by Nicole Har­mon of HairLiberty.org

Sham­poo­ing is an essen­tial part of a healthy hair reg­i­men. It can either set the stage for mois­tur­ized, detan­gled hair, or lead to break­age and tan­gling. Check out Nicole’s 6 do’s and dont’s and her rec­om­mend­ed sham­poos.

1. Do start by rins­ing your hair with warm water for about 3 min­utes. The extra rins­ing time will loosen up pro­duct residue so you can use less sham­poo.

2. Don’t comb your hair while you sham­poo. Stretch­ing and pulling cre­ates unnec­es­sary stress on your strands. Save detan­gling for when the con­di­tion­er is in.

3. Do choose a sham­poo that con­tains gen­tle ingre­di­ents if you prefer to wash your hair mul­ti­ple times per week due to fre­quent exer­cise or an oily scalp.

4. Don’t pile hair on top of your head. Apply the sham­poo by smooth­ing it in a down­ward motion.

5. Don’t under­es­ti­mate the pow­er of a high-qual­i­ty sham­poo; it can make all the dif­fer­ence.

6. Do sham­poo your hair at least once a week. The health of your scalp deter­mi­nes how fast your hair grows. A healthy scalp is clean, flake-free and not itchy.

Recommended Shampoos

All of the sham­poos rec­om­mend­ed below are sul­fate-free and safe for col­or-treat­ed hair.

1. L’Oreal Ever­Cre­me Intense Nour­ish­ing Sham­poo
You can’t beat the price of this sham­poo for the qual­i­ty. A very small amount of pro­duct cre­ates a rich, easy to spread lath­er. Make sure to look for the word “Intense” on the label.

2. Gio­van­ni Col­or­flage Dai­ly Col­or Defense Sham­poo
This sham­poo com­bi­nes sul­fate-free deter­gents cation­ic con­di­tion­ers, and “copoly­mers” which all help hair dye
last longer.

3. Free Your Mane Sul­fate Free Hydrat­ing Sham­poo
Free Your Mane prod­ucts were designed with nat­u­ral coils and curls in mind. This sham­poo lath­ers quick­ly and con­tains a high lev­el of con­di­tion­ers.

4. Carol’s Daugh­ter Choco­lat Smooth­ing Sham­poo
The Choco­lat Smooth­ing Sham­poo is the newest and best sham­poo in the Carol’s Daugh­ter line. It’s sim­i­lar
to the L’Oreal Ever­Cre­me sham­poo, but it con­tains more con­di­tion­ing ingre­di­ents.

5. CURLS Creamy Curl Cleanser
This cleans­ing cream is a great choice for those who prefer to wash dai­ly because it con­tains very mild cleansers. It’s def­i­nite­ly worth a try if co-wash­ing doesn’t agree with your scalp.

6. Joico Smooth Cure Sul­fate-Free Sham­poo
Smooth Cure is Joico’s newest line of prod­ucts for frizz-prone, curly hair. The sul­fate-free sham­poo includes all the impor­tant key ingre­di­ents along with hydrolyzed ker­at­in to pro­tect your hair from fric­tion as you lath­er.

Ladies, what is your sham­poo of choice? And what are your sham­poo­ing do’s and dont’s?

Nicole Har­mon is a Cos­met­ic Chemist and the Founder of HairLiberty.org.  She has received rave reviews for her sem­i­nars on eth­nic hair edu­ca­tion and sci­ence. She’s on a mis­sion to help the Pro­duct Junkies of the world save MONEY, sort through mar­ket­ing HYPE and buy SMARTER!

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Miss Elisa K.

I use Shea Mois­ture Sham­poos. I like all of them.


Oh dear, I break num­ber 2 a lot. I found that with some ‘slip­py’ sham­poos (name­ly Gio­van­ni 50/50 and the yel­low Shea Mois­ture sham­poo), I am able to detan­gle with ease (the comb just glides through). Is there some­thing going on, on a mol­e­c­u­lar lev­el that I should know about?


Thanks for the tips! My all time favorite sham­poo is Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Sham­poo. My 4b hair is tan­gle prone (despite all the tech­niques I use to keep my hair from tan­gling while wash­ing) and this sham­poo has pret­ty much alle­vi­at­ed that. It has amaz­ing slip and smells like apples. I love it so much I stocked up on a few bot­tles dur­ing last years bogo.


I alter­nate between a vari­ety of Aubrey Organ­ics sham­poos. I also add coconut oil to my sham­poo, to “soft­en” it. I then apply my shampoo/coconut oil to my scalp while my hair is dry and then wash my hair. While the water is soak­ing my hair I mas­sage my scalp and then con­tin­ue through my hair. This method has done won­ders for clean­ing my hair and scalp.

B. Jones

I use Kera Cara Sul­fate Free hydrat­ing sham­poo.


same here! sul­fate free and detan­gles too, whoop :p