How to Care for Bleached/Permanently Dyed Natural Hair

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By Jc of The Natural Haven

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*Editor’s Note: The British spelling of the world color is used throughout this article.

In the first part, I discussed what is actually in bleach and permanent hair dye that allows hair to change colour. The next step is to understand theprocess and why certain tests are necessary before your hair is coloured. Here is what you should expect from a professional salon.

What to do before colouring your hair

Before dyeing your hair, you will need to do a sensitivity test/patch test and a strand test. A sensitivity test involves applying a small amount of the hair dye to be used usually behind your ear. After 24-48 hours (yes that means you go home), you can proceed with the colour application provided you have not experienced any adverse reactions to the hair dye ingredients (swelling/ itching/ redness). Some people are sensitive to hair dyes and reactions can be very severe (hospitalisation and even death). Never skip the patch test.

A strand test is compulsory for any colourist worth their salt. This is a test on your hair – usually snipping a few strands and testing them in thedye/bleach. This hair is tested to see the colour result that can be achieved and more importantly if the hair is susceptible to serious damage. Normallythe colourist will try to see how much force is needed to snap the hair or if the hair disintegrates due to bleach or high pH (which is not uncommon if thehair is damaged or has been previously coloured).

Some hair cannot withstand bleaching or permanent hair dye. This is not a flaw or a mark of damage, it is just the case that some hair simply is not suited to the commercial dye process. A good colourist will refuse to dye your hair if they can predict that your will be damaged seriously as a result.

Going from dark to light

It is generally not recommended to attempt to bleach from a very dark colour (e.g black) to a very light colour (e.g light brown or blonde) in one sitting. Often a good colourist will try to lift the colour gradually over a course of a few weeks. Hair bleach is generally  not kept on hair for more than 10-20 minutes in the interest of reducing damage to hair and your scalp. Keeping bleach for longer can induce a strong burning sensation. However, this time period (20 minutes) is not usually enough to dye hair from black to blonde. Further processing can be done on hair in a few weeks provided the hair is strong enough to withstand further bleaching (i.e a new strand test will be performed).

Post colour/bleach care

Permanently dyed hair or bleached hair will tend to have a compromised cuticle as the process requires the cuticle to be lifted. As a result it may be more difficult to maintain moisture and sometimes humectants such as glycerin can actually lift the hair dye. Semi permanent dye will tend to fade with every wash which may make some people want to reduce frequency of washing which may further impact moisture levels.

It is important to do regular conditioning with a product intended for coloured hair (which will normally contain ingredients that do not interfere with thecolour/preserve hair colour). Protein treatments may also help both in filling gaps in the cuticle and also with moisture retention.

Bleached hair is mechanically weaker and it is therefore important to be more careful than usual when handling hair (during washing, detangling and styling).

Ladies, how do you manage your colour treated hair?

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35 thoughts on “How to Care for Bleached/Permanently Dyed Natural Hair

  1. While in cosmetology school, about a week before my birthday in November, I made a quick decision to add some highlights to my hair. … TERRIBLE! I have chunk slices added towards the front. .. bleached it & added a copper-ish color to it. After about a week, my hair felt brittle & downright disgusting. .. and add if nothing I tried to keep it moisturized was working :( Long story short, I did a deep condition with coconut oil, conditioner, Pink lotion, & hot 6 oil this morning. .. all in all after a quick trim, my hair has never felt healthier than this!!!!! After this color fades, I’m through with being a guinea pig lol. No more bleaching for me.

  2. You’ll need to nourish your hair and condition it to keep it from
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  3. I recently colored my hair blonde and I was wondering if there were any products you would suggest to use for color treated hair. I kept my hair in sew – ins and my hair grew a lott I want to make sure I keep it healthh.

  4. I bleached my hair with L’oreal Wild ombre color 060 and my hair has never been the same I get knots in my curls after washing my hair is falling out from the root in numbers and I can’t get it to grow like in the past should I dye it brown and try my natural growth from then on ? I don’t want this color anymore it was a big mistake (Befor and after pics) ??

  5. I bleached and dyed my natural hair but it won’t stop falling out. It happened gradually over time. I noticed a month after there was a big spot on one side of my head. Now there’s little spots popping up all over. It took out my hair around the perimeter one inch, with the top still being long in length. I don’t know what to do. I really didn’t like my natural hair black because I couldn’t see the coils or texture. I was happy when it was colored and now my hair is falling out. I didn’t feel comfortable having my natural hair out, and would use protective styling with wigs to let it grow. It had a lot of shrinkage but grew to middle length and I thought I finally found products that would make it look okay. I’m pretty pissed off at these turns of events. My hair is falling out and it seems that it won’t stop and I would have to just shave it off. I will not feel feminine with a shaved head. I’m just at a loss of words at this point and really trying not to feel upset about this. My hair is usually dry and doens’t stay moisturize and I think coloring it made it worse. Before I dyed my hair I would use camille rose coconut water styler after I sparay with water, and sealed with coconut oil and my hair loved it. After it dyed my hair after the second bleaching it started to come out.

    • Have you tried Aphogee protein treatment or Aubrey Organics GBP? This may be helpful to bring some moisture back to your hair. I recently used Aphogee on my color treated hair and I got some moisture back :) This can be done safely every six weeks. If you haven’t done so already, try sulfate free shampoo and deep condition weekly. Art an oil and jojoba oil can work well, especially for the scalp. Hopefully I didn’t seem overbearing, just hope these strategies work for you if you are interested. Have faith and good luck with your journey!

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