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Castor oil contains vitamin E, minerals, proteins, antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. Scientists attribute its healing benefits to its unusual chemical composition, which consists of a triglyceride of fatty acids with ricinoleic acid of up to 90 percent. In addition to healing benefits, castor oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties, all of which are related to healthy hair growth. Here are 7 ways to incorporate castor oil into a healthy hair regimen.

1. Added Shine

According to researchers studying the light reflected from hair samples, castor oil hair treatments were found to increase the luster of hair. This effect is caused by castor oil‘s ability to coat the hair shaft, sealing in moisture and creating a silkier surface. Dull hair may benefit from the use of castor oil hair treatments, either in conditioners or in the form of a hot oil treatment. For optimum shine, use a hot oil treatment once per month or moisturizing treatments weekly. However, more frequent use than this can result in an oily scalp.

2. Improve Scalp Circulation

Castor oil on your scalp can help to increase circulation. The strengthening effect it has on hair follicles can stimulate hair growth in cases of alopecia, or hair loss.

3. Prevent Hair Loss

The antifungal and antibacterial properties in castor oil are useful in combating scalp infections, such as follliculitus, ringworm and peidra. Infections and scalp disorders are major causes of hair loss. Pathogens and micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites can attack your skin and scalp, leading to bald patches and impeding hair growth.

4. Control Split Ends

Castor oil as a conditioning treatment can help reduce split ends, which in turn prevents hair loss and breakage. Omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins and other nutrients in castor oil can penetrate dry and damaged hair, smoothing rough cuticles and helping the hair shaft retain moisture. Castor oil has a viscous consistency, so mixing it with lighter oils — such as olive and jojoba — makes it easier to evenly and sufficiently distribute it throughout your hair.

5. Sealing

Castor oil is a popular ingredient in hair products formulated for highly textured hair because it is known for its ability to seal moisture in the hair, combatting the natural dryness of these hair types. Apply it after moisturizing with a water-based product for a long-lasting seal.

6. Treatment of Dry Scalp or Dandruff

Castor oil contains fungicidal, germicidal and insecticidal properties, making it an effective treatment for many causes of dandruff. In addition, castor oil hair treatments seal in moisture when applied to either the hair or the scalp, making it an excellent scalp moisturizer. If you have dry scalp or dandruff, apply castor oil directly to dry areas prior to washing or shampooing the hair.

7. Moisturizing Scalp & Thickening Hair

Omega 6 fatty acids in castor oil help keep your scalp from drying out, while regular use of castor oil may encourage thicker hair growth. Unrefined castor oil is preferred over refined types, because it contains more nutrients and healing properties. Use castor oil for hot oil treatments and scalp massages to stimulate hair growth and keep your hair soft and manageable. Leave the oil in your hair overnight, covered with a plastic cap to trap heat and enhance penetration. In the morning, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to remove all traces of castor oil, then style as usual.

Ladies, is castor oil a part of your hair regimen? How do you use it?

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I use cold-pressed castor oil to seal my ends and edges. I also do an Lily of the Dessert aloe vera gel/castor oil pre-poo–It has great moisture and slip.

I don’t use that version of Castor Oil mine is the JBCO in the unrefined. I use it on my edges to thicken up more, and when I don’t have any of that left then I will use Wild Growth Oil in the white bottle. It smells just like the castor oil, and has alot of other good oils in it as well. Plus it softens up the hair quite nicely I might add :). ********************************************** The actress Viola Davis from the movie “The Help” is actually Natural and looks gorgeous with her hair. I’ll post the link with all… Read more »
Joan B. in S.C.

Zyaran, I use Wild Growth Hair Oil, but once reading the article wondered about trying JBCO. Where do you purchase yours? Do you mix anything with the JBCO? Thanks in advance.


I use castor oil a lot woth great results, I mix it with other lighter oils for my hair and I mix it with my lotion for my skin.

Tiff G.

Castor oil has become a staple in my regimen. One thing I learned was to use just a little and mixing with other oils can definitely help.


I use it for my very porous 4ab hair for:

1. Cowashing-apply it to wet sectioned hair (melts my hair into decadent tufts of softness) rinse w/warm water, then condish wash.
2. Sealing (over moistened hair layered with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie).
3. Oiling scalp

I LOVE castor oil!


I forgot to add, when I was preggo w/my son, I drank some to get labour started, it sent me straight to the bathroom, & then to the labour room! Get a docs advise on it 1st of course, but it worked!

CJ Belle

Ditto here—well not me, but my cousin in England did the same thing! She took two (!) teaspoons, and two-four hours later they were on the way to the labor room too! šŸ™‚


i used it to grow in my thin eyebrows recently and use it to massage my scalp and edges for growth….

I can’t use it as a sealant by itself but I do use and love burnt sugar which is mostly castor oil


I don’t use it on my eyebrows but i do remember when I was younger and had trouble sleeping my mother would rub castor oil or vaseline across our eyelids. Her logic was that the weight of it was too heavy for our eyes to remain open. Worked everytime. I do use it to help with my ezcema and its works fine.


I use castor oil as a sealant. A curly fro is my go-to style now and every night I water my ends, add my leave-in condish, and seal with castor oil and twist my hair. Still dealing with post-partum shedding and this has helped me with that a lot.


I love castor oil for my hair. It is too thick for any other use but perfect for my hair. Use it on my scalp and edges and it does such a great job for softening my hair. Also use it on my eyebrows and eye lashes almost every night and it is great for that too.


On eyebrows huh…(copying this)


Like shea butter, castor oil is too heavy for my fine strands. I prefer it in a spritz (usually 1/8 oil to 7/8 water and other oils) or in an oil blend (Urban Bush Babes’ Cipriana’s Love Potion #9 is working well right now).

I have used all kinds of castor oil, from the stuff in the laxative aisle at the supermarket to JBCO, and have never noticed any significant differences between them.


That’s because youre using the refined one, go to a health food store and purchase organic where all the nutrients are still intact.

As I said, I have used ALL kinds, and in fact most of them HAVE been natural and organic. In fact my current bottle is this one: I restate my claim: I have never noticed any significant difference between ANY of them. They have all kept my hair very soft when used in the appropriate amount (again, for MY hair, very little). That said, I’m not using it to try to grow hair. When I lost my edges some years back, I used plain olive oil and (more importantly IMO) left them alone and they grew back just fine.… Read more »

Well, actually castor oil (cold pressed, cold processed) IS very special. I’ve researched the uses of Castor oil, and it is known to stimulate blood flow to the areas of the body in which it is applied….hence enhancing hair growth. I suggest you Google “Castor oil Therapy” for more info. on the amazing properties of cold pressed, cold processed Castor oil.


ok i guess i goofed because i brought the laxative kind where do i find the unrefined natural castor oil????


My hair love castor oil..I use it as a sealent and for my dc. I use the black castor oil for a thin spot on my scalp.


growing up my mom would mix castor oil, olive oil with vaseline and after a wash she would grease us up and braid our hair. i am convinced that treatment as a child is why my hair is fairly un-destructable and thick and healthy. Now with my new bc, i will start using it again.


After I have washed, conditioned, moisturized and sealed hair, I add castor oil to the ENDS only. I do this because they are the most fragile and the castor oil is way too heavy to apply to my whole head. So I put on ends only at the precise time that i am doing whatever protective style for the week.
However what is the difference (in terms of effects on the hair) between the black castor oil and plain castor oil?

Glenda M.

I use castor oil in my daily spritz, deep conditioner, my edges, and for sealing. I love it!


i use it to press my hair.
[imgcomment image[/img]


regardless of if you pressed it or flatironed it you pressed it into a straightened state O_O lol. Anyway you hair looks amazing. So how did you do it? I haven’t attempted to press my hair since being natural it’s too complicated.


Do you mean u use it for flat ironing ? If so how ? I really don’t get it…
(I think to press hair mean to flat iron am I wrong ? :s)


Hi, I don’t flat iron, I press my hair every couple of months for a change in style. When I press my hair, I mean I use the hot comb. I use the castor oil to protect my hair from being damaged from the heat of the hot comb. A lot of people have their personal issues w/ hot combs, but my hair is very healthy.


Ok I’ve learnt something new thank you all for the answer. I guess if you still use it, it means it works great for you but I’m a little surprised and curious no “fried” effects ? How do you use it ?(i.e on wet/dry hair, the amount ? whole hair or sections by sections?)


Also, it is important to use a hot comb with heat control settings or if it’s the stove type, make sure it’s not too hot. The same is true for a flat iron. Some would agree that hot combs get to the roots easier than flat irons.


blowdry first then hot comb section by section. Nope! no fried hair! lol.


I’m 41 yrs old and grew up in the era of ‘pressing’ or straightening the hair – I did not get a perm until the age of 16. ‘Pressing’ means to hot comb the hair. I have never known this term to apply to the flat iron…?


lol Hot combing also means to press so yes she is correct. She most likely is not talking about flat ironing.


No, you’re not (decidement ^_^)
To flat iron means to press.

Danielle F.

I have been using castor oil for a month now and I started using it because I was experiencing thinning from flat ironing. I am doing protective styles and no heat for the next three months along with using the jamacian black castor oil on my scalp 3x’s a week and in my deep conditioner every week! I hope that I se some results! Wish me luck!

I didn’t get results in three months but every hair type is different. Mine came in about 6 and i have been using castor oil for a little over a year now. I don’t dilute it as i am use to the thickness now. I wash my hair, condition, section and use a applicator bottle to apply directly to my scalp. I do this once a week and wash every 2-3 weeks. On my ends and the rest of my hair, I use a shea butter, coconut & castor oil mix. I use the mix almost everyday as I make… Read more »

gOOd luck!!


gOOd luck!!

I love it !! When I was a child my mum used to do “bain d’huile” what u called pre-poo (I guess) with castor oil. I still use it to do so. I mix it with my oil infusion and avocado oil to pre-poo and apply it on my scalp at the same time before washing, otherwise I put some in my homemade butter which I use for my hair and body. Great for my scalp and hair much more when I mix it with thinner oils. My mixture leave my hair so soft, “nourrished”, “strengtened” and I think thicker… Read more »

Don’t worry, your french fella got you šŸ˜‰
And you are absolutely right, “bain d’huile” is pre-poo.


Ouf ^^ ! merci <3


I like castor oil. I find that the thickness of it seals in the moisture of my hair very well and assists in keeping my hair manageable and shiny. It is most definitely a crucial part of my regime.


Yea, it’s sticky but very useful. Use it as a pre-poo and then shampoo it out. You will be amazed at the results. It makes dry hair so soft and manageable! I often add it on top of my deep conditioner, sit under a dryer (nod out for 20-30 mins) then rinse. Again, smooth and well moisturized tresses. For a leave in, I mix an ounce of condish, 1 tsp of aloe Vera juice, castor oil and coconut oil, apply and style. Your hair will feel sooooo silky and stay moisturized for days! I love castor oil for my hair!


I’ve started using castor oil from 2 days…i’ve straight&silky hair but not so thick….will it help?


I use it when I retwist my hair at night. I love it. It’s thick but so is my hair so it is just what I need. I’ve poured some of it into my conditioner for extra moisture. I use the Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. I just pour some of it in and shake it up.


I find castor oil to be too thick. I hate using it. it just feels sticky and I feel it does nothing for my hair. Maybe I should mix it with some lighter oil such as jojoba??? Any suggestions? I just bought the bottle, and would hate to toss it.


I mix it in some of my conditioners when I co-wash, or when I’m deep conditioning, I also found that mixing it with other oils lighter ones thins it out and you get the properies of it.

Ron Saldanha

This has great reviews and sounds like what you are looking for


mix 2 tbls of these
olive oil
castor oil
coconut oil
1 egg
1 avocado

leave on one hour as deep conditioning treatment. mix in blender! šŸ˜‰


This sounds like a great DC, do you sit under a dryer or anything


Castor oil is most def. thick but its benefits are amazing. Try mixing it with another oil. Jojoba, Coconut and the essential oils (rosemary, grapeseed, etc). The thickness of it is a minor issue that is easily fixed.


Hey Jani – definitely try mixing it before you get rid of it. I use castor oil a lot now but almost never on its own as I find it too sticky as well. Any other oil will do. I like to mix mine with almond oil. You can also use a castor oil mixture for oil cleansing your skin.