It appears that Rapper Lil Mama is reppin #teamnatural. She took to Twitter recently to post a photo of her hair with the caption:


Lil Mama typically rocks straight weave styles, but I guess there’s always been an impressive fro underneath. Get it! Ladies, what do you think?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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African beauty rockin
g your ‘fro lil


[…] appreciate and applaud that celebrities (from Toya Carter to Keke Palmer to Lil Mama to Christina Milian) are revealing healthy natural hair beneath their weaves, but we also wonder […]


that’s a WHOLE lotta hair; WOW!!


I love her fro…How old is she?


I think she looks way better natural, without makeup and weaves, her features are complimented more!


[…] Simmons and Rapper Lil Mama did the same thing in 2011 and 2012 respectively, but weren’t met with such positive […]


love her hair!
Check out my channel on hair at


aside from ABDC what is she doing? Is she still signed to a music label/rapping?

If this is her eral hair afro, cool. I wish my fro was that high.

She should do a YT vid of herself being rooted and then all questions of this being her hair or another wig/weave will be answered.

1) Yahlah Yisrael made a valid point; it did look like a wig when I first saw it. There’s no jealously going on, no “shade throwing” or whatever you want to call it. When an African American woman MAINLY wears weaves/wigs, it’s natural to question their “real” hair, especially when that hair looks more like a wig. (Weave checks = insecurity? No, weave checks when one claims it’s their real hair even though it doesn’t look like it = curiosity) Besides, we all have our different perceptions of what an afro should/does look like. What looks fake to you make… Read more »

Love it!!! It looks fricking awesome!!


She looks so pretty and young and fresh with her natural hair. Those heavy weaves make her look old; they do nothing to compliment her features.


IM Ooogling over it!!! GO lil mama!! Wonder what she’s up too these days… I wanted her to be the next MC Lyte.

Dee (durelene)

I shocked that under all that weave is this nice fro too bad I cant say the same for the pic


LOVIN’ MY SLAVE HAIR! *haters gonna hate*


Don’t enforce the ignorance. It may be a common joke (“slave hair”) among-st natural’s who get it, but, saying it like this just enforces the ignorance of the masses that don’t understand.

Like anastasia, I’m old, so I don’t know who this woman is. 🙂 If she says that’s her hair, I believe her. It would be nice to see it more often if (as I’m reading) she doesn’t normally wear it out…but I understand if she chooses not to. I’m really interested in two things: 1) This phenomenon of calling people haters just because they may offer a disagreeing opinion. I see this more and more and I just don’t get it. Are people that sensitive that they can’t accept that not everybody sees things the way they do? Is it… Read more »
“What will have to happen for this disconnect to resolve itself?” LBell, that’s an excellent question and one of which I often ponder. The brainwashing is not only undeniable but tragic and deeply disturbing now that I am out of the matrix and can recognize it. I can only speak for myself, but I had to literally re-educate myself about nearly everything regarding Western culture, social inequality and inequity, systems of dominance, history, and our people no matter which continent they reside to shake that ‘cancer’ known as internalized racism. Have you ever heard of Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary’s Post-Traumatic… Read more »

Love it! I’d love to see her rocking some braided styles with just her hair. It looks like she ha enough hair to do some amazing designs and for it still look full.


My lil girl and I watch the show (ABDC) faithfully, and we’ve ALWAYS wanted her to stop the weave and JUST BE FREE! WE LOVE YOU LIL MA! She looks young and fresh, just like she always should 🙂

El Pee

I’ve recently started wearing my fro on the weekends (don’t think my bosses could handle it at work LOL) and love ALL afros! Seems like the only haters tend to be relaxed slaves or weave heads who are still hiding behind their inability to accept what naturally grows out of their heads. So sad…

JOIN US NOW before you’re permanently bald from all those crazy chemicals – LOL.


please…. there are plenty of natural haters who wouldnt dare wear their hair in an unaltered fro or even a picked out fro

Shannon :)

nice 🙂 reminds me of when i picked my afro once upon a time..

bint alshamsa

I love it! I have a daughter, so I’ve heard a few of her songs, even though I’m not a big rap enthusiast. I think it’s wonderful that she feels so comfortable wearing her hair in weaves, in straight styles, and in her natural state. With the abundance of weaves that are available now, it’s impossible to tell who’s rocking a natural underneath it all. This picture shows that Lil Mama has been growing her natural hair for several years. She’s officially a Black Girl with Long Hair!

Anybody who doesn’t like it is just a hater.

Coretta L Campbell

Her fro is bangin!!!!! I love it!!!


Good Lawd I’m old, I don’t even know who she is!! But, when I saw the pic and the title, a lil diddy popped in my head: “I rock ruf and stuff w/ my afro puff..rock on witcha bad self” (Lady of rage, 1994)

Great hair!!


i love it! she’s a cute girl and I am proud of her for rocking it! 🙂

Emme M

It’s sad but too common that a head full of healthy hair gets an automatic weave check. Busted isn’t supposed to be the default look for our own hair. I also think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look.


IMO, weave checks = insecurity


It’s ironic that wearing one’s own hair proudly is considered enslaved to some yet wearing another’s hair 24-7 s freedom……….
Amen to that statement!!


Sadly, she received so much hate on twitter for that picture of “slave hair” as if hair was the criterion for being shackled. It’s ironic that wearing one’s own hair proudly is considered enslaved to some yet wearing another’s hair 24-7 s freedom.


I was disgusted and saddened by some of the comments made on twitter. the fact that people can hate what is natural to someone’s genetic makeup – their own genetic makeup even – is beyond comprehension.


yup, if it was curly/coily everyone would say its cute smh


I find it strange that her hair would be considered “slave hair” too. We’re seeing more women wearing their hair in different natural styles. So many people have modernized many hair styles. So I don’t get why people refuse to look at those pictures and instead, focus on those solemn pictures of slaves back in the day.

This is why people need to realize black hair can’t just be hair.


I hear ya sistas….such a pity…the brainwashing is deep and traumatic for our people to say the least..We’re moving in the right direction…..I hope =)


Her Hair is HUGE!! I’m so proud of her that she showed the world what’s really hiding under that weave! Love it…


she’s always got longer hair, natural or not


this is the BEST she has EVER EVER EVER looked. EVER.


I totally agree, I don’t know if she is aware, but natural hair looks very good on her


I love her fro!!, her natural hair suits her way better than the straight weaves she rocks. I’m guessing she had to get to a certain length before she was comfortable enough to show her hair in it’s natural state…even after I bc’d I wasn’t that comfortable with my twa

Awkward moment

It’s obviously her real hair lol.. Not a wig. Why would a wig be unevenly shaped like that and thinning on the ends? It wouldn’t. Thats how a real fro looks. That’s her real hair.. Also consider the caption of the picture which you clearly didn’t read.. Lol why is there an illogical hater no matter what’s posted on this site, omg. *prays* I dont like the girl but be logical Yahlah

sonya cowan

Not all real fros look like that. Mine doesn’t look like that


Very nice! She looks to much better natural that with those ridiculous wigs and get ups she wears. And the contacts :X She went to my high school you know. For the first time I’m not ashamed to admit that. um, lol!


So much pretty hair. I wonder is this just a one time showing though.


No, she’s done interviews with her hair before. I think this is more of a “I am not my hair…” moment. Kinda like, if I rock a fro, a weave, a press…that’s just me at the moment. Like she’s asking us not to pigeon-hole her into ANY particular look.


” I think this is more of a “I am not my hair…” moment. Kinda like, if I rock a fro, a weave, a press…that’s just me at the moment.”

Love it Lateefah!!

Natural Kesha

Good for her for showing her beauty as is. Hope she does interview somewhere soon to discuss her hair & come back out with a different flow of music too 🙂

Yahlah Yisrael

That’s a another wig, but it’s definitely better than those straight ones she wears. The pic looks as if she’s trying-out “a look”, not showing us all her real hair.




Why would she go through the trouble of saying, no make-up no weave and all of what she typed if it were a wig? Lord Jesus, we can be so hard on each other…


Thanks for pointing that one out. As much as we may blame the media and others, we are definitely some of our won harshest critics. I’m loving the hair, though. And this is coming from someone who has NEVER been a fan of Lil Mama or her style.


that doesn’t look like a wig, looks like her real hair. either way I love it


Another hating black woman!


No….it looks like her hair. Until she says its a wig, then I believe its her real hair. Why the eff are black women so quick to weave check???




Overdosing on jealousy I see…

Awkward moment

Lmao ain’t it @ Shade! She just sent so much shade lil mama’s way and for whaaaat? Don’t be jealous, celebrate someone’s hair health! Ugh..


@awkward moment : exactly! That is her real hair lol.

Yahlah Yisrael

Ya’ll are so silly. It’s not even as major as you just made it out to be. If I’m wrong about it, I’m wrong about it. *shrug* At the end of the day who cares? Famous people lie all the time, so just don’t act like that never happens.


I believe that’s her hair. She came on the Tyra Show once without a weave and just her hair straightened. Judging by that it’s accurate


Not a fan of hers, but I’m absolutely loving that fro!


Love it! She looks stunning. I feel like it’s that moment when a women discovers that she is beautiful just the way she is, caught in a picture.

Amma Mama

Awww !
True indeed 🙂


That’s a FANTASTIC moment!!! =)


It truly is!!


exactly! I guess I just need to get used to secret celebrity naturals…