Parisian nat­u­rals gath­ered for the I Am Not My Hair Con­fer­ence in Paris, France on Jan­u­ary 28 put on by blog­ger Fatou of the Black Beau­ty Bag. These gor­geous pho­tos are by Lara klur and Manu Dorlis. You can find the full album here.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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i love this pho­to set. I need make up tips from every woman pho­tographed. I love the col­ors that they all chose for their lips and eyes. very sophis­ti­cat­ed and sub­tle but what punch

VooDoo Love

I real­ly enjoyed look­ing at these pic­tures! It made me fell proud and I loved how all walks of life were rep­re­sent­ed all the ladies in these pho­tos tru­ly do show the world how beau­ti­ful black women real­ly are ;)


Thank you so much BGWLH to share the event with all your read­ers. I am the girl in the first pic­ture on the right side (with the black dress) The girl on the left is my sis­ter. This event was not only made for nat­u­ral­is­tas but for all the black girls who want to take care of their hair — nat­u­rals & relaxed. The prin­ci­pal aim was to share expe­ri­ences. Thank your for all the sup­port.
Much love

Patricia Kayden

Vive La France!

Very nice pho­tos.


Ooh la la! These french ladies are très chic! I would love to attend a nat­ur­al hair meet­up in Paris one day. It is so cool see­ing nat­ur­al hair rep­re­sent­ed all around the world.

Ran­dom, but does any­one know of any afro-french style or cul­ture blogs? I’ve come across a few gen­er­al french style blogs, but I would *love* to read one specif­i­cal­ly from an afro-french point of view.


Hi Court­ney,
There are a lot of french afro blogs, for exam­ple:
and you can also check my own blog if you want to



Pret­ty! Rep­re­sent ladies!


So inspir­ing! Even the relaxed sis­ters rep­re­sent­ed! Love it!


I must say that we are a beau­ti­ful peo­ple and the ladies in Paris have great style and beau­ty.


Wow this post is so time­ly for me since I plan to move to Paris in a few months from New York and one of my top con­cerns was how I would find the prop­er hair care prod­ucts for nat­ur­al hair over there. I even enlist­ed my cousin to just send me hair care pack­ages every 3 months. LOL

Nikkia, as a native NYer and a nat­ur­al in Europe for sev­er­al years (includ­ing being a nat­ur­al here one sum­mer almost ten years ago), I’m gonna be honest…that plan of yours prob­a­bly won’t last. I had mul­ti­ple box­es be returned from Cus­toms in Ger­many (and, in my opin­ion, the Ger­man post is much more effi­cient than the French coun­ter­part). I’m gonna tell you this: If you can, take tools rather than prod­ucts. I think tools are some­what more invalu­able than prod­ucts. There may be times when you don’t receive a pack­age or you real­ize you pay too much mon­ey (cour­tesy… Read more »

You know, it nev­er crossed my mind that it would be hard­er to find a wide tooth comb over Vati­ka coconut oil. Thanks so much for the tip! :-)


This made me smile as well and feel so proud to be a black woman! These women are beau­ti­ful!!!!


it was so amaz­ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




When you click on the black beau­ty bag web­site at the top it should say some­thing about google this page is in french. You can use the google trans­la­tor to switch it over to read in Eng­lish. Hope this helps you out :).


Does any­one know the salon in which this event was held? I’m in the south of France and I’m still on the look­out for a prop­er hair­cut from a salon that works with nat­ur­al hair (I’m sor­ry, but I’m skep­ti­cal of the African shops that just pro­mote relax­ers, wigs, and braid­ing). I’m begin­ning to lose hope. Also, if any­one knows of any salons in Brus­sels since I fre­quent­ly go there.


C’était chez Nayen­ka, c’est à la fois un salon et une bou­tique qui vend des pro­duits pour les cheveux naturelles et défrisés ain­si que du maquil­lage pour peaux noires et métiss­es.


the event took place at Nayen­ka.
c’est une bou­tique et pas un salon de coif­fure. si tu vas sur le blog de Fatou, elle a testé plusieurs salons de coif­fure.
J’espère que cela va t’aider!


Mer­ci beau­coup!


Try check­ing out the blog linked in the arti­cle here. It’s in French (which I can­not read but assume you can). Since they spon­sored it they may have more info on the meet­up itself and oth­er salons. Hope that helps :)


OMG I LOVE this!! Was sup­posed to go to Paris in June. Change of plans, but this makes me smile inside. Hap­py to see Nat­u­ral­is­tas all over the globe.


Great pho­tos! Beau­ti­ful women.


We need some­thing like this in Texas!




They are all so gor­geous.


these pics made me smile!


Black women all around the world are so gor­geous and styl­ish!!!

Page 4 there is a woman who favors Queen Lat­i­fah.

Total­ly ran­dom but Page 4 there is a woman who just looks like Queen Lat­i­fah ( cir­ca liv­ing sin­gle).