By Dr. Phoenyx Austin

You don’t always have to buy fan­cy, big name hair prod­ucts for your hair. Some­times the best prod­ucts are actu­al­ly very sim­ple and found in your local Whole Foods store. What are the­se sim­ple hair prod­ucts? Well they’re nat­u­ral oils. I’m a nat­u­ral haired wom­an and know first-hand that nat­u­ral oils are amaz­ing for hair. They work won­ders on my hair. And I’ve been using nat­u­ral oils for years to make my hair soft­er, shinier, and even stronger. Basi­cal­ly hair needs oil. So be sure to check out the­se 7 fab­u­lous nat­u­ral oils for nat­u­ral hair.

Avocado Oil

Avo­cado oil is par­tic­u­lar­ly great for nat­u­ral hair. It’s load­ed with nutri­ents, amino acids, essen­tial fat­ty acids, as well as vit­a­mins A, B, D, and E. And it’s excel­lent for mois­tur­iz­ing, deep con­di­tion­ing, improv­ing hair strength, strength­en­ing hair, and boost­ing shine.

Castor Oil

Cas­tor oil thick­ens hair, pro­motes hair growth, pre­vents thin­ning, mois­tur­izes, helps reduce split ends, helps to tame frizz, and pre­vents scalp infec­tions.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for pre­vent­ing dan­druff, pro­mot­ing hair growth, mois­tur­iz­ing, strength­en­ing hair, thick­en­ing hair, and pre­vent­ing dam­age.

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

I LOVE using olive oil. And olive oil, which is also referred to as the “god­moth­er of hair oil,” is great for mois­tur­iz­ing, deep con­di­tion­ing, improv­ing hair strength, elim­i­nat­ing dan­druff, and also has pow­er­ful antiox­i­dants that can help fight hair loss.

Rosemary Oil

Rose­mary oil is great for stim­u­lat­ing hair fol­li­cles for hair growth, pre­vent­ing hair loss and grey­ing, pre­vent­ing dan­druff, strength­en­ing hair, and boost­ing shine.

Safflower Oil

Saf­flow­er oil pro­tects hair, nour­ish­es hair fol­li­cles, mois­tur­izes, and stim­u­lates blood cir­cu­la­tion to pro­mote hair growth and thick­ness. And it is extreme­ly ben­e­fi­cial for nat­u­ral as well as dry chem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil works great as a “sealant.” This means that it “locks-in” mois­ture. Sweet almond oil also nour­ish­es hair, smoothes hair cuti­cles to con­trol shed­ding, pro­motes hair growth and thick­ness, pre­vents hair loss, and boosts shine.

Ladies, which of the­se oils do you use? And which are your favorites?

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had any­one ever heard of apply­ing chilli in your hair…?
well m seri­ous Chilli con­tains cap­sicin and cap­san­thin which are used for var­i­ous dis­or­ders and to cure dis­ease.. includ­ing Arthari­tis.. many of pain balm con­tain cap­sicin and this cap­sicin is also used to cure allope­cia… if your hair fall is realy bad.. try to use chilli
boil 5,6 of chilli with half liter of coconut oil…this will dilute the con­cen­tra­tion… now it is realy ready for use.
yes it will cre­ate some what ittch­i­ness but you will get use to it of fre­quent use ^_^

Makeup Reviews Hall

Thank you for inform­ing about so many oils, I have per­son­al­ly expe­ri­enced good results with cas­tor oil

Here is the detailed review of same

You for­got Mus­tard Oil! It real­ly helps with my thin­ning hair, and it also pro­motes growth. Ever since I went all nat­u­ral with my hair, includ­ing cleansers (i dont use sham­poo, I use dif­fer­ent types of all nat­u­ral soaps, i.e Auromere Ayurvedic, Nubian Her­itage), and use oils for con­di­tion­ing and overnight masks, no col­or­ing or treat­ing, the occa­sion­al straight­en­ing and drug­store hair prod­ucts (by occa­sion­al, I mean once every 2 months ) One piece of advise, nev­er use hot oil treat­ments on hair, it will only dry it out fur­ther. Cap­sicin (red chili), Cas­tor and Mus­tard oils can be used as… Read more »
margueritr mcnair

I love and use all the above oils I also use napa Val­ley grape­seed oil. I also use nat­u­ral hen­na to col­or my hair once a mon­th. I believe the hen­na help with growth more then any­thing. Ck out

Almond Oil

I have had real­ly good suc­cess with Almond oil. It is also one of the cheap­er oils to buy so that is a plus too. The best prices are on Ama­zon.
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I just recent­ly start­ed using coconut & cas­tor oil in my hair.. just a week now I’m going to wash my hair lat­er this week. now as for a deep con­di­tion­er i want to com­bine all of the­se oils and add yogurt to it. leave it in for about 30mins then rin­se out. how one ever men­tions how much of the­se oils to use and if we can com­bine them like i stat­ed? but i sup­pose its a judge meant call. hope­ful­ly in 3 months i will have a suc­cess sto­ry :)


Does any­one know if using the­se oils on wet/damp hair before heat styling will actu­al­ly CONTRIBUTE to the dam­age? Im sure I saw it men­tioned some­where.

Rea­son being, I recent­ly had my hair yuko anti-frizz treat­ed, but since I have nat­u­ral­ly curly hair Im still hav­ing to blow dry it straight of a morn­ing. So I need to spritz it damp. Was think­ing of com­bin­ing an oil to my spritz for added ben­e­fit, but since I will then be blow-dry­ing I just won­dered if oil and water shouldn’t real­ly mix with heat as far as hair is con­cerned.


Hey Jade,

Just in my per­son­al opin­ion, I would say no to the water. I’ve flat ironed my hair damp before (per­med and nat­u­ral) and it usu­al­ly results in excess dry­ing, I think. Smok­ing up and all. Plus, since oil and water nat­u­ral­ly sep­a­rate, I doubt that mix will prove to be effec­tive. I would avoid the morn­ing blow dry­ing since it sounds like excess heat and stress on the hair, but if you haven’t seen any neg­a­tive results so far… Have you tried wrap­ping it and tying it down at night? That may help keep it straight a lit­tle more.


Hi. i have all the above men­tioned oils.does any­body know if i can mix them all togeth­er for a “SUPER OIL”.will they still do what they are sup­posed to do? Your help will be great­ly appre­ci­at­ed

My thoughts are, there is no real need to make a super oil. Each oil is so awe­some on its own, that com­bin­ing them would only dilute their unique qual­i­ties. Try out the oils indi­vid­u­al­ly and deter­mine which ones are you ulti­mate favorites. You may dis­cov­er some you LOVE more than oth­ers. Also, it will keep the cost more rea­son­able. I myself, am down to using coconut oil and almond oil. I love the­se two because they smell fan­tas­tic, you can cook with them, eat them, put them on your skin, or your hair. I love that! I no longer… Read more »

If I use all sev­en of the­se oil using one at a time for a week then tak­ing a week off and then mov­ing on to one but take a week between using each.oil or would a mon­th be bet­ter


Can u mix all of the­se oils togeth­er


Iv been using almond oil for about 2 years now…and believe me my hair look shiny and are soo soft. Abso­lut­ly love it


I oil my hair the day after iv ironed or blow dried my hair…it helps in recov­er­ing the dam­age iv done to my hair..and it feels great after the wash…
Althgh now im think­ing to try olive oil tomor­row as iv just read amaz­ing ben­e­fits of it


A neces­si­ty to keep my nat­u­ral hair since 1994 moist and frizz free but not oily. My hair does not do good with oil. Am real­ly to try some of the­se nat­u­ral oils love coconut oil on skin.

singye lhamo

i just recent­ly start­ed using olive oil and cam­phor oil in m hair.…but i haven’t seen any neg­a­tive resultd so far.….thnk u sooo mch


Hi, thank you for the info. I use Pro Nat­u­rals Argan Oil leave in on my curly, frizzy hair and it total­ly tames the frizz and leaves my curls shiny and soft.


Pro Nat­u­rals is the best


Hi I got all of the oils above and mixed it togeth­er, how­ev­er I have only seen results for my daugh­ter and have not seen a dif­fer­ence in my hair. Any solu­tions as to any nat­u­ral sham­poo and con­di­tion­er and also mois­turis­er? Thanks


In ref­er­ence to the oil work­ing for your daugh­ter and not you, it’s impor­tant to remem­ber what works for one does not work for all. You may have to keep try­ing dif­fer­ent things until you find some­thing that your hair likes.

Journi Moore

Why are oils so healthy for African Amer­i­can wom­en hair?

Journi Moore

Oils are healthy for African Amer­i­can wom­en hair because the oils are excel­lent for improv­ing hair strength and strength­en­ing hair.

Chelsea Sawyer

The best con­di­tion­ers are nat­u­ral oils like Argan Oil, I get mine from LadySo­ma… it’s called Soma­Luxe Argan Oil. I have nat­u­ral­ly curly hair and this is the ONLY pro­duct I trust.

Akbar Hussain

If you had to choose one oil for dan­druff, hair loss and hair growth which oil would it be? I’ve been using Almond, cas­tor and coconut oil…was won­der­ing which of the three works best stat­ed for the above.


Jamaican Black Cas­tor oil, for sure.

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