London based photographer Obi Nwokedi posed Black barbies and Ken dolls into 54 frames detailing a Nigerian wedding!! The work is intricate and the concept is amazing!!! I’ve included a few of the frames here, but head over to Obi’s official website, Photography by Obi, for the full gallery.

Click here to see the full gallery!

Ladies, what do you think? Isn’t this incredible!

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This is tooooo cute!

African Violet

I’m dying at the money spray! I’m an African born in the U.S. (both of my grandmothers are Liberian, one grandfather was from Sierra Leone, and the other was from Nigerian. My parents were both born and raised in Liberia.) and I think that this photo shoot is awesome.


Another Sierra Leonean! Both my parents are from Sierra Leone and my father’s father is Nigerian! Nice!


As a women born in America but both parents come from Nigeria, I think this is awesome. Who ever thought of this and put it together, did a very good job, It put an instance smile on my face. It may have even convinced me that having a Nigerian style wedding isn’t a bad idea.


NAIJA O! NAIJA 4 LIFE.All this coming from a half breed.


me too As a women born in America but both parents come from Nigeria, i think this is beautiful . I think black barbies need to show more of their culture not just saying they are “African ” . Where in Africa , that’s why so many people now a days think Africa is a Country ….


Same here, both my parents were born in Nigeria and seeing this makes me smile!!! Nija Love!


I totally agree!! Love seeing our culture presented in a different way. Proud to be Naja!!!!!!


Very cool!


OMG so cute! Love it!


I’m not African, but I had heard of this on another website and thought it was a wonderful idea. It certainly looks like the weddings of several Africans (in particular, Nigerians) I’ve seen on Facebook.

Its exactly like u see on facebook.I wish I could go into details and describe it to is colorful and I particularly like the fact that the groom has to prostrate(with his friends and some other junior male family members) in front of the in-laws to formally ask for the bride’s hand in marriage.And then he pays her dowry in the form of money,many tubers of yam,fruits,a she-goat,kolanut etc.and that’s why u see, Nigerians(both home and abroad),prepare for wedding days like our lives depends on it.and some also want people to be able to talk about their wedding for… Read more »