African Threading with an American Twist

After our recent post on African threading, reader Barbara L decided to give it a try but added her own twist! Check it out:

I was immediately intrigued upon reading of this age old protective style technique and wanted to try it myself but with an American twist. I wanted to be as authentic as possible so I purchased thread at an African hair shop as opposed to using weave thread.

For my take on this technique, I also purchased a C-curve weave needle.

A few observations

1. Dipping thread in oil before use keeps it supple.
2. Moisturize and seal hair before threading and after threading, on an as needed basis.
3. It can be worn up to three weeks at minimum.
4. Washing hair in thread is not recommended but a daily spritz is fine.

African hair threading is now a staple in my regimen on my quest to be a black girl with long hair.

Here is a video detailing how I did a fro-hawk using the African threading technique:

So cool! Ladies, what do you think of how African threading was used for Barbara’s look?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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46 thoughts on “African Threading with an American Twist

  1. I love threading. Used to get it done often as a young girl in Angola. I used to hate getting it done when we moved to American. Stupid… How social pressures & teasing can lead you to make ignorant choices! Anyways I always had healthy hair then. Am bringing it back to my regime!

  2. Was curious about this – the article says the hairstyle can be worn “up to three weeks at minimum” but is that supposed to say maximum?

    I saw the video but I think the person in it said they kept it in for 3 weeks, but I’m only asking because I wanted to know if leaving it in longer would be okay – if so, about how long do you think this style could hold? And what sort of maintenance would you recommend? Thank you in advance! :)

  3. Not really. I live in Namibia and my mom used to do that all the time with my hair. thats like back in the early 2000’s.

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