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Sum­mer is approach­ing and for many nat­u­rals, that means switch­ing it up and try­ing out new styles. Straight­ened styles are an option but because heat styling should be used at a min­i­mum, it’s impor­tant to get as much wear out of them as pos­si­ble. Here are 4 ways to make your straight­ened styles last longer:

1. Use products that promise humidity protection

The hair at your roots is usu­al­ly the first to revert back to curly because it absorbs the most mois­ture when­ev­er you sweat, take a hot show­er, or go out­side in humid weath­er. Back in the day, all we had was grease, but now hair care com­pa­nies make “humid­i­ty pro­tec­tion” and “anti-frizz” prod­ucts that pre­vent rever­sion by cov­er­ing your hair with a light­weight pro­tec­tive film. To prep your hair for straight­en­ing, sham­poo, deep con­di­tion, apply a leave-in con­di­tion­er and then a styling cream or foam that promis­es to “block humid­i­ty” or keep your hair “frizz-free”. Try Hair Rules Blow Out Your Kinks or Liv­ing Proof Straight Styling Cream.

2. Choose a “flexible” hold hair spray or skip it

A good hair spray can lock your hair in place bet­ter than any oth­er prod­uct, but you don’t want it to be too stiff or sticky. Choose a hair spray that says “flex­i­ble”, “work­able”, or “nat­ur­al” hold like Nexxus Comb Thru. Always spray from as far away as pos­si­ble for the best results. To get the most days out of your straight hair, skip hair spray alto­geth­er.

3. Protect your hair from shower steam using a moisture-wicking headband and a shower cap

You’ll def­i­nite­ly wear a show­er cap in the show­er, but your hair may still revert from the steam. Keep your hair­line away from the water by putting on a mois­ture-wick­ing head­band. The microfiber in the head­band will absorb mois­ture and trap it between the threads of fab­ric. Put on the head­band, then the show­er cap, and keep your show­er short.

4. Wrap or pin curl your hair at night and tie on a scarf

Your straight hair will last longer if your strands aren’t allowed to rub up against each oth­er while you sleep. If your roots usu­al­ly revert quick­ly, take the time to pin curl your hair at night after apply­ing a very small amount of mois­tur­iz­er or serum to each sec­tion. Tie on a satin or silk scarf to keep your hair in place and your edges smooth. You can get away with less bed­time prep, but the bet­ter your hair is pro­tect­ed at night, the bet­ter it will look the next day.

Fol­low­ing these tips can make your straight hair last for weeks, but that’s a long time to go with­out wash­ing your hair. If your scalp starts to get itchy, it’s beg­ging to be sham­pooed and con­di­tioned. You can buy your­self a few extra days by blot­ting excess oil from your scalp with an alco­hol-free ton­er or a mix­ture of 1/8 cup aloe vera gel and 3 drops of tea tree oil. To keep your hair healthy with min­i­mal break­age, it’s best to sham­poo and con­di­tion at least once a week.

Nicole Har­mon is a Cos­met­ic Chemist and the Founder of  She has received rave reviews for her sem­i­nars on eth­nic hair edu­ca­tion and sci­ence. She’s on a mis­sion to help the Prod­uct Junkies of the world save MONEY, sort through mar­ket­ing HYPE and buy SMARTER!

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Tampala Black

Thanks, this infor­ma­tion is very use­ful! On my way to get my hair pressed out!


[…] Check out BGLH for arti­cles on how to make stretched or straight styles last a while. Here are just a few: Ways to Make a Twist-out Last a Long Time How to Main­tain Roller Sets and Twist-outs Dur­ing a Humid Sum­mer Ways to Make Straight­ened Hair Last Longer […]


If your roots usu­al­ly revert quick­ly, take the time to pin curl your hair at night after apply­ing a very small amount of mois­tur­iz­er or serum to each sec­tion.


There is a very sim­ple ways you give to make straight hair with nat­ur­al way and i also pre­fer nat­ur­al prod­ucts for this.


The best way to use a nature­al prod­ucts to get the straight hair nat­u­ral­ly.


Your straight hair will last longer if your strands aren’t allowed to rub up against each oth­er while you sleep.there are nice ways to make straight­ened nat­ur­al hair last longer.

Angel Christian

Very nice ways to make straight­ened nat­ur­al hair last longer.i like it its so easy and sim­ple.

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Hey :) , I’m doing that Tomm­row (blow out and steam­er) actu­al­ly I brought QP heat pro­tec­tant spray it’s real­ly light­weight . But before I go to bed I will grab a dime size amount of grape­seed oil at night and wrap it with a satin scarf. I sug­gest wide tooth combs to keep the boun­cy look I’m in NYC do the weath­er is ok . Hope it last 2 weeks

I straight­en my hair twice a year. I am cur­rent­ly 2 days straight­ened and will try to make it last til at least Thanks­giv­ing. I usu­al­ly don’t put any­thing on it and pin curl at night for at least the first week and a half to two weeks. My hair is very fine and if I put any­thing on it it will just go limp. I can usu­al­ly make it last about three weeks. I will put a TINY bit of coconut oil on my ends that last week just to make it last. I do a lot of up… Read more »

Prob­a­bly won’t straight­en for anoth­er year but when i do I’ll have to try the dry sham­poo tech­nique a try.


I also keep my show­er no hot­ter than luke warm, espe­cial­ly as hot as it is right now, I want no extra steam or humid­i­ty around when I am try­ing to keep hair straight.


per­fect tim­ing. i will def­i­nite­ly try these tips!


great arti­cle. I sug­gest rice bran oil as a heat pro­tec­tant. It works won­ders! Regards!

I only get pro­fes­sion­al blowouts (going tomor­row in fact) so the hard part is done already. I use a lit­tle argan oil, pin curl and scarf at night. It lasts up to two weeks even in the sum­mer, main­ly because I reg­u­lar­ly get steam treat­ments. When I first went nat­ur­al my hair was dry and porous so it absorbed all the mois­ture in the air. Not any­more. The only place I have a prob­lem is above my tem­ples, which I think is a com­bi­na­tion of sleep­ing with my hand there (body heat) and the show­er, even though I put the… Read more »

I’ll be cel­e­brat­ing 3 years of nat­ur­al hair in June. I plan to straight­en my hair.…and was won­der­ing how I could pro­tect it at night! Pin curls!! Woohoo!


Where can you get a show­er head­band at?

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

Man, I wish this were an exact sci­ence. No mat­ter what I do after straight­en­ing my hair, when I work out the sweat takes over and it’s a wrap. It’s just as well. I pre­fer my hair in its nat­ur­al state. I only straight­en my hair once a year.


I haven’t tried it so I can’t vouch for it but check out Nicole Ari Parker’s prod­uct which its sup­posed to absorb sweat.


My hair is straight right now, I put coconut oil on it at night and do large ban­tu knots! it’s beau­ti­ful in the morn­ing.


My hair is sooo fine that I do absolute­ly noth­ing to it. My hair dress­er does my hair every 2 weeks and I sim­ply wrap it every night. I do how­ev­er, have to flat iron it every day if I want a bump, but I’m going to try the pin curls now!


The Dry Bar ( has a great ter­ry cloth lined show­er cap designed to extend the life of your blowout by keep­ing the mois­ture out. It sus­tained my blowout in rainy Van­cou­ver for a week.


ok where was this arti­cle when i had my 2 day straight­ened hair!!! i could feel it expand through out the day and by the begin­ing of day 3 i had to just wash it and twist again! this gives me hope, thanks!


My hair has been relaxed for a num­ber of years now I recent­ly col­or treat­ed it, its got some extra bounce and vol­ume which was good but now I think its not grow­ing any­more. I try to wrap it most night also :) thnx for the info gonna try every step.

Nicole Harmon

Thanks, Julia!

Curly cuban

I straight­ened my hair this pat week­end. I used grape­seed oil as a heat pro­tec­tant. Mak­ing my hair shiny and soft, not greasy.

Nicole Harmon

Hey Curly Cuban, thank you for shar­ing what works for you :)


Infor­ma­tive tips:


This couldn’t have come at a bet­ter time lol. I got my hair blown out over the week­end for my grad­u­a­tion tomor­row but it rained today and there’s rain in the fore­cast tomor­row : ( lol.

Nicole Harmon

Hey CuteKinks, I’m glad you liked the arti­cle. Sounds like you might want to put some hair­spray in the “emer­gency kit”!


When I do straight­en my hair I’ve found that putting a bit of shea but­ter on my hair before wrap­ping it at night keeps my hair from dry­ing out to much and makes for an excel­lent set when I’m ready to take it down. It also seems to smooth it down, give me a bit of shine, as well as makes it last longer.

Nicole Harmon

Thanks for shar­ing your rou­tine, Wendy :)


I will also add find your­self a great DRY sham­poo! dry sham­poo spray is more effec­tive than hair­spray when applied the same way- LIGHT spritz, 8inch­es from the head, and brush thru. It cre­ates a thin coat­ing that holds pin­curls longer. Styl­ist have been using it for years to hold com­pli­cat­ed updo styles in cau­casian hair. It also works very well when applied to the mid­dle of the head at the roots before a work­out, as it’s pri­ma­ry func­tion is to absorb mois­ture & oil!


great info about the dry sham­poo! do rec­om­mend a cer­tain brand Maris?

Nicole Harmon

Thanks for com­ment­ing, Maris! I’m curi­ous about the brand you use too. So many dry sham­poos make dark hair look grey.


I use Tre­semme and I agree that it tem­porar­i­ly turns hair gray but just fol­low the instruc­tions. Leave it on for a few min­utes and then brush it out. If my style will get messed up with a brush, I light­ly rub a tow­el or t-shirt on the roots. Gray is gone and hair is fresh! I also bought a mini one in the trial/travel size which I keep in my purse.