By Toni Parker of Cush Cosmetics

While perusing  YouTube, I recently discovered many videos featuring women using miconazole nitrate, to grow their hair.  Miconazole nitrate is the active ingredient in the Monistat family of products that are used to treat vaginal yeast infections.

My first thought was hmmm…this must be a joke. However, as I continued to explore Youtube, there were a great number of women, both black and white, making the claim that miconazole nitrate really did grow their hair.  But the most intriguing aspect of the videos was the fact that all of them kept a straight face-smiling only when they referred to their miracle cream as “coochie or cooty cream.”  Yep! They knew it was for that area and they still wanted to put it on their scalp, which really got my attention.

So, in keeping with my curious nature, I decided to ask the chemist (my husband Joe) to write an article explaining how miconazole nitrate can make the hair on your head grow. Unfortunately, he decided to become the consummate gentleman, and blushingly declined the offer. He reasoned that he was not a medical doctor and preferred to let those trained in that area of medicine address that delicate topic.

So I reasoned that since I was a Certified Holistic Health Coach, it was well within my expertise to dig a little deeper on this subject, and here is what I found.

All About Miconazole Nitrate

Miconazole Nitrate is an antifungal agent that is used to treat yeast infections, oral thrush in babies, athlete’s foot, ringworms, jock itch, and angular chelitis-basically it is used topically and orally on any moist area where fungus or yeast tends to grow.  OK, so I get that it treats fungus that grows in moist areas, but how on earth does that transfer over to increased hair growth on your scalp?

The Science of Why it Works

Well, I wasn’t the only one curious about the science behind how an anti-fungal agent could actually make your hair grow.  The idea of using monistat products for hair growth was so popular that it also peaked the interest of Myfox Houston, a local news station for Houston, Texas. In January of this year, they released their own news clip video to explore the topic.

Myfox Houston consulted Dr. Mohsin Mir, a medical dermatologist at Baylor College of Medicine, to weigh in on how miconazole nitrate actually increases hair growth.

Dr. Mir says that hormones in the hair follicles actually bond to receptors that cause hair loss in men and women.  He theorized that miconazole nitrate might actually reduce the number of those “hair loss” receptors, which would consequently, increase hair growth.

Dr. Mir goes on to say that there have not been any clinical trials to date on the use of miconazole nitrate and hair growth. However, there was one small study done on the use of a similar anti-fungal medicine called Ketoconazole, which did in fact result in hair growth in the small number of people who participated in the study.
So the million-dollar question is this-If we can put miconazole nitrate on delicate private areas and in a baby’s mouth (yipes-who knew?), is it safe to use on the scalp to grow hair?

The Scalp Experiment

Well according to Dr. Mir, miconazole nitrate is relatively safe to use and pretty harmless. Hey, if it doesn’t hurt your most delicate area or a baby’s mouth, then it should be safe to try on the your scalp-right?  Fortunately, we do have some brave souls that took the plunge for us.

Many vloggers were brave enough to give it a try, of course with the disclaimer that they were in-fact applying “cooty” cream to their scalp.

Surprisingly, they ranged in race and gender.  Um-did I just say gender-as in men are trying it too?  Hold up!  Are men REALLY that sensitive to being bald that they  would put monistat cream on their scalps?  I’m afraid the answer is yes.  I guess the to quote Machiavelli, “The end justifies the means.”

Anyway, most of the vloggers said that miconazole nitrate really does work and that they had extreme hair growth after using it.

The Results

Drum roll please….”It’s AMAZING,” according jaredlesterwalker, the male vlogger who can’t stop talking about the results he saw in nine days. WOW! And it doesn’t stop with him.

Suicideseve, whose vlog has 215, 414 views, also swears by it and has been using it for years. She says that she achieved 1 to 2 inches of hair growth per month, which is quite impressive when you consider that the average rate of hair growth is ½ inch per month.

And last but not least, Chavascandy also received amazing hair growth results and her video has been viewed 38,346 times.  If she is telling the truth (see the results for yourself), I think everyone should put this miracle hair growth ingredient on their radar. And if they do, they would be in good company.

When I look at the number of vlog views, I must say that many people are interested and/or are contemplating using miconazole nitrate to grow their hair.  If you are one of those people thinking about taking the plunge-please learn about the possible side effects before you do.

The Side Effects

According to suicideseve, many of her viewers have experienced the following side effects:

  • Migrain headaches,
  • Tenderness/burning in the area where the miconazole nitrate was applied,
  • Ringing in the ears,
  • Extreme hair shedding once you stop using the treatment, and
  • A general feeling of discomfort

Suicideseve goes on to say however, that the additional benefit of using miconazole nitrate was that it also reduced or completely got rid of dandruff.

Is it Worth Trying?

According to Dr. Mir, if you’re curious, it wouldn’t hurt to try it because it’s pretty harmless.  However, he does note that it has not been approved by the FDA to use topically on the scalp. In addition, it does not work for everyone.

So ladies and gents, tell me, would you consider this treatment?

Toni Parker is the Co-Founder of CUSH Cosmetics, an all natural hair and skin care company. To learn more about CUSH Cosmetics, please visit the site at and to read more about healthy hair and holistic living, please visit the cushblog

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[…] Strange Beauty: Monistat Effectively Increases Hair Growth … – While perusing YouTube, I recently discovered many videos featuring women using miconazole nitrate, to grow their hair. Miconazole nitrate is the active ingredient in … […]


[…] Strange Beauty: Monistat Effectively Increases Hair Growth … – Suicideseve, whose vlog has 215, 414 views, also swears by it and has been using it for years. She says that she achieved 1 to 2 inches of hair growth per month … […]


I tried this product on myself and my daughter, while our hair did grow; it fell out when we stop using it. When I discontinued the use not only did my hair shed, but the texture became very dry and brittle. It’s been one year since I stop using it and I am have a very difficult time restoring my hair to it’s original length. Do you homework this product has not been clinically tested and I gravely regret putting it in my daughters hair.


I been knew about this for yrs!!! Alot of women in prisons use this and mixed it with other stuff

Justin Sharief

that’s a very unusual cure or alternative remedy for hair loss. I would have to think twice or more before using that option. I am currently using hair growth helmet and found it really effective.


Just take the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse Pills. . .they are all natural and work for me and all my girlfriends – You can find them online and read the reviews. Lady Soma is well known for their Candida Cleanse. . .you can take the pills as needed.

I don’t agree with the use of this product for continual use! I suffer from dermatitis and dermatologist will prescribe you this to combat think flaky dandruff. Dandruff is also caused by yeast as well, but you should take the time to sit back and really think about what you’re putting on your head. This medicine is used to kill fungal yeast infections. It is only effective when it is not used all of the time because fungus like other living organisms can develop a tolerance to treatments. Everything you apply to your skin is absorbed in your blood stream.… Read more »

I tried it last year for about a month and it does work. I’d been having trouble with thinning edges. This didn’t help with the thinning meaning it didn’t regrow my missing hair but it did make my existing hair grow about 1/2 inch within the month that I used it (if that makes any sense).. I ended up with long whisps of hair instead of the thickness that I desired..


Yes! Repeat! Yes it does work. Wprks so good that i make my own product plus monistat and sell it. Works so good that a lady who haa alopecia (if that is the correct spelling) now has a mini fro. What i make is no joke, promising results. No lie. Starting trying it on my own hair once word got out, everybody wanted that hair crack. Monistat works! Want hair crack? Email is


What did you mix with the monistat please


Can sum1 please tell me how to wear or the steps to wear this mixture. For example after putting it on my head..what then?


The information that you’re seeking is at the end of this youtube video.

I hope this helps.


Just put it on, massage scalp n carry on


Blue majic grease any natural oils such as olive oil or herbal african oil and monistat 7 external %2…


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vitamins for hair growth in philippines

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How long do you use this? Do this with baldness?


How long do you use this?

LaTonya Green

How long do you use this.

fairy knots

Two weeks. I honestly just wanted to see if was true. I didn’t have hair growth issues, but it definitely sped up my normal rate.


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[…] Monistat for hair growth ~flips table~ You have got to be kidding me. This is one of those natural hair tips that you […]


[…] Monistat for hair growth ~flips table~ You have got to be kidding me. This is one of those natural hair tips that you […]

fairy knots

I have tried it in the past and can honestly say I had great results in a week ¼ in in 3 day. However I did have extreme sensitivity in the spots that had rapid growth. I did have a little hair shed and a headache. Good luck to those who try it for the 1st time 🙂


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