“Just taking a moment to rant against natural hair police” ~Solange Knowles

Solange had a lot on her mind last night as she took to Twitter to speak against naturals who have questioned the authenticity of her big chop and criticized her for rocking “undefined” looks all the time. Check it out;

I cut my hair ALL off 4 times in my life all for very different reasons….I only reiterate this because this is nothing new for me.

I’ve never painted myself as a team natural vice president. I don’t know the lingo and I don’t sleep with a satin cap

However, I did noticed when I picked out my hair, I kept seeing feedback about needing a “twist out”. Connnnfesssioonnn: I HATE twist outs.

I dont want to talk about no damn hair…..no mo.

So what got Solange all fired up? A post on natural hair Tumblr blog Moderne Meid, which was itself summarizing a post from a DIFFERENT natural hair website that attracted some very uncomplimentary comments about Solange’s hair, including that it is not unique, and looks dry and unkempt (aka, not always in a twist out).

I think it’s very unfortunate that Solange is getting flack for DARING to rock her hair with the curls undefined. There are still quite a few women who feel that the only “acceptable” way to wear natural hair is to painstakingly define every ringlet, curl and coil — stretched styles and undefined fros be damned. I love that Solange prefers an undefined look. It fits well with her overall look and attitude, and frankly it’s quite beautiful.

What are your thoughts on all this ladies? How do you feel about women coming at Solange for not having (or attempting to have) curls in her hair?

Solange’s full twitter rant is below (start at the bottom and read up). Click to enlarge the photos:

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I’m not always a fan of Solange’s style, but I do love the fact that she has the confidence to DO HER!!! And what’s up with this obsession with super defined curls??? Like T. Espi said, if you don’t like it when women with relaxed hair tells you what you “need” to do to your hair, don’t tell someone else what they need to do to theirs! If people spent more time and enery getting themselves better, they won’t have enough time to sit here and judge others! GO SOLANGE! YOU TELL’EM!


Amazing how quick people who pride themselves on breaking free from someone else’s conception of beauty are to impose their own conceptions on others. If you don’t want people insisting that your hair be dyed, fried and laid to the side, you have no business insisting someone wear a twist out. (FWIW, twist-outs are not at all worth it to me–I have a ton of hair that takes a full day to put in any protective style and I end up washing it out less than a week later.)


Totally agree with u!

T. Espi

Whoa. I liken this to the women who feel as if those of us with natural hair “need” a relaxer. So we’ve overcome the social pressures of “needing” straight hair but now that we’re natural we better “do something” to it? Really? IMO, Solo looks good because she owns her style and rocks it confidently. If more people were that confident they’d have less to say about her ,or anyone else for that matter.

Kay Montano

For goodness sake! The whole point of being a liberated human being (surely the best way to be?) is to have the freedom to look the way you want to look. It’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else. She, Solange, is the only ‘keeper’ of her hair. Why should she be a mere poster girl for anybody? She is NOT her hair.


Although I particularly don’t care for the way Solange wears her hair, I absoulutely agree with her. Some of us takes this natural hair thing waaayyy too far. I use to be one of those people but as I continued to open my mind on my natural hair journey, I realized that one wears their hair the way THEY see fit. For that matter there are people who probably don’t like the way that I wear my natural hair however I could care less!!! Big ups to Solange for setting the record straight!!!


It seems to Be the cool thing to call out “natural hair Nazis” (what a disgusting term by the way) it seems anytime a natural haired woman simply voices her opinion she is labeled a Nazi GMAFB. And this too cool for school boho poseur most certainly was not viewed as some sort of ambassador, certainly not by me so she can….

I've Noticed
I have to second Barbara. The term Natural Nazi is VILE. The last time I checked, women with Natural Hair weren’t rounding up women with relaxed hair and shoving them onto cattle cars, making them were yellow afro-picks, or burning them in ovens. You know, things that the REAL NAZIS DID. If you don’t like someone else’s opinion of your hair, nod politely and walk away.Someone else’s description does not make you who you are. If Solange didn’t like the comments she could have ignored them. And I say this as someone who likes Solange and her music, but lets… Read more »
African Violet

However, neither Solange nor this article summarizing her tweets used the term “natural hair Nazi.” BGLH wrote “natural hair police” and used the term in quotation mark. It was Barbara who introduced the term when she made her remarks about the post.


It looks like only you used that ‘disgusting term’ here as far as I can see… Secondly, it’s obvious those critics didn’t simply ‘voice their opinions’. She was responding to the way people criticize how SHE chooses to wear HER hair and how they try to dictate how SHE should wear HER hair. Thirdly, did she do something to you? lol. No, she’s not your ambassador/role model, but she’s in the spotlight, has a fan base and so she must be someone’s natural hair model.

Anyway, I’m glad she spoke out about it. I really like her fashion sense.

No disrespect Barbara, but opinions aren’t always right, especially when they aren’t asked for. People are entitled to their own opinion; they are not entitled for their opinions to be well received and agreed with. “Natural Hair Nazis” isn’t a pretty term but neither are the actions of people trying to regulate what others do with their hair. (Solange used “Natural Hair Police” if that makes you feel better.) Its not ok to enforce some random standard of natural hair, like no mineral oil or straightening, or undefined styles, to name a few. Its their hair/ style/ life and they… Read more »

This is just another example of why people need to mind their own d@mn business!! It makes me so sick when peopel try to define someone else’s natural. As Kevin Hart would say “Do you boo-boo!” She likes her hair and as far as I know she ain’t asked for nobody’s advice or opinion on her style. It is great that we are finally, and more abundantly, embracing out natural curls but some are just using it as another tool of division among us and we can blame noone but ourselves.


Agreed. I don’t think we’re all fully embracing the diversity in natural hair yet. I think we just started to scratch the surface. I’m astonished at the diversity just in the Type 4 hair!

It’s great that there are more naturals out there and that we have a community that wants to help and support others, but we have to be careful not to pigeon hole every natural in one category and end up where we started. There is still so much to discover!


I totally agree the versatlity is amazing! :)It really is ok to not know it all and hence we have the mystery of natural hair. đŸ™‚

We have to remember that a names are powerful and when people name something they have power over it.So why have do people name our hair?I believe the Andre Walker System has opened a can of worms and i personally do not want anything to do with it.


Andre’s system did not open anything, we have always been obsessed with ‘good hair’, if it wasn’t called type 3, they would just go back to the old good and bad hair system.

The real culprit here is not Andre Walker, but the black community who in one breath says black and proud, but with the other says that some people shouldn’t go natural….hint, us happy to be nappy, k is for kinky, type 4 heads. All black women are beautiful and until we say AND believe it, we will always be divided.

Defined hair or coils and curls seems to be the new good hair. I tend to get complements when I do a twistout or braidout but if one day I decide to rock a fro those same people who complemented are asking me if I’m having a bad hair day. LOL It looks like natural hair is only acceptable in some formats. Granted that each person has their own personal preference but when everybody or the vast majority have the same preference, then it looks like some brain washing has been happening. As for Solange, as the other ladies have… Read more »
jenna marie christian



+1 all the way !



I got sense!

This^^^^ all day errday.

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