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By Alice of Alice in Nappyland

I’ve started a database of natural hair blogs and articles about natural hair from around the world because I got a lot of emails and questions about international resources from my readers who didn’t have access to some of the products I mentioned on my blog or were struggling to care for their naturalhair. Since then, the list has grown dramatically and now features blogs from almost every continent in the world!

If you are an international blogger/vlogger or you stumble upon an article that you think should be added to the list PLEASE tell me so I can add it/them. You’re welcome to send me an email to or post a link in the comments.





South Africa









United Kingdom and Ireland













French Guiana




  • Leave in the Kinks Miss Fizzy is based in Europe and Africa (she travels a lot) and Z is based in the United States.

Ladies, have we missed any blogs? What are some of your favorite international natural hair blogs?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • There are a handfull of natural hair blogs in German! The two I like most are and My German isn’t goid enough to read them yet, so i just have Google translate the sites for me. :) listed a few more in this article on my blog:

    • CheriKiss

      LOL. I just posted and didn’t notice you already did!
      you live here, too? In which city do you? I live in Bonn, the former capital of Germany.

      • Go Deutschland! LOL I’m from Alabama (USA), but I live in Wolfsburg, my husband’s hometown. How do you like living in Bonn? And WHERE do you buy your hair products? I’m still working from my American stash. :)

        • Aniversum and krauselocke are great, i love them :)

          And i also love China, from Germany, who even has been a Hair Icon here :)

          And there are more german Blogs for natural black hair, but they are for children hair care.

  • Bee

    Another amazing one for the Canada listing: – especially for my lovely loc’d folk!

    • Hi Bee,
      where in Canada are you based? (Just the province or territory to make it more organized)

  • Bee

    And THANK YOU for adding ’83 To Infinity to the list! I’m tickled to see it on here :)

  • Hi,

    I just find out my blog on your website, i’m really fond of your blog and for me it’s an honor to figure on your list. Thanks so much!!!

  • Bee

    Another Canadian goodie:

  • hairlover

    one of the references in france she even opend her store in paris a few days ago. her name is clarisse, she really helped me out with my journey!

  • Thanks for including my blog…I love your site!

  • hairlover

    i also forgot to mention lamanouchka, se was relaxed and did the big chop last year ( if i am not mistaken) i love her blog too

  • Thank you so much for including me on this list!

  • I’m a UK based blogger, my blog is I would love for you to check it out! xx

    • merry

      your blog is nice.

  • Nibi@The Kinky Apothecary

    Thanks Alice! Chat soon :)

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  • I think this is very useful, we can look for blogs in our areas and look for those more relevant to us!

    Please add to the list, she has a wonderful blog!

  • Thelly
  • Chika

    Heya. I started vblogging as a UK natural late last year, documenting my hair journey. Can you add me to the list please ^.^

  • melina

    In spain afrohair and Diario de negra flor.

    • Gracias por mencionarme Melina :)

  • Thanks for including my blog Alice and thanks BGLH for posting this!

  • I’m another UK-based blogger-to-be…have been wanting to get my blog up and running properly for a LONG time now, and never seem to have the time :( But seeing all these other great blogs inspires me no end. Mine’ll be at – hope it’s OK to be on the list sometime soon :)

  • Keisha G.

    Hey ladies if you ever get the chance , connect with me on my YT channel I’m new to the Natural Hair Movement as well as YouTube so I look forward to meeting as many of you inspirational as well as new naturals ! Lets talk hair ?

  • Me, me, me!!! I was a transitioner, just big chopped and im documenting my journey and also letting fellow jamaicans know what products im using and where im getting them! come check it out, thanks!