This picture has been circulating around the web and it is quite impressive. To be clear, it is photoshopped. Michelle Obama does not wear her curls out (not yet anyway…) although there are whispers that her hair is natural but regularly straightened. Ladies, thoughts?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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62 Comments on "Michelle Obama Rocking Natural Hair?"

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She would look so cute if she really had that hair style. Of course, the right would say its a black power move so they can get the black vote for the upcoming elections.


I don’t think the right cares about getting the black vote, actually.


Ha! I was just about to send this to you! Compared with the original this looks so much hotter!


FIERCE (in the good way)!


I absolutely love it!


That looks awesome on her, I wish she would go with that look


She should really consider going natural because she does have a very thick texture of hair. She looks fabulous on this photo very stylish and sophisticated, I think she would be a beautiful natural chica!

d from md

OMG! love it! She looks amazing!


Its a shame she doesnt rock her natural hair she look gorgeous and they actually have the means to care for their hair in its natural state without a wrinkle in the pocket at a curly salon like quid ad and deva salon at $300 a visit and top of the line products I hope she does it I can’t stop staring at this pic


It’s a great look!

Carolina Santos

Ficou maravilhoso! Se fosse ela adotaria, representa a mulher forte que ela é!


Awesome! She looks great! I hope she rocks a natural at least once soon!


could you imagine the first lady growing out her heat straightened hair?? now that would be epic!


Fabulous!! I bet she busts out some fab curls during hubbys second term. By then, it don’t matter what Americans are ready for.


Ha Ha….Damn Straight


Aw, I thought it was reaL! It is a gorgeous look on her!!!

Joyce Amarh

Oh wow she looks hott!


I love it! At first, I thought it was real and was a bit saddened to find out it wasn’t. I’ve heard her stylist, Johnny Wright, say FLOTUS is a heat trained natural and I hope that’s still true, if it works for her. I think she’ll come on over to the naturally curly side one day. She’s fab, no matter how she wears her hair.