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Intro­duce your­self!
My name is Gwla­dys! I’m orig­i­nal­ly from France, Mar­tinique and Sene­gal, but I now live in Mar­seille (France), a pic­turesque city thanks to its melt­ing pot. =D I’m study­ing law at the uni­ver­si­ty. It’s my first year and even if it’s hard I don’t regret my choice at all!

What is the nat­ur­al hair scene like in France?
You can find every type of nat­ur­al hair! As I said, Mar­seille and France are in gen­er­al places where you can find peo­ple from all around the world, so nat­ur­al hair from all around the world too!

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
To be hon­est I‘ve nev­er changed my hair. Since I was a tiny girl I’ve had the same type of hair; a mix between my mother’s stiff and thin hair and my father’s frizzy hair! I’m proud of my hair because it sym­bol­izes in a cer­tain way an encounter between two dif­fer­ent cul­tures :). I love my curls and I wouldn’t change them for any­thing.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair looks volu­mi­nous, but in real­i­ty it is very thin (if you see my strands one by one). My curls are defined and peo­ple who touch them always say “Oohh! it’s so smooth!”

What is your reg­i­men?
I usu­al­ly use the “Ultra Gliss” range from Shwarzkopf for dry and curly hair. First I use the sham­poo, brush my hair, then apply the mask. Every day I put Elseve cream on my hair by L’Oréal. It’s a cream for curly hair and I usu­al­ly apply it to wet hair.

How do you retain length and mois­ture in your hair?
By doing my reg­i­men. ;))

What mis­takes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
Brush­ing my hair too hard when dry…But now I just brush it when I’m in the show­er.

What’s the best/most effec­tive thing you do for your hair?
Let­ting my hair air dry. Putting on my hair mask, leav­ing it on overnight and rins­ing it in the morn­ing. I also cre­ate masks with nat­ur­al prod­ucts such as avo­ca­do, shea, oil, egg…

What would you like to see in France in terms of hair care?
Low prices!! (joke) Maybe I’d like to find real shea but­ter as we can find in Africa. In Mar­seille it’s hard to find it!


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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fotodepilacion ipl

I just like the help­ful info you sup­ply in your arti­cles. I will book­mark your weblog and test once more here reg­u­lar­ly. I’m slight­ly sure I will be informed lots of new stuff right right here! Good luck for the fol­low­ing!


blog très intéres­sant dom­mage qu’il soit com­pléte­ment en anglais :(


C’est vrai ! Mais bon dis­ons que c’est un bon entraîne­ment pour appren­dre l’anglais avec son vocabulaire…capillaire !

Amber Huffmon

Beau­ti­ful! I am not fami­lar with the Schwarzkopf line at all. I want to make an order but don’t know what type of Sham­poo and Con­di­tion­er to use on my hair. I think my hair is thick­er and a tighter curl than yours. What do you rec­om­mend? Total Repair, Hair Active, or Asian Straight? I’m attach­ing a pic so you can see sor­ta what my hair looks like! Thanks so much! :)
[imgcomment image[/img]


I use the total repair the sham­poo and the mask.
But what also makes my curls beau­ti­ful and that you can do is : when i pre­pare me on the morn­ing I wet my hair (not total­ly ) and I now use a cream from FRANCK PROVOST for curly hair with shea and coco oil and after its appli­ca­tion you don’t have to rinse your hair. :) hope my pieces of advice will help you !

Amber Huffmon

Thanks so much!! :)


Going to give Schwarzkopf a try now! This is my first year in Ger­many, so I’m “get­ting to know” Ger­man prod­ucts.

Melissa Mendez

Hi Gwla­dys, I love your hair! It is so full and healthy look­ing. Keep up the good work. 




Cute girl and beau­ti­ful hair but I am now fix­at­ed on try­ing to pro­nounce her beau­ti­ful name. Is the G silent?


No the W is ;)


Cute girl and love­ly curls!!


Thank you Gwla­dys! I’m in the PACA region as well! You just made my day by stat­ing that you use Ultra Gliss by Schwarzkopf. I’ve been buy­ing Herbal Essences each time I’m in Ger­many (because it’s not sold in France). I lived in Ger­many for over two years and nev­er tried the Schwarzkopf brand until recent­ly (except for the hair dye, which was a hor­ri­ble experience)…they have a ter­rif­ic leave-in spray called Total Repair. I will def­i­nite­ly try this series once I’m done with my Herbal Essences con­di­tion­er.


I sign off on the Schwarzkopf line as well. My hair is not as curly as Gwla­dys’, but the line of prod­ucts is sav­ing me hair here in Hol­land.


Herbal Essences is also a good reg­i­men =) But to keep talk­ing ’bout Shwarzkopf, the mask is real­ly effec­tive. My hair is real­ly smooth after its appli­ca­tion. As I said it dry­ing the hair in the air is as to me the best solu­tion to keep beau­ti­ful and defined curls =)


I too use Schwarzkopf ( the bliss range) and my hair adores it.

The leave-in con­di­tion­er smells so good and does won­der to my hair.

There are a lot of real­ly good Euro­pean prod­ucts and I don’t know why some of the Euro­pean hair icons claim that they have to import every­thing from the US?

A lot well known brands cater to dry, curly etc hair, you may not have a black face on the pack­ag­ing prod­uct but they do work great.

I agree with that.  How­ev­er, being a Euro­pean yes we do tend to import a lot of things from the U.S. or… we feel we ‘need’ to b/c some of the prod­ucts for spe­cif­ic hair­types aren’t avail­able over here. I sup­pose it has to do with being influ­enced with what a lot of these nat­ur­al hair blog­gers and vlog­gers use and also their suc­cess with those prod­ucts. While we can use the reg­u­lar stuff like VO5 and Schwarzkopf etc, some of us want to explore the nat­ur­al prod­ucts are­na for our spe­cif­ic hair­types. But yes I agree, some of them may… Read more »
I’m from the US, but live in Europe and I agree with you…but I have had bad expe­ri­ences with a num­ber of prod­uct lines here so I just became appre­hen­sive about them since I had no oth­er nat­ur­al to vouch for these prod­ucts. I’m not going to lie…there are things from the US that I love like Kinky Curly Knot Today…there is noth­ing on the mar­ket like that leave-in. But there’s no way one can rely on import­ing things like conditioner…it’s just too much mon­ey and ever since I found Herbal Essences in Ger­many, I’ve been con­tent. But a lot… Read more »