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Intro­duce your­self!
My name is Jess and I am from Geor­gia.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
I decid­ed to go nat­ur­al because I did not feel like relax­ing my hair any­more.

How would you describe your tex­ture?
I am not real­ly into hair types, but I would say I am in the 3 cat­e­go­ry. I am not sure about the let­ter por­tion, how­ev­er my strands are fine and my hair is dense.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.
I fol­low the CG method. I do not use sham­poo, I deep con­di­tion my hair once a week and I cow­ash to cleanse my scalp. I also avoid styling tools such as combs or brush­es. At night, I pro­tect my curls by plac­ing my hair into a pineap­ple (high pony­tail). I am cur­rent­ly using Paul Mitchell The Con­di­tion­er as my leave in (it has water-sol­u­ble sil­i­cones), Tre­semme’ Nat­u­rals as my detangler/rinse out con­di­tion­er, DevaC­url Heav­en in Hair as my deep con­di­tion­er and Eco Styler gel as my styler.

I am a wash n go girl. I do not do any pro­tec­tive styles; I wear my hair out all year long. I decid­ed to fol­low the CG method because I did not like sham­poo­ing my hair (it made it very dry) and I feel the method is very sim­ple. It works for me and I love it. I have been fol­low­ing this method for 3 years.

What does wash day look like for you?
My wash day con­sists of Tre­semme Nat­u­rals Con­di­tion­er as my detan­gler, Paul Mitchell The Con­di­tion­er as my mois­tur­iz­ing leave in, and Eco styler gel as my styler. I step in the show­er; allow the water to cleanse my scalp and hair, along with remov­ing any excess prod­uct. I apply my Tre­semme Nat­u­rals and then I allow it to sit in my hair for a few min­utes. After I do that, I pro­ceed with detan­gling.

I rinse all of the con­di­tion­er out of my hair and squeeze the excess water out of it. Then I apply the Paul Mitchell to damp hair, rak­ing it through. After I am done with the Paul Mitchell prod­uct appli­ca­tion, I begin smooth­ing the Eco styler gel through my hair. I allow my curls to air dry in a pineap­ple at night.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style?
My favorite go to hair­style def­i­nite­ly is the wash n go. I can pre­serve it for sev­er­al days with­out rewet­ting or remois­tur­iz­ing it.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I don’t do any­thing to com­bat shrink­age. My hair is mid back length and shrinks to my shoul­ders. I just embrace it.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Two do’s for my tex­ture are mois­ture and low manip­u­la­tion.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
Two don’ts for my tex­ture are too much manip­u­la­tion and lack of mois­ture.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Yes! You can find me on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/mahoganycurls, Blog­ger: www.mahoganycurls.com, Face­book: www.facebook.com/loveyourtwa and Twit­ter: www.twitter.com/mahoganycurls.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Saturn Bailey



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Kayla - CurleyChaos

A gor­geous woman with gor­geous hair.


We have to love and embrace what we have, divide and con­quer has been an effec­tive device since the days of slav­ery. I am 4ccc and always will­ing to lis­ten and learn from fel­low nat­u­rals. Let’s work togeth­er as a uni­fied fac­tion instead of seper­at­ing our­selves based on incon­se­quen­tial labels and cate­geroies. It’s JUST HAIR.

Jess is one of the few youtu­bers I fol­low and that is main­ly because of her sim­plic­i­ty of rou­tine and the fact that she is the clos­est I have found to a hair twin and I don’t do pro­tec­tive styles either. I have been on my jour­ney with her the whole time and love her advice and down to earth deliv­ery — I almost had a fit when she took a hia­tus to move back to the states from over­seas. Near­ly every­thing she has rec­om­mend­ed has worked for me and I am SO HAPPY to see her fea­tured here —… Read more »

Beat­i­ful braid styles and sim­ple reg­i­men

I real­ly loved her sim­plis­tic rea­son for going nat­ur­al ” I did not feel like relax­ing my hair any­more.”

This was pret­ty much my rea­son­ing behind going nat­ur­al and I am glad that some­one shares the same rea­son­ing. I just got tired of relax­ing. Tired of dry­ness break­age, etc. It wasn’t to make me feel more black or more in touch with my her­itage (I’m Geechee/Gullah, so I grew up with plen­ty of that) or any oth­er polit­i­cal rea­son.


Jess, Your hair is beau­ti­ful and you exude a beau­ti­ful ener­gy while doing your tuto­ri­als which I have found to be so very use­ful!

I am now 1 year and almost 2 months into my hair jour­ney and I love it!

Please con­tin­ue to pro­vide us infor­ma­tion!


Wow I’ve fol­lowed her jour­ney since her very first Youtube video. Just before I took the plunge myself. So proud of Jess.


Jess you’re a great exam­ple of some­one who took their time to find out what worked for them and then took off run­ning with it. Your efforts have paid off and it shows! Keep on doing your thing.. cuz your tips work for me too! :)


Her hair is gor­geous.

Jess, I love your hair and your hum­ble atti­tude!! I’ve seen your YouTube videos and recent­ly vis­it­ed your blog. Amaz­ing process of hair dis­cov­ery you have had. You are like my hair twin, so I ran out and bought Tre­semme Nat­u­rals, a sam­ple size of Paul Mitchell condish and even the Let’s Jam Cus­tard you recent­ly tried. I have been using Eco Styler for years- its the only gel I use. I am not real­ly a PJ, but your prais­es about this process con­vinced me step out­side of my usu­al box I was so hap­py to see that Eco gel is… Read more »

Mahogany­Curls is one of my favorite YouTu­bers! She’s the rea­son I start­ed doing the CG method!!
[imgcomment image[/img]


What, may I ask, is the CG method?


The CG method in sim­ply put form is when you no longer use sham­poo in your hair when wash­ing it, just con­di­tion­er. They do this because sham­poo is known to have sul­fates in it which sucks up and dries out all the essen­tial and vital oils in your strands that your hair needs to thrive and grow. Basi­cal­ly, you no longer use sham­poo, just con­di­tion­er. :)


yassssssss Jess ! Slay­ing ! :)


Jess has such a pos­i­tive spir­it and I love watch­ing her videos. After read­ing this arti­cle, I have just been remind­ed that I need to sim­pli­fy my reg­i­men again. My hair did so much bet­ter when it was sim­ple. Late­ly I have been over-manip­u­lat­ing my hair and it is start­ing to suf­fer. Thanks for the post!


Jess’s hair is sooooo gor­geous!! Just DROOL wor­thy!!! And, I love it at every length!! So beau­ti­ful!!



Watched her videos on Youtube. Will­ing to give it a try. I had been doing almost con­stant pro­tec­tive styling. She has one video where she only uses Tre­semme Nat­u­rals. If I can get my prod­ucts down to one, I’m all for it!

Thought I would update. I’m total­ly a believ­er!! Went to the store (Wal­mart) and picked up Tre­semmes Nat­ur­al Con­di­tion­er ($4.97). On one of Jess’s videos on her wash n go method, she had men­tioned that the con­di­tion­er left her hair crunchy, so I also got some argan oil ($6.99). I also bought Hen­na n’ Pla­cen­ta deep con­di­tion­er, just to try it ($0.98). OMG!! AMAZING!!! I would say I did a mod­i­fied CG method. I still used sham­poo, but I used Shea Mois­ture sham­poo that is com­plete­ly sul­fate free and low suds ($9.99 at wal­greens). The I rinsed, and put on… Read more »

Here is an inter­est­ing arti­cle on Hen­na and Pla­cen­ta:


Do you have any pic­tures to show the results?


No, but I’ll take some soon.


Beautiful…what doe CG stand for?


CG means Curly Girl! HTH! :)


thank you! now i’m going to look up the curly girl method


Gor­geous hair, Love the curl def­i­n­i­tion


Hair is gor­geous!! I’m kin­da doing the nat­ur­al look too but I need help when it comes to the prod­ucts



Annie L.

Gor­geous hair and face! And lov­ing that fish­tail, I was just won­der­ing if any nat­u­rals had post­ed one. 

I like her rou­tine because it’s sim­i­lar to my own, Lol! I do a dai­ly, water-only WNG, keep my hair loose and do either a night­time pineap­ple or let it fly, it makes me and hair hap­py. My hair also thrives on mois­ture and low-manip­u­la­tion.

Great inter­view and con­grats on all of your suc­cess!


I’ve done on a fish­tail braid on my hair when it was stretched with an old twist out that had been bunned. It was my first time every try­ing it (I’d always admired the style, but didn’t know how to do it … enter YouTube!!). I was real­ly pleased with the out­come! A few months lat­er, I tried anoth­er style where I did a corn­row on the top half of my hair and a side fish­tail braid on the bot­tom half. That turned out pret­ty cool too. At least, I liked it! LOL!

[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]


Awe­some­ly gor­geous!


Awwwwwww, thank you so much ladies!!! :))


Annie L.

That is just so Guin­e­vere, Lol! I saw the video and real­ly liked the cre­ativ­i­ty and look of the Dutch/Fishtail com­bo. I do Dutch braids all the time but mak­ing a fish­tail as nice, or at all, is going to take prac­tice!


Gor­geous, Shel­li!! :)


this is beau­ti­ful! i have sis­ter­locks. i can’t wait until they are longer so i can try this!


Very beau­ti­ful!


BeAu­ti­ful hair.how you going to say you not real­ly into hair typ­ing but then men­tion it.may be I’m trip­ping.

Annie L.

You’re not trip­ping, you’re just being delib­er­ate­ly neg­a­tive. Have fun with that!


+ ITA!


Meant to agree w/Annie L. Mahogany­Curls was asked to describe her hair tex­ture and she sim­ply did.


How am I being dil­ber­ate­ly neg­a­tive when I com­ple­ment­ed her.I just stat­ed a fact.


One of my fav Nat­ur­al hair icons.


I’ve always fol­lowed her on You Tube, though not a sub­scriber. I love her hair and her out­go­ing per­son­al­i­ty.


I start­ed the CG method about 2 weeks ago after join­ing her face­book page and watch­ing her videos. I tell ya, it has been the best thing I could have ever done.
Every night I would spend 40 mins to an hour two strand twist­ing my hair and wak­ing up ear­ly to unrav­el for work, which drove me crazy! I had to find an eas­i­er solu­tion, which result­ed in me stum­bling across her page; As a result, I have recieved more com­pli­ments with my wash & go, than I did with my twist outs.
Jess is def­i­nite­ly my hair icon!


Good to see her fea­tured here as I sub­scribe to her. I real­ly like her sim­ple rou­tine and she is the one from whom I learned to use Tressemme Nat­u­rals con­di­tion­er as a leave-in which works fan­tas­tic for me after being let down by so many actu­al leave-ins. I guess she stopped using it as a leave-in but I don’t see that hap­pen­ing with me any time soon.


I real­ly like this chi­ca, when I first seen her on Youtube, I had mix feel­ings but being a fan on Face­book and watch­ing her do her thing she is so down to earth and cute as all get out ;-)
Keep doing those great videos Mahogany­Curls!


I feel like I’m watch­ing a lit­tle sis­ter grow up. I remem­ber see­ing her a few years back when she first did the big chop. We have the same hair texture/type and I emailed her to laugh, since it’s rare to find some­one with the exact same hair as me . I showed her a pic­ture of my hair and what hers would look like when it grew out, and we’ve been cool ever since. She has far sur­passed me in hair styling though. She’s try­ing prod­ucts and exper­i­ment­ing, and I’m look­ing to her for advice now, lol.


I’ve been nat­ur­al for three years now. I’ve just dis­cov­ered your blog as well as all of the many oth­er CG blog­gers out there last week. Since being intro­duced to your page I’ve turned my entire fam­i­ly and friends to the CG Method. Thank u soo much. We all had issues with mois­ture and frizz. YOU ARE OUR SAVIOR. I have lived by the wash n go and now I’ve learned how to pre­serve my style to alle­vi­ate wash­ing dai­ly. Again my fam­i­ly and I thank you.


I have been fol­low­ing your reg­i­men on youtube the Icon title is fit­ting, awe­some hair and help­ful tips!!


ur hair is BEAUTIFUL and so are u!! I have to con­fess to some real hair envy here…ur blessed to have such a nat­u­ral­ly defined curl pattern…and ur rou­tine sounds like one the sim­plest i’ve read on here…
thanks 4 shar­ing ;) stay blessed

Pleasant Natural
Although folks are dis­sect­ing your com­ment like a 6th grade sci­ence project i do under­stand, she has what seems to be an eas­i­er rou­tine because of her curl pat­tern, which might be eas­i­er com­pared to some of us who have to go through hell and high water to seek cer­tain looks and styles. Some of us wish were weren’t spend­ing a ton of time to achieve looks that make us con­fi­dent about our hair, and not every­one is per­fect, or to a point where they are. SHOCKER! Not all us can do this, and it might seem like a bless­ing… Read more »

All of this para­ble on the moun­tain because of curl pat­tern. You need ther­a­py.

Ummm, I do not have Jess’ “hair type”, but I also fol­low her exact rou­tine & it works per­fect­ly for me. She’s taught me so much. I wish ppl stop being so obsess­es with curl defin­tion and pat­terns. ALL OF US HAVE BEAUTIFUL HAIR. When I “went nat­ur­al”, one major goal of mine was not to have to do so much to it. I want­ed the entire wash-n-go expe­ri­ence, which Jess (and many like her) has gra­cious­ly shared through­out the years on youtube. My point: Don’t let hair typ­ing or any of that mess lim­it what you think of your… Read more »
I don’t have the same curl pat­tern as Jess, but I’ve been fol­low­ing her reg­i­men. What she does would work for every­one. I’ve cut all my prod­ucts down to three, and it takes me five min­utes to do my hair in the morn­ing. I have one wash day a week, and it doesn’t take for­ev­er. You should real­ly watch her youtube videos. What she says real­ly works. Just don’t go into it think your hair will look exact­ly like hers. It won’t. It’ll look like your hair. I also can’t go as long as she does between remois­tur­iz­ing or rewet­ting,… Read more »

Thank you!


here comes all the nat­ur­al hair police…


where is the hair police? I don’t see it LMAO just because we share a dif­fer­ent opin­ion means that we are a hair police let me laugh out LOUD cause this is real­ly too fun­ny.


exact­ly! I like this blog but some of you all take hair way too seri­ous­ly. maybe she just real­ly loves the look of defined curl pat­tern. Her per­son­al pref­er­ence. Doesn’t make her a bad per­son, right?


I am reread­ing the com­ments and I am still try­ing to fig­ure out where the bad per­son com­ment is stem­ming from based on our dis­sent­ing com­ments maybe ?? #jump­ing on con­clu­sion i guess #con­fused.


‘Blessed to have a nat­u­ral­ly defined hair type’?


Yes why not? What is wrong about it? She says blessed because some­one with nat­u­ral­ly defined hair has less issues (if any) with they hair. They don’t need much styling or prod­ucts. They can step out of the show­er and go and they hair looks amaz­ing. For me that is a bless­ing but it does not nec­es­sary mean that oth­ers with frizzy curls (like me) are not blessed.


lol. yep she said that. oh dear. ::face in palm::


I must say stayed stuck on this sen­tence. Does it mean that those who do not have a nat­u­ral­ly defined curl pat­tern aren’t blessed. Curly is the new straight so called good hair smh.


Beau­ti­ful! A faith­ful fol­low­er of your jour­ney! So glad u did the fea­ture


OMG..Beautiful :-)