By Toni Parker of Cush Cosmetics

While perusing  YouTube, I recently discovered many videos featuring women using miconazole nitrate, to grow their hair.  Miconazole nitrate is the active ingredient in the Monistat family of products that are used to treat vaginal yeast infections.

My first thought was hmmm…this must be a joke. However, as I continued to explore Youtube, there were a great number of women, both black and white, making the claim that miconazole nitrate really did grow their hair.  But the most intriguing aspect of the videos was the fact that all of them kept a straight face-smiling only when they referred to their miracle cream as “coochie or cooty cream.”  Yep! They knew it was for that area and they still wanted to put it on their scalp, which really got my attention.

So, in keeping with my curious nature, I decided to ask the chemist (my husband Joe) to write an article explaining how miconazole nitrate can make the hair on your head grow. Unfortunately, he decided to become the consummate gentleman, and blushingly declined the offer. He reasoned that he was not a medical doctor and preferred to let those trained in that area of medicine address that delicate topic.

So I reasoned that since I was a Certified Holistic Health Coach, it was well within my expertise to dig a little deeper on this subject, and here is what I found.

All About Miconazole Nitrate

Miconazole Nitrate is an antifungal agent that is used to treat yeast infections, oral thrush in babies, athlete’s foot, ringworms, jock itch, and angular chelitis-basically it is used topically and orally on any moist area where fungus or yeast tends to grow.  OK, so I get that it treats fungus that grows in moist areas, but how on earth does that transfer over to increased hair growth on your scalp?

The Science of Why it Works

Well, I wasn’t the only one curious about the science behind how an anti-fungal agent could actually make your hair grow.  The idea of using monistat products for hair growth was so popular that it also peaked the interest of Myfox Houston, a local news station for Houston, Texas. In January of this year, they released their own news clip video to explore the topic.

Myfox Houston consulted Dr. Mohsin Mir, a medical dermatologist at Baylor College of Medicine, to weigh in on how miconazole nitrate actually increases hair growth.

Dr. Mir says that hormones in the hair follicles actually bond to receptors that cause hair loss in men and women.  He theorized that miconazole nitrate might actually reduce the number of those “hair loss” receptors, which would consequently, increase hair growth.

Dr. Mir goes on to say that there have not been any clinical trials to date on the use of miconazole nitrate and hair growth. However, there was one small study done on the use of a similar anti-fungal medicine called Ketoconazole, which did in fact result in hair growth in the small number of people who participated in the study.
So the million-dollar question is this-If we can put miconazole nitrate on delicate private areas and in a baby’s mouth (yipes-who knew?), is it safe to use on the scalp to grow hair?

The Scalp Experiment

Well according to Dr. Mir, miconazole nitrate is relatively safe to use and pretty harmless. Hey, if it doesn’t hurt your most delicate area or a baby’s mouth, then it should be safe to try on the your scalp-right?  Fortunately, we do have some brave souls that took the plunge for us.

Many vloggers were brave enough to give it a try, of course with the disclaimer that they were in-fact applying “cooty” cream to their scalp.

Surprisingly, they ranged in race and gender.  Um-did I just say gender-as in men are trying it too?  Hold up!  Are men REALLY that sensitive to being bald that they  would put monistat cream on their scalps?  I’m afraid the answer is yes.  I guess the to quote Machiavelli, “The end justifies the means.”

Anyway, most of the vloggers said that miconazole nitrate really does work and that they had extreme hair growth after using it.

The Results

Drum roll please….”It’s AMAZING,” according jaredlesterwalker, the male vlogger who can’t stop talking about the results he saw in nine days. WOW! And it doesn’t stop with him.

Suicideseve, whose vlog has 215, 414 views, also swears by it and has been using it for years. She says that she achieved 1 to 2 inches of hair growth per month, which is quite impressive when you consider that the average rate of hair growth is ½ inch per month.

And last but not least, Chavascandy also received amazing hair growth results and her video has been viewed 38,346 times.  If she is telling the truth (see the results for yourself), I think everyone should put this miracle hair growth ingredient on their radar. And if they do, they would be in good company.

When I look at the number of vlog views, I must say that many people are interested and/or are contemplating using miconazole nitrate to grow their hair.  If you are one of those people thinking about taking the plunge-please learn about the possible side effects before you do.

The Side Effects

According to suicideseve, many of her viewers have experienced the following side effects:

  • Migrain headaches,
  • Tenderness/burning in the area where the miconazole nitrate was applied,
  • Ringing in the ears,
  • Extreme hair shedding once you stop using the treatment, and
  • A general feeling of discomfort

Suicideseve goes on to say however, that the additional benefit of using miconazole nitrate was that it also reduced or completely got rid of dandruff.

Is it Worth Trying?

According to Dr. Mir, if you’re curious, it wouldn’t hurt to try it because it’s pretty harmless.  However, he does note that it has not been approved by the FDA to use topically on the scalp. In addition, it does not work for everyone.

So ladies and gents, tell me, would you consider this treatment?

Toni Parker is the Co-Founder of CUSH Cosmetics, an all natural hair and skin care company. To learn more about CUSH Cosmetics, please visit the site at and to read more about healthy hair and holistic living, please visit the cushblog

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i’m assuming naturals who use this product aren’t the same ones who balk at mineral oil, sulfates and silicones?
[imgcomment image[/img]


LOL, I know that’s right!


Reading this actually reminded me that I heard about this a year when I did my big chop. But I never took the time do any research to see if it’s worth trying out. However, after reading this I’m not ashamed to say that I would actually try this out. If I experience the negatives more than the positives then I’ll discontinue using it. Other than that, thank for this article! 🙂


The idea of taking a cream for down there to use up there does not appeal to me at all, lol.

For myself, just taking the best care of my hair that I can and trying not to stress over it is good enough 🙂


+ 1


I wish it worked for male pattern baldness. My bf is so depressed about losing his hair 🙁

Treece, there is an essential oil mix that might be helpful to your BF. It’s on my site: It’s just a mix of carrier and essential oils and it’s been proven effective in clinical trials to stimulate new hair growth in men. It also has none of the side effects listed for Monistat … at least, none of which I’m aware. Of course, one would have to test for allergies to any of the ingredients as some always exist with any product, natural or otherwise. I heard about the Monistat thing last year and had the same initial reaction.… Read more »

Hey Shelli, where can I buy some of those essential oils?


Treece, the easiest place to find them is on Amazon!! But, some health food stores carry a variety of EOs. I think Whole Foods carries a few as well. Hope that helps! And LOL @ applying it to his head in his sleep!! LMBO!! My fiance has curly hair in a short ‘fro, but he’s thinning at the crown. I’m always telling him to let me rub a little of the EO mix in and telling him to sleep on one of my satin pillowcases. He won’t listen. LMBO!!!



Thanks Shelli, i’ll be sure to try it out. Right now I’ve just been rubbing castor oil on it (in his sleep 🙂 )


I tried it for the month of December andd it actuually worked.!.. I got abt an Inch of hair gr0wth BUT after I stop using it my hair shedded real bad for a day 0r so… It worried me s0 I havent used it since. I wudnt recommend it 4a pers0n with Thin Hair

You know what also is an anti-fungal that may help with hair growth…tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, basil oil, emu oil…I could go on but there are other natural products that have been reported to grow hair. I can’t be mad at these people though cause I tried it. It gave me some pretty heinous headaches and I saw no extra growth than usual. Needless to say I nixed it from my regimen pretty fast. Some women are pretty desperate for hair and don’t want to invest in patience. I also want to say that that… Read more »

I can vouch for the effectiveness of rosemary oil. My hair grew much thicker/faster while using it. Unfortunately, it also gave me terrible headaches. Use with caution.


My point exactly…


These essential oils should also be used carefully… Natural doesn’t mean safe to use for everyone. You should really see a professional before using any of it on your skin/scalp.


You are definitely right Rachel. Those essential oils can be just as harmful as Clorox. So ladies definitely be cautious when using any of those oils. I got the worst rash using Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil(for 2 completely different things)and when I used the Rosemary oil directly on my scalp with a carrier oil it gave me a throbbing headache and turned my scalp bright pink. I will stick with the monistat Thanks.Have a great day all!

I wouldn’t say they are dangerous per se. All of them besides emu oil is an essential oil. Pregnant women and others who have health problems should consult a doctor, but the average person can suffice with research and trial and error. Those oils are also great for other issues such as dandruff, ezcema, dry scalp, and lice. Its worth a try and easier than monistat in my opinion. All essential oils should be mixed with carrier oil though. Emu oil though is the ish, lol. It’s the only product I will pay $50 for an 8 oz bottle because… Read more »

In hanging around the hair forums, I remember ladies trying this a long time ago. I wasn’t sure if people were still partaking in this ummm…interesting method. I’ve heard of people getting growth though. I think with anything non-holistic there can be the possibility of adverse side effects. Shoot, even store bought tampons have side effect warnings. Some people experience them, some people don’t. With anything just exercise caution and do your research before making a decision.


“With anything just exercise caution and do your research before making a decision.”


It simply amazes me what people would do for hair growth. Yeast infection medication needs to be used for just that, “Treating Yeast!!” I try to relate to women who are desperate for longer hair however I just can’t. When I BC’d almost a year ago I enjoyed seeing my natural hair. I rocked my TWA with pride and to be quite honest, I got several compliments. Hair does not make the woman. We can be beautiful regardless of the length OR texture of our hair. I personally feel that too much emphasis is placed on this subject. Beauty exudes… Read more »

i’m obsessed with trying to achieve bra strap length. and proud of it! i’m only roughly 4 months away =D
but i know i’m sexy with shorter hair because my hubby tells me so everyday! even though i already knew that before we met. 😉


Yeast is all over and inside the body, especially the scalp. Applying a treatment for yeast to an area that is full of yeast is not crazy. Yeast that is on the scalp can and usually does contribute to hair loss and slow growth. I’m not sure if this is the right product to use, but l
let’s not be so quick to judge.


I fully understand that yeast grows on the scalp however what I am referring to is individuals putting Monistat on the scalp SPECIFICALLY to achieve hair growth. By no means am I judging. I just feel that unless a dermatologist has recommended Monistat for your scalp then one shouldn’t use it just for the sake of hair growth.


No. Hair growth is not that serious.

Maybe not for you, but there are people that have issues with hair growth beyond just getting the average growth through no fault of their own. I’ve lost hair in patches before as my body responded to stress. It only happened to me twice but years later my hair is still thin in those areas. There are some people that have disorders where they lose hair in a similar or much more serious fashion (such as your body attacking itself). If my hair is still recovering from two incidents, I can’t imagine how much harder it is for people who… Read more »

I have sympathy for those with medical problems that lead to hair growth problems. With that said, I would encourage them to see a medial doctor (dermatologist, etc) or a naturopathic doctor to sort out their medical issues. Using Monistat, a vaginal cream, to try to grow hair regardless of medical issues is not the way to go. It will probably cause more problems than it would solve.


How do you know? Have you even tried it? NO. seriously dont judge things if you didnt try it so what if it sounds ”strange”. Your one of those people that have no imprefections and need everything to be ”normall” and ”not odd” just shut up its not your life.


Agreed, but it’s not just black women doing this so they can’t single us out for ridicule.


I never singled out Black women… Did anyone else?


I meant that the public at large can’t ridicule us…not you. I don’t use this stuff so I don’t care, but for once people can’t go ‘tsk, tsk, what those black women won’t do for long hair’.


Definitely not ladies! In fact the first person i saw do it or talk about it was a really cool white girl on youtube. At the end of the day who care what anybody think or say cuz guess what…it will be ALLLLLL my own hair…grown from MY scalp…so what how I did it…Just look at it!! WATCH OUT NOW!!! lol
by the way…the monistat is working great for me!!!Best of luck to you all!!!


Nope you did not..LOL!


thank you!


It kinda makes me wish Patience was a cream…we could make so much money. But then the FDA would shut us down for not getting their cut.
Oh well.


this is awesome. lol

Lisa Sanders

Lets Not act all holy up in here! Ppl have their own goals and wishes in life. You prob have some monistat in your hands right now. Just leave ppl alone and let them live their lives. if it means headaches then so be it. the question was would you try it….not what do you think about those who try it!


Let the church say amen! Amen! Whatever happened to delayed gratification? And watched pots never boil. :sigh:




I’ve actually taken ketoconazole, but not for hair growth, hahaha, so I wasn’t looking for any signs, & I did the big chop right after. However, I had hormone imbalance (spotting) & shift in my cycle by 2 weeks. So you can imagine my surprise seeing the name pop up here after swearing off using it again. Even though I’m anxious for long hair, I ain’t desperate enough to go back to it. So personally that’s a no. As for the ‘coochy cream’, with those side effects, ½ an inch/per month is long enough for me

The Natural Haven
My first instinct was to hate this article but I decided to put my prejudice aside and read it properly before making a critique (i.e do not make judgements from a position of ignorance). I decided to find the original newsreel from where this article gained its scientific legs. It is here if you are curious.( The scientist (Mohsin) actually talked about the role of antifungals in hair loss not accelerated hair growth. There is a monumental difference between the two. Remember regrowing hair (i.e sprouting a new/stimulating a dying follicle) is totally different from wanting your hair to grow… Read more »

Just a slight correction: Monistat is an FDA approved product, it is just not FDA approved for dermatological (skin/scalp) purposes.


That video is no longer available.

well on that note, all you have to do is find somebody who either regularly relaxes their hair or regularly colors their hair so that you can see the difference in growth. i am such a one, and i can honestly say my hair has fluctuations that i’ve been able to measure by my eyes alone simply because i’ve religiously dyed my hair for 4 years now, like clockwork every 2 months up until most recently with my last dye job having been jan. 9- 3 months now- and when i pulled out my measuring tape it was indeed at… Read more »

Im not sure I clearly understand the source of your frustration with the article (if any…). I read the article and I understood exactly the same thing that you wrote in your comment. By stopping the hair loss it promotes hair growth. From my understanding, it’s quite similar to what occurs when you’re pregnant. The pregnancy hormones stops the hair that are in their catagen phase from falling which then forces it to grow until normal level of hormone is restored. Which explains the extreme shedding that follows.

The Natural Haven

Jo is right. The scientist talks about hair growth – i.e sprouting new hair which would be visible in terms of thickness, reduced baldness etc. The videos on the other hand talk about hair growth as in an increased rated of hair growth visible as a length gain. The two are quite different and one cannot explain the other.

Jo Somebody

In that case, unless someone is balding, people should really only be reporting thicker hair and length retention, not rapid hair growth.


Well said Jc. I feel like of all the natural hair people online that I have seen Kimmaytube is the only one that comes to closest to monitoring their hair results in a systematic way where I think here comparisons of progress are fairly reliable. With anyone else it is very difficult to parse out what is just natural hair growth from their scalp and what has been enhanced or has improved due to a particular product.


To answer your question right off the bat…No. Very interesting article. But, Hello side effects! It just goes to show you should to use natural methods that benefit your body.


Wow, this is pretty extreme! However I’ve become so frustrated with my lack of growth despite taking painstaking care of my hair through my all-natural moisture/conditioning regimen and low manipulation styling, that I think I will give this a try. I’ll see for myself whether the end justifies the means.


It might be that you are not drinking enough water or eating healthy. I think a healthy diet contributes to hair growth. I’m actually trying this out. I started on certain vitamins and make sure I eat healthy and even increased my water intake to see if it helps my hair growth. I don’t think I trust putting a chemical on my scalp for hair growth. Its all about what you put in your body. Beauty starts from within as the saying goes.


Just curious but do you perm your hair or are you natural? You say you don’t trust putting a chemical on your scalp but if you perm your hair it’s actually worse than the anti fungal cream.


Its interesting, but I would like to see how it works on someone that is BLACK AND NATURAL. The third woman has a relaxer.


Believe it or not, the third woman is in fact natural. I know Chavas she is a really sweet girl who also wears her hair in a lot of protective styles. I couldn’t believe how long and gorgeous her natural hair is! And it is very thick! I didn’t know this was her secret to length creation though!


Matter of fact, I stand corrected… I wonder why she told me she was natural? Anywhoo I never heard her complain of a headache or ringing ears or anything at work


not to mention, but last i checked, hair growth works the exact same way on relaxed and natural women alike. it all starts from the scalp.


well, you can always go by the black man…he is natural. is he not?


I actually tried this, and it did work. Unfortunately I do not have a before and after picture but I did notice about an inch of growth in a matter of three to four weeks. As far as side effects, I did notice the soreness but I did not experience headaches or ear ringing, discomfort or shedding.

For more, check out my blog post on my MN experience:


Balony. If this product actually had the effect of miraculously growing hair, the company that makes it (or someone else) would have already made the product available for that purpose. Too much money could be made from such a product for any large company to pass on that opportunity.

If you have trouble growing longer hair then protective styling and gentle hair care practices are key. There are no secrets or miracle creams.

I have to disagree…now, im not willing to use monistat on my scalp, but I have and am currently using Nioxin product line…it is formulated for thinning hair. I have PCOS( google it) and the imbalance of hormones and insulin causes my hair to thin in the crown area. my hair grows lengthwise, but over time i started to see my hair shed more and more because of the PCOS. I started uing Nioxin system 1 and 2 and my hair has gotten fuller with less shedding. the crown area hair is still thinnner than the rest of the other… Read more »

Just my theory/opinion, but they probably haven’t marketed it for hair care yet because while it is safe to put on your vaginal area, I wouldn’t feel safe putting it on my scalp which is a little too close for comfort to my BRAIN. lol. It might sound a little bit crazy to say. I know theres a skull protecting it, but I would still feel uneasy, especially since people are experiencing things like migranes and ringing in the ears. Maybe people haven’t been using it long enough to report any sort of long-term effects to the brain


Exactly my thought….


I think it is in some hair care products that help with dandruff and apparently while using it, you do experience more hair growth. Before companies are able to market anything that has a chemical composition such as Monistat does, the hoops they would have to jump through via the FDA is probably not worth it. I mean it’s not expensive and it’s not insulin or something that is a “necessity”. Just my 2 cents.


I disagree. Think of Viagra, it was a side of effect of the medicine given to people suffering from glaucoma, but when the company realized the money that could be made, they jumped on it. This morning there was news that the medicine that they give women to induce labor could have the same effect as Viagra, so they are jumping on that as well. Most of the best money makers come from accidents, so I too am wondering why the Monistat company has not jumped all over this, or maybe it is in the works.


No. Seriously the side-effects are
?Migraine headaches,
?Tenderness/burning in the area where the miconazole nitrate was applied,
?Ringing in the ears,
?Extreme hair shedding once you stop using the treatment, and
?A general feeling of discomfort

This one is the kicker “Extreme hair shedding once you stop using the treatment”–what does that mean exactly? Oh and let us not forget the ringing in the ears!

Are we really that desperate for long hair?




The only thing I’m scared about is that one side effect: extreme shedding when you stop using it. Does this mean you have to gradually stopping using it, or does your hair shed regardless?

Hey Genevieve! I 2 was worried about the shedding as well but I tried it anyway. Here’s the deal…while I was using it and still am I noticed my hair wasn’t coming out at when I brush it or run my fingers through it maybe 1 or 2 strands.Mind you I am part Native American,White,Portugese and Black BUT when I took about a week off my hair did shed…not like alot but no more than what would have normally. I waited an extra week before starting back and by then it had almost completely stopped. My method I use… Read more »

I think the shed hair is the hair that didn’t (but, should have came out) when you use the Monistat. Of course, I’m no expert! But, that is a logical conclusion.


Uhmm…headaches? discomfort? extreme shedding? No thanks, lol I deal with a chronic pain condition already that’s enough. But it’s great that it has worked wonders for lots of people.

Jo Somebody

This. Migraines are no joke and neither are the rest of those side effects. The shedding thing would mean relying on the Monistat forever, and who knows the long term effects?
I look way too fly with short hair for me to warrant being a guinea pig for a long hair ‘treatment’.

Autumn Love
This was all over BHCF a few years ago. Back when I was relaxed, I decided to give it a try. One week into my regimen, I had my first dizzy spell. I didn’t realize what it was at first. Thought I was hungry. Next day another dizzy spell, and I started evaluating what it could be and realized it was the monitstat! I stopped right then and there, and have never bothered to try it again. Still lots of people swear by this stuff, but being dizzy is not the business for me, so I am gonna pass.