use the Oyin Hand­made Hon­ey Hemp Con­di­tion­er. I just pour some of it in and shake it up.


I find cas­tor oil to be too thick. I hate using it. it just feels sticky and I feel it does noth­ing for my hair. Maybe I should mix it with some lighter oil such as jojo­ba??? Any sug­ges­tions? I just bought the bot­tle, and would hate to toss it.


I mix it in some of my con­di­tion­ers when I co-wash, or when I’m deep con­di­tion­ing, I also found that mix­ing it with oth­er oils lighter ones thins it out and you get the properies of it.

Ron Saldanha

This has great reviews and sounds like what you are look­ing for


mix 2 tbls of these
olive oil
cas­tor oil
coconut oil
1 egg
1 avo­ca­do

leave on one hour as deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment. mix in blender! ;)


This sounds like a great DC, do you sit under a dry­er or any­thing


Cas­tor oil is most def. thick but its ben­e­fits are amaz­ing. Try mix­ing it with anoth­er oil. Jojo­ba, Coconut and the essen­tial oils (rose­mary, grape­seed, etc). The thick­ness of it is a minor issue that is eas­i­ly fixed.


Hey Jani — def­i­nite­ly try mix­ing it before you get rid of it. I use cas­tor oil a lot now but almost nev­er on its own as I find it too sticky as well. Any oth­er oil will do. I like to mix mine with almond oil. You can also use a cas­tor oil mix­ture for oil cleans­ing your skin.