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Intro­duce your­self!
Peace Curlies! My name is Nir­vana and I’m from BX by way of BROOKLYN!!! Lol. I’m cur­rent­ly a Brook­lyn col­lege junior major­ing in Eng­lish Lit­er­a­ture / minor Cre­ative Writ­ing. I’m also a Cos­me­tol­o­gist with over 10 year’s expe­ri­ence with hair care although I have a pref­er­ence for nat­ur­al hair care and styling these days. I’m also a per­for­mance artist. Spo­ken word is my heart­beat

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
I remem­ber the morn­ing the world was informed of Sean Bell’s death. I returned upstairs from the gro­cery store with a mil­lion things going through my mind. I went and got a “BLACK POWER” tat­too and you can imag­ine the rest was his­to­ry. I was also tired of feel­ing like I was con­form­ing. When I asked myself why I was relax­ing my hair I couldn’t come up with a rea­son oth­er than I’d been doing it since I was 11 years old.

When and how did you tran­si­tion into nat­ur­al hair?
In Decem­ber of 2006 I removed my box braids “tran­si­tion style”. I had 15 inch­es of hair! But 12 of those “relaxed” inch­es had to go! So Jan­u­ary 2007 Off with my HAIR! I was reborn. I cried tears of joy and looked at the floor…Saw ALL my hair and cried again! But I loved my TWA.

In what ways (if any) has going nat­ur­al affect­ed you?
I find it fun­ny that I am weave checked all the time now that I’m nat­ur­al as opposed to when I had a weave before. Women thought the fake hair was real. It can be frus­trat­ing, but I just laugh lol. I guess we have been told our nat­ur­al hair is ugly for so long that it’s hard to believe it can look this good! GOKINKY’S!!!

But going back nat­ur­al has affect­ed my con­fi­dence pos­i­tive­ly in ways I could write a book on. I feel gen­uine. Dif­fer­ent types of men approach me now. It is always with respect. I NEVER fath­omed being able to go out with­out the help of weave or a relax­er and feel fierce! I was nev­er caught with­out my weave pre-nat­ur­al. I had long hair, but it was a psy­cho­log­i­cal depen­dence. Wear­ing my real hair speaks vol­umes to lit­tle girls and to women every­where. It makes me feel good when a lit­tle girl looks at me and says, “Mom­my her hair looks like mine, she’s pret­ty!” or when I can moti­vate some­one to leave the creamy crack alone and show them you can be just as fierce nap­py­opoleget­i­cal­ly!

How would you describe your hair?
In terms of tex­ture, thick­ness and behav­ior, my hair has an iden­ti­ty cri­sis going on lol. The front crown area doesn’t have a curl pat­tern and has less den­si­ty. I have to curl it with a spi­ral iron. It just grows that way. The back and sides on the oth­er hand need NO HELP! I have nice thick straw sized curls. The tex­ture is kinky curly. I have fine del­i­cate strands. I have 14 inch­es in the back and 12.5 in the front on my last length check in Feb­ru­ary 2012. I’ve been nat­ur­al a lit­tle over 5 years.

What is your reg­i­men?
I’m a pro­tec­tive style girl! For half the year I switch up pro­tec­tive styles. Dou­ble strand twists are my sta­ple. Box braids are too ardu­ous so I’ve giv­en them up :( I love 50’s pin up looks and vic­to­ry rolls, buns and any pret­ty updos with flow­ers / feath­ers of course! I flat iron 3x per year. I think it’s good to smooth the cuti­cle lay­er occa­sion­al­ly to com­bat fairy knots. But I always miss my curlies after a day or two. I wash my hair week­ly with Shea Mois­ture Sham­poo fol­lowed by their Organ­ic Restora­tive Con­di­tion­er as a leave in. I do dou­ble strand twists and seal with coconut oil. Air dry of course. I take down the twists the next day and style. When I need a clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo I use Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Sham­poo. It’s the holy grail!

How do you retain length and mois­ture in your hair?
I retain mois­ture with Miss Jessie’s Baby But­ter Crème through the week, coconut oils, Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in and Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor May­on­naise deep steam treat­ments every 2 weeks. For length reten­tion I trim my hair 2x per year and treat my ends like del­i­cate threads of silk when brush­ing.

What mis­takes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
Ive run into prod­ucts that my hair didn’t like, but I made most of my hair mis­takes when I was a relaxed girl. I’ve been very lucky up to this point, so I guess beau­ty school helps in that I know the major Do’s and Don’ts by now.

What’s the best/most effec­tive thing you do for your hair?
Deep treat­ments and coconut oils!! I swear by them.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

Any­thing else you want to add?
TEAM (4) SHRINk­AGE! Your hair is ALIVE! It does what it needs to sus­tain itself as does all life on the plan­et through hydra­tion. WATER IS NOT THE ENEMY! It sus­tains life. On the dri­est of days it’s able to fil­ter out the small­est par­ti­cles of H20 from the atmos­phere like a plant in order to hydrate itself if you for­get to water it. The cuti­cles swell and the water enters leav­ing the crown a halo of shrunk­en kinks sprout­ing from your scalp. WOW! Can’t you see the bril­liance in that? Oh and remember…kinkyGirlsDoitBetter!


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Nir­vana, you’re fab­u­lous! Brook­lyn STAND UP!!!

I love that line: kinky­Girls­Doit­Bet­ter! It’s cute and cheeky and needs to be on a t-shirt; is it, and, if so, where do I buy it?


My expe­ri­ence going nat­ur­al was def­i­nite­ly not so seri­ous or deep but I loved her sto­ry. It real­ly shows her pas­sion. I love her hair! Looks so healthy!


This is MY GIRl!!!! I’ve known her through EVERY hair tran­si­tion imag­in­able. From weaves, to box braids to relax­ers, to hair lit­er­al­ly down to her butt. I’m so proud of her and what she’s accom­plished in what seems a short peri­od of time. She is beau­ti­ful, inside and out and one of the most bril­liant writ­ers and poets that exist. Sh
is tru­ly one of my idols and I’m proud beyond of her tenac­i­ty and resilience. xox­ox­ox­oxo
Your New York/St. Louis Fam­i­ly!!!!! :-)


I like what she said about shrink­age. I always see peo­ple talk about shrink­age like it’s some kind of ene­my (though I get want­i­ng to show off your hard-earned length) but tight curls are cute too ;)


Love it!


mar­leaaaaa yesssss!!! I’m so excit­ed for you! To:D you have so many options when nat­ur­al, straight, spi­rals, Afro poofs, wavy, etc..thanks for the pos­i­tives vibes sis­tar** bless­ings on your journey..and Anas­ta­sia I agree it’s more than just being nat­ur­al it’s a state­ment to younger girls com­ing behind us so they hope­ful­ly won’t have to deal with the same stig­mas of nat­ur­al hair we had to deal with;) preach sis!!


what col­or do you have in your hair? it’s a real­ly pret­ty com­bi­na­tion.

Nir­vana, thanks for shar­ing your sto­ry with us! You and your hair are on point! But this right here:  “Wear­ing my real hair speaks vol­umes to lit­tle girls and to women every­where. It makes me feel good when a lit­tle girl looks at me and says, “Mom­my her hair looks like mine, she’s pret­ty!” or when I can moti­vate some­one to leave the creamy crack alone and show them you can be just as fierce nap­py­opoleget­i­cal­ly!” speaks to my heart and soul for I have had sim­i­lar experiences.Seeing the pos­i­tive reac­tion of ‘our chil­dren’ regard­less of gen­der has been at least… Read more »

I found more inspi­ra­tion through this sto­ry to go nat­ur­al. I’ve been relax­er free since 2003. Yet I have been a slave to the Ken­tucky Maid #222 press­ing comb, lol (because I know the # & I pack my own when going to the salon). Nir­vana you have giv­en me what I need­ed: the insight that I could still be apart of the straight­ened and go full throt­tle with the nat­ur­al move­ment. Thank you


=) Mar­lea, I’m excit­ed for you!


Thanks Anata­sia, I’m excit­ed!!! Now, the hunt for the best prod­ucts for my hair is para­mount to pull this off. My hair is fine, soft and a great com­mu­ni­ca­tor of likes and dis­likes, LOL.… I’m look­ing around this site for hair sim­i­lar to mine for direc­tion..


Court­ney steal away that’s the point of the site! Lol and give thanks Nadia for the com­pli­ments now go get your curls back lol!!! Kinky­Girlz­Doit­bet­ter!!


Nir­vana is gor­geous and so is her nat­ur­al hair! Your inter­view was great and lit­er­al­ly is mak­ing me get up off the couch and go wash my naps because I’ve been straight for a cou­ple of weeks now. All the awards!!!


Annie L thanks God­dess!! We HAVE to rep­re­sent to the fullest! Kinky­Girlz­doit­Bet­ter!!


So hap­py to have found a Nat­ur­al Girl who’s front and crown area also grows in straight (and frizzy!)! I thought I had done some­thing wrong! It’s frus­trat­ing, but I’m learn­ing to embrace all the dif­fer­ent ways my hair wants to be! I am 7 months post Big Chop after tran­si­tion­ing for one year and a lit­tle more than 3 months post a Mini Chop to even out a crazy mul­let I had going on. Thank you for your inspi­ra­tion, Nir­vana!


Lord, mine grows curly/wavy and frizzy. The only way it gets tamed is via a twist-out.


so so so pret­ty!!!! love the mowhawk design braids! can i steal that style from you lol

Annie L.

Eng­lish Lit/Creative Writ­ing under­grads rep­re­sent! That cloud-like free-flow­ing style and the side-braid design at bot­tom are knock­outs! Great inter­view, I always get a lit­tle teary-eyed read­ing how lib­er­at­ing going nat­ur­al was for many of us.