Michelle Obama Rocking Natural Hair?

This picture has been circulating around the web and it is quite impressive. To be clear, it is photoshopped. Michelle Obama does not wear her curls out (not yet anyway…) although there are whispers that her hair is natural but regularly straightened. Ladies, thoughts?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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62 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Rocking Natural Hair?

  1. Americans would riot; we’ve already witnessed what happened when her daughters wore their hair natural and braided.

  2. Why are we praising a photoshopped picture of the First Lady?? We have assumptions of how she will look with naturally curly hair but you don’t know how fine/dense/wiry/coily HER hair is. We have to remember it is Nikki Mae’s hair which is not only thick but very dense. The first lady is refined, classy and beautiful regardless of hair texture. It is HER decision how she wears her hair.

  3. I love this picture with our beautiful first lady, Michelle Obama with natural hair. I think she should go natural and wear her natural hair out. She looks better with natural hair along with all Black women in Africa or in the African Dispora, like me. I am wearing an weave right now and I am natural under the weave and I rather wear my real hair. I wear weaves for convience because my hair frizzles often and takes some time t do in the mirror. I am a young Black teenage girl who looks up to Michelle Obama because she is beautiful, intelligent, refined, classy and she is not ghetto, nasty, booty shaking at all. .But like India Arie, aid, we are not our hair.

  4. I wondered about this photo when I saw it on FB. I had a feeling there was a little photo magic going on. :o)

    It looks good on her though.

  5. Ooo, I would LOVE to see the First Lady go natural! She’s stunning and fabulous either way, though. Am I the only one who thinks she gives Jackie O a run for her money?

  6. I love it – she looks so much younger too and more glam. Shows off her facial structure great in that pic.

    PLEASE do it Michelle!!!! I guess maybe she can’t because it would take a while to get it from where it is now to where it is in that pic…but I still say do it!!

    And yeah, Jackie wh..O?

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