It appears that Rap­per Lil Mama is rep­pin #team­nat­u­ral. She took to Twit­ter recent­ly to post a pho­to of her hair with the cap­tion:


Lil Mama typ­i­cal­ly rocks straight weave styles, but I guess there’s always been an impres­sive fro under­neath. Get it! Ladies, what do you think?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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African beau­ty rock­in
g your ‘fro lil


[…] appre­ci­ate and applaud that celebri­ties (from Toya Carter to Keke Palmer to Lil Mama to Christi­na Mil­ian) are reveal­ing healthy nat­u­ral hair beneath their weaves, but we also won­der […]


that’s a WHOLE lot­ta hair; WOW!!


I love her fro…How old is she?


I think she looks way bet­ter nat­u­ral, with­out make­up and weaves, her fea­tures are com­pli­ment­ed more!


[…] Sim­mons and Rap­per Lil Mama did the same thing in 2011 and 2012 respec­tive­ly, but weren’t met with such pos­i­tive […]


love her hair!
Check out my chan­nel on hair at


aside from ABDC what is she doing? Is she still signed to a music label/rapping?

If this is her eral hair afro, cool. I wish my fro was that high.

She should do a YT vid of her­self being root­ed and then all ques­tions of this being her hair or anoth­er wig/weave will be answered.

1) Yahlah Yis­rael made a valid point; it did look like a wig when I first saw it. There’s no jeal­ous­ly going on, no “shade throw­ing” or what­ev­er you want to call it. When an African Amer­i­can wom­an MAINLY wears weaves/wigs, it’s nat­u­ral to ques­tion their “real” hair, espe­cial­ly when that hair looks more like a wig. (Weave checks = inse­cu­ri­ty? No, weave checks when one claims it’s their real hair even though it doesn’t look like it = curios­i­ty) Besides, we all have our dif­fer­ent per­cep­tions of what an afro should/does look like. What looks fake to you make… Read more »

Love it!!! It looks frick­ing awe­some!!


She looks so pret­ty and young and fresh with her nat­u­ral hair. Those heavy weaves make her look old; they do noth­ing to com­pli­ment her fea­tures.


IM Ooogling over it!!! GO lil mama!! Won­der what she’s up too the­se days… I want­ed her to be the next MC Lyte.

Dee (durelene)

I shocked that under all that weave is this nice fro too bad I cant say the same for the pic


LOVIN’ MY SLAVE HAIR! *haters gonna hate*


Don’t enforce the igno­rance. It may be a com­mon joke (“slave hair”) among-st natural’s who get it, but, say­ing it like this just enforces the igno­rance of the mass­es that don’t under­stand.

Like anas­tasia, I’m old, so I don’t know who this wom­an is. :) If she says that’s her hair, I believe her. It would be nice to see it more often if (as I’m read­ing) she doesn’t nor­mal­ly wear it out…but I under­stand if she choos­es not to. I’m real­ly inter­est­ed in two things: 1) This phe­nom­e­non of call­ing peo­ple haters just because they may offer a dis­agree­ing opin­ion. I see this more and more and I just don’t get it. Are peo­ple that sen­si­tive that they can’t accept that not every­body sees things the way they do? Is it that… Read more »
“What will have to hap­pen for this dis­con­nect to resolve itself?” LBell, that’s an excel­lent ques­tion and one of which I often pon­der. The brain­wash­ing is not only unde­ni­able but trag­ic and deeply dis­turbing now that I am out of the matrix and can rec­og­nize it.  I can only speak for myself, but I had to lit­er­al­ly re-edu­cate myself about near­ly every­thing regard­ing West­ern cul­ture, social inequal­i­ty and inequity, sys­tems of dom­i­nance, his­to­ry, and our peo­ple no mat­ter which con­ti­nent they reside to shake that ‘can­cer’ known as inter­nal­ized racism.  Have you ever heard of Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary’s Post-Trau­mat­ic Slave… Read more »

Love it! I’d love to see her rock­ing some braid­ed styles with just her hair. It looks like she ha enough hair to do some amaz­ing designs and for it still look full.


My lil girl and I watch the show (ABDC) faith­ful­ly, and we’ve ALWAYS want­ed her to stop the weave and JUST BE FREE! WE LOVE YOU LIL MA! She looks young and fresh, just like she always should :)

El Pee

I’ve recent­ly start­ed wear­ing my fro on the week­ends (don’t think my boss­es could han­dle it at work LOL) and love ALL afros! Seems like the only haters tend to be relaxed slaves or weave heads who are still hid­ing behind their inabil­i­ty to accept what nat­u­ral­ly grows out of their heads. So sad…

JOIN US NOW before you’re per­ma­nent­ly bald from all those crazy chem­i­cals — LOL.


please.… there are plen­ty of nat­u­ral haters who would­nt dare wear their hair in an unal­tered fro or even a picked out fro

Shannon :)

nice :) reminds me of when i picked my afro once upon a time..

bint alshamsa

I love it! I have a daugh­ter, so I’ve heard a few of her songs, even though I’m not a big rap enthu­si­ast. I think it’s won­der­ful that she feels so com­fort­able wear­ing her hair in weaves, in straight styles, and in her nat­u­ral state. With the abun­dance of weaves that are avail­able now, it’s impos­si­ble to tell who’s rock­ing a nat­u­ral under­neath it all. This pic­ture shows that Lil Mama has been grow­ing her nat­u­ral hair for sev­er­al years. She’s offi­cial­ly a Black Girl with Long Hair!

Any­body who doesn’t like it is just a hater.

Coretta L Campbell

Her fro is bang­in!!!!! I love it!!!


Good Lawd I’m old, I don’t even know who she is!! But, when I saw the pic and the title, a lil did­dy popped in my head: “I rock ruf and stuff w/ my afro puff..rock on witcha bad self” (Lady of rage, 1994)

Great hair!!


i love it! she’s a cute girl and I am proud of her for rock­ing it! :)

Emme M

It’s sad but too com­mon that a head full of healthy hair gets an auto­mat­ic weave check. Bust­ed isn’t sup­posed to be the default look for our own hair. I also think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look.


IMO, weave checks = inse­cu­ri­ty


It’s iron­ic that wear­ing one’s own hair proud­ly is con­sid­ered enslaved to some yet wear­ing another’s hair 24–7 s free­dom.….…..
Amen to that state­ment!!


Sad­ly, she received so much hate on twit­ter for that pic­ture of “slave hair” as if hair was the cri­te­ri­on for being shack­led. It’s iron­ic that wear­ing one’s own hair proud­ly is con­sid­ered enslaved to some yet wear­ing another’s hair 24–7 s free­dom.


I was dis­gust­ed and sad­dened by some of the com­ments made on twit­ter. the fact that peo­ple can hate what is nat­u­ral to someone’s genet­ic make­up — their own genet­ic make­up even — is beyond com­pre­hen­sion.


yup, if it was curly/coily every­one would say its cute smh


I find it strange that her hair would be con­sid­ered “slave hair” too. We’re see­ing more wom­en wear­ing their hair in dif­fer­ent nat­u­ral styles. So many peo­ple have mod­ern­ized many hair styles. So I don’t get why peo­ple refuse to look at those pic­tures and instead, focus on those solemn pic­tures of slaves back in the day. 

This is why peo­ple need to real­ize black hair can’t just be hair.


I hear ya sistas.…such a pity…the brain­wash­ing is deep and trau­mat­ic for our peo­ple to say the least..We’re mov­ing in the right direction.….I hope =)


Her Hair is HUGE!! I’m so proud of her that she showed the world what’s real­ly hid­ing under that weave! Love it…


she’s always got longer hair, nat­u­ral or not


this is the BEST she has EVER EVER EVER looked. EVER.


I total­ly agree, I don’t know if she is aware, but nat­u­ral hair looks very good on her


I love her fro!!, her nat­u­ral hair suits her way bet­ter than the straight weaves she rocks. I’m guess­ing she had to get to a cer­tain length before she was com­fort­able enough to show her hair in it’s nat­u­ral state…even after I bc’d I wasn’t that com­fort­able with my twa

Awkward moment

It’s obvi­ous­ly her real hair lol.. Not a wig. Why would a wig be uneven­ly shaped like that and thin­ning on the ends? It wouldn’t. Thats how a real fro looks. That’s her real hair.. Also con­sid­er the cap­tion of the pic­ture which you clear­ly didn’t read.. Lol why is there an illog­i­cal hater no mat­ter what’s post­ed on this site, omg. *prays* I dont like the girl but be log­i­cal Yahlah

sonya cowan

Not all real fros look like that. Mine doesn’t look like that


Very nice! She looks to much bet­ter nat­u­ral that with those ridicu­lous wigs and get ups she wears. And the con­tacts :X She went to my high school you know. For the first time I’m not ashamed to admit that. um, lol!


So much pret­ty hair. I won­der is this just a one time show­ing though.


No, she’s done inter­views with her hair before. I think this is more of a “I am not my hair…” moment. Kin­da like, if I rock a fro, a weave, a press…that’s just me at the moment. Like she’s ask­ing us not to pigeon-hole her into ANY par­tic­u­lar look.


” I think this is more of a “I am not my hair…” moment. Kin­da like, if I rock a fro, a weave, a press…that’s just me at the moment.”

Love it Lateefah!!

Natural Kesha

Good for her for show­ing her beau­ty as is. Hope she does inter­view some­where soon to dis­cuss her hair & come back out with a dif­fer­ent flow of music too :)

Yahlah Yisrael

That’s a anoth­er wig, but it’s def­i­nite­ly bet­ter than those straight ones she wears. The pic looks as if she’s try­ing-out “a look”, not show­ing us all her real hair.




Why would she go through the trou­ble of say­ing, no make-up no weave and all of what she typed if it were a wig? Lord Jesus, we can be so hard on each oth­er…


Thanks for point­ing that one out. As much as we may blame the media and oth­ers, we are def­i­nite­ly some of our won harsh­est crit­ics. I’m lov­ing the hair, though. And this is com­ing from some­one who has NEVER been a fan of Lil Mama or her style.


that doesn’t look like a wig, looks like her real hair. either way I love it


Anoth­er hat­ing black wom­an!


No.…it looks like her hair. Until she says its a wig, then I believe its her real hair. Why the eff are black wom­en so quick to weave check???




Over­dos­ing on jeal­ousy I see…

Awkward moment

Lmao ain’t it @ Shade! She just sent so much shade lil mama’s way and for whaaaat? Don’t be jeal­ous, cel­e­brate someone’s hair health! Ugh..


@awkward moment : exact­ly! That is her real hair lol.

Yahlah Yisrael

Ya’ll are so sil­ly. It’s not even as major as you just made it out to be. If I’m wrong about it, I’m wrong about it. *shrug* At the end of the day who cares? Famous peo­ple lie all the time, so just don’t act like that nev­er hap­pens.


I believe that’s her hair. She came on the Tyra Show once with­out a weave and just her hair straight­ened. Judg­ing by that it’s accu­rate


Not a fan of hers, but I’m absolute­ly lov­ing that fro!


Love it! She looks stun­ning. I feel like it’s that moment when a wom­en dis­cov­ers that she is beau­ti­ful just the way she is, caught in a pic­ture.

Amma Mama

Awww !
True indeed :-)


That’s a FANTASTIC moment!!! =)


It tru­ly is!!


exact­ly! I guess I just need to get used to secret celebri­ty nat­u­rals…