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Last week we discussed the importance of being aware of our nutrition and daily food intake. It’s important to assess what we are consuming, not only for the sake of our beauty regimens but also for our overall health. Eating processed, factory-made foods deprives us of essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. We blame a lot of our beauty goals not being met on specific products and techniques, but our food plates are important factors contributing to those expectations. By incorporating more natural, healthier eating habits into our daily routines, we will see and feel incredible results as well as positively improve our quality of life. I’ve learned, from first hand experience, that being natural is most beneficial when it starts from the inside out.

I understand the transition is not an easy one. A lot of factors come into play: finances, accessibility to clean foods and just being a creature of habit. In the following weeks, we will try to figure out ways to improve our diets without breaking the bank. As well as share recipes on ways to gradually incorporate a cleaner, processed-free lifestyle without having to jump into it cold turkey. This isn’t about becoming a vegetarian or vegan. This is more about understanding what is currently going into your body, their short-term and long-term effects as well as your options.

Today we will start with a quick and easy “Green Smoothie” that will help you begin a transition, if you’re interested of course, into a healthier lifestyle. Smoothies are always the coolest way to start the journey because who doesn’t love a smoothie? Also, they can always be modified to suit your favorite flavors and consistencies. The purpose is to use them on a daily basis to incorporate essential vitamins and nutrients that your body is unable to create on its own. Last week we learned that our bodies need Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Water, Protein, Minerals and Vitamins to be properly replenished on a daily basis. Here is a smoothie you can try that will incorporate all of those essentials:

1 cup of almond milk (Provides Protein, Potassium & Zinc minerals)
1 Organic Banana (Provides Vitamin A, B, C, E & Iron minerals)
1 Handful of Spinach (Provides Fiber, Protein and Cancer-fighting Antioxidants)
1 Handful of Kale (Provides Vitamin A, C, K, & Sulfur for Detoxification)
1 Tablespoon of Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds (Provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids)
1 Organic Pear (Provides Calcium & Fiber)
½ Cup of Ice

This drink should be consumed first thing in the morning, either as a replacement for breakfast or as a supplement (if you feel its not enough). All of these ingredients provide the essentials to help your body function properly throughout the day. I keep a list on my fridge of the different veggies & fruits that fall under the nutrients needed on a daily basis. That way I can switch up the combinations so I don’t become bored with the taste. Make sure to check back to the article from last week for those exact categories. Also, remember you are drinking for health and not simply for pleasure, so don’t expect the taste to blow you away! What should help you down that smoothie is keeping in mind how powerful it is for your energy levels and internal system. Not to mention how awesome your body, skin and hair will look after just a few weeks! Let’s take those baby steps towards a better, happier life. Keep me posted on what you guys think and how you feel!

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I'm a natural hair, nutrition and fitness blogger from New York City. Battling a kidney related illness that doctors couldn't seem to fix, I became obsessed with alternative medicine. After months of researching and finally curing myself, it became quite evident that healthy resources in our urban communities were lacking. I began my health & wellness tumblr in Dec of 2010 as somewhat of a journal, hoping to shed some light on my journey to health as well as our disconnection with healthy living. It's been my goal to create a safe haven where our wellness concerns could be shared and hopefully cured, as naturally as possible.

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Hello, I am thinking to start making this smoothie from next week. I have a couple of questions:
– Is it okay if I replace ice with plain water? Is there any specific reason to use ice?
– I have never tried almond milk before, but is it okay to use the almond milk available in market? I have seen some in WholeFoods store in US, but I am not sure how pure they are.


This is the only way to start my day. It sets the record for a healthy eating day.


How many calories in this?


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I also have to include that the store brought green smoothies are great for someone on a budget + and no time to blend at home. I pay around $4 for a 32oz of Bolthouse Green Goodness (thats $1 a serving) or $9 for a half gallon of Odwalla Superfood. You can find these green smoothies at the fruits + veggie section or health food section in a chain supermarket (Walmart, Krogers, HEB, Stop+Shop, etc…). I’ve even seen single serve containers in Walgreens.

I’ve always experience dry, brittle, breaking hair through out my life until I started these smoothies, occassionally substituting homemade green smoothies for already prepared store brought brands with the same + more fruits+ veggies, including Spirulina and Chlorella (Odwalla Superfood or Bolthouse Green Goodness). I have to say that my hair has shown amazing growth, shine and no breakage. In 3 months I went from having 6 inches of hair to 12 inches. Yeah, that double my hair length in 3 months, no joke. Also included in my regimen, I take Centrum liquid vitamins and sleep on a satin pillow… Read more »

Hi Christina,

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for putting your post up. It really inspired me to give it a try and you were right :-)!!! I have notice results in my hair as well as with my health. I am so so grateful that God lead me to this link for my well being overall. Thanks for sharing :-).


I really enjoyed reading your article! I will definitely consider all of the great advice. One question,has this process of creating and drinking this smoothie helped your hair to grow, stronger,thicker and longer. Most importantly, healthy!?