Where are you from?
I was born in Queens and cur­rent­ly live in Brook­lyn, NYC 
Did going nat­ur­al affect your style choic­es at all? If so, why?
I’ve been nat­ur­al for most of my life, my style of dress evolved as I learned to appre­ci­ate the ver­sa­til­i­ty of my hair. As a teenag­er I didn’t do much with my hair but once I grew locs I learned a lot from my loc­ti­cian (aka my fairy god moth­er and spir­i­tu­al advis­er) about how to prop­er­ly care for my hair. I think both my hair and style of dress evolved at the same rate. The more I cared for my hair the more it grew and the more it grew the more I exper­i­ment­ed with high funky buns which com­pli­ment­ed my evolv­ing style.

How does your hair com­ple­ment your style?
I recent­ly chopped off my locks (10 inch­es) and now I have a TWA. I haven’t got­ten real­ly dressed up since get­ting my hair­cut but I’m real­ly inspired to go for a high fash­ion look the next for­mal event I attend. Hav­ing a short hair­cut is inspir­ing me to be a lit­tle more bold with my style.

How would you describe your style?
My style is a mix of vin­tage, urban and eclec­tic.

What are the three favorite things in your clos­et?
My favorite items in my clos­et right now are my black suede boots with a chunky heel, a 1960’s cobalt blue ‘mad men’ style dress and my light brown skin­ny pock­et­less pants.

What are your three must-have items of cloth­ing?
Must haves…Tights are a must have because it’s still cold but I want to look cute and not be lim­it­ed to just pants. I love navy col­ored tights since blue is my black. A sheer blouse pairs well with both skirts and pants and looks great for work, a night out and for every­day wear. I’m also a fan of fit­ted blaz­ers.

What’s your advice for build­ing a wardrobe?
My advice to build­ing a wardrobe would be three things. Buy things that you absolute­ly love. I mean real­ly love. Take time to think about the pur­chase and don’t just buy impul­sive­ly. Sleep on it and then decide if you real­ly want it. I’ve found that the items I’ve bought impul­sive­ly are the ones that I don’t end up wear­ing very much. My sec­ond advice would be to buy good bal­ance of prints and solids so that it is easy to mix things up. My final piece of advice would be to buy pieces that will stand the test of time. I mean this as far as style and qual­i­ty. It doesn’t have to be extreme­ly expen­sive, it can be bought while thrift­ing or on sale but it’s great to buy a qual­i­ty sweater, purse or pair of boots that will last for years to come.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Thanks ladies…that jump suit is so fun…reminds me of some­thing Claire Huxtable would wear. No per­son­al trainer…I eat well and bike 7 miles round trip to work and back a few times a week. Thanks for your pos­i­tive com­ments.


Love the grey jump­suit with the leather belt.


Loc­ti­cian, schmock­ti­cian!
Here’s my ques­tion:
Who is your per­son­al train­er?!
It’s your gor­geous body that ulti­mate­ly does those clothes jus­tice!


I agree. Pret­ty girl. Beau­ti­ful skin. Envi­able fig­ure. (and you look Jamaican)


Thank you Leila for includ­ing me in the ‘clos­et raid’ series! Thanks nar­cis­sa for adding shar­ing the link. Nelle that out­fit is one of my faves…one love


Love her effort­less style. Her blog is won­der­ful.


I love the pic­ture with the red pants, every­thing about it I’d wear. You should make that the lead pic­ture in this post!