“Just tak­ing a moment to rant again­st nat­u­ral hair police” ~Solange Knowles

Solange had a lot on her mind last night as she took to Twit­ter to speak again­st nat­u­rals who have ques­tioned the authen­tic­i­ty of her big chop and crit­i­cized her for rock­ing “unde­fined” looks all the time. Check it out;

I cut my hair ALL off 4 times in my life all for very dif­fer­ent reasons.…I only reit­er­ate this because this is noth­ing new for me.

I’ve nev­er paint­ed myself as a team nat­u­ral vice pres­i­dent. I don’t know the lin­go and I don’t sleep with a sat­in cap

How­ev­er, I did noticed when I picked out my hair, I kept see­ing feed­back about need­ing a “twist out”. Connnn­fess­sioonnn: I HATE twist outs.

I dont want to talk about no damn hair.….no mo.

So what got Solange all fired up? A post on nat­u­ral hair Tum­blr blog Mod­erne Meid, which was itself sum­ma­riz­ing a post from a DIFFERENT nat­u­ral hair web­site that attract­ed some very uncom­pli­men­ta­ry com­ments about Solange’s hair, includ­ing that it is not unique, and looks dry and unkempt (aka, not always in a twist out).

I think it’s very unfor­tu­nate that Solange is get­ting flack for DARING to rock her hair with the curls unde­fined. There are still quite a few wom­en who feel that the only “accept­able” way to wear nat­u­ral hair is to painstak­ing­ly define every ringlet, curl and coil — stretched styles and unde­fined fros be damned. I love that Solange prefers an unde­fined look. It fits well with her over­all look and atti­tude, and frankly it’s quite beau­ti­ful.

What are your thoughts on all this ladies? How do you feel about wom­en com­ing at Solange for not hav­ing (or attempt­ing to have) curls in her hair?

Solange’s full twit­ter rant is below (start at the bot­tom and read up). Click to enlarge the pho­tos:

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I’m not always a fan of Solange’s style, but I do love the fact that she has the con­fi­dence to DO HER!!! And what’s up with this obses­sion with super defined curls??? Like T. Espi said, if you don’t like it when wom­en with relaxed hair tells you what you “need” to do to your hair, don’t tell some­one else what they need to do to theirs! If peo­ple spent more time and enery get­ting them­selves bet­ter, they won’t have enough time to sit here and judge oth­ers! GO SOLANGE! YOU TELL’EM!


Amaz­ing how quick peo­ple who pride them­selves on break­ing free from some­one else’s con­cep­tion of beau­ty are to impose their own con­cep­tions on oth­ers. If you don’t want peo­ple insist­ing that your hair be dyed, fried and laid to the side, you have no busi­ness insist­ing some­one wear a twist out. (FWIW, twist-outs are not at all worth it to me–I have a ton of hair that takes a full day to put in any pro­tec­tive style and I end up wash­ing it out less than a week lat­er.)


Total­ly agree with u!

T. Espi

Whoa. I liken this to the wom­en who feel as if those of us with nat­u­ral hair “need” a relax­er. So we’ve over­come the social pres­sures of “need­ing” straight hair but now that we’re nat­u­ral we bet­ter “do some­thing” to it? Real­ly? IMO, Solo looks good because she owns her style and rocks it con­fi­dent­ly. If more peo­ple were that con­fi­dent they’d have less to say about her ‚or any­one else for that mat­ter.

Kay Montano

For good­ness sake! The whole point of being a lib­er­at­ed human being (sure­ly the best way to be?) is to have the free­dom to look the way you want to look. It’s got absolute­ly NOTHING to do with any­one else. She, Solange, is the only ‘keep­er’ of her hair. Why should she be a mere poster girl for any­body? She is NOT her hair.


Although I par­tic­u­lar­ly don’t care for the way Solange wears her hair, I absoulute­ly agree with her. Some of us takes this nat­u­ral hair thing waaayyy too far. I use to be one of those peo­ple but as I con­tin­ued to open my mind on my nat­u­ral hair jour­ney, I real­ized that one wears their hair the way THEY see fit. For that mat­ter there are peo­ple who prob­a­bly don’t like the way that I wear my nat­u­ral hair how­ev­er I could care less!!! Big ups to Solange for set­ting the record straight!!!


It seems to Be the cool thing to call out “nat­u­ral hair Nazis” (what a dis­gust­ing term by the way) it seems any­time a nat­u­ral haired wom­an sim­ply voic­es her opin­ion she is labeled a Nazi GMAFB. And this too cool for school boho poseur most cer­tain­ly was not viewed as some sort of ambas­sador, cer­tain­ly not by me so she can.…

I've Noticed
I have to sec­ond Bar­bara. The term Nat­u­ral Nazi is VILE. The last time I checked, wom­en with Nat­u­ral Hair weren’t round­ing up wom­en with relaxed hair and shov­ing them onto cat­tle cars, mak­ing them were yel­low afro-picks, or burn­ing them in ovens. You know, things that the REAL NAZIS DID.  If you don’t like some­one else’s opin­ion of your hair, nod polite­ly and walk away.Someone else’s descrip­tion does not make you who you are. If Solange didn’t like the com­ments she could have ignored them. And I say this as some­one who likes Solange and her music, but lets be hon­est,… Read more »
African Violet

How­ev­er, nei­ther Solange nor this arti­cle sum­ma­riz­ing her tweets used the term “nat­u­ral hair Nazi.” BGLH wrote “nat­u­ral hair police” and used the term in quo­ta­tion mark. It was Bar­bara who intro­duced the term when she made her remarks about the post.


It looks like only you used that ‘dis­gust­ing term’ here as far as I can see… Sec­ond­ly, it’s obvi­ous those crit­ics didn’t sim­ply ‘voice their opin­ions’. She was respond­ing to the way peo­ple crit­i­cize how SHE choos­es to wear HER hair and how they try to dic­tate how SHE should wear HER hair. Third­ly, did she do some­thing to you? lol. No, she’s not your ambassador/role mod­el, but she’s in the spot­light, has a fan base and so she must be someone’s nat­u­ral hair mod­el.

Any­way, I’m glad she spoke out about it. I real­ly like her fash­ion sense.

No dis­re­spect Bar­bara, but opin­ions aren’t always right, espe­cial­ly when they aren’t asked for. Peo­ple are enti­tled to their own opin­ion; they are not enti­tled for their opin­ions to be well received and agreed with. “Nat­u­ral Hair Nazis” isn’t a pret­ty term but nei­ther are the actions of peo­ple try­ing to reg­u­late what oth­ers do with their hair. (Solange used “Nat­u­ral Hair Police” if that makes you feel bet­ter.) Its not ok to enforce some ran­dom stan­dard of nat­u­ral hair, like no min­er­al oil or straight­en­ing, or unde­fined styles, to name a few. Its their hair/ style/ life and they… Read more »

This is just anoth­er exam­ple of why peo­ple need to mind their own d@mn busi­ness!! It makes me so sick when peopel try to define some­one else’s nat­u­ral. As Kev­in Hart would say “Do you boo-boo!” She likes her hair and as far as I know she ain’t asked for nobody’s advice or opin­ion on her style. It is great that we are final­ly, and more abun­dant­ly, embrac­ing out nat­u­ral curls but some are just using it as anoth­er tool of divi­sion among us and we can blame noone but our­selves.


Agreed. I don’t think we’re all ful­ly embrac­ing the diver­si­ty in nat­u­ral hair yet. I think we just start­ed to scratch the sur­face. I’m aston­ished at the diver­si­ty just in the Type 4 hair!

It’s great that there are more nat­u­rals out there and that we have a com­mu­ni­ty that wants to help and sup­port oth­ers, but we have to be care­ful not to pigeon hole every nat­u­ral in one cat­e­go­ry and end up where we start­ed. There is still so much to dis­cov­er!


I total­ly agree the ver­satl­i­ty is amaz­ing! :)It real­ly is ok to not know it all and hence we have the mys­tery of nat­u­ral hair. :)

We have to remem­ber that a names are pow­er­ful and when peo­ple name some­thing they have pow­er over it.So why have do peo­ple name our hair?I believe the Andre Walk­er Sys­tem has opened a can of worms and i per­son­al­ly do not want any­thing to do with it.


Andre’s sys­tem did not open any­thing, we have always been obsessed with ‘good hair’, if it wasn’t called type 3, they would just go back to the old good and bad hair sys­tem.

The real cul­prit here is not Andre Walk­er, but the black com­mu­ni­ty who in one breath says black and proud, but with the oth­er says that some peo­ple shouldn’t go natural.…hint, us hap­py to be nap­py, k is for kinky, type 4 heads. All black wom­en are beau­ti­ful and until we say AND believe it, we will always be divid­ed.

Defined hair or coils and curls seems to be the new good hair. I tend to get com­ple­ments when I do a twistout or braid­out but if one day I decide to rock a fro those same peo­ple who com­ple­ment­ed are ask­ing me if I’m hav­ing a bad hair day. LOL It looks like nat­u­ral hair is only accept­able in some for­mats. Grant­ed that each per­son has their own per­son­al pref­er­ence but when every­body or the vast major­i­ty have the same pref­er­ence, then it looks like some brain wash­ing has been hap­pen­ing. As for Solange, as the oth­er ladies have… Read more »
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+1 all the way !



I got sense!

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