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My desire to use chemical-free beauty products started when I changed my eating habits. I made the choice to invest in my health by working out and cutting processed foods, so it seemed only natural to do a similar screening process with my beauty routine. At first I did my research on which chemicals to avoid, but I soon found there were way too many to keep track of. Some reports made the chemicals sound deadly and cancer causing, while others stated they would simply “dry your hair out”.

I didn’t know what to believe and didn’t want to find out the hard way, so I decided using all natural and organic products was the safest bet. That way I wouldn’t have to stand in the beauty aisle trying to remember which alcohol was the “good kind” and which silicone was the “ok” one to use. There’s something peaceful about grabbing a product that has a handful of ingredients made from fruit, herbs and oils. And I didn’t want to take any chances with chemicals seeping into my body and cells and doing lord knows what to them in the long run!

I know you guys are going to say all natural and organic products cost an arm and a leg. A lot of them do. That is the truth. But not all of them! And, yes, the cheaper products were most definitely awesome for my pockets, but I found myself at the salon more often. Healthier products are better at helping your hair retain the moisture it needs to stay damage free and protected. This translates into less visits to the salon and more money in your pocket, in the long run. I went from having to trim 5 times a year to only once a year. It definitely balances out.

I admire those who can whip up their own products at home using nothing but fresh ingredients. I’m definitely not much of a mixtress. Yet! But in the meantime, I’ve narrowed down an awesome list of brands that genuinely care about our health. Here are 8 all natural and organic companies you should consider the next time you’re shopping for products:

1. Shea Moisture
Ingredients: All natural and organic ingredients ranging from shea butter and African black soap to avocado butter and neem oil.
Products: This line carries hair, face, body and grooming products that can be purchased at, your local Target, Walgreens and Duane Reade.
Price Point: The average price of each product is $9.99.

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I'm a natural hair, nutrition and fitness blogger from New York City. Battling a kidney related illness that doctors couldn't seem to fix, I became obsessed with alternative medicine. After months of researching and finally curing myself, it became quite evident that healthy resources in our urban communities were lacking. I began my health & wellness tumblr in Dec of 2010 as somewhat of a journal, hoping to shed some light on my journey to health as well as our disconnection with healthy living. It's been my goal to create a safe haven where our wellness concerns could be shared and hopefully cured, as naturally as possible.

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I use the products of a natural diva that was showcased on here a while ago, Dominique. Her line is All Things O’Natural

We are exposed to so many chemicals daily that when I can, I try to make the conscious decision of going a more natural route. I was scared straight early in my natural journey to use natural products with the word cancer floating around too many common ingredients in beauty products. I don’t mind shelling out a few extra dollars if it will help the state of my hair, but won’t jeopardized my health. I have been using Giovanni’s faithfully for about 2 years, but I have dabbled a bit in Shea Moisture’s line as well as Aubrey Organics. I… Read more »
N Francis

Alexandria- Vitamin E is not a preservative. It only helps to extend the shelf life of oils so they dont turn rancid. It does not prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, or mold.


Thanks for the info. Maybe that’s where I got confused when researching about. And I do agree about what you said about listing all ingredients. Like Nic said yesterday it’s taking a long time for the company to revamp their website. It’s been months. If you look up it looks like the owner is coming up with some new stuff that sounds really good but the websites under the new companies for Sundial are under construction also. Thanks again, Ms. Naturalista N Francis


I identified so much to this article as I too have chosen to live a healhier lifestyle and have become more conscious about the ingredients we put in and on our body and our hair. I’m still learning but it’s definitely been an empowering experience.


I love Camille Rose Naturals. I’ve been using their products for the last 3 months and love their conditioner, twisting butter and whipped gel for my wash and go. I’m currently trying their shampoo, deep conditioner and scalp oil to see if I can add them to my staples. I also like qhemet biologics and a new boutique line called BASK beauty for my daughter’s hair.


Co-signing on Camille Rose! I love love love the Almond Jai Twisting Butter! Has hold and moisture! Can’t wait to try their other products. I’m so glad I can buy it on ground in Atlanta.

I do you use natural hair products exclusively. They’re approximately the same price as products with the cones or SLS’s and other chemical properties not good for the hair, skin and overall body. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aubrey Organics line. I tried the GPB Shampoo & Conditioner and they’re amazing! They give gr8 results for my hair & don’t give it a stripped feel & my scalp doesn’t itch herendously-hardly at all(spec the shampoo-NO SLS). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Shea Moisture’s products. With that line, I’ve tried the Organic Raw Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque & Curl Enhancing Smoothie… Read more »

I’m an Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose FIEND! I use a bit of it in my daily spritzes and I mix it with oils, amla and blackstrap molasses as a deep condish. That stuff is the bomb!

My other loves are Karen’s Body Beautuful’s Butter Love, Sweet Ambrosia, and Creamylicious.

Oyin’s Frank Juice is a must-have

N Francis

Im curious about Shea moisture. I really like their products but find myself a bit nervous about their ingredients. They don’t seem to list them all. They also don’t list a preservative for some and when products have water, they must have a preservative of some kind. A coulple Items dont list emulsifiers which are almost nearly impossible to avoid when combining stable oil and water mixes. I emailed the company a couple weeks ago but no one has yet to respond.


Tocopherol, a form of Vit. E, is a natural (antioxidant) preservative. When you read their ingredients most, if not all, contains Tocopherol. Some say Vit. E is not a preservative but it is. I hope Shea Moisture listd all their ingredients if not whatever’s in there is working for me. (^_^)

N Francis

Vitamin E is not a preservative. It’s simply an antioxidant. It helps to extend the shelf life of oils so they don’t turn rancid. It does not inhibit the growth of mold, yeast or bacteria.
I agree. The products work well. I actually love them, but they should contain some kind of preservative or at least list all ingredients so the consumer is informed and/or using a safe product.


Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract are the preservatives used in the shea moisture product line.


Fran – I’d like you to feature the company of an acquaintance of mine from undergrad called Cara B. All natural and chemical free.


Love Aubrey’s and Giovanni. I really wanna try My Honey Child, I’ve been hearing great things about their old fashioned hair grease and buttery soy cream.

I really like Aubrey Organics. The Honey Suckle Rose has been my STAPLE for two years. I don’t use anything else. I do like to try to stick to organic products for my hair. I use a lot of oils like avocado oil and jojoba oil for my hair. I find they work really well. I would love for everything that I use on my body to be organic but it can be a little pricey and its tough when you are a student (recently went back to school and don’t have a big budget). However I do use some… Read more »

Aww no terressentials? By far the best product I have ever tried. Plus every single ingredient they use is FDA approved

J. Elizabeth

I love Sheamoisture. The products have done wonders for my hair. However, I live in Toronto and they only distribute to one store in all of Canada. While it is reasonable priced down south, all of their products cost $20 – $22 in the store. Hopefully one day they’ll open up their distribution so the price wouldn’t be as expensive.


Also try if you want Giovanni’s or Aubrey organics or Alba Botanica.

I’ve been using the Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo since May 2011 and that was worked pretty well for my 4c hair. They have a Rainforest Moisture Line as well and I use the conditioner from that.


Thanks! I think I’ll look into the Body shop line. I’ve tried Giovanni but it doesn’t really do anything fory hair. I just started using Aubrey and my hair looooves it so far lol. I’ve recently cut my hair really short and sheamoisture doesn’t really do it for me anymore, unfortunately.


I live in Toronto as well and would love to know where to get Sheamoisture hair products!! So please do tell! :-). I recently found Giovanni and Aubrey products on, but have yet to find Sheamoisture :-(. I’m finding out more and more that it’s hard to find products for our hair type.


You can find Giovanni at many department stores including Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws and Walmart. You can also find Aubrey at almost any natural health store. I know the natural health stores in Kensington Market have it way cheaper than Cosign at Sheamoisture at Honeyfig for jacked up prices. I’d rather use Shea-All naturals(at least for shampoo) than pay that price.


You can get sheamoisture products from honeyfig, ridiculously jacked up prices but what can you do, ordering from US and custom fees…not my cup of tea at all.


Have you tried Live Clean products? ( They are available at Walmart and RealCanadian Superstore. Their products are phthalate free and paraben free.


I’ve switched my shampoo and conditioner to live clean because it’s cheaper and a lot easier to find.


right now I am using shea moisture products and natural oils. I am always writing down new products just in case I pass by them is the store. I have a t.w.a right now so there’s not many options but I will be trying these products eventually.


Aveda is not all natural…they do carry some natural products but read each one carefully…i used to use them and when i learned about what ingredients to avoid i found that some of their products had sulfates and parabens in them

Leslie Mac

I exclusively switched to all Aveda products when I did my big chop. I had been using them along with non-organic products before then. I use their Be Curly line and it works so great, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to non-organic.


I’m using Giovanni 50:50 for the first time now. I got it on sale for $16.00 for both the shampoo and conditioner ($8.00/each). So far, so good. I’ll definitely continue to use it until it’s gone. The jury is still out on whether I’ll buy it again.


I love Shea moisture. i wouldn’t say i am a product junky by any means because i have never heard of some of the things mentioned here on this article, however. Shea moisture fits my budget and i like what it does for my hair, in conjunction with it being natural/organic. i will be looking into some of these other products.


Where is my beloved QHEMET BIOLOGICS??? They are the Holy Grail of Organic Natural Hair Products, especially the 4c’s who comprise a significant portion of the natural hair world.


Co-signing! It’s the best natural line for 4C hair.


They take WAY too long with their sales….I personally try not to get dependent on lines that aren’t dependable or at least have a decent alternative for it.



I have been using Qhemet Biologics since I first went natural (after trying some others). It keeps my hair moisturized for days!


It feels really good to know that much of what I’m using in my hair is natural!

No wonder my hair responds so well to Shea Moisture, Giovanni, and Aubrey Organics 😀


Shea Moisture is on sale @ Walgreens this week (at least in NY). There is a $3.00 register reward for a future purchase.


It’s on sale over here in the DMV too! I sure nuff was there this weekend. I love Shea Moisture products. I like Giovanni too. My hair reacts really well with these 2 products


My hair responds well to both lines too. Lately though, SM seems to have the edge. I have not even repurchased the Gio Direct Leave In, and pretty much use SM hair milk or the curl enhancing smoothie…perhaps it’s the winter.


Yaay for DMV! Are there any sales at Target?


Nope, and I’m on it every week, lol! Walgreens is usually the only spot that has the sales for Shea Moisture


I believe Kinky Curly is an organic product also. I absolutely LOVE Knot Today leave in. Its light weight and has great slip.

Mrs. Ebonee

It is..and I am wondering why it isnt on the list as well as Curls… I only those 2 lines on my daughter;s hair and it has grown almost 5 inches due to the products and my learning how to better care for her hair.

LaWanda S

Love Shea Moisture, wanting to try the Camille Rose line.


I really like the Aubrey Organics line and I like Qhemet Biologics )which is mostly natural/organics ingredients, I think!)


The prices, though!




I only use natural products (Shea Moisture products, castor oil, flax seed gel, Lily of the Dessert aloe vera gel, etc). I do it for my health and for the good of the enviroment.

Is today’s post advocating for the roots-and-berries side of natural hair care? lol ^5 My co-wash conditioners and protein treatments tend not to be organic as a general rule but currently everything else I’m using is natural and/or organic. I used to be more of a mixtress but nowadays I’ll only make mixes that aren’t super labor-intensive (e.g. Kimmaytube leave-in, Cipriana’s Love Potion #9). I know there’s a lot of back-and-forth regarding Kinky Curly products, but as a recent convert I have to say that because they’re concentrated (KCKT/KCCC) I find I use very little, which means that in terms… Read more »

I try to use organic or natural when possible. I’ll use Teressentials Wash followed by whatever deep conditioner I can get my hands on, no brand loyalty there followed by a sealing oil. Pull back and put a couple of sticks in. Done. I like Shea Moisture, but DO NOT BUY off Amazon. It’s a total markup from Target, Walgreens. The company is taking a long time to revamp their website, but it’s not worth the 50% mark up on Amazon, versus or Target.


Oi! i completely agree with you on that whole mark up thing. When i saw it, i was like “are they serious?!”.


Yes, I mostly use natural and organic products. I use Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash or mix my own Rhassoul clay mud wash to cleanse my hair. Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose mixed with DailyCurlz oil mix for deep conditioning. I use my own homemade Shea butter mix to moisturize and seal my hair. I do occasionally use Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa shampoo and conditioner if I’m in a rush. TJ’s products have small amounts of parabens as a preservative.

I only use organic natural products but most of the time I make my own lotions and potions. The only thing I buy is conditioner usually Giovanni or Faith in Nature and I use the Aubrey protein conditioner but that is it. I love mixing up my own stuff to clean and moisturise my body and hair and I stopped using deodorant years ago, it is really nasty stuff. I like to know what I am putting into/onto my body. The government and companies don’t care that alot of the products and food on the market can cause very nasty… Read more »

I don’t use them exclusively; however, my moisturizer, pudding, and pomade stems from the same line (Oyin Handmade).


I was wondering why Oyin Handmade was not listed. There products are all natural. I love the pomade but it’s too heavy for me. I use the conditioner.