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My desire to use chem­i­cal-free beau­ty prod­ucts start­ed when I changed my eat­ing habits. I made the choice to invest in my health by work­ing out and cut­ting processed foods, so it seemed only nat­u­ral to do a sim­i­lar screen­ing process with my beau­ty rou­tine. At first I did my research on which chem­i­cals to avoid, but I soon found there were way too many to keep track of. Some reports made the chem­i­cals sound dead­ly and can­cer caus­ing, while oth­ers stat­ed they would sim­ply “dry your hair out”.

I didn’t know what to believe and didn’t want to find out the hard way, so I decid­ed using all nat­u­ral and organ­ic prod­ucts was the safest bet. That way I wouldn’t have to stand in the beau­ty aisle try­ing to remem­ber which alco­hol was the “good kind” and which sil­i­cone was the “ok” one to use. There’s some­thing peace­ful about grab­bing a pro­duct that has a hand­ful of ingre­di­ents made from fruit, herbs and oils. And I didn’t want to take any chances with chem­i­cals seep­ing into my body and cells and doing lord knows what to them in the long run!

I know you guys are going to say all nat­u­ral and organ­ic prod­ucts cost an arm and a leg. A lot of them do. That is the truth. But not all of them! And, yes, the cheap­er prod­ucts were most def­i­nite­ly awe­some for my pock­ets, but I found myself at the salon more often. Health­ier prod­ucts are bet­ter at help­ing your hair retain the mois­ture it needs to stay dam­age free and pro­tect­ed. This trans­lates into less vis­its to the salon and more mon­ey in your pock­et, in the long run. I went from hav­ing to trim 5 times a year to only once a year. It def­i­nite­ly bal­ances out.

I admire those who can whip up their own prod­ucts at home using noth­ing but fresh ingre­di­ents. I’m def­i­nite­ly not much of a mix­tress. Yet! But in the mean­time, I’ve nar­rowed down an awe­some list of brands that gen­uine­ly care about our health. Here are 8 all nat­u­ral and organ­ic com­pa­nies you should con­sid­er the next time you’re shop­ping for prod­ucts:

1. Shea Mois­ture
Ingre­di­ents: All nat­u­ral and organ­ic ingre­di­ents rang­ing from shea but­ter and African black soap to avo­cado but­ter and neem oil.
Prod­ucts: This line car­ries hair, face, body and groom­ing prod­ucts that can be pur­chased at, your local Tar­get, Wal­greens and Duane Reade.
Price Point: The aver­age price of each pro­duct is $9.99.

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I’m a nat­u­ral hair, nutri­tion and fit­ness blog­ger from New York City. Bat­tling a kid­ney relat­ed ill­ness that doc­tors couldn’t seem to fix, I became obsessed with alter­na­tive med­i­cine. After months of research­ing and final­ly cur­ing myself, it became quite evi­dent that healthy resources in our urban com­mu­ni­ties were lack­ing. I began my health & well­ness tum­blr in Dec of 2010 as some­what of a jour­nal, hop­ing to shed some light on my jour­ney to health as well as our dis­con­nec­tion with healthy liv­ing. It’s been my goal to cre­ate a safe haven where our well­ness con­cerns could be shared and hope­ful­ly cured, as nat­u­ral­ly as pos­si­ble.

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I use the prod­ucts of a nat­u­ral diva that was show­cased on here a while ago, Dominique. Her line is All Things O’Natural

We are exposed to so many chem­i­cals dai­ly that when I can, I try to make the con­scious deci­sion of going a more nat­u­ral route. I was scared straight ear­ly in my nat­u­ral jour­ney to use nat­u­ral prod­ucts with the word can­cer float­ing around too many com­mon ingre­di­ents in beau­ty prod­ucts. I don’t mind shelling out a few extra dol­lars if it will help the state of my hair, but won’t jeop­ar­dized my health. I have been using Giovanni’s faith­ful­ly for about 2 years, but I have dab­bled a bit in Shea Moisture’s line as well as Aubrey Organ­ics. I… Read more »
N Francis

Alexan­dria- Vit­a­m­in E is not a preser­v­a­tive. It only helps to extend the shelf life of oils so they dont turn ran­cid. It does not pre­vent the growth of bac­te­ria, yeast, or mold.


Thanks for the info. May­be that’s where I got con­fused when research­ing about. And I do agree about what you said about list­ing all ingre­di­ents. Like Nic said yes­ter­day it’s tak­ing a long time for the com­pa­ny to revamp their web­site. It’s been months. If you look up it looks like the own­er is com­ing up with some new stuff that sounds real­ly good but the web­sites under the new com­pa­nies for Sun­di­al are under con­struc­tion also. Thanks again, Ms. Nat­u­ral­is­ta N Fran­cis


I iden­ti­fied so much to this arti­cle as I too have cho­sen to live a heal­hier lifestyle and have become more con­scious about the ingre­di­ents we put in and on our body and our hair. I’m still learn­ing but it’s def­i­nite­ly been an empow­er­ing expe­ri­ence.


I love Camille Rose Nat­u­rals. I’ve been using their prod­ucts for the last 3 months and love their con­di­tion­er, twist­ing but­ter and whipped gel for my wash and go. I’m cur­rent­ly try­ing their sham­poo, deep con­di­tion­er and scalp oil to see if I can add them to my sta­ples. I also like qhemet bio­log­ics and a new bou­tique line called BASK beau­ty for my daughter’s hair.


Co-sign­ing on Camille Rose! I love love love the Almond Jai Twist­ing But­ter! Has hold and mois­ture! Can’t wait to try their oth­er prod­ucts. I’m so glad I can buy it on ground in Atlanta.

I do you use nat­u­ral hair prod­ucts exclu­sive­ly. They’re approx­i­mate­ly the same price as prod­ucts with the cones or SLS’s and oth­er chem­i­cal prop­er­ties not good for the hair, skin and over­all body. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aubrey Organ­ics line. I tried the GPB Sham­poo & Con­di­tion­er and they’re amaz­ing! They give gr8 results for my hair & don’t give it a stripped feel & my scalp doesn’t itch heren­dous­ly-hard­ly at all(spec the sham­poo-NO SLS). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Shea Moisture’s prod­ucts. With that line, I’ve tried the Organ­ic Raw But­ter Deep Treat­ment Hair Masque & Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie… Read more »

I’m an Aubrey Organ­ics Hon­ey­suck­le Rose FIEND! I use a bit of it in my dai­ly spritzes and I mix it with oils, amla and black­strap molasses as a deep condish. That stuff is the bomb! 

My oth­er loves are Karen’s Body Beautuful’s But­ter Love, Sweet Ambrosia, and Creamy­li­cious.

Oyin’s Frank Juice is a must-have

N Francis

Im curi­ous about Shea mois­ture. I real­ly like their prod­ucts but find myself a bit ner­vous about their ingre­di­ents. They don’t seem to list them all. They also don’t list a preser­v­a­tive for some and when prod­ucts have water, they must have a preser­v­a­tive of some kind. A coulple Items dont list emul­si­fiers which are almost near­ly impos­si­ble to avoid when com­bin­ing sta­ble oil and water mix­es. I emailed the com­pa­ny a cou­ple weeks ago but no one has yet to respond.


Toco­pherol, a form of Vit. E, is a nat­u­ral (antiox­i­dant) preser­v­a­tive. When you read their ingre­di­ents most, if not all, con­tains Toco­pherol. Some say Vit. E is not a preser­v­a­tive but it is. I hope Shea Mois­ture listd all their ingre­di­ents if not whatever’s in there is work­ing for me. (^_^)

N Francis

Vit­a­m­in E is not a preser­v­a­tive. It’s sim­ply an antiox­i­dant. It helps to extend the shelf life of oils so they don’t turn ran­cid. It does not inhibit the growth of mold, yeast or bac­te­ria.
I agree. The prod­ucts work well. I actu­al­ly love them, but they should con­tain some kind of preser­v­a­tive or at least list all ingre­di­ents so the con­sumer is informed and/or using a safe pro­duct.


Lonicera Capri­foli­um (hon­ey­suck­le) flow­er and Lonicera Japon­i­ca (Japan­ese hon­ey­suck­le) flow­er extract are the preser­v­a­tives used in the shea mois­ture pro­duct line.


Fran — I’d like you to fea­ture the com­pa­ny of an acquain­tance of mine from under­grad called Cara B. All nat­u­ral and chem­i­cal free.


Love Aubrey’s and Gio­van­ni. I real­ly wan­na try My Hon­ey Child, I’ve been hear­ing great things about their old fash­ioned hair grease and but­tery soy cream.

I real­ly like Aubrey Organ­ics. The Hon­ey Suck­le Rose has been my STAPLE for two years. I don’t use any­thing else. I do like to try to stick to organ­ic prod­ucts for my hair. I use a lot of oils like avo­cado oil and jojoba oil for my hair. I find they work real­ly well. I would love for every­thing that I use on my body to be organ­ic but it can be a lit­tle pricey and its tough when you are a stu­dent (recent­ly went back to school and don’t have a big bud­get). How­ev­er I do use some… Read more »

Aww no ter­ressen­tials? By far the best pro­duct I have ever tried. Plus every sin­gle ingre­di­ent they use is FDA approved

J. Elizabeth

I love Sheamois­ture. The prod­ucts have done won­ders for my hair. How­ev­er, I live in Toron­to and they only dis­trib­ute to one store in all of Canada. While it is rea­son­able priced down south, all of their prod­ucts cost $20 — $22 in the store. Hope­ful­ly one day they’ll open up their dis­tri­b­u­tion so the price wouldn’t be as expen­sive.


Also try if you want Giovanni’s or Aubrey organ­ics or Alba Botan­i­ca.

I’ve been using the Body Shop Rain­forest Shine Sham­poo since May 2011 and that was worked pret­ty well for my 4c hair. They have a Rain­forest Mois­ture Line as well and I use the con­di­tion­er from that.


Thanks! I think I’ll look into the Body shop line. I’ve tried Gio­van­ni but it doesn’t real­ly do any­thing fory hair. I just start­ed using Aubrey and my hair looooves it so far lol. I’ve recent­ly cut my hair real­ly short and sheamois­ture doesn’t real­ly do it for me any­more, unfor­tu­nate­ly.


I live in Toron­to as well and would love to know where to get Sheamois­ture hair prod­ucts!! So please do tell! :-). I recent­ly found Gio­van­ni and Aubrey prod­ucts on, but have yet to find Sheamois­ture :-(. I’m find­ing out more and more that it’s hard to find prod­ucts for our hair type.


You can find Gio­van­ni at many depart­ment stores includ­ing Shop­pers Drug­mart, Loblaws and Wal­mart. You can also find Aubrey at almost any nat­u­ral health store. I know the nat­u­ral health stores in Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket have it way cheap­er than Cosign at Sheamois­ture at Hon­ey­fig for jacked up prices. I’d rather use Shea-All naturals(at least for sham­poo) than pay that price.


You can get sheamois­ture prod­ucts from hon­ey­fig, ridicu­lous­ly jacked up prices but what can you do, order­ing from US and cus­tom fees…not my cup of tea at all.


Have you tried Live Clean prod­ucts? ( They are avail­able at Wal­mart and Real­Cana­di­an Super­store. Their prod­ucts are phtha­late free and paraben free.


I’ve switched my sham­poo and con­di­tion­er to live clean because it’s cheap­er and a lot eas­ier to find.


right now I am using shea mois­ture prod­ucts and nat­u­ral oils. I am always writ­ing down new prod­ucts just in case I pass by them is the store. I have a t.w.a right now so there’s not many options but I will be try­ing the­se prod­ucts even­tu­al­ly.


Aveda is not all natural…they do car­ry some nat­u­ral prod­ucts but read each one carefully…i used to use them and when i learned about what ingre­di­ents to avoid i found that some of their prod­ucts had sul­fates and parabens in them

Leslie Mac

I exclu­sive­ly switched to all Aveda prod­ucts when I did my big chop. I had been using them along with non-organ­ic prod­ucts before then. I use their Be Curly line and it works so great, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to non-organ­ic.


I’m using Gio­van­ni 50:50 for the first time now. I got it on sale for $16.00 for both the sham­poo and con­di­tion­er ($8.00/each). So far, so good. I’ll def­i­nite­ly con­tin­ue to use it until it’s gone. The jury is still out on whether I’ll buy it again.


I love Shea mois­ture. i wouldn’t say i am a pro­duct junky by any means because i have nev­er heard of some of the things men­tioned here on this arti­cle, how­ev­er. Shea mois­ture fits my bud­get and i like what it does for my hair, in con­junc­tion with it being natural/organic. i will be look­ing into some of the­se oth­er prod­ucts.


Where is my beloved QHEMET BIOLOGICS??? They are the Holy Grail of Organ­ic Nat­u­ral Hair Prod­ucts, espe­cial­ly the 4c’s who com­prise a sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of the nat­u­ral hair world.


Co-sign­ing! It’s the best nat­u­ral line for 4C hair.


They take WAY too long with their sales.…I per­son­al­ly try not to get depen­dent on lines that aren’t depend­able or at least have a decent alter­na­tive for it.



I have been using Qhemet Bio­log­ics since I first went nat­u­ral (after try­ing some oth­ers). It keeps my hair mois­tur­ized for days!


It feels real­ly good to know that much of what I’m using in my hair is nat­u­ral!

No won­der my hair responds so well to Shea Mois­ture, Gio­van­ni, and Aubrey Organ­ics :D


Shea Mois­ture is on sale @ Wal­greens this week (at least in NY). There is a $3.00 reg­is­ter reward for a future pur­chase.


It’s on sale over here in the DMV too! I sure nuff was there this week­end. I love Shea Mois­ture prod­ucts. I like Gio­van­ni too. My hair reacts real­ly well with the­se 2 prod­ucts


My hair responds well to both lines too. Late­ly though, SM seems to have the edge. I have not even repur­chased the Gio Direct Leave In, and pret­ty much use SM hair milk or the curl enhanc­ing smoothie…perhaps it’s the win­ter.


Yaay for DMV! Are there any sales at Tar­get?


Nope, and I’m on it every week, lol! Wal­greens is usu­al­ly the only spot that has the sales for Shea Mois­ture


I believe Kinky Curly is an organ­ic pro­duct also. I absolute­ly LOVE Knot Today leave in. Its light weight and has great slip.

Mrs. Ebonee

It is..and I am won­der­ing why it isnt on the list as well as Curls… I only those 2 lines on my daughter;s hair and it has grown almost 5 inch­es due to the prod­ucts and my learn­ing how to bet­ter care for her hair.

LaWanda S

Love Shea Mois­ture, want­i­ng to try the Camille Rose line.


I real­ly like the Aubrey Organ­ics line and I like Qhemet Bio­log­ics )which is most­ly natural/organics ingre­di­ents, I think!)


The prices, though!




I only use nat­u­ral prod­ucts (Shea Mois­ture prod­ucts, cas­tor oil, flax seed gel, Lily of the Dessert aloe vera gel, etc). I do it for my health and for the good of the envi­ro­ment.

Is today’s post advo­cat­ing for the roots-and-berries side of nat­u­ral hair care? lol ^5 My co-wash con­di­tion­ers and pro­tein treat­ments tend not to be organ­ic as a gen­er­al rule but cur­rent­ly every­thing else I’m using is nat­u­ral and/or organ­ic. I used to be more of a mix­tress but nowa­days I’ll only make mix­es that aren’t super labor-inten­sive (e.g. Kim­may­tube leave-in, Cipriana’s Love Potion #9). I know there’s a lot of back-and-forth regard­ing Kinky Curly prod­ucts, but as a recent con­vert I have to say that because they’re con­cen­trat­ed (KCKT/KCCC) I find I use very lit­tle, which means that in terms… Read more »

I try to use organ­ic or nat­u­ral when pos­si­ble. I’ll use Ter­essen­tials Wash fol­lowed by what­ev­er deep con­di­tion­er I can get my hands on, no brand loy­al­ty there fol­lowed by a seal­ing oil. Pull back and put a cou­ple of sticks in. Done. I like Shea Mois­ture, but DO NOT BUY off Ama­zon. It’s a total markup from Tar­get, Wal­greens. The com­pa­ny is tak­ing a long time to revamp their web­site, but it’s not worth the 50% mark up on Ama­zon, ver­sus or Tar­get.


Oi! i com­plete­ly agree with you on that whole mark up thing. When i saw it, i was like “are they seri­ous?!”.


Yes, I most­ly use nat­u­ral and organ­ic prod­ucts. I use Ter­ressen­tials Pure Earth Hair Wash or mix my own Rhas­soul clay mud wash to cleanse my hair. Aubrey Organ­ics Hon­ey Suck­le Rose mixed with Dai­ly­Curlz oil mix for deep con­di­tion­ing. I use my own home­made Shea but­ter mix to mois­tur­ize and seal my hair. I do occa­sion­al­ly use Trader Joe’s Nour­ish Spa sham­poo and con­di­tion­er if I’m in a rush. TJ’s prod­ucts have small amounts of parabens as a preser­v­a­tive.

I only use organ­ic nat­u­ral prod­ucts but most of the time I make my own lotions and potions. The only thing I buy is con­di­tion­er usu­al­ly Gio­van­ni or Faith in Nature and I use the Aubrey pro­tein con­di­tion­er but that is it. I love mix­ing up my own stuff to clean and mois­turise my body and hair and I stopped using deodor­ant years ago, it is real­ly nasty stuff. I like to know what I am putting into/onto my body. The gov­ern­ment and com­pa­nies don’t care that alot of the prod­ucts and food on the mar­ket can cause very nasty side… Read more »

I don’t use them exclu­sive­ly; how­ev­er, my mois­tur­iz­er, pud­ding, and pomade stems from the same line (Oyin Hand­made).


I was won­der­ing why Oyin Hand­made was not list­ed. There prod­ucts are all nat­u­ral. I love the pomade but it’s too heavy for me. I use the con­di­tion­er.