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Intro­duce your­self!
My name is Leaira. Born and raised in Geor­gia (a true Geor­gia Peach). I am a tall grow­ing wom­an and a ris­ing senior in col­lege major­ing in Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Media Stud­ies with a dou­ble minor in Soci­ol­o­gy and Wom­en Stud­ies. I am also a trained dancer and a cul­tur­al arts intern. 

How long have you been nat­u­ral?
I have been nat­u­ral for 4 years and 4 months to date; it has trans­formed my life and opened many unfore­see­able oppor­tu­ni­ties for me. Decid­ing to tran­si­tion was one of the great­est things I have done for my devel­op­ment and growth as a wom­an. I absolute­ly love every­thing about the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty. Receiv­ing pos­i­tive com­pli­ments from men and wom­en real­ly bright­ens my day.

How and why did you tran­si­tion into nat­u­ral hair?
Tran­si­tion­ing was an easy deci­sion for me. The way the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty has evolved over the years was noth­ing com­pared to the place it was a few years ago. I wasn’t aware of the beau­ty and con­fi­dence one could attain from being nat­u­ral; I sim­ply did it because I was told it was health­ier for my hair and I did just that, tran­si­tioned. I walked into a hair salon, met a nat­u­ral hair spe­cial­ist and I tran­si­tioned with her. Four years lat­er and I’m still sched­ul­ing hair appoint­ments. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST! Our rela­tion­ship has flour­ished beyond just a client and styl­ist; we have devel­oped an insep­a­ra­ble bond.

What are your must-have prod­ucts for sham­poo­ing, con­di­tion­ing and styling your hair?
I have been through Pan­tene for Relaxed/Natural hair to Biosilk and oth­er mis­cel­la­neous prod­ucts that were unful­fill­ing and insuf­fi­cient for my hair growth and health­i­ness, so my hair styl­ist rec­om­mend­ed the fair­ly new nat­u­ral pro­duct line by Avlon called Ker­acare. I use their Cleans­ing Cream and Leave In Con­di­tion­er to clean my scalp and hair from residue, which leaves my hair feel­ing clean and soft.

For styling I shin­gle my hair in parts start­ing from the back to the front with the Defin­ing Cus­tard for Curls & Coils, along with the Twist & Define Cream for silky shiny twists & twist outs. After­wards, I use a spray bot­tle with water only and style my hair into Ban­tu Knot Twists. The next morn­ing I wake up and use a wide tooth comb, detan­gling with the But­ter Cream Every­day Mois­tur­iz­er. Depend­ing on how dry it is or how much vol­ume I want, I use a dif­fuser to achieve a big and wild look.

What is your sig­na­ture hair­style?
My sig­na­ture hair­style is def­i­nite­ly Ban­tu Knot Twist outs, and recent­ly I have a new pro­found inter­est in roller sets. As time pro­gress­es they get bet­ter. I love every­thing about them, except for the long hours under the hair dry­er. Oth­er than that, the curls are unde­ni­ably beau­ti­ful.

Did going nat­u­ral affect your style choic­es at all?
Not at all, the selec­tion of items I wear are ulti­mate­ly depen­dent upon the state my hair is in. Becom­ing nat­u­ral is some­thing I should have ALWAYS been. There was no accus­tom­ing process nec­es­sary. Once I became nat­u­ral I inhaled any by-pro­duct of it.

Your style is boho chic. What’s your advice for select­ing pieces to add that bohemi­an flair into a wardrobe?
The best advice I could give would be to have patience first when shop­ping for items. I have a say­ing that helps me get through the tedious process: “If I don’t love it, don’t buy it.” Lik­ing it is not enough. From there, select pieces that com­pli­ment your body type and show off your best assets with­out over doing it. Go for items that make you feel con­fi­dent and look exhil­a­rat­ing. The items you must have to com­plete a bohemi­an look: earth tone neck­laces and bam­boo bracelets, long skirts, and cow­boy boots.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Yes. I am cur­rent­ly work­ing on a per­son­al blog, but until then you can find me on Twit­ter: http://twitter.com/#!/Natural_Guru, Tum­blr: http://dancerdrapedinpearls.tumblr.com/, and Insta­gram: nat­ur­al_gu­ru.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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dee (durelene)



her hair, and style is roy­al.


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Hi I was won­der­ing which nat­u­ral hair salon do you go to. I will be home for the sum­mer from school and I am look­ing for a nat­u­ral hair styl­ist


4 years 4 months nat­u­ral, wow! Now on hair prod­ucts, I liked the fact she found wat worked for her! I live in Zim­bab­we and am cur­rent­ly using any­thing labelled DC, mois­turis­er sham­poo etc close to “nat­u­ral” that doesn’t con­tain min­er­al oil or sul­phates, excit­ed with the nat­u­rale jour­ney now 11 months nat­u­ral still learn­ing every­day, dis­cov­er­ing new things.


Yay! Anoth­er nat­u­ral­is­ta liv­ing in Zim!


You look love­ly and I love your hair and style.


Dayum thats alot of gor­geous hair, you and the hair­styl­ist have done a won­der­ful job of it. The pic­ture with you hav­ing the hair straight­ened flow­ing down your back had my mouth open with awe … Such a pret­ty girl as well, your regime is def­i­nite­ly work­ing for you. Keep up the good work.

Annie L.

+1 Just…for real, and love those top-buns!

Tai Nycole

Your blog is so amaz­ing! It’s infor­ma­tive, beau­ti­ful­ly laid out, and fun to read. For that I’d like to present you with *sounds trum­pets* the One Love­ly Blog Award!



Thank you dear! I use Olay foam­ing face wash for sen­si­tive skin/ oil free/ fra­grance-free, every day & every night. I then use a mois­tur­iz­ing lotion by Cer­aVe and drink plen­ty of water.


It has been a delight! LOVE YOUR HAIRSTYLIST JALO


What salon/stylist do you go to in Geor­gia? I recent­ly did the big chop and would love guid­ance from your styl­ist! Your hair is absolute­ly gor­geous and I love your style! One GA Peach to anoth­er ;-)


Hel­lo my fel­low GA Peach! Thank you very much! send me an email amazonbeauty08@gmail.com & I will give you her con­tact infor­ma­tion. Thank you again!


If only I lived closer, I’m 4hrs from Atlanta… lol


Beau­ti­ful hair


her hair is beau­ti­ful and i love her style!


i need her skin reg­i­men as well, please? lol.. its FLAAWWLLEESSS

twa cutie

She has gor­geous hair!!! It’s sooo thick and long!!