As naturals we’re always looking for easy and cute ways to style our hair. Well, at an October 2011 meetup stylist Tamika (featured yesterday) did 4 different natural hair styles (a twisted bun, flat twists all around, pompadour + bun/braid and chunky flat twists) in less than 10 minutes! The styles can be modified for a variety of lengths. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts! What do you think of the four looks? Which one would you rock?

Note: Video sound quality isn’t great, but the styling is very clear.

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Lady Kinnks

LOVe these styles…going to experiment now :o)


Nice! I don’t think I can pull off a pompadour but all the other styles I’d love to try. Thanks for sharing this!


Her styles are cute and quick if you have the length. She is lovely and I love her hair color.

Sonya G

SO loving the twist all around….i’ve tried all of them before…butt hat twist all around is so nice. think imma rock that tonight! Thanks for the video!
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Vahneassah Chandler

I am VERY impressed with her creativity! I really enjoyed watchting those easy do’s. I can say that I am the “Get up and Go” type of girl when it comes to managing my hair especially having a very busy life. I just wanted to know, where can I find that hair black comb piece that Tamika used in each one of her demos? That was a great signature piece for each style and I would definitely like to use it!
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I just bought my upzing from CVS. That’s what it’s called. I’ve also seen them at Wal-Mart. About $6. I got the large size in black, but they also have medium sizes. I plan to get the medium one to at some point. HTH!


Wow! You and your hair are gorgeous. I definitely cannot do a wash-n-go, but yous looks lovely!


She is a hair maven. I’d rock all of those syles. Laila Jean of Fusion on Cultures has a nice array of hairstyles as well.

Toya O

She’s fantastic! However, my hair can NOT be styled dry.period.

Lisa NuLove

Thank you so much! We have to share the wealth when it comes to hair victories! Beautiful girl with beautiful head of hair.I must find that stretchy comb thing! It looks amazing! Hey BGLH could you do a post on NATURAL HAIR TOOLS MUST-HAVES. From wide tooth combs to that stretchy comb thing. I think that would be so helpful to us naturelles.


I bought one of those stretchy comb things recently, b/c MsVCharles on youtube used it in one of her videos. They sell them at Walmart and some Targets, but I got mine online from:
I prefer those to the beaded “EZ combs” because they don’t stick to and snag the hair. Hope this helps! 🙂


Another company called HairZing also makes them, just google the name. You can overlap two as well like shown in the pic. They also have decorations on some to add abit more oomph to your styles!

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I remember it was on infomercials a few years ago, but now they sell it in stores. I’ve seen them in Rite-Aid in the hair accessory aisle. I can’t remember the name of the product, though. Sorry.

Vahneassah Chandler

I was just asking the same question! 😉 lol