2 Reasons To Abandon Hair Extensions

By Jc of The Natural Haven

I know this one is controversial because many of us love our braids with added hair, weaves and wigs. Yes, I really am saying stop using them (eek don’t stone me!).

When are extensions ok? 

Let me contradict myself for a moment and say that using extensions as a temporary style to ‘save’ your hair/mind from damage is perfectly fine. The possible scenarios

1. You are transitioning, one day you become convinced that you have to chop your hair which you do only to panic because you are not comfortable with how you look – slap on that wig, put in some extensions, don’t drive yourself crazy over it. Work on the mental transition first before the physical.

2. You have been battling your hair for a few weeks, you are not sure what techniques work for you and the only thing growing is frustration. Sure cover your hair up for a short time (1-2 months)

When do Extensions Become a Problem?

In priniciple extensions are fine if used for a short period of time or for temporary styling. If they become part of a daily routine, they can seriously hinder your progress towards great hair. Why do I say this?

1. When hair is in extensions, you forget about it. You don’t need to worry too much about handling it or keeping its moisture balance………..the key skills necessary for natural hair. 

If it is your intention at one point to simply wear your own hair and nothing else then the best way to gain experience in this is to actually start doing it. I know that some people will say,

‘Oh but I moisturise my hair even when it is under a wig’ or ‘I still wash and condition my hair in braids’.

My response is that of course you do but you don’t have to deal with fuzz or shrinkage or even handling your hair when wet. Get the full natural experience, learn what your hair likes and dislikes….deal with your hair

The Ultimate Benefit of Abandoning Extensions 

2. The top benefit of wearing your natural hair 100% of the time is beyond the physical experience but rather a mental one. You have to love the person in the mirror and you have to see her as beautiful (failure is not an option if you want to be happy with your self image).

It is a life altering experience to know that your beauty does not rely on what others tell you but rather what you see. This has been my experience and I can confidently say that yes I am cute all day, every day :)

Ladies, what are your thoughts??

The Natural Haven

The Natural Haven

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141 thoughts on “2 Reasons To Abandon Hair Extensions

  1. Chile, please. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Ain’t nobody got time to be all up in their hair 365. Five hour wash days every weekend–I cannot. Extensions limit that need; braids and twists take a while to dry, but they’re easier to clean, condition and just maintain.
    You need a hairdo break on occasion. If done right, maybe it’ll help you retain length.

  2. While I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don’t necessarily agree with this one. So what if a woman chooses not to ‘deal’ with her natural hair? If she chooses to wear her hair in extentions, under a wig, in a weave etc. It is her choice. Last time I checked, there wasn’t a singular rule determining why so many women are choosing to go natural. For some of us, it was just to be free of the creme de la crack. For others, it wasn’t even an active thought, it just happened after decades of wearing braids… The choice to where ones hair in a natural ‘out’ style may not work for all hair types, regardless of the number of tutorials and videos produced to tell us otherwise. Please, quit telling what to do and what not to do.

  3. I don’t have money or time for extensions or perm anymore. So for when God’s day comes and all black hairdressers start singing and stop doing hair I’ll learn how to work my own crown. It’s not difficult, just takes time. What’s more awesome than hair that grows up. Apsooolutely nothiin. If your afro grows big enough you can hide your wallet (or bike) in it, if you put in some oil it will be your umbrella and in Africa it will keep you cool.

  4. I get what she’s saying but as long as you take care of it and its healthy, who cares what method you use to retain length?

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