Thin­ning edges are a recur­ring issue for many black wom­en but it can be hard to pin­point a cul­prit. Here are 8 pos­si­ble rea­sons why your edges are thin­ning.

1. You style your hair too much and you don’t let your edges rest enough

Edges are among the most frag­ile parts of your hair, and the pulling and grab­bing nat­u­ral­ly involved in styling can put strain on them. If you notice that your edges are begin­ning to stress, try keep­ing your hair in a pro­tec­tive style for a few weeks and spritz­ing your edges dai­ly with an oil & water based mois­tur­iz­er. If you start to see small, soft hairs pok­ing through, then your edges are mak­ing a come­back.

2. Your hair is very fine

Fine haired nat­u­rals have a hard­er time with cer­tain things — and edges are one of them. If your strands are frag­ile and prone to break­age, then you need a gen­tle hair styling and main­te­nance rou­tine. Err on the side of LESS when it comes to manip­u­lat­ing your hair and edges.

3. You cornrow, flat twist and pull your ponytails too tight

Yes, we all want our edges to look ‘sharp’ and ‘sleek’, but we also have to be real­is­tic. If your hair is very kinky or coily, then the like­li­hood is that your edges will also have a bit of tex­ture and fuzz to them. If you want laid down edges, try apply­ing shea but­ter then wrap­ping your edges with a scarf at night. This should lay them down and smooth them with­out the use of exces­sive pulling.

4. Your headband and/or bonnet are doing damage

Any hair acces­so­ry of tool with ten­sion or elas­tic can do pos­si­ble dam­age to your edges. If the elas­tic of your sat­in bon­net is cre­at­ing bald spots, try pulling it down fur­ther on your head, or even over your ears. Head­bands can also do dam­age if they’re too tight or used exces­sive­ly. Fig­ure out how much your hair edges can take, and adjust your usage accord­ing­ly.

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No won­der Lebron James’ hair­line is so far back. He wears that head­band like no tomor­row lol!


Also check to see if there is pro­tein in your gel (most like­ly there is) you could have proein over load on just your edges


I use an edge con­trol gel on my nat­u­ral hair but I try to lim­it use of it to times when I real­ly need a sleek “well groomed look. On week­ends and oth­er free time I make sure to use a scalp oil to mois­tur­ize my entire scalp.


And relax­ers! Don’t for­get about that. I am nat­u­ral now but I deal with ythe effects that relax­ers had on my edges.


I have 4b type hair with fine strands, and my edges can be a prob­lem area for me some­times. What I found that helps regrow the hair is Shea but­ter (raw), I just put some on my fin­gers and rub it on the scalp where the hair is thin­ning and in a cou­ple of weeks.…HAIR! :) . hope this is of some help , it may not work for every­one but you can still try it.


For those of us with nat­u­ral­ly thin­ner strands, smooth­ing edges down with hands, then slip­ping a scarf on top for about 15–20 mins does the trick.


I have real­ly thick hair, but my edges are THIN (and yes I’m nat­u­ral)! I’ve always had thin edges before I could remem­ber (pos­si­bly due to wear­ing pig tails for a real­ly long time). Is it pos­si­ble for my edges to grow back? I just start­ed using JBCO and I’m hop­ing it will work. And I don’t wrap my hair up with a scarf… should I??? Please help!

VeeVee Brown

It’s high­ly rec­om­mend­ed that you wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf or sat­in cap. Alter­na­tive­ly you could sleep on a silk or sat­in pil­low­case like Oprah:) 

I’m using JCB mixed with Rose­mary oil on my edges. IT worked for my nape. I’m now using the oils on my tem­ples since I@ve been real­ly neglect­ful of my edges this year. I’m pay­ing the price now. I hope this helps.

My edges have always been wispy and thin. My hair is average/thick. I have locs and I don’t wear it up too much. In fact, my edges are on their own. I don’t both­er to twist them into my locs. I’m not sure why, but this has nev­er been an issue for me. It’s just how my hair grows. Hav­ing said that, I do very lit­tle mois­tur­iz­ing because my scalp gets quite oily on it’s own. I will some­times use jojoba or coconut oil. I will try to pay atten­tion to see if any changes — addi­tions such as rose­mary… Read more »

Is there a solu­tion or regimine for post­par­tum thin­ning edges?


Help ! Im tran­si­tion­ing from relaxed to nat­u­ral but all of my edges came out while i was relaxed because I per­med my hair then braid­ed it…I’ve been tran­si­tion­ing for 6 months but my edges will not not grow…I real­ly hate this! What should I do ??


Yes, took me a while to fig­ure out that the band on my sat­in night caps might be a prob­lem. Also, I nev­er braid my edges.


[…] under­stand what might be caus­ing your edges to thin. Here’s a list of com­mon cul­prits from Black Girl Long Hair and oth­er hair […]


Great sug­ges­tions. With my sat­in bon­net, I wear it inside out so the elas­tic band is on out­side and not rub­bing up again­st my edges. On a side note, I’ve nev­er under­stood the urge to ‘sleek down edges/baby hair’. It doesn’t make a bit of dif­fer­ence in the “suc­cess” of a style one way or anoth­er — except in the minds of peo­ple who are doing it.