By Toni Park­er of Cush Cos­met­ics

While perus­ing  YouTube, I recent­ly dis­cov­ered many videos fea­tur­ing women using micona­zole nitrate, to grow their hair.  Micona­zole nitrate is the active ingre­di­ent in the Moni­stat fam­i­ly of prod­ucts that are used to treat vagi­nal yeast infec­tions.

My first thought was hmmm…this must be a joke. How­ev­er, as I con­tin­ued to explore Youtube, there were a great num­ber of women, both black and white, mak­ing the claim that micona­zole nitrate real­ly did grow their hair.  But the most intrigu­ing aspect of the videos was the fact that all of them kept a straight face-smil­ing only when they referred to their mir­a­cle cream as “coochie or cooty cream.”  Yep! They knew it was for that area and they still want­ed to put it on their scalp, which real­ly got my atten­tion.

So, in keep­ing with my curi­ous nature, I decid­ed to ask the chemist (my hus­band Joe) to write an arti­cle explain­ing how micona­zole nitrate can make the hair on your head grow. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, he decid­ed to become the con­sum­mate gen­tle­man, and blush­ing­ly declined the offer. He rea­soned that he was not a med­ical doc­tor and pre­ferred to let those trained in that area of med­i­cine address that del­i­cate top­ic.

So I rea­soned that since I was a Cer­ti­fied Holis­tic Health Coach, it was well with­in my exper­tise to dig a lit­tle deep­er on this sub­ject, and here is what I found.

All About Miconazole Nitrate

Micona­zole Nitrate is an anti­fun­gal agent that is used to treat yeast infec­tions, oral thrush in babies, athlete’s foot, ring­worms, jock itch, and angu­lar che­litis-basi­cal­ly it is used top­i­cal­ly and oral­ly on any moist area where fun­gus or yeast tends to grow.  OK, so I get that it treats fun­gus that grows in moist areas, but how on earth does that trans­fer over to increased hair growth on your scalp?

The Science of Why it Works

Well, I wasn’t the only one curi­ous about the sci­ence behind how an anti-fun­gal agent could actu­al­ly make your hair grow.  The idea of using moni­stat prod­ucts for hair growth was so pop­u­lar that it also peaked the inter­est of Myfox Hous­ton, a local news sta­tion for Hous­ton, Texas. In Jan­u­ary of this year, they released their own news clip video to explore the top­ic.

Myfox Hous­ton con­sult­ed Dr. Mohsin Mir, a med­ical der­ma­tol­o­gist at Bay­lor Col­lege of Med­i­cine, to weigh in on how micona­zole nitrate actu­al­ly increas­es hair growth.

Dr. Mir says that hor­mones in the hair fol­li­cles actu­al­ly bond to recep­tors that cause hair loss in men and women.  He the­o­rized that micona­zole nitrate might actu­al­ly reduce the num­ber of those “hair loss” recep­tors, which would con­se­quent­ly, increase hair growth.

Dr. Mir goes on to say that there have not been any clin­i­cal tri­als to date on the use of micona­zole nitrate and hair growth. How­ev­er, there was one small study done on the use of a sim­i­lar anti-fun­gal med­i­cine called Keto­cona­zole, which did in fact result in hair growth in the small num­ber of peo­ple who par­tic­i­pat­ed in the study.
So the mil­lion-dol­lar ques­tion is this-If we can put micona­zole nitrate on del­i­cate pri­vate areas and in a baby’s mouth (yipes-who knew?), is it safe to use on the scalp to grow hair?

The Scalp Experiment

Well accord­ing to Dr. Mir, micona­zole nitrate is rel­a­tive­ly safe to use and pret­ty harm­less. Hey, if it doesn’t hurt your most del­i­cate area or a baby’s mouth, then it should be safe to try on the your scalp-right?  For­tu­nate­ly, we do have some brave souls that took the plunge for us.

Many vlog­gers were brave enough to give it a try, of course with the dis­claimer that they were in-fact apply­ing “cooty” cream to their scalp.

Sur­pris­ing­ly, they ranged in race and gen­der.  Um-did I just say gen­der-as in men are try­ing it too?  Hold up!  Are men REALLY that sen­si­tive to being bald that they  would put moni­stat cream on their scalps?  I’m afraid the answer is yes.  I guess the to quote Machi­avel­li, “The end jus­ti­fies the means.”

Any­way, most of the vlog­gers said that micona­zole nitrate real­ly does work and that they had extreme hair growth after using it.

The Results

Drum roll please….”It’s AMAZING,” accord­ing jaredlester­walk­er, the male vlog­ger who can’t stop talk­ing about the results he saw in nine days. WOW! And it doesn’t stop with him.

Sui­cide­seve, whose vlog has 215, 414 views, also swears by it and has been using it for years. She says that she achieved 1 to 2 inch­es of hair growth per month, which is quite impres­sive when you con­sid­er that the aver­age rate of hair growth is ½ inch per month.

And last but not least, Chavas­can­dy also received amaz­ing hair growth results and her video has been viewed 38,346 times.  If she is telling the truth (see the results for your­self), I think every­one should put this mir­a­cle hair growth ingre­di­ent on their radar. And if they do, they would be in good com­pa­ny.

When I look at the num­ber of vlog views, I must say that many peo­ple are inter­est­ed and/or are con­tem­plat­ing using micona­zole nitrate to grow their hair.  If you are one of those peo­ple think­ing about tak­ing the plunge-please learn about the pos­si­ble side effects before you do.
The Side Effects

Accord­ing to sui­cide­seve, many of her view­ers have expe­ri­enced the fol­low­ing side effects:

  • Migrain headaches,
  • Tenderness/burning in the area where the micona­zole nitrate was applied,
  • Ring­ing in the ears,
  • Extreme hair shed­ding once you stop using the treat­ment, and
  • A gen­er­al feel­ing of dis­com­fort

Sui­cide­seve goes on to say how­ev­er, that the addi­tion­al ben­e­fit of using micona­zole nitrate was that it also reduced or com­plete­ly got rid of dan­druff.

Is it Worth Trying?

Accord­ing to Dr. Mir, if you’re curi­ous, it wouldn’t hurt to try it because it’s pret­ty harm­less.  How­ev­er, he does note that it has not been approved by the FDA to use top­i­cal­ly on the scalp. In addi­tion, it does not work for every­one.

So ladies and gents, tell me, would you con­sid­er this treat­ment?

Toni Park­er is the Co-Founder of CUSH Cos­met­ics, an all nat­ur­al hair and skin care com­pa­ny. To learn more about CUSH Cos­met­ics, please vis­it the site at and to read more about healthy hair and holis­tic liv­ing, please vis­it the cush­blog

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i’m assum­ing nat­u­rals who use this prod­uct aren’t the same ones who balk at min­er­al oil, sul­fates and sil­i­cones?
[imgcomment image[/img]


LOL, I know that’s right!


Read­ing this actu­al­ly remind­ed me that I heard about this a year when I did my big chop. But I nev­er took the time do any research to see if it’s worth try­ing out. How­ev­er, after read­ing this I’m not ashamed to say that I would actu­al­ly try this out. If I expe­ri­ence the neg­a­tives more than the pos­i­tives then I’ll dis­con­tin­ue using it. Oth­er than that, thank for this arti­cle! :)


The idea of tak­ing a cream for down there to use up there does not appeal to me at all, lol.

For myself, just tak­ing the best care of my hair that I can and try­ing not to stress over it is good enough :)


+ 1


I wish it worked for male pat­tern bald­ness. My bf is so depressed about los­ing his hair :(

Treece, there is an essen­tial oil mix that might be help­ful to your BF. It’s on my site: It’s just a mix of car­ri­er and essen­tial oils and it’s been proven effec­tive in clin­i­cal tri­als to stim­u­late new hair growth in men. It also has none of the side effects list­ed for Moni­stat … at least, none of which I’m aware. Of course, one would have to test for aller­gies to any of the ingre­di­ents as some always exist with any prod­uct, nat­ur­al or oth­er­wise. I heard about the Moni­stat thing last year and had the same ini­tial reac­tion. It… Read more »

Hey Shel­li, where can I buy some of those essen­tial oils?


Treece, the eas­i­est place to find them is on Ama­zon!! But, some health food stores car­ry a vari­ety of EOs. I think Whole Foods car­ries a few as well. Hope that helps! And LOL @ apply­ing it to his head in his sleep!! LMBO!! My fiance has curly hair in a short ‘fro, but he’s thin­ning at the crown. I’m always telling him to let me rub a lit­tle of the EO mix in and telling him to sleep on one of my satin pil­low­cas­es. He won’t lis­ten. LMBO!!!



Thanks Shel­li, i’ll be sure to try it out. Right now I’ve just been rub­bing cas­tor oil on it (in his sleep :) )


I tried it for the month of Decem­ber andd it actu­ual­ly worked.!.. I got abt an Inch of hair gr0wth BUT after I stop using it my hair shed­ded real bad for a day 0r so… It wor­ried me s0 I havent used it since. I wud­nt rec­om­mend it 4a per­s0n with Thin Hair

You know what also is an anti-fun­gal that may help with hair growth…tea tree oil, pep­per­mint oil, lemon­grass oil, rose­mary oil, basil oil, emu oil…I could go on but there are oth­er nat­ur­al prod­ucts that have been report­ed to grow hair. I can’t be mad at these peo­ple though cause I tried it. It gave me some pret­ty heinous headaches and I saw no extra growth than usu­al. Need­less to say I nixed it from my reg­i­men pret­ty fast. Some women are pret­ty des­per­ate for hair and don’t want to invest in patience. I also want to say that that isn’t… Read more »

I can vouch for the effec­tive­ness of rose­mary oil. My hair grew much thicker/faster while using it. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it also gave me ter­ri­ble headaches. Use with cau­tion.


My point exact­ly…


These essen­tial oils should also be used care­ful­ly… Nat­ur­al doesn’t mean safe to use for every­one. You should real­ly see a pro­fes­sion­al before using any of it on your skin/scalp.


You are def­i­nite­ly right Rachel. Those essen­tial oils can be just as harm­ful as Clorox. So ladies def­i­nite­ly be cau­tious when using any of those oils. I got the worst rash using Tea Tree and Pep­per­mint Oil(for 2 com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent things)and when I used the Rose­mary oil direct­ly on my scalp with a car­ri­er oil it gave me a throb­bing headache and turned my scalp bright pink. I will stick with the moni­stat Thanks.Have a great day all!

I wouldn’t say they are dan­ger­ous per se. All of them besides emu oil is an essen­tial oil. Preg­nant women and oth­ers who have health prob­lems should con­sult a doc­tor, but the aver­age per­son can suf­fice with research and tri­al and error. Those oils are also great for oth­er issues such as dan­druff, ezce­ma, dry scalp, and lice. Its worth a try and eas­i­er than moni­stat in my opin­ion. All essen­tial oils should be mixed with car­ri­er oil though.  Emu oil though is the ish, lol. It’s the only prod­uct I will pay $50 for an 8 oz bot­tle because… Read more »

In hang­ing around the hair forums, I remem­ber ladies try­ing this a long time ago. I wasn’t sure if peo­ple were still par­tak­ing in this ummm…interesting method. I’ve heard of peo­ple get­ting growth though. I think with any­thing non-holis­tic there can be the pos­si­bil­i­ty of adverse side effects. Shoot, even store bought tam­pons have side effect warn­ings. Some peo­ple expe­ri­ence them, some peo­ple don’t. With any­thing just exer­cise cau­tion and do your research before mak­ing a deci­sion.


“With any­thing just exer­cise cau­tion and do your research before mak­ing a deci­sion.”


It sim­ply amazes me what peo­ple would do for hair growth. Yeast infec­tion med­ica­tion needs to be used for just that, “Treat­ing Yeast!!” I try to relate to women who are des­per­ate for longer hair how­ev­er I just can’t. When I BC’d almost a year ago I enjoyed see­ing my nat­ur­al hair. I rocked my TWA with pride and to be quite hon­est, I got sev­er­al com­pli­ments. Hair does not make the woman. We can be beau­ti­ful regard­less of the length OR tex­ture of our hair. I per­son­al­ly feel that too much empha­sis is placed on this sub­ject. Beau­ty exudes… Read more »

i’m obsessed with try­ing to achieve bra strap length. and proud of it! i’m only rough­ly 4 months away =D
but i know i’m sexy with short­er hair because my hub­by tells me so every­day! even though i already knew that before we met. ;)


Yeast is all over and inside the body, espe­cial­ly the scalp. Apply­ing a treat­ment for yeast to an area that is full of yeast is not crazy. Yeast that is on the scalp can and usu­al­ly does con­tribute to hair loss and slow growth. I’m not sure if this is the right prod­uct to use, but l
let’s not be so quick to judge.


I ful­ly under­stand that yeast grows on the scalp how­ev­er what I am refer­ring to is indi­vid­u­als putting Moni­stat on the scalp SPECIFICALLY to achieve hair growth. By no means am I judg­ing. I just feel that unless a der­ma­tol­o­gist has rec­om­mend­ed Moni­stat for your scalp then one shouldn’t use it just for the sake of hair growth.


No. Hair growth is not that seri­ous.

Maybe not for you, but there are peo­ple that have issues with hair growth beyond just get­ting the aver­age growth through no fault of their own. I’ve lost hair in patch­es before as my body respond­ed to stress. It only hap­pened to me twice but years lat­er my hair is still thin in those areas. There are some peo­ple that have dis­or­ders where they lose hair in a sim­i­lar or much more seri­ous fash­ion (such as your body attack­ing itself). If my hair is still recov­er­ing from two inci­dents, I can’t imag­ine how much hard­er it is for peo­ple who… Read more »

I have sym­pa­thy for those with med­ical prob­lems that lead to hair growth prob­lems. With that said, I would encour­age them to see a medi­al doc­tor (der­ma­tol­o­gist, etc) or a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor to sort out their med­ical issues. Using Moni­stat, a vagi­nal cream, to try to grow hair regard­less of med­ical issues is not the way to go. It will prob­a­bly cause more prob­lems than it would solve.


How do you know? Have you even tried it? NO. seri­ous­ly dont judge things if you did­nt try it so what if it sounds ”strange”. Your one of those peo­ple that have no impre­fec­tions and need every­thing to be ”nor­mall” and ”not odd” just shut up its not your life.


Agreed, but it’s not just black women doing this so they can’t sin­gle us out for ridicule.


I nev­er sin­gled out Black women… Did any­one else?


I meant that the pub­lic at large can’t ridicule us…not you. I don’t use this stuff so I don’t care, but for once peo­ple can’t go ‘tsk, tsk, what those black women won’t do for long hair’.


Def­i­nite­ly not ladies! In fact the first per­son i saw do it or talk about it was a real­ly cool white girl on youtube. At the end of the day who care what any­body think or say cuz guess what…it will be ALLLLLL my own hair…grown from MY scalp…so what how I did it…Just look at it!! WATCH OUT NOW!!! lol
by the way…the moni­stat is work­ing great for me!!!Best of luck to you all!!!


Nope you did not..LOL!


thank you!


It kin­da makes me wish Patience was a cream…we could make so much mon­ey. But then the FDA would shut us down for not get­ting their cut.
Oh well.


this is awe­some. lol

Lisa Sanders

Lets Not act all holy up in here! Ppl have their own goals and wish­es in life. You prob have some moni­stat in your hands right now. Just leave ppl alone and let them live their lives. if it means headaches then so be it. the ques­tion was would you try it.…not what do you think about those who try it!


Let the church say amen! Amen! What­ev­er hap­pened to delayed grat­i­fi­ca­tion? And watched pots nev­er boil. :sigh:




I’ve actu­al­ly tak­en keto­cona­zole, but not for hair growth, haha­ha, so I wasn’t look­ing for any signs, & I did the big chop right after. How­ev­er, I had hor­mone imbal­ance (spot­ting) & shift in my cycle by 2 weeks. So you can imag­ine my sur­prise see­ing the name pop up here after swear­ing off using it again. Even though I’m anx­ious for long hair, I ain’t des­per­ate enough to go back to it. So per­son­al­ly that’s a no. As for the ‘coochy cream’, with those side effects, ½ an inch/per month is long enough for me

The Natural Haven
My first instinct was to hate this arti­cle but I decid­ed to put my prej­u­dice aside and read it prop­er­ly before mak­ing a cri­tique (i.e do not make judge­ments from a posi­tion of igno­rance). I decid­ed to find the orig­i­nal news­reel from where this arti­cle gained its sci­en­tif­ic legs. It is here if you are curi­ous.( The sci­en­tist (Mohsin) actu­al­ly talked about the role of anti­fun­gals in hair loss not accel­er­at­ed hair growth. There is a mon­u­men­tal dif­fer­ence between the two. Remem­ber regrow­ing hair (i.e sprout­ing a new/stimulating a dying fol­li­cle) is total­ly dif­fer­ent from want­i­ng your hair to grow… Read more »

Just a slight cor­rec­tion: Moni­stat is an FDA approved prod­uct, it is just not FDA approved for der­ma­to­log­i­cal (skin/scalp) pur­pos­es.


That video is no longer avail­able.

well on that note, all you have to do is find some­body who either reg­u­lar­ly relax­es their hair or reg­u­lar­ly col­ors their hair so that you can see the dif­fer­ence in growth. i am such a one, and i can hon­est­ly say my hair has fluc­tu­a­tions that i’ve been able to mea­sure by my eyes alone sim­ply because i’ve reli­gious­ly dyed my hair for 4 years now, like clock­work every 2 months up until most recent­ly with my last dye job hav­ing been jan. 9- 3 months now- and when i pulled out my mea­sur­ing tape it was indeed at… Read more »

Im not sure I clear­ly under­stand the source of your frus­tra­tion with the arti­cle (if any…). I read the arti­cle and I under­stood exact­ly the same thing that you wrote in your com­ment. By stop­ping the hair loss it pro­motes hair growth. From my under­stand­ing, it’s quite sim­i­lar to what occurs when you’re preg­nant. The preg­nan­cy hor­mones stops the hair that are in their cata­gen phase from falling which then forces it to grow until nor­mal lev­el of hor­mone is restored. Which explains the extreme shed­ding that fol­lows.

The Natural Haven

Jo is right. The sci­en­tist talks about hair growth — i.e sprout­ing new hair which would be vis­i­ble in terms of thick­ness, reduced bald­ness etc. The videos on the oth­er hand talk about hair growth as in an increased rat­ed of hair growth vis­i­ble as a length gain. The two are quite dif­fer­ent and one can­not explain the oth­er.

Jo Somebody

In that case, unless some­one is bald­ing, peo­ple should real­ly only be report­ing thick­er hair and length reten­tion, not rapid hair growth.


Well said Jc. I feel like of all the nat­ur­al hair peo­ple online that I have seen Kim­may­tube is the only one that comes to clos­est to mon­i­tor­ing their hair results in a sys­tem­at­ic way where I think here com­par­isons of progress are fair­ly reli­able. With any­one else it is very dif­fi­cult to parse out what is just nat­ur­al hair growth from their scalp and what has been enhanced or has improved due to a par­tic­u­lar prod­uct.


To answer your ques­tion right off the bat…No. Very inter­est­ing arti­cle. But, Hel­lo side effects! It just goes to show you should to use nat­ur­al meth­ods that ben­e­fit your body.


Wow, this is pret­ty extreme! How­ev­er I’ve become so frus­trat­ed with my lack of growth despite tak­ing painstak­ing care of my hair through my all-nat­ur­al moisture/conditioning reg­i­men and low manip­u­la­tion styling, that I think I will give this a try. I’ll see for myself whether the end jus­ti­fies the means.


It might be that you are not drink­ing enough water or eat­ing healthy. I think a healthy diet con­tributes to hair growth. I’m actu­al­ly try­ing this out. I start­ed on cer­tain vit­a­mins and make sure I eat healthy and even increased my water intake to see if it helps my hair growth. I don’t think I trust putting a chem­i­cal on my scalp for hair growth. Its all about what you put in your body. Beau­ty starts from with­in as the say­ing goes.


Just curi­ous but do you perm your hair or are you nat­ur­al? You say you don’t trust putting a chem­i­cal on your scalp but if you perm your hair it’s actu­al­ly worse than the anti fun­gal cream.


Its inter­est­ing, but I would like to see how it works on some­one that is BLACK AND NATURAL. The third woman has a relax­er.


Believe it or not, the third woman is in fact nat­ur­al. I know Chavas she is a real­ly sweet girl who also wears her hair in a lot of pro­tec­tive styles. I couldn’t believe how long and gor­geous her nat­ur­al hair is! And it is very thick! I didn’t know this was her secret to length cre­ation though!


Mat­ter of fact, I stand cor­rect­ed… I won­der why she told me she was nat­ur­al? Any­whoo I nev­er heard her com­plain of a headache or ring­ing ears or any­thing at work


not to men­tion, but last i checked, hair growth works the exact same way on relaxed and nat­ur­al women alike. it all starts from the scalp.


well, you can always go by the black man…he is nat­ur­al. is he not?


I actu­al­ly tried this, and it did work. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I do not have a before and after pic­ture but I did notice about an inch of growth in a mat­ter of three to four weeks. As far as side effects, I did notice the sore­ness but I did not expe­ri­ence headaches or ear ring­ing, dis­com­fort or shed­ding.

For more, check out my blog post on my MN expe­ri­ence:


Balony. If this prod­uct actu­al­ly had the effect of mirac­u­lous­ly grow­ing hair, the com­pa­ny that makes it (or some­one else) would have already made the prod­uct avail­able for that pur­pose. Too much mon­ey could be made from such a prod­uct for any large com­pa­ny to pass on that oppor­tu­ni­ty.

If you have trou­ble grow­ing longer hair then pro­tec­tive styling and gen­tle hair care prac­tices are key. There are no secrets or mir­a­cle creams.

I have to disagree…now, im not will­ing to use moni­stat on my scalp, but I have and am cur­rent­ly using Niox­in prod­uct line…it is for­mu­lat­ed for thin­ning hair. I have PCOS( google it) and the imbal­ance of hor­mones and insulin caus­es my hair to thin in the crown area. my hair grows length­wise, but over time i start­ed to see my hair shed more and more because of the PCOS. I start­ed uing Niox­in sys­tem 1 and 2 and my hair has got­ten fuller with less shed­ding. the crown area hair is still thinnner than the rest of the oth­er… Read more »

Just my theory/opinion, but they prob­a­bly haven’t mar­ket­ed it for hair care yet because while it is safe to put on your vagi­nal area, I wouldn’t feel safe putting it on my scalp which is a lit­tle too close for com­fort to my BRAIN. lol. It might sound a lit­tle bit crazy to say. I know theres a skull pro­tect­ing it, but I would still feel uneasy, espe­cial­ly since peo­ple are expe­ri­enc­ing things like migranes and ring­ing in the ears. Maybe peo­ple haven’t been using it long enough to report any sort of long-term effects to the brain


Exact­ly my thought.…


I think it is in some hair care prod­ucts that help with dan­druff and appar­ent­ly while using it, you do expe­ri­ence more hair growth. Before com­pa­nies are able to mar­ket any­thing that has a chem­i­cal com­po­si­tion such as Moni­stat does, the hoops they would have to jump through via the FDA is prob­a­bly not worth it. I mean it’s not expen­sive and it’s not insulin or some­thing that is a “neces­si­ty”. Just my 2 cents.


I dis­agree. Think of Via­gra, it was a side of effect of the med­i­cine giv­en to peo­ple suf­fer­ing from glau­co­ma, but when the com­pa­ny real­ized the mon­ey that could be made, they jumped on it. This morn­ing there was news that the med­i­cine that they give women to induce labor could have the same effect as Via­gra, so they are jump­ing on that as well. Most of the best mon­ey mak­ers come from acci­dents, so I too am won­der­ing why the Moni­stat com­pa­ny has not jumped all over this, or maybe it is in the works.


No. Seri­ous­ly the side-effects are
?Migraine headaches,
?Tenderness/burning in the area where the micona­zole nitrate was applied,
?Ring­ing in the ears,
?Extreme hair shed­ding once you stop using the treat­ment, and
?A gen­er­al feel­ing of dis­com­fort

This one is the kick­er “Extreme hair shed­ding once you stop using the treatment”–what does that mean exact­ly? Oh and let us not for­get the ring­ing in the ears!

Are we real­ly that des­per­ate for long hair?




The only thing I’m scared about is that one side effect: extreme shed­ding when you stop using it. Does this mean you have to grad­u­al­ly stop­ping using it, or does your hair shed regard­less?

Hey Genevieve! I 2 was wor­ried about the shed­ding as well but I tried it any­way. Here’s the deal…while I was using it and still am I noticed my hair wasn’t com­ing out at when I brush it or run my fin­gers through it maybe 1 or 2 strands.Mind you I am part Native American,White,Portugese and Black BUT when I took about a week off my hair did shed…not like alot but no more than what would have nor­mal­ly. I wait­ed an extra week before start­ing back and by then it had almost com­plete­ly stopped. My method I use… Read more »

I think the shed hair is the hair that didn’t (but, should have came out) when you use the Moni­stat. Of course, I’m no expert! But, that is a log­i­cal con­clu­sion.


Uhmm…headaches? dis­com­fort? extreme shed­ding? No thanks, lol I deal with a chron­ic pain con­di­tion already that’s enough. But it’s great that it has worked won­ders for lots of peo­ple.

Jo Somebody

This. Migraines are no joke and nei­ther are the rest of those side effects. The shed­ding thing would mean rely­ing on the Moni­stat for­ev­er, and who knows the long term effects?
I look way too fly with short hair for me to war­rant being a guinea pig for a long hair ‘treat­ment’.

Autumn Love
This was all over BHCF a few years ago. Back when I was relaxed, I decid­ed to give it a try. One week into my reg­i­men, I had my first dizzy spell. I didn’t real­ize what it was at first. Thought I was hun­gry. Next day anoth­er dizzy spell, and I start­ed eval­u­at­ing what it could be and real­ized it was the monit­stat! I stopped right then and there, and have nev­er both­ered to try it again. Still lots of peo­ple swear by this stuff, but being dizzy is not the busi­ness for me, so I am gonna pass.