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How many end­less pic­tures across the inter­net of length crush­ing hair have you lust­ed over, fan­ta­siz­ing about the day when you have final­ly reached your hair length goals but let’s be real, keep­ing your eyes on the prize can be every bit as frus­trat­ing as actu­al­ly wait­ing for your hair to grow a cou­ple of those pre­cious inch­es, espe­cial­ly when you want your hair goals TODAY! These are tips I have accu­mu­lat­ed over the years to help me reach my hair length goal…Patiently.

1. Do Protective Styles that You Can ROCK Right Now

Admir­ing styles you want to rock in the future is cool and like I men­tioned, keep­ing your eye on the prize can be moti­vat­ing but some­times moti­va­tion needs to be bal­anced with the sat­is­fac­tion of the here and now. Find­ing a pro­tec­tive hair­style that you love can calm the strong yearn­ing of your future hair goal, mak­ing the wait­ing process eas­i­er. So whether it’s a wig, updos, braids, twists, etc, find­ing a pro­tec­tive style you love will not only calm the storm but will help with low manip­u­la­tion since your hair will not be a dai­ly focus.

2. Find Hair Crushes with Similar Lengths

Sim­i­lar to find­ing a hair­style you can rock at the moment, find­ing women with sim­i­lar hair lengths that you love will make you appre­ci­ate your hair in the moment, inspir­ing you and tak­ing the atten­tion off of what you don’t have.

3. Hide the Measuring Tape

Sim­i­lar to los­ing weight, you are not going to mirac­u­lous­ly lose the pounds you want in a day so why give your­self false hope in going on the scale every day? Well the same applies to your hair. I would sug­gest check­ing your length every 3–6 months.

4. Understand that Hair on Average Grows ½ inch every Month

On aver­age your hair grows ½ an inch every month which trans­lates to 6 inch­es a year but for some the growth rate could be any­where from ¼ to 1 inch a month, adding up to 3 or 12 inch­es a year. But most of us can achieve up, a lit­tle less than or a lit­tle more than ½ an inch of growth every month.

5. Learn to Take Care of your Hair

Noth­ing helps you reach your hair goals faster with few­er set­backs than healthy hair care prac­tices such as reduc­ing or elim­i­nat­ing heat, seal­ing, mois­tur­iz­ing (water­ing), use of silk pil­low­case or scarf, patience while detan­gling and styling, low manip­u­la­tion, prod­uct usage, etc. Also as I always enforce, what you put into your body is just as impor­tant as what you put on or do to your hair top­i­cal­ly. Remem­ber “healthy” hair starts from the inside so watch your diet and stress lev­els.

6. Understand Terminal Length

Yes, due to genet­ics every­one has a pre­de­ter­mined length their hair can ulti­mate­ly grow. Our hair growth or Ana­gen phase not only includes the hair on our scalp, but every hair on our body as well. Ter­mi­nal length sim­ply means the length your hair can actu­al­ly grow if it was nev­er cut or dam­aged in any­way. On aver­age the Ana­gen phase (which is pre-deter­mined by genet­ics) is any­where from 2–6 years. Though some of us may even have a lit­tle longer or short­er ter­mi­nal length, on aver­age most of us are capa­ble of grow­ing at least 12 inch­es of hair (bra strap from nape area) and this is the short­est growth phase.

You will not accu­rate­ly know your ter­mi­nal length unless you are tru­ly tak­ing care of your hair and have found a reg­i­men that works. If you want answers soon­er a big clue is your fam­i­ly. Look at the women in your fam­i­ly or pho­tos of female fam­i­ly mem­bers who were nat­ur­al in their youth. See how long it took them to grow their hair out (assum­ing that, in child­hood, their hair was being cared for prop­er­ly.) For instance my moth­er is in her 50’s and has extreme­ly thick and waist long hair as well as many of my cousins from the past on my mother’s side.

7. Low Manipulation

Mo Mon­ey, Mo Mon­ey, Mo Money…everyone wants mo mon­ey! Well if you want mo length then you need Lo Manip­u­la­tion, Lo Manip­u­la­tion, Lo Manip­u­la­tion! Keep­ing your hands out of your hair on a dai­ly basis decreas­es your chances in break­age that con­stant manip­u­la­tion does not pro­tect you from.

Ladies, how do you stay sane while work towards your length goals?

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Won­der­ful set of tips! It encour­ages you to be real­is­tic as well as appre­cia­tive of what you have now.