You’ve heard it before, over and over again — moisture is everything when it comes to natural hair health. Still, many naturals struggle with keeping their curls, kinks and coils well-moisturized. Perhaps you’re guilty of one of our 9 ineffective moisturizing practices. Check it out;

1. Moisturizing dirty hair/hair that has product buildup

The objective of moisturizing is to apply water-based product that penetrates the cuticle (outer layer) of the strand and infuse the cortex (inner layer) with water. If there is too much dirt or product on your cuticle, then there’s little chance that any moisturizing product you apply will make it to the cortex.

2. Using butters or oils as moisturizers

With the exception of a few oils, like coconut oil, that can penetrate the strand — oils and butters will sit on the OUTSIDE of your strand because they are SEALANTS, not moisturizers. Their purpose is to lock in moisture — not apply it. If your hair is feeling dry, and you apply a butter or oil, you are just weighing down dry hair, making it more brittle and susceptible to breakage.

3. Using water based products without sealing

Just like oils and butters aren’t effective as moisturizers, water-based products — and water itself! — isn’t effective at moisturizing unless it’s sealed in. Water quickly evaporate out of the cortex unless a sealing product is applied to the lock it in.

*Note: Spritzes are a great daily moisturizing solution as they contain water, which penetrates the cuticle, as well as oils, that seal the water in. While they aren’t heavy-duty enough to provide long-term moisturizing, they are great as a daily refresher, in between moisture and seal sessions.

4. Under-moisturizing

Just like your body can be thirsty way before your throat actually feels parched, natural hair can need moisture way before it feels crunchy and dry. Start by moisturizing your hair at least once a day. If, in the following hours, your hair feels wet and mushy, you can cut your moisturizing down to every other day. If it still feels dry, then you might need to up your moisturizing to twice daily.

5. Neglecting the re-moisturizing process after a shampoo

Shampooing is a bit of a paradox when it comes to moisturizing — you are dousing your hair with water, while also stripping your strands of dirt and natural oils that help lock in moisture. So, in a sense, your hair is getting dryer as it gets wetter. The squeaky, super dry feeling your hair has after a shampoo is lack of lubrication, and its critical that it be replaced. Be sure to deep condition after every shampoo and follow up with a moisturize & seal.

6. Using styling products as moisturizers

The primary purpose of styling products is NOT to improve the health of your hair. Just like the primary purpose of moisturizing products is NOT to sculpt and style your hair. There are some crossover products that can do both, but most will not. Liquid styling products might look tempting as a fill-in when you need a moisturizer but they might contain alcohols and mineral oil that will dry your hair out in the long run.

7. Focusing on roots instead of ends

Your ends are the driest part of your strands and most susceptible to breakage. The natural oils that your scalp secretes don’t travel down far enough to coat your ends, so it’s important that you are proactive in protecting them. Work moisturizing product into your hair from root to tip. Some naturals even limit their product application to the bottom 75% of their strands.

8. Over Moisturizing

Properly moisturized strands don’t feel soggy and wet, they feel supple and strong — even when they’re dry. Applying too much moisturizing and sealing product can leave your hair perpetually wet, making it difficult to style. Be even-handed with your product application. Not only will it make styling easier, but it will save your bed spread, couches, car seats, and anything else your hair comes into contact with.

9. Deep conditioning/steaming for hours

While there are a few treatments, like henna, that require long-term application, most deep conditioning treatments need 30 minutes or less. Many naturals feel that keeping treatments on overnight helps with softness and moisture, but an increasing number are realizing that 30 minutes (or whatever time the product instructions say) is just as effective as 8 hours. Keep in mind that the makers of your conditioner have tested the product, and know how much time it takes to be effective.

Are you guilty of anything on this list? What are some ineffective moisturizing practices that you’ve been guilty of?

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bee mine curly butter and unyevu butter by belle butters are considered sealants instead of moisturizers even tho they’re called moisturizing butters?


hi ladies, I got a bit confused on the make sure u’re not moisturizing with butters and not creams part. I’ve been watching a particular YouTube channel and the lady applies bee mine curly butter or the unyevu butter by belle butters right before she does a protective style, then seals with pure aloe vera. now both say that they’re moisturizing butters so does that make them a sealant still?

Aisa @ 4 Us Naturals
@Myre real butters are not moisturizing. If it says its a moisturizing butter then its not pure butter like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter etc. It is a mix of butter (small or large amount) with other ingredients like water, oils preservatives etc. If the ingredient list is long then it isn’t a pure butter or oil. They are talking about pure butters and oils as sealants. You can use premixed products but you have to experiment to see how they work best for you. You may not need anything after using them since they have butters mixed in… Read more »

thank u so much. I haven’t had a perm in years but I’m new to wearing my curls. my hair is soft like cotton, fine and frizzy. I finger detangle, cowash and apply knot today leave in, then aloe vera to seal. I have got a moisturizer yet. a lot of the natural/organic products contain coconut oil and I’m allergic =\ when I do two strand twists, my hair is still frizzy, ESPECIALLY my roots. how do I smooth them out? will the moisturizer do that?

Aisa @ 4 Us Naturals
I personally moisturize with a spritz made of glycerin, water and sometimes some oils or I just use a leave in conditioner like Giovanni direct Leave in and then seal with shea butter. I would think the aloe vera might smooth your hair out. Frizzy hair is normal usually though. Felicial Leatherwood (stylist to the stars) told me that my hair may be permanently damaged from relaxing because the cuticle doesn’t lay flat. I didn’t know that could happen. =-( Hmm not sure. Have you ever tried Kimmaytubes leave in conditioner? Many swear by it. She just applies it to… Read more »
I personally believe that using too many products on your hair dries your hair out, sometimes I watch YouTube vidoes and the person puts on four or five different products, it’s too much even on freshly washed hair. I have found that the LOC method is great for me, I make my own hair products and noticed that if I put too many ingredients in a product my hair dried out and was unhappy. Keeping it simple is the key to keeping my hair moisturised. To retain moisture I hardly ever shampoo my hair and I DC weekly. I’m going… Read more »

Thank you for putting this clearly! I am guilty of applying oil without properly moisturizing first… I will make my own spritzer with water and a little bit of oil in it for refreshment in between seesions 🙂

I will go for avocado oil or olive oil. DO you have any suggestion?

I’ve been natural for almost five years now and even after reading this blog for months I am still confused, and as a mother of five, I just dont’ have time to do half of what I read here. When I get my kids to bed and finish cleaning up and packing things for next day and it’s after 10pm, I don’t have time to section off my ridiculously thick, hair of many varied textures, and do anything, and I live in the caribbean, it’s mad hot here sometimes and satin bonnets make me sweat so I pull it off.On… Read more »
Hey, I live in the Caribbean too and my hair’s saving grace..honestly.. is protective styles which lend themselves easily to spritzing and sealing with oil every 2-3 days or so. I wash/co-wash ONLY on weekends. sometimes every two weeks. Even of I have braids, or crotchet weave (have totally abandoned regular weaves) I wash my scalp with the braid etc in, seal my own hair and moosey on. Get a old spray bottle my friend and dilute some leave-in conditioner. I am sure u can find 2 1/2 minutes if so much to lightly spray ends of hair and seal… Read more »

i agree w/ everything but #5. i almost never deep condition, and it hasn’t been a problem. at most, i need a protein treatment like once a year.


I do pretty well with moisturizing although I do sometimes moisturize on hair that’s “not so clean.” It’s when I haven’t had a chance to wash. I know a lady who leaves her conditioner on for hoooourrrrssss and she swears by it. I’m just now mastering my haircare so it’s definitely a learning process.


I was wondering what kind of moisturizers would you guys recommend? I just realized I have been gaining my potential hair growth and healthiness because every morning and night after co-washing I spritz my hair with water, aloe vera, and seal it with olive oil. What kind of moisturizers would you recommend that would be found at like Walmart, Target, or Sally’s that is good for your hair.


When I first went natural, I made mistake #2 (using butters or oils as moisturizers). It was fine when I was cowashing daily with a TWA but as my hair grew my hair was often greasy and on the dry side.


Well then. My idea of moisturizing was slathering my hair with Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner or the occasional spray with water and oil. Guess I’ve been failing all along…face/palm


I have 4a/4b hair and i have to say the biggest help for me was eliminating products with PROTEIN. it never failed that any shampoo, moisturizer, conditoner, or oil (such as advocado) made my hair hard, dry, and THIRSTY no matter what I did or how much moisture i tried to put back into it. After i eliminated the proteins my hair felt so much softer!


Hi there, I am a 4b natural and ur comment caught my attention when you mentioned protein free regimen.I think I might be protein sensitive also,can u recommend any products?

Sorry I’m just seeing your comment. Well I like to do dry s with Shea moisture coconut curling smoothie (first ingredient is water!) and then Aubrey Organics ultra smoothing conditioner on top (lots of good oils). I hated the shampoo and yep it had protein in it. I also use evoo everyday in my water bottle or just extra sealing on ends. And right now I like the Jason’s moisturizing sea kelp shampoo and conditioner. I don’t think any of kinky curly’s products have protein. I really like knot today as a leave in on wash days. The key is… Read more »

Dry twists*


thx for the feedback. I did use the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie.My hair liked it only for a while and then it started to dry out my tresses.I did use the Aubrey Organics White Camelia as a conditionner and leave-in at the same time and I looove it!! It’s kind of expensive here in Canada 🙁
right now I’m using giovani leave-in which I thnik contains proteins but my hair seems to be doing fine.heh…I’m confused!!


aubrey’s white camellia and honeysuckle rose both have protein.

I have relaxed hair but this might work for natural hair too. I wash at least once a week, the longer I go between shampoos, the more brittle and dry my hair becomes. I leave conditioner on for 10 mins after washing, then rinse. I apply either Kerastase Oleo-Relax (oil), Josie Maran Argan oil, or some other thin oil to toweled, damp hair, then I sit under the dryer or blow out. I don’t add any directly to my scalp. My hair is silky soft after drying and doesn’t break. I imagine that natural hair that doesn’t undergo heat drying… Read more »
I’m not sure how valid some of the info is for most people. I definitely have to deep condition prior to shampoo times ( sulfate free of course) and I use a silicone free rinse out conditioner as my leave in with an oil mix to seal. I definitely have to deep condition overnight to get the softness I’m looking for. Otherwise it doesn’t happen for me. And yes I have tried going by the directions on the product. Lol. It is best I just learn your hair needs and do what it needs. No one can truly know your… Read more »
Hello I have been natural going on two years now but what originally inspired me in the first place is my four year old daughter she has gorgeous hair and honestly all I ever do with her hair (without all of the research I do now) is wash it weekly massage oil in her scalp down her stands, moisturize and then I twist out braid it into a style that will keep for a week. My natural journey has been a different story! I have tried it all so many different blogs, ideas, products etc. This article messed me up.… Read more »

You need to listen to what your hair is telling you. You can’t go based on what someone else says. If what you’re doing is wrong for your hair, you will know because your hair will tell you.Each person’s hair is different, and what might work for one person will not necessarily work for another. If your hair is growing despite what others say, keep doing what you were doing.

CJ Belle
Brandi, About your coconut oil…if you are seeing white residue–you might have other “stuff” in it other than just coconut oil. I had a friend just 3 weeks ago ask me about this, and I looked at her coconut oil, and it was “refined” coconut oil. The type you want is “UNrefined, extra virgin, cold- or expeller-pressed” (and organic if you can). The good news is this that this kind is still cost-effective, and you can get some at (they have free shipping specials too) or on amazon. Or you can get it a little more expensive at your… Read more »

I’m using the vatika oil I’ve seen advertised on some hair blogs. I didn’t see if it was refined or not but you are right it contains other oils even some henna. I like the feel of the oil but besides water it is pretty much the only other constant in my routine. So it must be the culprit

Hi dolls! When I read this article I realized that there were some things I was guilty of that cause my hair to break so I had a trim and since a few weeks now I’ve been trying to moisturize and seal my hair everyday with a a mix that I made: a spritz bottle that contains 80% of water 15% of coconut oil and 5% of essential oils. However, I’ve got some questions: I usually put my hair in braids extensions as a protective style so I would spritz them with the mixture everyday is it a right thing?… Read more »

Yes you can spritz your braids every day if you wish or less. I really don’t wash my hair when in braids, but do what works for your hair


Paula, for some reason I don’t like washing my hair in braids too, I think it makes them look rough. how long do you keep your braids ? and do you spritz everyday? what are the effects on your hair? thanks darling!


SheaMoisture shampoo, Giovanni shampoo, kinky curly shampoo are pretty decent. I usually dilute my ‘pops in an applicator bottle. It helps get the poo directly on my scalp. I can’t say on the braid washing. But when I did my yarn braids I would wash them weekly or biweekly. And spritz with diluted leave in conditioner. I’m all for a simple routine and I have noticed that it has been working well. Too many products at the same time drove my hair crazy!!! Lol. Good luck and hope this helps.


Shea moisture was decent and the giovanni was ok at first but kinky curly has proven to be great for my hair. The shampoo has no sulfates but gets my hair squeaky clean every time.


no wonder why it’s expensive lol i thought it was a good product so you just confirmed, i’m gonna try it then. thanks 🙂


Thanks a lot sassy! I will definately buy one of these shampoos. 🙂

I’m quite happy with my moisturising method. I tend to wear twist outs a lot and I re-twist every night. When I re-twist I moisturise with a sprits made of water and glycerine (making my hair damp not wet) and also add a little Kinky Curly Knot today (my fav leave in conditioner). I then I seal with a mixture of shea butter, castor, olive and coconut oil that I make. And I repeat this every night. This keeps my hair soft and moisturised and also keeps my curls. I have been natural for 1 year 5 months and it… Read more »

Has anyone tried the Curly Girl Method? I have tried this conditioner only method but I seal with a bit of castor oil rather than just the conditioner. I must say my hair feels good. When my hair feels dry, I revitalise it with a water/glycerin mix and the conditioner is re-activated. I co-wash mid week and then do either a full shampoo/condition or a co-wash/deep condition on the weekend depending on what my hair needs. Daily steaming in the shower also works well.


I’m guilty of 1,2,3,4,5 (sometimes) and 7. I’m so ashamed lol but I have learned and now my hair is so soft and supple to the touch.

I stopped using oil to seal my hair and it’s been amazing. I do use oil as an overnight treatment, then I shampoo in the morning using Wen cleansing conditioner. I’ve been doing this for 4 weeks now and my hair stays soft and moisturized without any oil on top as a sealant. I found the oil was literal frying my hair from the sun exposure, thus causing my hair to feel dry and hard. I only use the overnight oil treatment about once per week but I shampoo 3-4 times per week. On the days I don’t shampoo, I… Read more »

Oh this must be what is happening to my hair. I live in the desert. I have been sealing with olive oil and lately my hair has been very dry. I just started this process in June and it was not as dry last month but it has been very hot this last month.


I’m guilty of rarely moisturising between my weekly washes…and if I do,I don’t seal often.
TBH, I dont see a big difference between the sealed hair and the non sealed hair b/c I’ll need to remoisturize in a few hours anyways…

Can anyone help? I’ve read so many articles about moisturizing here, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have 4b with a tight, tight coil and I’m currently rocking a TWA (not at my own choice, unfortunately) so moisturizing in sections seems impossible. I try to moisturize at least once a day by making my hair damp, butting in cantu shea butter leave in condition and sealing with olive oil, but a few hours later (three hours – I’ve counted) my hair is dry and crunchy and greasy for the olive oil. What am I doing wrong? I… Read more »

Maybe I should give a better list of all my products?

I shampoo with either Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream Shampoo or Proclaim Professional Tea Tree Shampoo. I deep condition with Motions Naturally You Deep Conditioning Masque My leave in is Cantu Shea Butter Repair Cream and I seal with either Africa’s Best Castor Oil or regular olive oil.

Is it because I’m using too many manafactured products? I’m really not sure why my hair is always dry.



I found that the Cantu leave in was not good for my hair, it hated it as you stated it left it dry. I now use either the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, the shampoo and the leave in conditioner or the Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator which is also great creates a great deal of moisture along with a spritz of water.

It might be that shampoo is not effectively removing buildup, but just stripping your hair of everything else important instead. I have tried many different shampoos, even natural shampoos. I usually get a lot of buildup on my scalp, that’s why I was constantly trying different shampoos to get rid of it but nothing worked. Recently I switched to using baking soda only to wash my hair and scalp (GENTLY, I must add!) Apparently there was buildup on my hair as well, because I immediately noticed that my hair seemed to respond to moisturizers better and now moisturizing and sealing… Read more »

Thank you Ladybug, this definitely helped. I’m thinking that the olive oil may be sitting on my hair as well instead of moisturizing, so I’m going to switch to coconut oil and a new washing program and see what happens. Thank you very much!


Miss Michelle maybe u should look at the ingredients on ur products. It’s possible that sulfates in a shampoo are drying u out. Or silicones in a conditioner are blocking moisture from getting in. Just a suggestion, though.


Thank you Sassy, I will most definitely do that! I think there may be sulfates in my hair, so I think I’ll take up co-washing again with a sulfate free hydrating conditioner. Thank you!

Jo Somebody

If you are going to be cowashing, then that Cantu is probably going to give you trouble as it contains at least one ‘cone and lanolin.

Annie L.
BTMS and MUCILAGE! I’ve fallen out of love with BTMS and HEAVY mucilage as ‘moisturizing’ leave-in conditioners. At first I loved how leave-ins like KCKT and DB’s Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Cream made detangling a luxury and made my hair soft as a cloud. I’d wet my hair, add the leave-in and seal and call it a day but later would experience hair and scalp dehydration. So I switched to wetting my hair, sealing and layering with leave-ins to style but it didn’t seem to help much. I eventually ran into a thread on LHC where a member complained that BTMS… Read more »

I became cautious about BTMS a couple of years ago when after using a Darcy’s leave in my hair became exceptionally dry almost instantly. As for plant mucilage. I remember reading about a year ago that they are all, with the exception of aloe vera, which my hair loves, eventually drying to the hair. I now spritz with water or burdock root each day, thanks Keisha J for the tip on applying to hands first, and seal with almond oil.

I am guilty of number 7 and number 9. Since I have locs, I feel like I should be focusing on my roots more, but then again I have had ends on a few locks thin out before. I have started to experiment with sealing the ends (even if it is said to be just “dead hair”) to see if the overall health will be noticed with this change. As for number 9, I am slowly getting over doing that. Lol, I just get caught up doing other things as I let my hair marinate that I don’t even notice… Read more »

I am getting more and more confused by the day reading all the do’s and dont’s with natural hair. sigh..


Good advice irisi.

Don’t let things like this confuse you. At the end of the day, you have to listen to your hair. I usually use things like this a loose guide line. Remember, there is no natural handbook about how to take care of ones hair. Everyone’s hair is different and can even respond differently to the same product or technique.

If your hair responds well to a “don’t” then just listen to your hair.


Try the l.o.c method. First, use a liquid. Either water or a water based leave in for a liquid. Next apply an oil or a mix of oils of your choice. Then a non water based cream, like shea butter or a butter blend to seal. For your hair to be moisturized effectively, you have to do it in layers. I’ve been natural for 4 years and I’m still learning also but this method has my hair moisturized. Also please pay attention to the ingredients you are using also this makes a huge difference.


pls wat product exactly do you use.names pls.i need help


Actually the products that you use really don’t matter as long as you have a water based leave in or you could use plain old water, a oil or oils and a sealant like a shea butter.


Guilty of 2,3,4,6,7 & 8. That’s probably why my hair is not growing.


I have thick type 4b/c hair and I moisturize daily with Cathy Howse’s UBH creme moisturizer and seal with a home made shea butter mix containing, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, with a few drops of Rosemary and tea tree oil to preserve the mixture. This routine has done wonders for my hair. I have only been sealing regularly for the last 6 months and my partner and friends cannot believe how healthy my hair now is.
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]


Your hair looks great.


I have thick type 4b/c hair and I moisturize daily with Cathy Howse’s UBH creme moisturizer and seal with a home made shea butter mix containing, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, with a few drops of Rosemary and tea tree oil to preserve the mixture. This routine has done wonders for my hair. I have only been sealing regularly for the last 6 months and my partner and friends cannot believe how healthy my hair now is.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Number 2 leaves me quite perplexed. What in the world should I moisturize my hair with then? I have been “natural” for so long but I feel like I have still so much to learn when it comes to maintaining healthy tresses. I believe I have 4a type hair. Please, help me out ladies 🙁
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]


Wow! Your pic takes up the whole page…lol…your beautiful sista:-)as well as beautiful hair

Jo Somebody

Moisturise with something water-based, straight water, aloe vera, almost any hair conditioner with water as first ingredient.
Use something without water or something oil/butter heavy to seal in that moisture.


aloe vera juice

well if u use butter and oils and u think ur hair responds well to that, there shouldn’t be a problem. if u do find that u have a moisture problem though maybe using butters and oils as moisturizers is the cause. what people frequently suggest instead are leave in conditioners or moisturizers whose main ingredient is water. Or water itself! spritz some on or rub some in (as the case may be) and just remember to use the oil to seal afterwards. Oh another good one is a water spritz with oils in it, a moisturizer and sealant in… Read more »

Whoa that pic is huge but yeah you look like a 4a to me maybe even 3a in some parts.


I have tried it all. So what oils are bad. I use coconut, castor,avacodo, jojoba, and apricot oil. But at the end of the day my hair is scream for more moisture. I will admit that I do have a tendency to over moisturize. But I feel like I have no ideal what to do with my hair.


Moisturize with water or a water based leave in conditioner, then seal with the oil. Just one oil will do.


Candi, and others
I have discovered the best product for moisture,it is Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator it makes my hair very soft and after it dries a bit I layer it with eco-styler Gel this sets the curls and the activator aids in helping the eco-styler not being crunchy but very moist. The second day I just spritz my hair with my water mixture. I hope this helps it has helped me so much.


Yes the Hawaiian silky works so well for me.

Iv only been natural for about 6 months on the 16th woop woop ^_^ … I think Iv watched every vid on YouTube know to man about natural hair, bought almost every product that would help my hair but even though I moisturize and seal my ends morning and night by the time I get home from school (cosmetology school <3) my hair be so dry. Iv tried wearing my satin cap and Beanie to keep my hair from being dry but that only makes my hair stay really wet and mushy feeling all day . I live in Florida… Read more »
Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

Ashanti, what are you sealing with? are you using sulfate free shampoos? Do you use a leave in conditioner? So many variables that could cause dry hair. Other products could be the culprit besides the sealing.

I am also 3c/4a. I live in NY. Dry weather in the winter but I have no problems with dry hair. Maybe I can help? I think its important to examine all of the products you are using as well as your techniques.

boy have I been guilty of all things above. I’ve been transitioning from a relaxer for the last 6 mos with a short style. I do slickbacks and wear a twa when I can, so my hair often dries out through the course of the day. My biggest mistake is not sticking to my routine, then I fall right back to these mistakes. My job forces me to travel quite a bit, so it is hard to stick to a regular routine. Does anyone have any standard tips for the road?? I often can’t bring many bottles with, so I… Read more »
Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

Amen to #9. When I read about people who leave condish in for hours on hours I have to wonder why. It really isn’t any more effective than say 30-45 mins. Plus you can over condish your hair, affecting it’s elasticity.


I am with you on this, the GHE fad is a recipe for disaster.

I only DC with my steamer for 20 minutes and I an good to go.


Guilty as charged! :o( I will be more mindful now since I bc’d this past weekend for the 2nd time in 3 years. I don’t plan to go back again.

My question is how exactly should I do the moisturizing/sealing process? I’ve tried to use the oils first and then the water-based moisturizer and my hair still feels dry and I’ve also tried it the other way around. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been transitioning from relaxed to natural for a year now and I haven’t had a lot of breakage, but I’ve been battling an extraordinarily dry scalp. I’ve basically gotten that under control, switched to a plan based shampoo, deep conditioned, used water spritzes before setting my hair into protective styles, but I’m still dealing… Read more »

In order to seal in the moisturizer in your hair, used a water-based product first, and then proceed with oil. If you have ever fried anything, you know that water evaporates quickly will hot (Flat ironing), but if oil is in the mix, the water stays in longer as the oil wraps around the water.


Try massaging your scalp with Organic Virgin non refined coconut oil. It moisturizes your scalp, gets rid of dandruff and makes hair grow faster. It also fights off inflammation and infection so it prevents hair fall. That’s a long kept secret from Indian people and you see how think and dense their hair is. I started doing that and my scalp feels so much healthier and I notice my hair is growing quicker. Also try prenatal vitamins to nourish your hair from the inside out. Even if you are not pregnant.


I know that this is late, but I just wanted to add a comment. Always put the oil on last. It is not the moisturizer, but the sealant. Put the water based moisturizer on first, then seal with the oil. Otherwise your hair will feel dry because there’s no moisture in the strands. They will become dry and brittle and will feel rough.

Aisa @ 4 Us Naturals
To moisturize and seal: you moisturize with water/water based product first and then seal with a butter or oil. I would suggest you stay away from petroleum based oil butter like vaseline/hair grease/mineral oil. They are linked to cancer and who knows what else. You can coat wet hair with shea butter and that should work or you can use a water based leave in conditioner after washing and then seal that with oil (olive oil/coconut oil). I also would suggest NOT using Cantu Shea butter for moisture. It has something in it for hold and I found that any… Read more »

So what is a good water based product to try?


Perhaps Kinky Curly Knot Today.


I had the same problem until i used petroleum jelly to seal my hair and did a very light blow up. My hair was so soft & still moisturised. I think that the oils – castor, coconut & olive oil were making my hair to be crunchy.


I have the same question. How DO you moisturize and seal?

Keisha J
Hi, I have really thick and curly hair so I can definitely relate. The best thing you can probably do is moisturize your hair in sections. I have my hair in twists or braids all the time because I really can’t deal with the stress of figuring out how to style my hair on a daily basis. Every night I section off my hair into 4 to 6 sections, spritz plain water in my hands rub them together and start from my ends to near my roots in a downward motion (the downward motion helps with closing the cuticle.) When… Read more »

Keisha I thank you for taking the time out to help me with this. Blessedly I’m not seeing a lot of breakage and my hair seems healthy otherwise. But this has definitely been a journey of dedication, discipline, and constant knowledge. I am going to try using many of these tips and hopefully I’ll find a routine that works for my hair. Thanks again!


Congrats on your transitioning journey thus far! I’ve been in it for 23 months and BC next month…

Here’s my technique:

Hope that Helps!


I appreciate the link. Reviewing it right now.

I have very tightly coiled strands too. I spritz with water every day until my hair is damp, not wet. Then I put on a leave in condition or cantu shea butter. Then to top it all off, I coat my hair with coconut oil or mineral oil (baby oil) to seal. It totally works for my hair. My hair is normally in two strand twists about 80% of the time. Wearing your hair out can be more drying. I do this both in the morning and right before I go to bed. Make sure that you wear a satin… Read more »

MIneral oil is NOT good for your hair!! Google: damaging effects of mineral oil

Nina Christian

I remember reading some time ago tha we should not use mineral oil.
It said tgat mineral oil takes the vitiamin A from the body.

Hi I just thought I would share with you my experience as yours sounds extremely similar to what I was going through. What I found to be the problem was too much protein, I too was using the Cantu Shea Butter for a moisturizer as well as deep conditioning with Suave Moisture Milk product which is a protein base as well. Now that I use all moisture enhancing products my hair is great! I can honestly say I now appreciate my natural hair. My last relaxer was November 2010 and I never really made time to learn my hair but… Read more »

Thank you. I do wear a satin bonnet every night ant the cantu shea butter was the product that I used to moisturize. It’s crazy because when I was 100% relaxed it worked perfectly for my hair. I never felt this type of tumbleweed feeling. LOL! I’m not defeated, just a little concerned.