By Fran of

Price – 8.5 oz for $22

Retail Loca­tions – ULTA, Sephora,

Ingre­di­ents — Water, Toco­pheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmi­tate, Pan­thenol (Provi­t­a­m­in B5), Chamomil­la Recu­ti­ta (Matri­caria) Extract, Actini­dia Chi­nen­sis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract, Law­so­nia Iner­mis (Hen­na) Leaf Extract, Wheat Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Wheat Pro­tein/PVP Crosspoly­mer, Propy­lene Gly­col, PEG-60 Almond Glyc­erides, PEG-12 Dime­thicone, Dime­thicone, Polyquater­ni­um-28, Glyc­er­in, PPG-26-Buteth-25, PEG-40 Hydro­genat­ed Cas­tor Oil, PVP/DMAPA Acry­lates Copoly­mer, Hydrox­yethyl­cel­lu­lose, Methyl­paraben, Propy­l­paraben, DMDM Hydan­toin, Fra­grance.

Claims – “Con­trols frizz in all cli­mates”

Pro­duct Review – The gel is thin and clear like a light serum. The smell reminds me of a Pan­tene con­di­tion­er. I cleansed my hair and fin­ger-raked the gel into drip­ping wet hair, then let it air dry. Nor­mal­ly, my hair takes 4–6 hours to ful­ly dry but with this pro­duct it took 9–10 hours. It also dried with a super tight hold and heavy crunch. I didn’t use a lot of pro­duct because you can tell, as soon as you glide it on, that a lit­tle goes a long way. But the hold was still very tight. I basi­cal­ly had the “wet look” for the entire day. And my hair was unable to gain any vol­ume. This also brought on tons of white flakes. The more I tried to “scrunch the crunch”, once my hair was ful­ly dried, the flakier it became. I went to sleep with it up in high, pineap­ple style pony­tail.

The next morn­ing, my hair was still defined and frizz free, but felt dried out. It no longer gave me the “wet look” but my hair was now flat and shape­less. I did my puff out tech­nique and it would lay right back down. It was also com­plete­ly full of white flakes at this point. I added more pro­duct mixed in with a lit­tle bit of water, my usu­al rou­tine, to fresh­en up the curls for sec­ond day hair. My hair was sticky and crunchy yet again. I had to wash it out. I’m some­one who loves tons of vol­ume and this was just too much con­trol. The only rea­son I can’t ful­ly knock this pro­duct is because it does as it says, “Con­trols frizz in all cli­mates”. My hair held up well in terms of def­i­n­i­tion, frizz and shine, in temps in the high 60s and after exer­cis­ing out­doors. That’s def­i­nite­ly a plus. How­ev­er, it seems to sac­ri­fice soft­ness and mois­ture while doing so.

Score – I give this pro­duct a C for nat­u­ral hair. I will stick to the Knot Today by Kinky Curly as a leave-in, which gives def­i­n­i­tion and shine as well as mois­ture, while pro­mot­ing hair health by using clean­er ingre­di­ents. And for almost half the price!

Fran is a 3c tex­tured nat­u­ral. A shot of her hair is below (click to enlarge):

Ladies, have you tried this pro­duct? What are your thoughts?

I’m a nat­u­ral hair, nutri­tion and fit­ness blog­ger from New York City. Bat­tling a kid­ney relat­ed ill­ness that doc­tors couldn’t seem to fix, I became obsessed with alter­na­tive med­i­cine. After months of research­ing and final­ly cur­ing myself, it became quite evi­dent that healthy resources in our urban com­mu­ni­ties were lack­ing. I began my health & well­ness tum­blr in Dec of 2010 as some­what of a jour­nal, hop­ing to shed some light on my jour­ney to health as well as our dis­con­nec­tion with healthy liv­ing. It’s been my goal to cre­ate a safe haven where our well­ness con­cerns could be shared and hope­ful­ly cured, as nat­u­ral­ly as pos­si­ble.

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I have 4c hair and I had a sam­ple of the Ouidad Cli­mate Con­trol. I used it in 2 senar­ios after a wash using Soft Mois­ture Yuc­ca & Boabab sham­poo & con­di­tion­er: 1) coconut oil –> cli­mate con­trol –> grape­seed oil –> blow dry –> heat pro­tec­tant –> flat iron. I noticed my hair was straighter and last­ed straighter longer and NO frizz!!!!  2) coconut oil –> cli­mate con­trol –> soft mois­ture coconut&hibiscus curl style milk –> shea but­ter and flat twist. I noticed that my twist out was noti­ci­bly less frizzy and last­ed 2–3 days with­out re-twist­ing. In my opin­ion,… Read more »
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I used this gel with Kinky curly knot today and I had great results. It was very humid and driz­zling the sec­ond day, and I walked through it with­out an umbrel­la; no frizz. Even after stretch­ing my hair with pony­tails… no frizz. One com­plaint: my hair felt pro­duc­ty even though I only used a small amount. Also,I got free sam­ples from Sephora so my opin­ion may change if I actu­al­ly have to pay for it.


i got this gel along with the botan­i­cal boost spray from m sis­ter, it works great if you put a creamy leave in or con­di­tion­er on ur soak­ing wet hair first them put the gel on top, def­i­n­i­tion for days and refreshed great with the spray


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I liked it. no real issues for me per­son­al­ly.


I have the gel because some­one gave it to me. its the only gel i would use because it is alco­hol free and i nev­er had a prob­lem with it. I only use it when putting my hair in a pony­tail or bun, nev­er for a wash and go.


I have this and planned on using it when dew points are too high but that Dimeth­cone makes me think twice.


When I tried this pro­duct, I main­ly used it on twist/braidouts and gave me BEAUTIFUL results. Doing a wash & go w/ this DID leave my hair slight­ly crunchy though. My friend Son­driel says the best pro­duct from their line to use on type 4 hair is their Curl Quencher line…but Cli­mate Con­trol works just as well.
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^Braid­out w/ cli­mate gel

I’ve used this before and actu­al­ly liked it .… WHEN the crunch is scrunched out with the Clear Con­trol Glaze. I didn’t have flakes and had soft, fluffy and defined hair. I got it at a salon that did the Ouidad cut for me and used it aft­wards. BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT, I got almost as good results with LaBel­la Lots of Curls, which is, like, $3 for a gal­lon. So, the Ouidad Cli­mate Con­trol was def­i­nite­ly NOT worth the mon­ey to me, because I need­ed a sec­ond expen­sive a@#$ pro­duct to get the end results I desired and I could get just… Read more »

I pur­chased the Ouidad Expert Curl Kit from Sephora and returned it as well. I have 4C hair and I tried to use it for a wash and go. I don’t think wash and gos are good for my hair because of how much my hair shrinks. Any­way, my hair was dry and crunchy and felt like straw. When I washed it out, I had to do a deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment just to get my hair back to nor­mal. I did not like this line of prod­ucts.


I just returned the entire Ouidad Cli­mate Con­trol Heat & Humid­i­ty Gel the sham­poo and condish to Sephora. I had the same expe­ri­ence (sticky and crunchy and white flakes) with this pro­duct. I have 4C hair and called the Ouidad cus­tomer ser­vice line to ask them what I should pur­chase and at their sug­ges­tion I pur­chased the trio (Shamp, cond and gel)..there was noth­ing I could do with any of it.… It is just awful for my type of hair.