Rapper Lil Mama Reveals Her Fro on Twitter

It appears that Rapper Lil Mama is reppin #teamnatural. She took to Twitter recently to post a photo of her hair with the caption:


Lil Mama typically rocks straight weave styles, but I guess there’s always been an impressive fro underneath. Get it! Ladies, what do you think?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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65 thoughts on “Rapper Lil Mama Reveals Her Fro on Twitter

  1. My lil girl and I watch the show (ABDC) faithfully, and we’ve ALWAYS wanted her to stop the weave and JUST BE FREE! WE LOVE YOU LIL MA! She looks young and fresh, just like she always should :)

  2. Love it! I’d love to see her rocking some braided styles with just her hair. It looks like she ha enough hair to do some amazing designs and for it still look full.

  3. Like anastasia, I’m old, so I don’t know who this woman is. :) If she says that’s her hair, I believe her. It would be nice to see it more often if (as I’m reading) she doesn’t normally wear it out…but I understand if she chooses not to.

    I’m really interested in two things:

    1) This phenomenon of calling people haters just because they may offer a disagreeing opinion. I see this more and more and I just don’t get it. Are people that sensitive that they can’t accept that not everybody sees things the way they do? Is it that serious?

    2) This statement made by Emme M: “Busted isn’t supposed to be the default look for our own hair.” I thought this was brilliant…it speaks to the disconnect over what healthy hair is supposed to look like. Barbara says Lil Mama got “Twitter hate” for revealing her “slave hair”…meanwhile many here would kill for that thick black ‘fro, including me. :) What will have to happen for this disconnect to resolve itself?

    • “What will have to happen for this disconnect to resolve itself?”

      LBell, that’s an excellent question and one of which I often ponder.

      The brainwashing is not only undeniable but tragic and deeply disturbing now that I am out of the matrix and can recognize it.

      I can only speak for myself, but I had to literally re-educate myself about nearly everything regarding Western culture, social inequality and inequity, systems of dominance, history, and our people no matter which continent they reside to shake that ‘cancer’ known as internalized racism.

      Have you ever heard of Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary’s Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome? If not, you may find it quite interesting. There’s a book by the same title, and you can find many of her speaking engagements and interviews on YouTube. She is one of my living sheroes!

      With regard to “hater” as a descriptor for those that do not agree with a stated opinion, it may simply be a function of youth and part of the cultural zeitgeist now. Guess it serves to protect the ‘ego’, but you are so on point, in life, one better get used to people not agreeing with their position because that is part of any discourse.=)

      Yes,I would love to have hair that thick!!! =) This “Lil Mama” is gorgeous au naturale and I hope she truly knows it. =)

    • Don’t enforce the ignorance. It may be a common joke (“slave hair”) among-st natural’s who get it, but, saying it like this just enforces the ignorance of the masses that don’t understand.

  4. IM Ooogling over it!!! GO lil mama!! Wonder what she’s up too these days… I wanted her to be the next MC Lyte.

  5. She looks so pretty and young and fresh with her natural hair. Those heavy weaves make her look old; they do nothing to compliment her features.

  6. 1) Yahlah Yisrael made a valid point; it did look like a wig when I first saw it. There’s no jealously going on, no “shade throwing” or whatever you want to call it. When an African American woman MAINLY wears weaves/wigs, it’s natural to question their “real” hair, especially when that hair looks more like a wig. (Weave checks = insecurity? No, weave checks when one claims it’s their real hair even though it doesn’t look like it = curiosity)
    Besides, we all have our different perceptions of what an afro should/does look like. What looks fake to you make look real to us and vice versa.
    Celebs lie all of the time, and, even then, she could have just been trying on a wig or trying out the look.
    Honestly, y’all kinda blew that one out of proportion.

    2) Assuming it is her real hair, it’s gorgeous. :)

  7. aside from ABDC what is she doing? Is she still signed to a music label/rapping?

    If this is her eral hair afro, cool. I wish my fro was that high.

    She should do a YT vid of herself being rooted and then all questions of this being her hair or another wig/weave will be answered.

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