We regularly advocate protective and low manipulation styling here on BGLH, but we always wonder how readers actually put it into practice. We decided to check out the BGLH community forum to see how you all were approaching protective styling and we came across some gorgeous looks. Check it out;

Cinnabun Frohawk (by Raven Hill)

Pinned Up Twists (by Le’Marqunita Lowe)

Bun with Pompadour (by Deidre Leigh)

Chunky Twists & Flat Twists (by Le’Marqunita Lowe)

Box Braid Bun (by Adrienne Michelle)

Senegalese Twists (by Wagamama)

Mini Twists (by Ahzjah Williams)

Chunky Twist Extensions (by Zoey Jewel)

Amazing! Ladies, which style is your favorite? Which would you rock?

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