8 Reasons You Have Thinning Edges

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5. You have post partum shedding and hair loss

Post partum shedding can affect edges disproportionately. New mothers have reported nearly losing their hair lines after giving birth.

6. You are not moisturizing them

When applying product to hair, edges and ends are often overlooked. Make sure you treat both sections with TLC.

7. You have hand-in-hair syndrome

Do you fiddle with your hair when you’re nervous? If you’re in the habit of twirling the hair around your edges, you could be creating bald spots.

8. You are using a brush & gel on your edges

Probably the most obvious reason of all. Brushing your edges after applying gel is a very harsh way to get sleek edges. If you have a strong hair, this might not be an issue for you since your edges can withhold the stress. But if your hair is not strong enough, chances are you are annihilating your edges.

Ladies, have you struggled with thinning edges? What were the causes?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founding editor of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008), social media and black beauty enthusiast. When I'm not here, I'm moderating a Facebook group for black mothers called Black Moms Connect.

  • Renitha

    My hair shed and broke off so bad I had to get the big chop.I have bald spots on both of my sides and the back of head.I also notice thinning on my receded line.can someone tell me what to do.n yea I’m natural.

  • melody

    Despite steadfast efforts to save my thinning hair (no relaxing, no heat, no harsh styling) for 2 months, my hair is still fragile, especially at the edges. I have always had fine hair, but its not getting better. Just got a blood test done, and I’m iron-deficient and severely Vitamin D deficient. My doctor told me that many dark skinned women are naturally vitamin D deficient. Just a note to keep in mind. We dont absorb Vitamin D as effectively. I live in the north west (Canada) lots of cloud cover here in Vancouver, so extra vitamin D is important.
    Also, keep in mind follicle damage. It can be permanent. The only hope is good blood circulation, and good nutrient rich blood. Good iron levels, exercise to get the blood flowing, gentle scalp massages with jojoba, adequate water intake, NO pulling or heat) can bring these sensitive follicles along the hairline back to health, among other things. Mind you, the hair will be thinner and more fragile when growing back in. So be EXTRA careful nurturing hair back to health along the edges. Good luck.

  • Shana

    The edges on my left side suddenly disappeared after a relaxer. I had also been sleeping in my head bonnet. I have tried for four months to get them to to grow back. No avail. I have tried black jamaican castor oil and my edges and my hair line itches so much I ended up scratching the skin off. I noticed when I woke up the next morning.

    Not sure what to do. Looks like the only thing left is sleeping on a satin pillow without any bonnet at all. I don’t wear pony tails or have my hair pulled back. My hair is natural. So hopefully this will help.

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  • AlllSmiless

    Also check to see if there is protein in your gel (most likely there is) you could have proein over load on just your edges

  • aduke

    I use an edge control gel on my natural hair but I try to limit use of it to times when I really need a sleek “well groomed look. On weekends and other free time I make sure to use a scalp oil to moisturize my entire scalp.

  • millie

    I have really thick hair, but my edges are THIN (and yes I’m natural)! I’ve always had thin edges before I could remember (possibly due to wearing pig tails for a really long time). Is it possible for my edges to grow back? I just started using JBCO and I’m hoping it will work. And I don’t wrap my hair up with a scarf… should I??? Please help!

    • VeeVee Brown

      It’s highly recommended that you wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf or satin cap. Alternatively you could sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase like Oprah:)

      I’m using JCB mixed with Rosemary oil on my edges. IT worked for my nape. I’m now using the oils on my temples since I@ve been really neglectful of my edges this year. I’m paying the price now. I hope this helps.

  • Shelly

    My edges have always been wispy and thin. My hair is average/thick. I have locs and I don’t wear it up too much. In fact, my edges are on their own. I don’t bother to twist them into my locs. I’m not sure why, but this has never been an issue for me. It’s just how my hair grows. Having said that, I do very little moisturizing because my scalp gets quite oily on it’s own. I will sometimes use jojoba or coconut oil. I will try to pay attention to see if any changes – additions such as rosemary oil, etc. will change how my edges grow.

  • Jerrina

    Is there a solution or regimine for postpartum thinning edges?

  • nicole

    Help ! Im transitioning from relaxed to natural but all of my edges came out while i was relaxed because I permed my hair then braided it…I’ve been transitioning for 6 months but my edges will not not grow…I really hate this! What should I do ??

  • Yas

    Yes, took me a while to figure out that the band on my satin night caps might be a problem. Also, I never braid my edges.

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  • rachybaby

    Great suggestions. With my satin bonnet, I wear it inside out so the elastic band is on outside and not rubbing up against my edges. On a side note, I’ve never understood the urge to ‘sleek down edges/baby hair’. It doesn’t make a bit of difference in the “success” of a style one way or another – except in the minds of people who are doing it.