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Our last healthy Green Smooth­ie received loads of pos­i­tive feed­back and results, so I want to make sure to post dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions every few weeks. I know some of you have aller­gies and very picky taste pref­er­ences; we’ll try to cov­er all bases. I read the com­ments and noticed the taste of almond milk wasn’t too pop­u­lar. Today we’ll use coconut milk as the base, instead. I think it’s fair to assume most of us love all things coconut! You can either buy the canned — store bought kind or you can try to make some of your own. I found this how-to video to be super clear and sim­ple:

Coconut milk is excel­lent for strength­en­ing your immune sys­tem since it’s loaded with vit­a­mins and min­er­als. It’s also full of dietary fiber, pro­mot­ing a healthy diges­tive sys­tem. When your body is replen­ished with essen­tial vit­a­mins and min­er­als, and your diges­tive sys­tem is clear, your hair and skin will begin to thrive by default! Not to men­tion the nat­ur­al weight loss that will occur from the serv­ings of fiber! Com­bine that with your dai­ly intake of water (at least half your weight in ounces) and you’ll be full of ener­gy and glow­ing in no time. Here’s one of my favorite Coconut Milk Green Smooth­ies:

1 cup of Coconut Milk
1 organ­ic banana
1 bunch of spinach
2 leaves of kale
1 table­spoon of flax oil (Omega 3 fat­ty acids – clear skin/scalp cir­cu­la­tion)
1 table­spoon of wheat germ (Pro­tein, Fiber, Min­er­als – energy/natural weight-loss)
½ cup of ice

My new favorite thing to do with my smooth­ies is to sprin­kle a hand­ful of pome­gran­ate seeds on top once the mix­ture is poured into the glass. Not only does it add a cool crunch fac­tor to the creamy tex­ture, but it’s also loaded with addi­tion­al health ben­e­fits. Pome­gran­ate seeds are full of essen­tial vit­a­mins and min­er­als that help keep your intesti­nal tract clear. They also car­ry tons of fiber, help­ing you feel fuller, longer. And not to men­tion the pro­tein, which fuels you with ener­gy, helps you main­tain healthy tis­sue and improves your blood cir­cu­la­tion.

It’s a mix­ture that tastes amaz­ing with­out sac­ri­fic­ing any of the health ben­e­fits we’re look­ing for. All result­ing in awe­some nat­ur­al beau­ty perks! Enjoy!

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I’m a nat­ur­al hair, nutri­tion and fit­ness blog­ger from New York City. Bat­tling a kid­ney relat­ed ill­ness that doc­tors couldn’t seem to fix, I became obsessed with alter­na­tive med­i­cine. After months of research­ing and final­ly cur­ing myself, it became quite evi­dent that healthy resources in our urban com­mu­ni­ties were lack­ing. I began my health & well­ness tum­blr in Dec of 2010 as some­what of a jour­nal, hop­ing to shed some light on my jour­ney to health as well as our dis­con­nec­tion with healthy liv­ing. It’s been my goal to cre­ate a safe haven where our well­ness con­cerns could be shared and hope­ful­ly cured, as nat­u­ral­ly as pos­si­ble.

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Is it wheat germ OIL? If not, can I use the oil instead?


You stat­ed that we should drink half our weight in water (in ounces). I am a bit con­fused. I weigh about 2,400 ounces. Do I real­ly need to drink 1,200 ounces of water? That would be 150–8oz glass­es or 100–12 oz glass­es. I think that much water would kill you.


I think she means to take your weight and half it. Like I weigh 200lbs, so I half it to 100 and drink 100 oz. I want to say that this is close to the stan­dard 8 glass­es a day.


can i use flax seeds instead of flax oil?


Thanks!! I added kiwi and pineap­ple to mine-fan­tas­tic.

I know what I’ll be doing all sum­mer :)
Also, I want to try a green smooth­ie with mint, cucum­bers, kale and some ice. That could be interesting…I’ll try to make the boyfriend try it first aha. 

[Imgcomment image[/img]


ok nevermind!!I read the arti­cle only and did­nt look in the com­ments before i wrote…I see some­one else does­nt like banana either …i will try those sug­ges­tions!!

first, I want to say thank you for the smooth­ie recipes, I real­ly enjoyed the first one and start­ed doing it a few times a week…that being said…since this part 2 you have men­tioned you will do this every few weeks…can the next one NOT include banana or a banana sub­sti­tute.. as i stat­ed I real­l­l­l­l­l­l­ly enjoyed the first one and tried to play with oth­er sub­sti­tute for the banana but im not sure i was get­ting the same nutri­tion­al val­ue of the banana. btw i am more than open if some­one else has a sug­ges­tion for me to sub­sti­tute… Read more »

I have extreme aller­gies to all nut, bananas, and all mel­ons. Almond Milk and Coconut Milk I can­not drink. What oth­er options do you have?


This is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent juice but what I usu­al­ly blend are kale, cucum­ber, apple, and 3 ice cubes.
I think cucum­bers are con­sid­ered mel­ons but you can sub­sti­tute it car­rots.


Thanks. I can eat cucum­bers.

The heavy hit­ters in this recipe are the green leafy veg­etablea, the flaxseed (make sure it has evening prim­rose to bal­ance the omegas) and the wheat germ. You can use all the dif­fer­ent fruits you want and can switch it up as often as you like. My sis­ter and I did some­thing like this a cou­ple of years ago when we learned how to get all of our nutri­ents from food opposed to tak­ing vit­a­mins (that you body has a prob­lem assim­u­lat­ing and gen­er­al­ly flush­es out the major­i­ty of “nutri­ents” in your urine) and the results were amaz­ing. My hair… Read more »

you just con­vinced me. tax returns= fan­cy blender=new page in life


I love how you said, “get your sun like the flower you are”!


I will be try­ing this out.


I’m gonna have to try this one, with­out the banana. I just cant swal­low pureed banana. I was look­ing at the oth­er recipe and the com­ments that fol­lowed. Would sub­sti­tut­ing man­go or papaya work as well? Or, I could blend every­thing and eat the banana on the side. Just cant do banana puree.


What you can do Hermione is freeze the banana you will have the taste but it will be frozen instead of pureed. I hope that helps


i’m gonna try this. sounds del­ish. i usu­al­ly add a dash of slim fast pow­der, will that be ok? can you have this as a replace­ment meal?