A new study is mak­ing waves in the hair com­mu­ni­ty for link­ing relax­ers to uter­ine fibroid tumors. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts!

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. Writ­ing a five-para­graph essay just isn’t as dif­fi­cult because it sounds, espe­cial­ly if you use pow­er writ­ing.

Although there are numer­ous fac­tors (poor diet, envi­ron­men­tal tox­ins, etc.) that can con­tribute to the devel­op­ment of uter­ine fibroids, one must admit that just read­ing the ingre­di­ents list­ed on the relax­er box is enough to con­vince any ratio­nal think­ing wom­an that the chem­i­cals could even­tu­al­ly adverse­ly affect one’s body. How­ev­er, for the sake of style or tra­di­tion, we con­tin­ue to use the “creamy crack”. Sad­ly, if there is a link between relax­ers and uter­ine fibroids (which I believe, since many of the chem­i­cal in relax­ers are known hor­mone dis­rupters) I doubt the man­u­fac­tur­ers will change the for­mu­la for the safe­ty… Read more »
How black women can avoid fibroids
How black women can avoid fibroids
How black wom­en can avoid fibroids and Ovary Cyst 1. Do not go to a Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tal where they do Research. You dont want to be a guinea pig.  2. Find a gyne­col­o­gist with a good bed­side man­ner that shows respects towards you and does not seem to see as a black patient or treat you as such. 3. Be seri­ous with your doc­tor but try to make a rela­tion­ship were they take you seri­ous and bond with you. 4. Eat organ­ic as much as pos­si­ble. Avoid cheese at all cost. And if you must only eat dairy on occa­sions and make sure… Read more »

Why is it when­ev­er the top­ic of hair relax­ers come up, it’s always linked to hav­ing “low self-esteem”? Why not, because it’s just the way we want to present our­selves. We should have beau­ty options, like any oth­er race does, with­out also look­ing down on our “nat­u­ral” assets. I relax my hair, but I also don’t think there’s any­thing “wrong” with my hair, i just choose to straight­en it..

I agree. WE ARE THE ONLY RACE FIGHTING AND HARRASSING oth­er Black wom­en about hair. Every­one should have a choice on how they choose to wear their hair. Albeit it appears that the nat­u­ral hair wom­en attack the relaxed/weave hair wom­en more than any­one. I’ve worn my hair both ways and I inter­change. With this sum­mer being so warm and I want­ed a chic look for wed­dings and oth­er occa­sions, I gave myself a relax­er this sum­mer. I even throw in weave (THE CURSE WORD) on occa­sion when I want to. I have the high­est esteem and nev­er let them… Read more »
Thank you all for this arti­cle. I relax year­ly, and have start­ed going longer and longer in between relax­ing. I believe I’ve made up my mind to stop. I think that we should focus on the African Amer­i­can wom­ans over­all health. NOT just relax­ers. We need to focus on work­ing out, eat­ing prop­er­ly, get­ting our check­ups and tak­ing care of our­selves. I have three beau­ti­ful daugh­ters, and they always say “mom­my, I like your hair, because it’s long.” So, when I take their hair down, I always stretch it out and tell them that their hair is just as long,… Read more »

[…] very pop­u­lar nat­u­ral hair blog, Black Girl With Long Hair intro­duced the sto­ry Relax­ers Linked to Uter­ine Fibroid Tumors? on Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 20, 2012.  This post links direct­ly back to Hous­ton FOX […]


[…] very pop­u­lar nat­u­ral hair blog, Black Girl With Long Hair intro­duced the sto­ry Relax­ers Linked to Uter­ine Fibroid Tumors? On Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 20, 2012.  This post links direct­ly back to Hous­ton FOX News […]


[…] very pop­u­lar nat­u­ral hair blog, Black Girl With Long Hair intro­duced the sto­ry Relax­ers Linked to Uter­ine Fibroid Tumors? On Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 20, 2012.  This post links direct­ly back to Hous­ton FOX News […]


[…] very pop­u­lar nat­u­ral hair blog, Black Girl With Long Hair intro­duced the sto­ryRe­lax­ers Linked to Uter­ine Fibroid Tumors? On Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 20, 2012.  This post links direct­ly back to Hous­ton FOX News […]

Wow, This is very telling. I used to relax and came down with fibroids. Still deal­ing with them but I have gone nat­u­ral and won’t turn back. My hair looks and feels very healthy and has a nat­u­ral radi­ance. I think black wom­en should go back to just blowdry­ing and flat iron­ing their nat­u­ral hair. Leave chem­i­cals alone. I don’t like bushy afro or kinky look­ing styles but that’s a per­son­al opin­ion. What works for me for every­day is let­ting my hair airdry in a loose bun. I put serum on it while it’s wet and pomade to smooth it… Read more »

I’m so glad that I decid­ed to go nat­u­ral! Not only did I let go of perms but my moth­er, sis­ter, and niece did as well. I’m super hap­py you guys post this because I missed it when it came on and now I can try a new place here in Hous­ton to get my hair done.

Speak­ing as a pro­fes­sion­al styl­ist … I have worked with sev­er­al of my clients in get­ting them off of relax­ers for rea­sons oth­er than show­ing them how to work with their nat­u­ral hair was best for oth­er rea­son. As far as using “chemicals“on our hair and the whole slav­ery thing .. Well one doesn’t nec­ces­sar­i­ly have any­thing to do with the oth­er. The clients I spoke with are not hap­py with the at home main­te­nance it takes to do their hair and in being active in sports and the gym they do not have the time to press out nat­u­ral… Read more »

i guess that’s what you tell your clients huh?

don’t wor­ry about the relax­er. wor­ry about the bpa in the bot­tle and the processed food.

black wom­en have some of the worst over­all health. they should con­sid­er all poten­tial sources of tox­ins and rid their lives of them as much as pos­si­ble.

Per­son­al­ly, although this is neg­a­tive health news for us black wom­en, at the same time, this is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty for us to do some analy­sis of the beau­ty rit­u­als we have adopt­ed in our lives thru our par­ents who didn’t know any bet­ter. We are say­ing to the world that we hate the way God has made us and we want to look like anoth­er race (no won­der the world dis­re­spects Blks and down­grades blk wom­en like it does) — we give them rea­son to. Then, to throw pie in God’s face, we blk (chris­tian) wom­en pro­claim that we… Read more »

To Alke­bu­lan­Queen: Just because some Black wom­en choose to relax their hair does not meane want to look like anoth­er race. Also, we are not “throw­ing pie in God’s face”. God made you naked, but do you walk around naked now? If not, are you say­ing you are ashamed of the body God graced you with? Stop speak­ing neg­a­tive­ly about the choic­es oth­ers make, just because you don’t agree with it. We are all account­able for our own choic­es!

Jamila Matina

What a shame! And it’s crazy that hav­ing relaxed hair is con­cidered the norm.

Jamila Matina

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Notwith­stand­ing all the debate about the “valid­i­ty” of the study, I am hap­py that peo­ple are at least look­ing into it. It was recog­nised as ear­ly as 1999 that sci­en­tific research into this issue was sore­ly lack­ing. I appre­ci­ate the right to choose but expos­ing what is known to be a risky and at times painful process does not under­mine that right, what it will do is encour­age the pro­duc­ers of tra­di­tion­al chem­i­cal relax­ers to devel­op safer meth­ods which are afford­able. If we do not require change and expose the pos­si­ble dan­gers of the chem­i­cal relax­er (and burn­ing and scalp… Read more »
Ann Noire

Actu­al­ly there are stud­ies that proves this. When I post­ed this same top­ic on my Youtube account, the infor­ma­tion came from the Jan­u­ary 2012 — Jour­nal of Epidimi­ol­o­gy. The study ranged from 1997–2007.

The fre­quent use of relax­ers, which caus­es scalp burns and sen­si­tiv­i­ties, makes it eas­ier for hor­mone dis­rupt­ing prod­ucts (sham­poos, con­di­tion­ers, etc) to enter your sys­tem and results in fibroids and all kinds of health issues.

The Natural Haven

I believe the news report is talk­ing about the same paper. I linked it above.

The sci­en­tists do not say that there is ‘proof’. Proof is a very strong word in sci­ence. I will quote their con­clu­sion

The­se find­ings raise the hypoth­e­sis that hair relax­er use increas­es uter­ine leiomy­omata risk

They are say­ing that their find­ings could be used to test the the­o­ry that hair relax­er use increas­es fibroid risk. They are not say­ing that hair relax­er use increas­es or caus­es fibroids.

Ann Noire

Oops..typo. I meant Jour­nal of Eped­imi­ol­o­gy.


It’s epidemiology…lol

@ Katri­na-I agree with the per­son who said seek out a repo endi­cri­nol­o­gist-they have more train­ing than just a reg­u­lar gyno.  I am African Amer­i­can and I have been nat­u­ral most of my life. I had extreme­ly large fibroids that had to be removed via a myomec­to­my. The first doc­tor I sought out told me noth­ing was wrong and that it was in my head. I could bare­ly even stand up because of the pain and nev­er end­ing bleed­ing. Two weeks lat­er I sought out a dif­fer­ent dr who diag­nosed me with fibroids and imme­di­ate­ly removed them. Spare urself any more… Read more »
I need more research. I’m not say­ing that relax­ers aren’t linked to fibroids but one study does not a def­i­nite con­clu­sion make. Either way, I am glad for many rea­sons that I no longer relax. I will say this though, because I live with fibroids I’ve done a lot of read­ing and I remem­ber com­ing across arti­cles that attempt­ed to link the pla­cen­ta that is used in a lot of AA hair prod­ucts with fibroids. The the­o­ry was that the excess hor­mones in the pla­cen­ta (ani­mal or plant) affect­ed the growth of the fibroids. So I asked my natur­opath, some­one… Read more »
Black folks and their con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries: I don’t think it is a big con­spir­a­cy. They said linked. Just like there is a link between dia­betes and obe­si­ty. That doesn’t mean that is the only way to get dia­betes and it also doesn’t mean it is a 100% guar­an­tee you will get dia­betes if you are obe­se. It just means there is a link or a high­er risk! As black peo­ple we real­ly need to stop going straight for the con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries defense. Every­one is not again­st us and every­one in sci­ence is not a liar with an agen­da. This is… Read more »

Thank you!!!!

hi! I own http://www.besthairrelaxer.com to teach and edu­cate young girls and would like to share my sister’s sto­ry. She was eleven when she got her very first relax­er. That was also the age when she got her first peri­od. But lit­tle more than a year before either of the­se land­marks she was hav­ing her first trau­mat­ic ‘lady prob­lems’ episode. She had spent two days bend­ing over, clutch­ing her right side, and cry­ing in pain. It was when she start­ing vom­it­ing that my moth­er took her to the pedi­a­tri­cian. she tried her best to stretch out on the table as dr… Read more »

I’ve always won­dered about this. Don’t be sur­prise if there is a link between relax­ers and LUPUS.


My mothe had a surgery to remove her fibroids and ulti­mate­ly her ovaries. When i was younger, she had beau­ti­ful long relxed hair. This tru­ly makes me believe that the creamy crack might have been to blame. Im glad ive nev­er been relaxed. Thanks to my moth­ers love.

fluffy in flight

It’s so strange, i was just watch­ing a video on a nat­u­ral rem­e­dy for uter­ine fibroids and then when I opened this up, and its on fibroids.


Hmmm don’t know what to think I went nat­u­ral 3 years ago but I have had 2 surg­eries to remove uter­ine fibroids and I just recent­ly found out that their are more in my cervix. Its good that their is research being done since it affects so many wom­an but I feel like this arti­cle is like one of those every­thing leads to can­cer type things.

CRAP!!!!! I actu­al­ly do not have a relax­er at the present time. I get one relax­er a year, but I do not believe this report. If so, my friends who are over age 60 should have all sorts of health prob­lems by now. That is not the case. African Amer­i­can wom­en have been known to have fibroids for some time. Also, the report was biased. They inter­viewed a nat­u­ral hair extrem­ist to jus­ti­fy the claim. Where are the sci­en­tist who did the study? Where are the results of the study? Relax­ers may not be for every­one as the styl­ist with… Read more »

Wow! You’re on a nat­u­ral hair web­site call­ing nat­u­ral hair ‘Miss kizzy hair’.
I sup­pose I should stop being shocked by the self hatred of some of the black wom­en out there. 

It’s not real­ly your fault, some­one drip fed you all of this hatred until it poi­soned the reflec­tion you see in the mir­ror.

Just know this; that ‘miss kizzy hair’ you so dispise now, is actu­al­ly the CROWN that god put on your head.


You are right on “trac about Charl’s respon­se. We mur­der and dis­re­spect our hair every 6 to 8 weeks and won­der why we’re going bald ear­ly in life?

My Natural Reality
not so sure about this…to me its kin­da like link­ing plas­tic usage or smok­ing with can­cer. Yes, its prob­a­bly the cause of the can­cer for SOME but for oth­ers it’s genet­ic. It was going to hap­pen regard­less how well you took care of your body. Many wom­en with the­se tumors nev­er had a relax­er, so what’s the expla­na­tion for that? White wom­en have been straight­en­ing and get­ting perms for years as well..where is the research on their chem­i­cal usage? While I’m all for every­one being more healthy and con­scious about what’s done to our bod­ies, I don’t often jump on… Read more »
Hi My Nat­u­ral Real­i­ty and all, Let me declare, I have nat­u­ral hair and I’m also an epi­demi­ol­o­gist from the Boston area. I used relax­ers for about 2 years when I was in my teens. I just searched for the study. http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2012/01/10/aje.kwr351.abstract I haven’t read the whole thing yet but I read the abstract. You can read the study your­self and draw your own con­clu­sions. In my esti­ma­tion the researchers who did the study are good scientists/epidemiologists. The find­ings from this study are basic pre­lim­i­nary find­ings. As far as I know this is the first study to make this link and as… Read more »
The Natural Haven
I think the study is valid and the con­clu­sions are fine. I do how­ev­er think that in all hon­esty, fibroids are pret­ty com­mon in wom­en of African orig­in. In my fam­i­ly, my grand­moth­er and my moth­er had them. They nev­er need­ed oper­a­tions, they both had plen­ty of kids (7 for my gran, 3 for my mama — none of them had relaxed hair or hair dye ever). If you take sta­tis­tics seri­ous­ly about 40% of Cau­casian wom­en get fibroids. Black wom­en are 1.5 to 2 times as like­ly to get fibroids which gives you a fig­ure of about 55%-80%. Yes real­ly… Read more »
Ann Noire

In a local study, lati­no chil­dren (Mex­i­can-Amer­i­cans) in the Tex­as had a high­er amount of body fat, but black children’s weight were based off of mus­cle and bone. Shouldn’t there be a high­er num­ber of lati­nos with fibroids if body fat relates to this?

And I live in a “fat” city, shouldn’t their be a high­er num­ber in our pop­u­la­tion of all races?

To me, it’s how­ev­er you’re exposed to hor­mone dis­rup­tive prod­ucts, and many “black mar­ket­ed prod­ucts” have ingre­di­ents that will give an envi­ron­men­tal­ists a heart attack.

The Natural Haven
Zoopath, I just googled the paper title that was in the video, I found the paper here http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2012/01/10/aje.kwr351.abstract LBell — The sci­en­tists did say they have a hypoth­e­sis and you are cor­rect a hypoth­e­sis is not a fact, it is a the­o­ry that needs to be eyplored fur­ther. Trisha — Let me be clear about what I mean about body fat. I mean actu­al inter­nal body fat. There is no way you can com­pare the oil used to mois­turise hair or skin to con­sump­tion of food which turns to excess fat (i.e tak­ing a soak in a tub of coconut… Read more »

Thank you for answer­ing my ques­tion, Jc. This sto­ry is mak­ing the runs across the online nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty and peo­ple are get­ting worked up for no good rea­son. A HYPOTHESIS IS NOT A FACT.


You’re cor­rect. Body fat is a round about prob­lem. The cir­cle goes like this… Black young wom­en, choose what­ev­er decade you like, have always used fat­ty oils to con­trol the dri­er hair and skin, whether it was ani­mal fat or syn­thet­ic based (petro­le­um ie, vase­line). The­se mol­e­cules are absorbed into our blood stream via the scalp and skin and pro­duce a high­er con­tent of fat mol­e­cules than our coun­ter­parts. This in turn caus­es hor­mone pro­duc­tion ear­lier in OUR young wom­en than oth­er races. The ear­lier you start your menses the more like­ly your chances of Ovar­i­an, Uterus, or Breast can­cer. High­er… Read more »
The study being cit­ed says that they had made a HYPOTHESIS con­nect­ing fibroids to relax­er use. Now based on my under­stand­ing of that word, it’s a bit of a leap from hypoth­e­sis to fact, isn’t it? I’m ask­ing the sci­en­tist in the room… ;) I’m refer­ring to this arti­cle in which they actu­al­ly say that relax­ers cause fibroids: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/120217-study-causes-hair-scare-about-tumors I agree that obe­si­ty is a known risk fac­tor for fibroids. I’m con­vinced mine came back eight years after my myomec­to­my because I put on a lot of weight in a fair­ly short time. I don’t think we can say yet that relax­er… Read more »

I can’t find the orig­i­nal arti­cle on pub­med, where did you find it?

I dis­like when they pub­lish this kind of study and do not release the results for those of us who can inter­pret them to see. I don’t argue that Lye relax­er can have long-term effect on the body’s phys­i­ol­o­gy but who’s to say that the per­son who wrote this arti­cle is not a nat­u­ral? I am a nat­u­ral myself and have been for 4yrs now and i don’t believe in this kind of pro­pa­gan­da. This could also just be a scare tac­tic to ori­ent more black wom­en into going nat­u­ral as I believe that with the big nat­u­ral move­ment out… Read more »
Pubmed.gov and search for the arti­cle if you want the arti­cle! I don’t think it is a big con­spir­a­cy. They said linked. Just like there is a link between dia­betes and obe­si­ty. That doesn’t mean that is the only way to get dia­betes and it also doesn’t mean it is a 100% guar­an­tee you will get dia­betes if you are obe­se. It just means there is a link or a high­er risk! As black peo­ple we real­ly need to stop going straight for the con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries. Every­one is not again­st of and every­one in sci­ence is not a liar with… Read more »

Thank you Shug, it amazes me at how defen­sive some are get­ting, you’d think their rel­a­tives were being crit­i­cized. SMH


You’re the only one talk­ing about con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries, every­one else is just ques­tion­ing it. Per­son­al­ly, I think it is healthy not to just believe every­thing you hear and want to research it to get the facts straight. It is known fact that the media tends to miss-report things. They don’t do it inten­tion­al­ly (most don’t do it inten­tion­al­ly), it is some­thing that just hap­pens. Relax­ers con­tain lye and putting lye on the body isn’t healthy either way you spin it, with or with­out this report. 

Also, as a nutri­tion­ist, there is more than just link between type 2 dia­betes and obe­si­ty.


OMG, I was think­ing the same thing. How many times have we heard “research” that black wom­en have a slow hair growth rate when the arti­cles are miss­ing. I’m not a fan of relax­ers, but con­nect­ing it to fibroids is just a lit­tle sus­pect for me. I need to at least be direct­ed towards more infor­ma­tion about it. Also, can I point out that many white wom­an get perms. Why don’t we hear health risks about that. 

Also, I wasn’t jeal­ous of anyone’s hair (except for the nat­u­ral hair­styl­ist) and those wom­en had some unhealthy hair.


Exact­ly MG! Peo­ple are so quick to bad­mouth relax­ers that we dont take the time to think log­i­cal­ly about the infor­ma­tion being pre­sent­ed to us. Some­thing like this should nev­er be pub­lished with­out the appro­pri­ate sources and results being pub­lished as well. We are very intel­li­gent. Give us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make this deci­sion for our­selves instead of try­ing to instill fear in us!


They aren’t “bad­mouthing” relax­ers. I believe this arti­cle

Relax­ers are full of car­cino­genic chem­i­cals and harm­ful ingre­di­ents. They aren’t mak­ing up stuff to bad­mouth relax­ers and this isn’t pro­pa­gan­da. Stop deny­ing the truth.




“embrac­ing the TREND of nat­u­ral hair”.…I wan­na tear her face off.


@Monzi, I feel you ;)

Dianne M. Daniels
Agreed — nat­u­ral hair is not a “trend” — it’s a LIFESTYLE for those who choose it. I will NEVER go back to the creamy crack. RE — fibroids…both my moth­er and sis­ter suf­fered with them. Both my moth­er and sis­ter relaxed their hair…coincidence? I’m not ready to write it off as coin­ci­dence, espe­cial­ly since I also had fibroids and I had been relax­ing since age 13 (swim class in 9th grade). Now it’s been three years since I had a relax­er and in think­ing about it, my for­mer­ly heavy peri­ods have got­ten lighter as the years have passed. With… Read more »



OMG! I had a relax­er for most of my young adult life (13–18yo)…I found out a last year I have a uter­ine fibroid and ovar­i­an cysts. I just had surgery to remove the cyst. I’ve been nat­u­ral since 2007/08 until now. I’m 22 now and try­ing to change my eat­ing habits so it won’t grow back or big­ger.…


lets be real… perms and relax­ers were cre­at­ed almost 100 years ago and Black wom­en began to use them because they were told that they were not beau­ti­ful. it is not hard for me to believe that perms and relax­ers will have this type of effect on a per­son. it has tak­en so long for the­se results to sur­face because no one has done the research… but it makes sense that this would hap­pen after all the chem­i­cals found in a relax­er can also be found in drain clean­er.

Ann Noire

Slaves used their own form of relax­ers with lye and lard.


I don’t know about this. I have always read that wom­en of col­or are pre­dis­posed to hav­ing fibroid tumors. My mom has had one perm in her life but had a fibroid relat­ed hys­terec­to­my before that. I have fibroids but was nev­er a con­sis­tent relax­er. Still I don’t think using such potent chem­i­cals is good for you either.

Ann Noire

Hor­mone dis­rup­tive prod­ucts are not only in sham­poos, con­di­tion­ers, but house­hold and many oth­er prod­ucts. So, expo­sure in any way can lead to prob­lems. But, many hair prod­ucts (sham­poos, con­di­tion­ers) have hor­mone dis­rup­tive ingre­di­ents, and scalp burns makes it eas­ier for this to get in your sys­tem. There is a link, and this is one of them. There’s no way a child can get a chem­i­cal process relax­ers, curls, and not have it affect their body in the long-term. I’m not say­ing this as a nat­u­ral, but as a bud­ding envi­ron­men­tal­ist.


i agree.

i don’t think peo­ple con­sid­er how many chem­i­cals that are in their lives — make­up, house­hold prod­ucts, chem­i­cals used to man­u­fac­ture their cloth­ing and oth­er prod­ucts, food, and it goes on. haven’t even men­tioned envi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tants in the air.

on top of all of this, hav­ing a poor diet (again with processed foods and drink) and not exer­cis­ing all raise your risk for fibroids.

luck­i­ly, i’ve not had a fibroid.

@Samantha, I total­ly agree. I think this being on a nat­u­ral site, a lot of wom­an are going to use this as a point to tell oth­er wom­en not to relax. But when Nat­u­ral Haven said that hen­na is a cell muta­gen, peo­ple jumped on the arti­cle fast. I always take a sec­ond look when I see some­thing on the news, there’s a lot of infor­ma­tion that is miss­ing and only tells part of a sto­ry. Like many wom­en have said, black wom­en are gen­er­al­ly at high­er risk for fibroids. My aunt had a hys­terec­to­my due to her fibroids and… Read more »

I so agree, I think the cause of uter­ine fibroids is most like­ly mul­ti­fac­to­ri­al. This study shows a link betweein fibroids and hair relax­ers but cor­re­la­tion is not cau­sa­tion. I believe I have more exam­ples of wom­en with fibroids who have had few to no relax­ers in their life­time (me includ­ed). I am glad that peo­ple are look­ing at this issue though, hope­ful­ly more inves­ti­ga­tions will be done. There is usu­al­ly lit­tle atten­tion paid to health relat­ed prob­lems in the african amer­i­can com­mu­ni­ty.

@Moglet, you right cor­re­la­tion is not cau­sa­tion. The study states they found a link. Just like dia­betes is not direct­ly caused by being fat, you have genet­ic dis­po­si­tions as well. So, not one should be hung up on you “will” because that is not what the word link means. They are just stat­ing there is a risk of get­ting fibroids is you have a relax­er com­pared to not hav­ing one. There is also a link in hav­ing fibroids with a Vit­a­m­in D defi­cien­cy. Which also make sense since so many African-American’s are lac­tose intol­er­ate and there­fore don’t look any­where else… Read more »

@Katrina, you’ve already answered your own con­cerns. If some­thing doesn’t feel right, and the doc­tor doesn’t seem to be tak­ing your con­cerns into SERIOUS con­sid­er­a­tion, then change doctors…and keep chang­ing and search­ing until you get the answers that sat­is­fy you. Also be care­ful of search­ing for “what you want to hear”, but DO keep search­ing.




I went to my doc.office for a vis­it to get check for fibroid but did’nt exam­ine me for it…wasn’t inter­est in what was going wrong with me…my right side had a big knot on it…have pains off & on…a year and a half ago my doc­tor had x-rays @ mri office and my doc­tor told my to take a laxative…it clean my out but still was hurt­ing on my right side…my big knot was still there…think it was a misdiagnosis…something is not right…what do you think?


ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get a sec­ond or even third opin­ion.

i’ve nev­er felt a doc­tor i had ever real­ly cared about me all that much. when deal­ing with doc­tors, it’s like deal­ing with every­one else: you have to look out for your­self. you can’t assume that because some­one is a doc­tor, she/he is look­ing out for you and will do what’s best for you.


I once suf­fered with fibroids but after a uter­ine fibroid emboliza­tion and hys­terosocpy I am hap­py to report that the pain and exces­sive bleed­ing are not a part of my life any­more. I STRONGLY sug­gest you get anoth­er physi­cian, because if you are being ignored then you can­not be helped. This is your life and your health so you have to take con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion before your health dete­ri­o­rates and you options become lim­it­ed (require surgery or oth­er kind of aggres­sive treat­ment).


You can always get a sec­ond opin­ion from a repro­duc­tive endocri­nol­o­gist, not a reg­u­lar gyne­col­o­gist, if you think you may have a uter­ine fibroid. The most notice­able signs of uter­ine fibroids are heavy and painful peri­ods. But if you’re hav­ing just a gen­er­al pain, I would still sug­gest a sec­ond opin­ion. You’d be amazed at what doc­tors miss, but they’re only human.


Katri­na- get a new doc­tor. I has fibroids. Hor­ri­ble pain. So many things can con­tribute to their growth and if relax­ers are one of those things, I’m sooooo glad I gave that habit up!


It’s good this infor­ma­tion is final­ly sur­fac­ing. I found sci­en­tific reports like this in 1996 when I was doing the research for Nap­pi­ly Ever After as a non-fic­tion book. Pub­lish­ers passed on the book. Once I turned the book into fic­tion, I found a way to put the infor­ma­tion about tumors in black wom­en with­out being too sci­en­tific. I hope relax­ers final­ly become FDA inves­ti­gat­ed.


I’ve heard wom­en who straight­en their make quite a point in say­ing that relax­ing their hair is not a big deal, not con­nect­ed to a slave men­tal­i­ty, that’s it’s “only hair.” Well, I say, if wom­en con­tin­ue to relax their hair, know­ing the risk to their life and repro­duc­tive health, that the case for “it’s only hair” is instant­ly moot. Black wom­en real­ly need to ask them­selves what’s so wrong with their nat­u­ral hair that it’s worth risk­ing their health for.




Oh my, this is dis­turbing. I’m glad I’m nat­u­ral and glad more wom­en are going nat­u­ral.


Me too, I have been nat­u­ral for 2 years already.


I’ve been nat­u­ral for almost a year now. And I’m LOVING IT!!!