Introduce yourself.
I live in Columbus GA, but was born in Ft. Huachuca, AZ. I am reppin for all the naturals of GA lol. I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 beautiful children that are my pride and joys! I am also the wife to a wonderful and hard working man who has stood beside my decision to go natural. I just got back into doing some modeling, but nothing major.

Why did you go natural?
I made the decision to go natural a little over 4 years ago. I’d started my family eating organic and living a “green” lifestyle before it had become the trendy thing to do. I was upset to learn about the things that we were eating and just about everything we were doing, so I made a vow to change our ways of doing things and just become as healthy as we could be. It only made sense to stop applying chemicals to my hair as well. I also wanted to teach my daughter that her hair was beautiful and felt I couldn’t do that if I held on to straight strands. My kids are all natural! I also thought natural hair was amazingly beautiful and had been thinking about it for a long time, just never thought I could do it, lol.

How did you transition into natural hair?
I was Queen of relaxers and would get one every time I saw a wave! I had no idea just how much I would come to adore my waves, curls and kinks!! My only regret is not going natural sooner. I TRIED to transition, but that did not last long. Two days to be exact! I went to a braid shop and ask for micros, but ended up agreeing on twists, but the braider gave me micros anyway. Hours later, I had a massive amount of hair on my head and I went home saying I would leave them in until I had enough new growth to cut the relaxer off. I had gotten a relaxer prior to the braids so I really didn’t have anything to work with at that point.

For two days I had a headache, my edges were pulled so tight I had to take something for it and when that failed, I just told my husband and aunt to help me get them out!! It seemed to take forever and a day to do it and towards the end, my husband said to me “Why don’t you just cut it off? You want to go natural anyway.” So I let him get the clippers and I stood in our bathroom in front of the mirror and let him give me my “big chop”! It was certainly a big chop because afterwards I only had 1/2 an inch of hair! I was in shock (lol), but what other naturals have said was true for me also; I really did feel “free”.

I have not looked back or missed my relaxed days. Going natural for me was a personal decision, but I did wonder how others would view me and my hair. In the beginning I could tell my mother didn’t understand and really, some of my friends. They ask me “Why would you cut off all that pretty hair??” I just told them that I didn’t want the chemicals anymore. My kids were even in shock too, but they told me I was always pretty (lol). As my hair grew, I think people started to accept it more.

In what ways (if any) has going natural affected you?
For me, it made me feel unique. I felt different and it made me feel good to know I didn’t look like everybody else. For once in my life I was being who God created me to be! It felt great to have others come up to me and tell me my hair was beautiful and ask questions. I was approached by people of many different races! I found out a lot of females wanted to go natural too, but didn’t know what to do or I would hear “My hair won’t look like yours!”. I told them that they didn’t know what their hair would look like until they let go and tried. Going natural also made me look at my clothing differently, lol. I know that may sound strange, but it kinda opened me up to different styles.

How would you describe your hair?
I would describe my hair as super duper thick! I don’t really know my “hair type” and honestly I don’t really get into all of that because we are all different and all have very different textures and I happen to have a few. My hair is very wavy, coily, kinky and curly all at the same time! It has its own moods and I never know from day to day how it is going to act! Some days she is cool, calm and collected and other days she is WILD, stubborn and crazy! I LOVE, LOVE big hair and I try to get mine to stand up and out as high as it can go. Some days I like my curls to show and some days I don’t care about curls. The versatility is endless!

What is your regimen?
To be honest, I don’t know if I can say I truly have a regimen, but I have experimented (“product junkie”) and have recently narrowed it down to a few things I don’t think my hair can live without! I am a huge fan of good ole fashion Castor Oil. I use it as a sealant and sometimes it is the only thing I use after a co-wash. My hair is always super soft and shiny, BUT a little does go a long way so I have to use maybe half a fingertip per section when I am twisting.

I am also in love with a product called “Natty Butter” by a company called All Things O’ Natural! The owner is Dominique Goosby Harris and she is awesome!! I use the butter on my hair when it is damp, twist then seal with my castor oil. I am trying out a Mud wash right now, but usually I co-wash with Knot Today leave in conditioner by the Kinky Curly line. I also use their Curly Custard or home made flaxseed gel for slicking my hair into puffs. Both enhance my waves nicely! To clarify my hair, I usually use ACV from a spray bottle, massage it in and leave on until I finish showering then I rinse out and follow with my co-wash.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
Oh my gosh there have been sooo many!! I can say my biggest mistake was going to people just because they told me they knew about natural hair! I ended up getting 3 major cuts that were supposed to be trims. That led to me not getting trims for a long time because I was afraid of “scissor happy” beauticians! I was recently a finalist in a Natural Model competition and it forced me to see a stylist for a challenge and I got a trim. I lost inches, but my hair thanked me for it!!

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
Besides using all-natural products, the best thing I do for my hair is keep it twisted at night and covered. I wear a satin scarf and a bonnet. If my hair is left loose (which I am not going to lie, some nights I am exhausted from having a 10 month old, 8 year old and 13 year old), I wake up with a tangled bird’s nest! So it is important for me to maintain it so I keep down the single strand knots as well.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
I have a channel on Youtube that I started years ago after chopping off all my hair and i have pretty much documented my experiences. You can see where i started off and where i am now! I wanted to help others in the way others helped me. It is hard sometimes when you don’t have the encouragement or support. You can find me at

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Just wanted to say that I love that your husband was so supportive of your transition and that he was instrumental in your impromtu decision to do the BC. That speaks volumes to me and is oh so romantico. Tell him that I am so ultra proud of him.
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ah! your hair is absolutely beautiful.
i am currently 3 months into transitioning, &although this isn’t your area of expertise ;), do you have any product suggestions for slicking down &taming hair edges?


Hey Jalene! Thank you so much :)! Congrats on your transition and for my edges i use either Kinky Curly Custard or Satin Roots which is similar. You can also go the cheaper route and make some easy flaxseed gel which i find defines my curls amazingly well! I just never have the time to make it lol. You can find many video tutorials on YouTube for making it. And i use a toothbrush, so get one that you use just for the little baby hairs :). Hope that helps some! God Bless

lillian mae

Absolutely beautiful!
Though I have stuck with transitioning for the last 21 months, I commend all who take the plunge and do the BC!
Like you, I do not use shampoo. Once a month I cleanse my strands and scalp with Aztec Indian Clay, and I too use ACV on my scalp during the other weeks during the month!

Great inspiration for your daughters, as well as other natural women.


Thank you so much Lillian Mae! You have to do it when you are ready. Had i not had the bad experience with the micros, i may have transitioned, but i really feel all things happen for a reason :). I have never tried the Aztec Indian Clay in my hair. I did buy this clay cleanser though, but i have not used it much. I appreciate the awesome compliment, thank you 🙂


Nice Styles and You Look like michelle Obhama woooo…X


Thank you and thanks lol, that is the first time i have been told that!


Your hair is beautiful…Why do you co-wash opposed to simply washing your hair? What do you consider the benefits?

Hi Irisestill! Well, when i first went natural, i was shampooing my hair and because it was so short i really didn’t notice a difference until it started to grow out and get longer. I noticed that the shampoo was making it feel dry, brittle and similar to a brillo pad (for real!!). I ask a few of my natural YouTube friends what i should do and they all told me to try co-washing. I couldn’t understand how eliminating shampoo would help at all and in my opinion it didn’t sound clean (lol). But i tried it and my hair… Read more »
Ms. D

You and your hair are gorgeous!!! Such an inspiration!!!


I appreciate that Ms. D, thank you so much 🙂


Your hair is lovely!


I really appreciate that , thank you!


Beautiful lady and beautiful hair !! I like the first and third pictures from the gallery.


Thank you so very much :)!!

Dominique Harris

ReShonda you look absolutely (O)mazing, as usual. Thank you so much for your support and for sharing with us your story. You ROCK!!!


Thank you soooo much Dominique!!!! I appreciate your support as well my friend :)!

Amanda Rambo

Reshonda is beautiful, and I was hoping she win the “America’s Next Natural Model” contest on I think she is a wonderful person with fierce hair.


Thank you so much Amanda!!! I really appreciate that a lot! It was hard work and amazing competition and i feel blessed to have been a finalist. The site had many issues which caused some major problems with the votes so they decided to choose a winner themselves. It is ok, i am blessed for the exposure :). When it is MY time, i know God will lead me! God Bless !!



You have to find what works for you, and being African has nothong to do with it.You just need a good non stripping shampooo or some people just wash with regular conditioner,a leave in and some oils,and protective styles(braids,twists,buns)until you get the hang of it.go on youtube-rustic beauty,Sera-are too African ladies with beautiful hair.Also
kimmaytube,Naptural 85 and so many others on youtube.Good luck.


Awesome advice Lindy!!!! I loved those women on Youtube and they are all a part of who i am today! It is because of the natural women of Youtube that i didn’t give up! Trust me, it has nothing to do with being African, mixed race, black or whatever :). Our hair comes in as many textures as there are colors in a crayon box. Think outside the box 🙂


i love to see black people embracing environmental and health issues…

and, her hair is great.


I appreciate you Merry! I wanted everyone to know that natural hair for me was not a trend, but a reflection of who i truly am as a person. 🙂


You are fierce!!


Why thank you Anastasia :)! Blessings to you sis!


Lovely hair,but what can an African like me use? My hair is coarse and doesnt grow out like the ones i see on this site. And clearly there are some sisters here who a product of mixed races. Help!

You don’t have to have a certain hair type to grow your hair long :). Just take care of it, condition it, protect it when you are sleeping, pay it attention (trims when needed, no to low heat styling…), do what makes your hair feel and look its best. I am not of a mixed race at all and even some that are, our textures range from wavy, curly , coily and kinky! I have seen people of mixed races that had the kinkiest hair :). All in all, every hair texture should be appreciated and looked at as being… Read more »

And if you run searches on this site for fragile hair, or individual african countries, you might find more of the kind of info you’re after.

why are you thinking that you have to be mixed race to have long, healthy hair? I’m african too and I had hair longer than hers by the time I was 9! And this was while I was living in africa! Don’t hold on to that lie that your hair is somewhat inferior because it’s not a certain texture or because you are from africa. You are just devaluing yourself and where you are from. It takes knowing what works for your hair and learning how to take care of it. EVERYONE that wants to grow long hair has to… Read more »
I do agree with you df, it does take lnowing what will work for YOU. Long hair to me is beautiful, but i don’t worry about length, healthy hair is beautiful :). My hair was down my back near my rear when i was 5 and up until i was 13. At the age of 13 i wanted to be like my peers and talked my mom into a relaxer (big mistake!). Ny hair was still beautiful, but nothing compares to that natural lol! I think when you focus on what you are doing right/wrong , your hair will grow.… Read more »
Lucumi Lady

Thanx for your story Reshonda. Glad to know my young sisters (read daughters) aren’t the only naturals around.


Very welcome, it was my pleasure to share it!! I really love natural hair and want to tell everyone i can about it :). For so long it has been looked at negatively and i want people to see just how beautiful it really is! Our hair can do anything!!


Gorgeous Hair!!!!!


Thank you AfricanBeauty 🙂

Anne Hill

I love you hair


Thanks so much!!

Annie L.

Gorgeous hair and styles!


Hi Annie! Thanks so much :). Blessings!