It appears that Rap­per Lil Mama is rep­pin #team­nat­u­ral. She took to Twit­ter recent­ly to post a pho­to of her hair with the cap­tion:


Lil Mama typ­i­cal­ly rocks straight weave styles, but I guess there’s always been an impres­sive fro under­neath. Get it! Ladies, what do you think?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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My lil girl and I watch the show (ABDC) faith­ful­ly, and we’ve ALWAYS want­ed her to stop the weave and JUST BE FREE! WE LOVE YOU LIL MA! She looks young and fresh, just like she always should :)


Love it! I’d love to see her rock­ing some braid­ed styles with just her hair. It looks like she ha enough hair to do some amaz­ing designs and for it still look full.

Like anas­tasia, I’m old, so I don’t know who this wom­an is. :) If she says that’s her hair, I believe her. It would be nice to see it more often if (as I’m read­ing) she doesn’t nor­mal­ly wear it out…but I under­stand if she choos­es not to. I’m real­ly inter­est­ed in two things: 1) This phe­nom­e­non of call­ing peo­ple haters just because they may offer a dis­agree­ing opin­ion. I see this more and more and I just don’t get it. Are peo­ple that sen­si­tive that they can’t accept that not every­body sees things the way they do? Is it that… Read more »
“What will have to hap­pen for this dis­con­nect to resolve itself?” LBell, that’s an excel­lent ques­tion and one of which I often pon­der. The brain­wash­ing is not only unde­ni­able but trag­ic and deeply dis­turbing now that I am out of the matrix and can rec­og­nize it.  I can only speak for myself, but I had to lit­er­al­ly re-edu­cate myself about near­ly every­thing regard­ing West­ern cul­ture, social inequal­i­ty and inequity, sys­tems of dom­i­nance, his­to­ry, and our peo­ple no mat­ter which con­ti­nent they reside to shake that ‘can­cer’ known as inter­nal­ized racism.  Have you ever heard of Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary’s Post-Trau­mat­ic Slave… Read more »

LOVIN’ MY SLAVE HAIR! *haters gonna hate*


Don’t enforce the igno­rance. It may be a com­mon joke (“slave hair”) among-st natural’s who get it, but, say­ing it like this just enforces the igno­rance of the mass­es that don’t under­stand.

Dee (durelene)

I shocked that under all that weave is this nice fro too bad I cant say the same for the pic


IM Ooogling over it!!! GO lil mama!! Won­der what she’s up too the­se days… I want­ed her to be the next MC Lyte.


She looks so pret­ty and young and fresh with her nat­u­ral hair. Those heavy weaves make her look old; they do noth­ing to com­pli­ment her fea­tures.


Love it!!! It looks frick­ing awe­some!!

1) Yahlah Yis­rael made a valid point; it did look like a wig when I first saw it. There’s no jeal­ous­ly going on, no “shade throw­ing” or what­ev­er you want to call it. When an African Amer­i­can wom­an MAINLY wears weaves/wigs, it’s nat­u­ral to ques­tion their “real” hair, espe­cial­ly when that hair looks more like a wig. (Weave checks = inse­cu­ri­ty? No, weave checks when one claims it’s their real hair even though it doesn’t look like it = curios­i­ty) Besides, we all have our dif­fer­ent per­cep­tions of what an afro should/does look like. What looks fake to you make… Read more »

aside from ABDC what is she doing? Is she still signed to a music label/rapping?

If this is her eral hair afro, cool. I wish my fro was that high.

She should do a YT vid of her­self being root­ed and then all ques­tions of this being her hair or anoth­er wig/weave will be answered.


love her hair!
Check out my chan­nel on hair at


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I think she looks way bet­ter nat­u­ral, with­out make­up and weaves, her fea­tures are com­pli­ment­ed more!


I love her fro…How old is she?


that’s a WHOLE lot­ta hair; WOW!!


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African beau­ty rock­in
g your ‘fro lil