4 Natural Hair Stretching Methods Explained

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Stretching natural hair is not just a style technique, it can actually improve hair health by decreasing knotting. Here are four great tutorials showing different ways to stretch or straighten natural hair.

The Blowdrying Tension Method

The tension method is a comb-less blowdrying method that involves stretching your hair with your hands, and applying heat from a blowdryer. It’s a great method if you find yourself experiencing a lot of breakage with combs.

The Blowdrying Comb Attachment Method

This method involves using a comb attachment on a blowdryer.

The Banding Method

This involves binding the hair to facilitate stretching.

The Braid/Twist Method

This involves braiding or twisting hair in large sections to stretch
Embedding for this video tutorial has been disabled, but you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBwnDqC1H6A&feature=plcp

Ladies, which method have you tried? What is your preferred method for straightening and stretching?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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  • momof3

    it looked like MsJames added some kind of oil after adding water…but forgot to mention

  • http://kinkythought.tumblr.com Dani

    Roller setting with no heat is the #1 BEST way I’ve found to stretch for volume and length but I’m too lazy to do it often.

    I really like the banding method. I spritz with a little water + glycerine, put my “bangs” in the front in smaller twists, put the rest of my hair in 4 large cornrows, and use a combo of pony-os and bobby pins to stretch. As long as you don’t wrap the hair too tight, there shouldn’t be any breakage. If I know I want big hair for an event, I set my hair a few days before and let it “stretch” longer, and wear little knit hats and snoods (another reason to leave the bangs out.)

    It takes longer but using a blowdryer on low heat/cold air does the job without drying so much and leaves your hair more glossy and soft than with hot air.

  • http://twitter.com/kiannabanks Kianna Banks

    I have a TWA so the banding method works best for me. I don’t have the patience to individually braid or twist my hair since its so short. If i dont do that, my hair shrinks down to my scalp & its extremely uncomfortable.

  • Sassylowcut

    I’m glad I love short hair because all these methods folks come up with to stretch their hair is too much work.

  • Stephanie

    There’s also this method using weave thread. Somewhat similar to banding.

  • Lola

    African threading is a good way to stretch hair.

  • adm johnny

    i just corn row my hair once or twice a week take out wash then corn row again i’m a boy and i get it down my past the middle of my back

  • Mel Stevens

    You girls should try the karmin g3 straightener. It has tourmaline-ceramic plates that leave the hair pin-straight and shiny =)

  • http://www.hairstraightenerhq.com/ Angel Christian

    Good methods you have to share with us its such a great method for natural hair straightening.

  • http://www.cmtcigars.com/ Lisa

    enjoyed all the 4 natural hair straightening and stretching methods, much easy and eager to try this out soon.

  • http://www.ocfchicago.org/ Stella

    Not suprising as we all know there are so many ways to do so, but to deside and measure which is the best among all is more confusing.

  • http://www.hairstraightenerhq.com/ Rosie

    If you want to stretch your hair so i think african threading method is best for your hair.