When did you and your hus­band meet?
My hus­band and I met in Brook­lyn in the sum­mer of 2003. We were friends for two years and would see each oth­er when­ev­er our mutu­al friends got togeth­er. As fate would have it in the sum­mer of 05′ we bumped into each oth­er and recon­nect­ed.

When did you get mar­ried?
We got mar­ried at Squam Lake in New Hamp­shire. I was born in NYC and spent my sum­mers away at sum­mer camp. As soon as Josh pro­posed I envi­sioned myself get­ting mar­ried in a nat­ur­al set­ting. After attend­ing a friend’s wed­ding at a camp I knew this would be the per­fect fit for me. We got mar­ried on 6.11.11. The fam­i­ly camp, Rock­y­wold Deep­haven Camps where we got mar­ried allows for just three wed­dings a year. One in June and two in Sep­tem­ber. The oth­er dates were already tak­en so we took the only one that was avail­able.

How was your big day?
I was not one of those girls who dreamed of what their wed­ding day would be like. My sis­ter called me the oppo­site of a bridezil­la. She said my hus­band Josh was much pushi­er about things then I was. Our wed­ding took place over four days. We had our rehearsal din­ner at an Ital­ian restau­rant and this was just fam­i­ly and close friends. It was the per­fect way to start off the fes­tiv­i­ties. The fol­low­ing day was filled with our friends help­ing us dec­o­rate and com­plete lit­tle DIY projects we need­ed help with. That evening we had a wel­come par­ty. The major­i­ty of the guests who would be attend­ing our wed­ding were there. We roast­ed a whole pig (a pas­tured pig and lived a good life freely roam­ing around a local New Hamp­shire farm) and had deli­cious pulled pork sand­wich­es. Lat­er that night we had a bon­fire and our friends went around telling sto­ries about us.

In the mid­dle of the night I was awak­ened by thun­der. It rained and poured most of the night, this men­tal­ly pre­pared me for what my wed­ding day would be like. It was crazy because just the day before we enjoyed a sun­ny out­door pic­nic. I even swam in the lake with my friends. At break­fast the morn­ing of my wed­ding many peo­ple came up to me and said, don’t wor­ry the rain will clear up. I knew it wouldn’t. My wed­ding plan­ner had to come up with anoth­er solu­tion. We couldn’t risk peo­ple get­ting soaked in the rain. She decid­ed that the porch would be the best solu­tion so that’s what we did. We said our vows on the porch and we were mar­ried by my aunt who had flown in from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I think I real­ly processed the wed­ding on the fourth day. On Sun­day, when every­one had left and I was just sit­ting in my cab­in a rush of tears kept flow­ing. I was over­whelmed by the promise that I made to my hus­band, hav­ing my friends and fam­i­ly there to bear wit­ness made it that much more pow­er­ful. I was over­whelmed with all the good inten­tion we were giv­en. A few months lat­er when we got our pho­tos it was then that I real­ized how incred­i­bly roman­tic the fog and rain was.

How did you wear your hair?
I wore my hair in a low bun with a swooped bang. My bun con­sist­ed of tiny buns which made one big bun. We put white beads in it for con­trast.

My cousin who lives in Haiti was assigned the job of doing my hair. I told her I def­i­nite­ly want­ed a swoop since I had a bird­cage veil and she pret­ty much came up with the rest. I saw some images of women with dread locks putting beads in their hair so I I knew I want­ed some of those in there too. She pret­ty much just did my hair on the spot and that was it. We didn’t prac­tice before­hand but it worked out.

I had my loc­ti­cian twist my hair a few days before the wed­ding. I pur­pose­ly wore my hair down the days lead­ing up to the wed­ding so I would look dif­fer­ent­ly on my wed­ding day. I left the process of styling my hair to my cousin. I trust­ed that she would do a good job.

How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wed­ding?
I think every­one respond­ed well to my hair. While I often wear a bun, pret­ty much every­day. I don’t nor­mal­ly have a swoop and I think they all liked it. The bun my cousin cre­at­ed was so beau­ti­ful because she took like 2–4 locks and made tiny lit­tle buns with them the bun looked so full and peo­ple com­ment­ed on how detailed it looked. My hus­band loved my hair. He’s seen it in so many dif­fer­ent states and this cer­tain­ly was the best my hair ever looked.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me at Tipa Tipa. All pho­tos were tak­en by my Our Labor of Love Pho­tog­ra­phy

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monique and josh make the per­fect cou­ple. beau­ti­ful wed­ding sooooo roman­tic.


Beau­ti­ful wed­ding, beau­ti­ful fam­i­ly! Con­grats and thanks for shar­ing!


In my opin­ion “less fuss” hair­styles is ide­al for a hec­tic day such as a wedding…The pho­tos came out love­ly! Not to men­tion my joy in see­ing a Black woman liv­ing well and get­ting the love she deserves!
[imgcomment image[/img]


Beautiful–everything about the wed­ding is beau­ti­ful. I’m com­plete­ly in love with your veil and dress, Monique! Con­grat­u­la­tions.


Gor­geous, gor­geous wed­ding.


Your hair is beau­ti­ful. I am going to try that style. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your wed­ding. Thanks for shar­ing.


I love the wed­ding, it’s so beau­ti­ful!


awwwww…so beau­ti­ful! Love is such a beau­ti­ful thing man!


Love­ly pho­tos and what a beau­ti­ful wed­ding par­ty! Your father is so regal-look­ing.




Con­grat­u­la­tions! The set­ting, theme and pho­tos are amaz­ing! The two of you are so love­ly and seem so hap­py togeth­er, much hap­pi­ness in your future!

African Violet

What a great look­ing cou­ple with a gor­geous wed­ding par­ty to match! Con­grats to the love­ly new­ly­weds!


Gor­geous Cou­ple!!!! I love every­thing about it … the hair, the dress, the brides­maids’ hair, every­thing! Con­grats on your union! :)


Awwwww! Love­ly cou­ple, beau­ti­ful wed­ding par­ty, & gor­geous hair. Every­thing looks amaz­ing. Bless­ings to your union.


Thanks Leila for fea­tur­ing me. I real­ly love how sup­port­ive and infor­ma­tive this forum is. Thanks for your love­ly com­ments as well.


GORGEOUS wed­ding dress. Sim­ple but very beau­ti­ful and classy.


Love­ly! Con­grats!


I love the dress!!!! omg its so love­ly on her!!!




I love the set­ting. It’s so beau­ti­ful.


your hair turned out beau­ti­ful, what a love­ly loca­tion for a wed­ding


The four days just sound­ed so amaz­ing. Love­ly pho­tos




What a beau­ti­ful set­ting! And the bride and groom are a love­ly cou­ple!

Vonnie (socialitedreams)

gor­geous cou­ple! so pret­ty, LOVE the hair! it’s a great style…very fem­i­nine and love­ly wed­ding par­ty. I adore the bou­quets


How beau­ti­ful!


What a beau­ti­ful cou­ple, and the hair­style came out so pret­ty. On pic #8 with the bridal par­ty, there’s alot of good look­ing peo­ple in that group. Espe­cial­ly the guy with the red beard and the one with the glass­es on, so yum­my. But any­way I need to get back on the sub­ject :). Con­grats on get­ting mar­ried and shar­ing the pics with us, got­ta love i/r yes we are on the rise.