*Prepared for BGLH by Meosha Tall of 1MeNaturally
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Introduce yourself!
My name is Ayan and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a stylist by trade.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
Wasn’t much of a decision, I’ve always been natural. I did however decide to start wearing my hair out in high school. It made me seem most like myself and unique.

In what ways (if any) has going natural affected you?
It was the greatest confidence boost! It gave me a sense of identity and made me feel beautiful in my own iconic way.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is actually really soft! It gets poofy after a couple of days and picks up smells in a second!

What is your regimen?
Since I started my workout regime, my hair routine has shifted for the better. I wash my hair twice a week after I work out, then leave a thick conditioner in and step into a steam room for 10-15 minutes where I allow the conditioner to really infuse into my strands. It’s like a free steam treatment! My hair always comes out super silky and nourished. Then I wash the conditioner out and dry my hair with a soft cloth, air dry until semi-dry, then blow-dry as the last phase of the drying process.

Tell us about your hair color?
This blonde unfortunately is not my natural hair color. My mother is a hairstylist and she has been dying my hair ever since I was 16. This is the blondest I have ever been, and I’ve had it ever since this past summer. Going blonde has definitely been a gradual process and I have dyed my hair several colors in the meantime (red, copper, etc.) but I always return back to blonde! It is a very drastic color so I have to make sure to treat my hair as much as possible. It is a privilege.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
I cut my hair because I wanted an asymmetrical bob. I thought I would keep up with constantly straightening my hair and I didn’t. It was a young and amateur move, lol. But in retrospect it really gave me an opportunity to grow with my hair, figure her out and appreciate her once she returned to full length.

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
Using really thick conditioners and olive oil for moisture.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

Anything else you want to add?
Artistes, amoureux, life-lovers and whole-hearts, stay in touch with THE WHOLE-HEARTED, due to release a Creatives Project soon!


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Hi Ayan I’m. An cosmetologist of 30 yrs I admire your hair techniques for healthy hair care I just wanted to get your option on the safest way to lift natural textured color treated hair from level 4 to level 9 with applying a toner to achieve copper blonde ?


She’s interesting. She looks Somali or Eritrean, definitely an E.African beauty with such soft hair and slender features!


hi my daughter is 1years old and her hair is very dry any ideas ir advice on what to use carol daughter and miss jessie arent working i was using coconut oil earlier on someone suggested castor oil and apply it to her scalp she doesnt have a lot of hair its very tightly curled and low just wanna get her started off to a good natural start thanks in advance


is this meosha from bham alabama


I think she looks FAB! =o)


People here can be really ignorant and nasty.

Great hair and I love the colour! I wish I could bleach and dye my hair turquoise, but my career wouldn’t allow me to do so lol.


It’s not true that there are no black people with naturally blond hair without being albino. It’s not the most common thing but i have come across a few people like this. There are also dark skinned Australian Aborigines whose natural hair colour’s blond.

Tamika JOnes

It’s so fabulous. I love it!


Black women with blond hair looks sooo unnatural.
[imgcomment image[/img]


What an opinion —reguardless of how unnatural you think it looks, there ARE black people with naturally blonde hair

Ok usually when you see blacks born with. Blond. Hair they usually albinos. Which means when you are an albino your body lacks certain nutrients like the lack of melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. Other than that you will never see a black person with blond hair or maybe it can be a shade of brown. And its something that’s not a person born with albinism’s fault. Any other time you see a black person with blond hair its by choice. Its my opinion and think it just look ridicious especially having brown skin. People can color their… Read more »
dee (durelene)

Monique its great to see you on here I LOVED YOUR FEATURE ON HERE. Congrats on the baby (if his yours)

I learn to stop commenting on here there are people just waiting to attack attack attack. I wish people would just comment on the article and keep it pushing.


@Monique that is not absolutely true look up Melanesian people. They are black and their hair color ranges from light to dark blonde and they are beautiful people.


What a silly opinion. Enjoy 🙂


Love the hair but not feeling the color at all.


Absolutely beautiful hair!


Don’t know how I missed this but ♥LOVE Ayan’s hair and personality! She’s truly a sweetheart, and I’ve admired her hair near (seats away in class) and far (on the streets, passing by). Great to see her featured!


awwwwww my lil sister from high school!!! i love you Ayan!!!


Aww my best friend! African queen! All they see is hair when we come lol

Miz B

I’m not sure I understand her comment of it “being a privilege?”…to be blonde?? Just wondering.

Annie L.

‘It is a very drastic color so I HAVE TO MAKE SURE TO TREAT MY HAIR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. It is a privilege.’

I assumed ‘it is a privilege’ meant being attentive to and caring for her hair or maintaining healthy locks and her dramatic and beautiful hair color at the same time which is difficult for some.


I read it as, it is a privilege to be able to make so many dramatic color changes to her hair without it all falling out, so she conditions it well as thanks…


The beautiful girl from Tumblr!!!! I would constantly see her photos but never a link to her page.

I think people need to stop overreacting. First things first. The lady is beautiful and totally owns her style which is inspirational. I personally love anyone who dares to beat their own path. No one should come here and tell anyone their hair needs to be styled this way or done that way or whatever. That would be a bit too hitler-like and we’ve all come far too ahead to do that, and that wasn’t the point in my line of questioning. But at the end of the day I come to this website because it is dedicated to the… Read more »

At first I disagreed with you Cyn but if we want to be intellectually honest being natural means nothing that alters the texture AND color of one’s hair. How many Caucasian women have said “she’s not a natural blond she’s a bottle blond”. But at the end of the day a woman is free to do what she pleases with her (color, relax, texlax, etc.).


Love her hair and the color! I want to dye my hair blonde so badly but too afraid of the potential damage. She’s rocking it though!


This girl is beautiful all the way around! Enough with the natural nazi BS she likes her hair blonde its HER hair she looks gorgeous…end of story!

Well Said!!! I am so over this what constitutes as natural… get over it. It’s hair! As long as you have not permanently changed the structure of your hair, it’s still natural. If you relax your hair you have alter the state. If you use a texturalizer, you have alter the state. And in Some cases, if use henna you can alter your state. But henna is a natural product with no chemicals to destroy your hair. I believe we need to stop separating ourselves by hair and having this militant attitude about hair. It’s hair!!!!!!!!!! She looks awesome and… Read more »

kudo’s!!!!! i totally agree. its just hair.lol i guess people cant get that.lol


I’m puzzled. I could have sworn this girl was already featured as being from Canada. Great hair anyway


I agree with Cyn, and I’d also like to know why it is “unfortunate” that her hair is not naturally as blonde as a Scandinavian toddler.

Annie L.

She was being facetious. It’s an expression to humorously point out the obvious, not a cry for help a la ‘The Bluest Eye’. For instance, this rare blonde color is OBVIOUSLY not natural but she loves it. And she OBVIOUSLY embraces her natural curls because she’s proudly letting them flow free and being featured on this site.


Is hair natural if it’s been dyed to within an inch of its life? I know the peroxide treatments one uses to get hair blonde are just as bad, if not worse, than relaxers.

Yes it is still natural. Her hair stills looks the way is grows out of her scalp, she just added color. She didn’t straighten. For me being natural does not equate to limiting yourself to a certain hair color. My hair is naturally dark and just last week I had it “dyed to within an inch of its life” because I wanted to go to a light brownish/auburn. I’m still natural…my hair is still kinky/curly…it’s simply lighter. And yes the peroxide treatments can be bad if 1)the stylist has no clue what she is doing and 2) if the individual… Read more »

I agree that being natural does not equate to limiting yourself to one hair colour, my issue is with the peroxide treatments. I have no experience with it so would not know the A-Z of hair colouring but I do know that to get the hair blonde it has to undergo a transformation process. Regarding the first sentence of your last paragraph, that’s funnily enough what people with relaxed hair say too. Just an observation. Otherwise completely agree with the last sentence.


I decided to google the process of hair colouring to educate myself better. This sentence struck me: “Bleaching is a chemical process for removal of some or all natural or synthetic color from hair. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide are common bleachants. Any color treatment to change to a lighter color requires bleaching.”


they’re not as bad. i’ve dyed mine her shade and i’ve also had a relaxer (a decade ago). my hair does very well, thrives, with bleach. but the relaxer instantly started wreaking havoc on my hair. everyone’s hair responds differently.

Coconut and Cream

Woah insane hair!


She has to be Somali!! She’s beautiful and I love her hair


Thats what i thought, if not somali than at least a fellow east african.


I didn’t think it was possible to get natural hair that light and still have that much volume and shape to it! Impressive.

my hair looks a lot like hers, but the color fades on me. initially when i dye mine blonde the color turns out like hers. it’s a huge misconception in our community that if you bleach your hair it must necessarily fall out as a consequence. not everyone’s hair responds the same. mine is very much full and thick, just like hers, not especially frizzy, and is growing past my armpits now that i’ve been giving it extra TLC. try the color- you might like it. i’ve consistently kept my dye up for the past 2 yrs now and haven’t… Read more »