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Whether you seal your entire strands or just your ends, find­ing a pro­duct that gives a long-last­ing seal will ben­e­fit your hair in more ways than you can imag­ine.
I leave the major­i­ty of the seal­ing process to my ends, which I do week­ly com­pared to the entire length of the strand which I do month­ly. Every­one has dif­fer­ent needs, and some may need to seal more than oth­ers, but since your ends are the old­est part of the strand they need a lit­tle more TLC.

One of the key tricks to a longer last­ing seal is a thick oil or but­ter. Lock­ing in mois­ture is quin­tes­sen­tial for keep­ing dry­ness and break­age at bay. Here are 3 of my favorite seal­ing prod­ucts and why they made the list.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The ben­e­fits of extra vir­gin olive oil are plen­ti­ful but the biggest advan­tage is that your hair shaft is actu­al­ly able to absorb this oil. There are very few oils that are capa­ble of behav­ing like water in their abil­i­ty to pen­e­trate the strand, (coconut oil and avo­cado oil are also pen­e­trat­ing oils. See “UBB Quick Tip: Coconut, Olive, Avo­cado Oh My! Oils that Provide Real Mois­ture” for more info) although water is the only sub­stance on the plan­et that can mois­tur­ize your hair 100%. To get the most ben­e­fits from your olive oil make sure you are using extra vir­gin (cold pressed) olive oil. “Pressed” means the fruit of the olive was crushed only once while “cold” is refer­ring to the tem­per­a­ture of the fruit dur­ing the crush­ing process. If the tem­per­a­ture is too high dur­ing the crush­ing process this will affect the qual­i­ty of the oil. Low­er qual­i­ty oils that are not cold pressed tend to be crushed mul­ti­ple times at high­er tem­per­a­tures to extract more oil from the olive.

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

With a thick hon­ey-like con­sis­ten­cy a lit­tle lit­er­al­ly goes a long way. Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil has been in my reper­toire for over 5 years now and will con­tin­ue to be a sta­ple. Not only is this pro­duct inex­pen­sive, it is organ­ic, sul­fate-free and known to pro­mote hair growth if applied to the scalp.

3. Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

Now this is a new one for me. With Sea Kelp, which helps to detox­i­fy hair fol­li­cles of impu­ri­ties and residue, and Argan Oil as key ingre­di­ents, I found that this pro­duct worked won­ders on my ends, leav­ing them soft and silky. The masque can be used as a rin­se-out con­di­tion­er, a leave-in con­di­tion­er or a styling cream. (When I used this as a styling cream I found that it act­ed more as a humec­tant, pulling mois­ture to my strands and caus­ing my stretched styles to last about an hour ver­sus a week). And by the way, the smell of this organ­ic pro­duct is divine!
Click here to see Nikisha’s review of Shea Mois­ture Deep Treat­ment Masque


Regard­less of what pro­duct you use to lock in that mois­ture, make sure that your strands are not drenched with water when you seal. If your strands are drip­ping wet, any oil or but­ter you apply will slip off. Damp hair will allow the oil or but­ter to clasp on to your strands cre­at­ing a bar­ri­er to lock in the water.

Ladies, what prod­ucts do you use to seal? Which are your favorites?

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HOW does one use the above men­tioned prod­ucts to prop­er­ly and effec­tive­ly seal hair?


I use JBCO and organ­ic extra vir­gin coconut oil mix to oil my scalp and seal my hair. I also do the inver­sion method once a mon­th for a week.


I have read a lot about using olive oil and coconut oils to mois­tur­ize. I’ve just start­ed using cold pressed olive oil on my relaxed hair.


straight up cas­tor oil.

For me petro­le­um based grease has been the ONLY thing that tru­ly seals in mois­ture for me. Ive tried all oils and I would have to mois­tur­ize every oth­er day, but with petro­le­um mixed with nat­u­ral oils with an out style my hair stays moist 4 days straight , some­times 5, with­out re-mois­tur­iz­ing. And when my hair is in twists or braids my hair stays moist for 1 week to 1 1/2 weeks with­out re-mois­tur­iz­ing. Now I know that this all depends on you poros­i­ty, but for me its the only thing that tru­ly seals my hair effec­tive­ly and in… Read more »

The ques­tion I have is about the JBCO, I have been read­ing a lot about it, and want to try it. The ques­tion I have is do you have to mix it with some­thing? I have read that some peo­ple mix it with oth­er oils and some dilute it with water. Is that a must.


I dilute the JBCO with grape seed oil. I tried to use it undi­lut­ed but it made my scalp itch. Once I dilut­ed it I didn’t have any more issues. Some peo­ple can use it straight.

Candra E.

I’m new to the prac­tice of mois­ture and seal­ing. I don’t know where I’ve been. Lol. Any­way I have watched videos and read sev­er­al blogs. I have relaxed hair and have been seal­ing it with coconut oil but at times it feels heavy on my fine hair. I switched to grape­seed oil but I don’t see it men­tioned that often…bad choice? My hair isn’t that thick. I think I’ll try the Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil. Thanks for this awe­some resource!

Mizz Tbone

My hair is super is fine and thin, most­ly 4a and some 3c. Oils make my hair feel just that…Oily…and straw-like, as some­one else men­tioned. I think it’s amaz­ing how hair, even of the same tex­ture, can vary so wide­ly on what it likes. I’m still search­ing for some­thing oth­er than glyc­er­ine to mois­tur­ize my hair, because in the win­ter, that doesn’t even work!

T. Michelle

This is real­ly help­ful. I had nev­er heard of the Jamaican Black Cas­tor oil. I’m using the Organ­ics Car­rot oil. It seems to have a lot of the oils mixed togeth­er. This is fair­ly inex­pen­sive as well, and you can find it most beau­ty sup­ply stores… and Wal-Mart.


Once I found Jamaican black cas­tor oil a year ago, my fine, low den­si­ty hair is thick­er then its ever been! I will ALWAYS use this pro­duct. :)


I’ve been using super gro & cas­tor oil.
Also been tak­ing vit­a­mins :)


My hair LOVES olive oil.


Today i bought coconut oil, like actu­al liq­uid oil it did say it can be usedd for both hair and skin. would this still be a good idea to use on hair?


Yes, for gen­er­a­tions, my fam­i­ly has used coconut oil for a head to toe mois­tur­iz­er. I make my own coconut oil from scratch. Hard work, but I know its COCONUT OIL :). Enjoy!


The Deep Treat­ment Masque is great for seal­ing. I’ve used it for that and bag­gy­ing as well.


What if I want my hair to smell nice and not like… food?


As a tran­si­tion­er, the only things that have real­ly worked as a sealant were my whipped shea but­ter and cas­tor oil (cold-pressed).

Both leave my hair soft…castor oil has the advan­tage of leav­ing the hair shiny…the only dis­ad­van­tage is that the cas­tor oil does leave the hair a bit oily, so I try to com­bat this by using it spar­ing­ly.

I did exper­i­ment with the shea mois­ture line and they didn’t do too much for me. Will revis­it after I do my BC.


I had been using Shea but­ter to seal but wasn’t too crazy about it but didn’t know what else to use. I am not a real­ly big fan of using EVOO. When I ran out of shea but­ter I decid­ed to try cas­tor oil (reg­u­lar cold pressed) and fell in love so I doubt I will be using any­thing else to seal. The Deep treat­ment mask was def­i­nite­ly great as a leave-in but not for what I pur­chased it for — deep treat­ment — so I did not pur­chase again.


yeah… i’ve been using s-curl and organix coconut oil. It’s been work­ing won­ders for me.
Shame I can’t get my hands on shea mois­ture prod­ucts in mon­tre­al.


Mon­tre­al in the house woot woot!! My hair actu­al­ly seems to like both but­ters and oils…but I would LOVE to try the SheaMois­ture as well.


I’ve recent­ly start­ed using Jane Carter Solu­tion Nour­ish & Shine, and it’s been doing won­ders of seal­ing in mois­ture for my hair. Just a pea-sized amount per sec­tion is plen­ty.


My new favorite sealant is… Crisco & Coconut oil. Yes, Crisco. I blend them togeth­er in my mix­er until creamy & smooth and put it in a jar. A lit­tle dab is all I need to seal in mois­ture. My hair stays soft for days!

Rosa Harris

My grand­ma taught me crisco — she used it as skin lotion, too. Great stuff!


.…I’m not knock­ing your method, but HOW did you come up with Crisco?! I nev­er would’ve thought of that one!!


I use my coconut-EVOO-rose­mary-pep­per­mint oil mix. My hair loves it.


Shea but­ter, Shea Mois­ture masque, Vatika oil and cas­tor oil work real­ly well as a deep con­di­tion­er for me. I lay­er them, keep a plas­tic cap on for 30 min and my hair is super mois­tur­ized. I rin­se it. Fol­low up with Shea Mois­ture con­di­tion­er and cold water. When styling, I need very lit­tle leave in because it is so mois­tur­ized.


I use cas­tor oil to seal my ends and hair­line. After cleans­ing and styling my hair, I apply cas­tor oil to the ends of my braids/twists/etc. and to my hair­line. Cas­tor oil soft­ens and smooths my coils quite nice­ly.

P.S. I use “reg­u­lar” cold-pressed cas­tor oil (Her­itage brand or Now Solu­tions brand).


The shea mois­ture deep treat­ment masque works won­ders as a styling pro­duct (main­ly used for two strand twists) and a lit­tle goes a long way, but used as a deep cond­tion­er I did not get the same results so for me it is best as a styling pro­duct. Olive oil and coconut oil are my top seal­ing oils I also use them for pre-poo treat­ment.


I agree! Shea Mois­ture deep treat­ment mask is a great styler for me but, it didn’t act as a humec­tant for my hair which I like, so I use it on humid days to retain length or my styling…

And when I tried to use it as a mask… my hair said oh no child that’s not going to work, lol.


I am not crazy about oils on my thick,course/medium/fine 4a/4b hair. I find that oils tend to sit on top of my hair shaft and leave me with greasy hair. I prefer to light­ly apply whipped shea but­ter after spritz­ing my hair with water sec­tion by sec­tion at night, and by the morn­ing, the shea but­ter has absorbed and my hair stays mois­tur­ized all day. Team but­ta! lol


Your com­ment just goes to show what works for one per­son may not work for oth­ers… For me oils are great for seal­ing but, shea but­ter just sits on top of my hair like a film.

I always say you have to find what’s right for YOUR own hair. I have most­ly 4b/4c hair btw.


And I am the reverse: But­ters sit on my fine most­ly-4b hair; oil sinks in. Prov­ing once again that we’re all different…and that’s okay. Team Oil! ;)

Ugonna Wosu

team oil!


+1. Team Oils! My favorite sealants are coconut and olive oil.


+1 My favorite sealant is coconut hands down. But­ters just coats my scalp.


Just so you know.…coconut oil is a mois­tur­iz­er not a sealant. :)


Actu­al­ly coconut oil can be used as a sealant as well even though it can pen­e­trate the hair shaft.


Yea, I have real­ized that oils don’t work for me nei­ther, they kind of make my hair feel like straw. But­ters are more for my hair.


I cur­rent­ly use shea but­ter to seal the ends as well as the strands of hair. Seal­ing with shea but­ter works best when my hair is slight­ly damp. The pro­duct is much eas­ier to apply. :)


And I love to use Olive Oil, the very first one you named! And its crazy, cause my fam­i­ly used to make fun of me cause thats all I would use. SMH, guess jokes on them! :)


That’s fun­ny you say that, my mom made fun of me for using it. She was like your hair could catch on fire…lol smh…I was like and the oth­er chem­cial that you put in your hair are fire proof…lol